Archangel Uriel Painting by Saatchi Artist Daiva Luksaite



I am shining the light of truth for you to see where there are parts of yourselves that you might have neglected…Channeled by Genoveva Coyle

Greetings! I AM Uriel, Archangel of Love and Silver Light, your brother and family! I AM the Bringer of the Future, to you and to all. I am in charge of your Divine Authority, for I am with thee holding the love and energy in support, encouraging thee to wear this mantle of divine authority! I am shining the light of truth for you to see where there are parts of yourselves that you might have neglected, and where you shy away from fully embracing the wholeness and the magnificence of who you are.

Yes, there are parts of yourselves that you are running away from, that you are even pushing deep down inside yourselves and hiding from out of fear of pain, for they are either opening old wounds, or they are simply reminding thee of times when you were not happy and loved. Yes, there are parts, bits, and particles that you have disowned, for they had gone awry and behaved in ways that are far from being of love and light. Nevertheless, they are constantly calling to you, just as your hearts are calling to them for love and forgiveness, and for that final reunion – healing, acceptance, and reintegration.

There is no way you can ever move forward empowered and whole unless you love and accept all of yourselves just as they are. Understand that even the parts that have been wandering in the darkness have a lot of wisdom to bring into the wholeness of your soul. Their experiences and lives have essential pieces of information, the wisdom and the deep compassion that you need to complete your mission, and the missions that you have planned to undertake at this time of demolition of the old.

You need to understand the way the darkness thinks, and the subtle manipulations of the truth that those that have kept humanity enslaved for eons have used. You need to have the life force and the super strength that comes from these pieces of selves that have endured for thousands of years, while hoping and living in close proximity to the ones who had used their power over others, for not only have they survived, but they have kept their light and love intact, yes buried deep within, but nevertheless it was never given away nor lost.

You need their power, their confidence, and fortitude, coupled with tremendous amounts of compassion for them, and also for others in predicaments similar to the ones they themselves have experienced, but with the wisdom not to make those same mistakes.

There is no way you can forget about these parts of yourselves, nor can you fill these gaps with anything that is out there, because then you will always feel less than and incomplete, not being able to fully step into your missions and purpose.

Allow me to stay with thee, let me shine my light onto the paths leading into the places that you had never dared to explore. Let’s go, dear brothers and sisters, for I am with you celebrating and anticipating the exhilarating freedom which is rapidly approaching!

I will leave you now with my silver sparkles and fortitude! Farewell!

By permission.

© 2019 Council of Love, Inc.  

Permission given to share ~ Thanks to Linda Dillon


Archangel Uriel Painting by Saatchi Artist Daiva Luksaite

Perceiving and Embracing the Ancient Energies and Higher Dimensions of Reality – Suzanne Lie

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Perceiving and Embracing the Ancient Energies and Higher Dimensions of Reality Arcturians through sue lie

Dear Ascending ONES,

We the Arcturians are here within this NOW to assist you with the ever-expanding process of expanding your consciousness to be able to perceive the higher dimensional energies, as well as the higher dimensions of reality.

As you expand your consciousness, you begin to perceive, and hopefully embrace, the higher dimensions of your fourth dimensional states of consciousness, and sometimes, while in deep meditation, you may even perceive your fifth dimensional states of consciousness.

As your fifth dimensional consciousness becomes activated, you will likely be able to perceive more and more of the Ancient Energies. The perception of these Ancient Energies is not common because they flow into your reality through the process of transmutation.

Transformation means: To change or alter in form, appearance, frequency and/or nature. Transformation is when something, or some person, experiences an alteration, metamorphosis, and/or mutation into a different form of express. These forms of change can occur within your fourth and fifth dimensional states of consciousness.

On the other hand, TRANSMUTATION means that the person, place, situation or thing transforms into a HIGHER dimensional version of a person place, situation, thing and/or reality. Specifically, transmutation means to change the frequency of these persons, places, situations and/or things into the fifth dimension or beyond.

The fifth dimension has an entirely different operating system than that first through fourth dimensions, as the fifth dimension is not bound by or based on “time” or “space.” Transmutation occurs within the HERE of the NOW.

Transmutation is much like “ascension” into the fifth dimension. If you transmute into a higher frequency of consciousness, your perceptual field expands to encompass the perceptual field, and even experience, returning to your innate fifth dimensional SELF.

The form that contains your consciousness resonates to the same frequency of reality as your consciousness. Therefore, if you state of consciousness is low, you will feel negative and you will primarily perceive that which appears negative and/or unhappy.

On the other hand, if your consciousness resonates to the higher frequencies of the fifth dimension and beyond, you will feel hopeful, inspired, creative and have a deep need to assist others. You will never feel alone because you can perceive that there are the higher dimensional being who accompany you on your journey to third dimensional Earth.

Your fifth dimensional consciousness is the carrier wave that travels from your higher dimensional expressions of SELF, and into as many synaptic junctions in your human brain as you will accept.

It is through the process of these inter-dimensional synapses within your brain that you can perceive your higher dimensional environment as it glitters beyond your third and fourth dimensional perceptions.

What is occurring within your NOW is that Gaia is beginning to speak with Her humans who have been able to REMEMBER their fifth dimensional states of consciousness. It is through humanities fifth dimensional communication with their higher dimensional SELF that they can have mental and perceptual contact with the higher dimensional frequencies of reality

When you consciously choose to bond with these higher dimensional energy patterns, you have chosen to bond with Gaia’s higher fourth and fifth dimensional energy fields. It also means that you have chosen to assist Gaia with Her transmutation back into Her fifth dimensional Planetary SELF.

The process of ascension is basically the process of transmutation. Transmutation means:

to change or alter into a higher frequency of form. Gaia, in fact, Gaia’s entire area of space, is preparing to transmute from the third/fourth dimensional frequency of reality into the fifth dimensional frequency of ascended realities and ascended beings.

We, the Arcturians, in consort with the Golden Ones, the Venusians and the Pleiadians, have been assisting Gaia to prepare for Her transmutation into a higher resonance of expression. Gaia has long awaited humanities ability to match Her rising planetary resonance.

Gaia is a good “mother planet” and does not want to leave her human children as she continues to raise Her planetary resonance into the higher fourth and fifth dimensions of reality. In fact, Gaia’s frequency will continue to rise, even if it is without the assistance of humanity.

All of Gaia’s elementals of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water have been transmuting into a higher frequency of resonance. The “scientists” are calling this process “Global Warming.”

In fact, from a third dimensional perspective, Earth will become increasingly hotter. However, from a fourth dimensional perspective, the intense “heat” is primarily Gaia’s moving into a higher frequency of resonance.

The lost ones of humanity know that they cannot transmute into the higher fourth and fifth dimension, so they are trying to halt this process of transmutation. However, they will not be successful as it is Gaia’s chose to ascend.

The lost humans can make Gaia’s ascension more difficult, but they cannot stop that which has begun in the higher dimensional realities and is slowly, or quickly, proceeding according to the Divine Plan.

Many humans have thought of Gaia as a “thing.” Conversely, Gaia is actually an alive being and is now entering higher dimensional energy fields of space.  Space is like water in that some areas of space resonates to lower frequency energy fields, and some areas of space resonate to a higher frequency energy field.

Earth’s atmosphere is alive with higher frequency energy fields that cannot be perceived through one’s third dimensional perceptions. There are also lower frequency energy fields that cannot be perceived through third dimensional perceptions.

On the other hand, with meditation and a search for mastery of the mind, one can become consciously aware of the energy fields that live within, and around, their aura. Also, there are portals within one’s aura, which most humans are unaware.

These portals lead to all the different frequencies of reality, but can only be perceived via one’s higher dimensional perception. While in a state of third dimensional consciousness, humans can only perceive a third dimensional reality.

However, if one expands their state of consciousness to encompass the fourth dimension, they will perceive their third dimensional reality from the different perspective of the higher dimensions.

An example of this is your dreams. In your dreams, the timelines may change, people may come and disappear, and you can “wake up” from one dream, then “fall asleep” to have a completely different dream.

This total change of perspective was NOT determined by your environment. Instead, these higher dimensional perceptions are changed by the frequency of consciousness from which your dream, thoughts, and/or actions have arisen.

Your outer, waking environment will also greatly influence your perception and your states of consciousness. There are also ANCIENT ENERGIES that have resonated to certain areas for so long that the ancient energy fields are totally intertwined with that location.

For example, the Redwood Trees of Northern California, USA are many hundreds of years old and have created VERY strong energy fields. In fact, these energy fields can be experienced while leaning against, or walking amongst, the Redwood Trees.

The more one can expand their consciousness to embrace the fourth dimension and beyond, the more they will be able to have inter-dimensional experiences while in nature. More and more, one’s inner guides are directing them to remember the higher frequencies of reality that have always been there but were forgotten once the human’s perceptions were limited to the third dimension.

As humans begin to remember the higher frequencies of their innate Multidimensional SELF, they will also become more in touch with fourth dimensional beings, such as the Faerie Beings, and all of Gaia’s earth, air, fire and water elementals, as well as the higher dimensional frequency of the trees, animals, skies, water and Sun.

The third, fourth and fifth dimensional realities are different frequencies of reality that all occur within the same time and space. All these different frequencies intermingle into a beautiful collage of life on Earth.

To experience the different frequencies of your earthly reality, you must match the frequency of your perceptual field with the frequency of the environment that you wish to consciously perceive.

It is in this manner that you can perceive the second and third dimensional frequencies of your daily life, the fourth dimensional frequencies of your higher dreams, your inter-dimensional consciousness, as well as the fifth dimensional, beings who speak directly into your hearts and minds.

It is your challenge as humans to release your human ego in order to merge your consciousness, perceptual fields and physical interactions with Gaia’s third, fourth, and fifth dimensional expressions of reality.

As humans become willing to admit that they are ONE with ALL the many elements and elementals of their Planetary Mother, they will become ONE with Gaia. It is within the Oneness with Gaia that humanity can perceive the ancient energies that resonate to the frequencies of humanity’s higher states of consciousness.

If the members of humanity can remember that they have chosen to take an earth vessel during this NOW of great challenges for Gaia, they will be more able to assist with the Planetary Ascension which is based on the Ancient Energies of Ascension that have always been but are too often long forgotten.

These Ancient Energies of Ascension resonate to the higher fourth and fifth dimensional frequencies of Gaia’s planetary reality. Humans were meant to be the “Awakeners of Gaia’s fifth dimensional energy fields,” but it was not yet the NOW in which humanity could awaken to their own fifth dimensional expression of self.

Therefore, too often, humanity became lost in their “power over others,” and forgot that they took a human body to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension into the fifth dimensional resonance of reality.

However, as humanity begins to find their own Power Within, their perceptual fields will expand to include the higher fourth and fifth dimensions of Gaia’s Earth. Many humans are brave Galactic beings who left their Starships and Homeworlds to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension,

Unfortunately, many of these brave beings who chose to take an earth vessel to assist with Gaia’s planetary ascension became lost in the many lies and illusions of third/fourth dimensional Earth.

It is for this reason that the awakened members of humanity have been called on to assist with opening the Ancient Portals so that the fifth dimensional energy fields can flow onto Earth.

With the resumed flow of higher dimensional energies into the body of Gaia, Her awakened inhabitants will be more able to recognize, choose and accept the Fifth Dimensional waves of energy that are encircling Earth in preparation for Her Planetary Ascension.

Gaia needs humanity to believe in, and call forth, the higher dimensional energy fields that still surround Her planetary body, so that these higher dimensional energies can intermingle with Her planet. Many of you have experienced an area of “sacred ground.” Therefore, you know that there are areas that resonate to a higher frequency than other areas.

How can you, the members of humanity, assist with the opening of the ancient fifth dimensional portals through which the flow of Unconditional Love and Violet Fire can assist Gaia with Her process of Planetary Ascension?

Please ponder the above question and feel free to put your answer on the comments section of this Blog.


The Arcturians

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 8:40 AM

Living Your Divinity * Living Your Magic – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Fairy Painting Waterlight Fairies by Bones Nelson @ Zibbet


Living Your Divinity ♦ Living Your Magic

Clearing out and breaking through your own Programming Honoring Your LightBody DNA Evolution
Remembering WHY WE Are HERE

FREE WILL is available (REALity) through Full Consciousness
Aloha Light Family,

Awakening from the old illusory realities brings FREEdom for all EMBRACING this. Fully CHOOSING to live from Pure Peace, Love and Harmony from inside, fully CHOOSING to let go of all that no longer supports, CHOOSING TO LISTEN and HONOR AS YOUR HIGHEST ASPECT OF YOU…. choosing UNITY over that which separates or maintains “Division” in your own lives….. and RETURNING to FULL CONSCIOUSNESS, where LIVING kindness, consideration, respect and sharing, supporting, inspiring and assisting all truly ready to transition over to our NEW EARTH EXISTENCE…. is beyond important for each fulfilling our Soul Purpose/Roles and Missions here.

REMEMBERING is a STATE of Consciousness, a STATE of Presence and changes our ENERGY COMPLETELY…. REMEMBERING SHIFTS US to full gratitude for all and out of all of those matrix programs that we once held before…. (which is a physical density ratio thing, not a weight, rather how much “space and Light” we hold inside….. Understanding how physical density works becomes an important part of this process as well…. as it’s important for how our Physical LightBodies work, our Crystalline LightBodies/Structures work and how “Photonic and Plasma” our body is too, as well as how linear or Quantum…. and how our bodies function, which changes substantially (over years/our whole life up until this current now. Photonic DNA Evolution does not fall into any “boxes” or human perceptions, because it’s not any of “those”. AS WE TRULY REMEMBER, with our whole BEing… we RETURN to an EXISTENCE that is Pure Love. This REMEBERING only comes through our wide open heart and mind and “clearing” (Transcending) all that was linear WITHIN US before. All of that unconscious programming, all of that resistance, all of that duality and separation… that’s what BOUND US TO A 3D EXISTENCE… yet as we all continue… NOT ANYMORE…. As all start to understand… really truly fully understand… that 3D is relative to our own conscious, you stop calling the “physical reality” 3D…. and start looking at it completely differently. You start to realize that physical matter doesn’t dictate, we do…. that whether we live from Pure Love, Deep Sacred Respect, Caring and Sharing and Unifying all…. or an inner battle that plays out in our external… is what dictates our physical reality/experience… and that each one of us – WE – WE are the ones that dictate “how” all goes….. and our CHOICES, our MINDSETS and where we FUNCTION FROM, the basis and foundation for all of our realities… are either a derivative of fear or love. The/Our human aspect, when unconscious, focuses on the ‘physical’…. we focus on THE ENERGY… EACH’S ACTions, each’s openness, each’s caring, each’s showing up/LIVING their part AS FULLY CONSCIOUS LIGHT BEINGS too.

WE SEE ALL…. as all is visible when we actually care enough to open up all of the way to truly see…. to open up fully to “drop” the stories that we all “used” to PRETEND to not have any power or responsibility in what we kept supporting/playing in before. I REMEMBER the very first time, once I “woke up” to start to BEcome my “first” Higher Self aspect here… the very FIRST TIME I STOOD IN MY POWER and said an emphatic “NO” to certain realities that were not kind, loving, respectful to “Me”, that I used to allow to occur…. THAT MOMENT… this PURE POWER RUSHED THROUGH ME and I GOT IT. This is “How” we break through all of that programming… and I busted out laughing hilariously while driving home and sooooooooo excited at my own NEW REALIZATION… at the POWER I NOW HELD… and from that (zero) Point forward…. I began aligning my own realities through PURE LOVE…. for myself, SO THAT I COULD assist others who were ready to DO THIS THEMSELVES TOO……… I REMEMBER how FREE I finally was, from the turmoil and confusion inside, from the utter and complete “lostness” that I had felt, because I kept giving my power away in a multitude of ways, that I could not previously understand… because I was still “living” that “lack of love and power and self-respect” within myself… and I kept allowing everything to occur, because of my “programming” and deeply embedded beliefs that were ready to be cleared from my own body and physical reality, as my LightBody DNA activated HUGE…. all of a “sudden”, I had “new purpose” and it was to LIVE MY NEW FULLY… and EMBRACE that which made no logical sense to anyone else, because transitioning over from a “sleeping human” to a Multi-Dimensional Light BEing living from an Ascended State of Consciousness is not a linear/logical process. It’s non-linear, vibrational and Quantum….

REMEMBERING comes through our own DEEP inner-connection and FEELING that connection and REALIZING that THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING THERE IS…. and that our “path” and “journey” to NEW EARTH is the “opposite” of everything we once “thought” we knew or believed…. NEW EARTH BECOMES VISIBLE and our own REALitiy as we LIVE it…. fully… in every way and we transition over from our old earth beliefs…. and we REALIZE the IMPORTANCE of all…. and we actually take a “pro-active” stance…. which still won’t look anything like we thought …. Ridiculous amounts of sleep for our bodies to complete continual PHOTONIC DNA re-writes and clear out dense programming/timelines/beliefs housed in our bodies and playing out in our fields/external …. Ridiculous amounts of RELEASING, clearing and detoxing our whole life/body/us…. Ridiculous amounts of laying around, crazy sleep/waking cycles, sporadic food craziness… Ridiculous amounts of living from an “invisible reality” that only becomes visible as our HIGHER HEARTS AND MINDS open fully…. Ridiculous amounts of “saying NO” to that which still represents the “old” (duality realities)…. and investing ourselves/all that we are/have into a REALITY that’s already occurred, yet only visible through our deep inner connection that WE hold inside of ourselves … and to those who SHARE THIS NEW WAY TOO… and can see through their Universal/Cosmic/Divine SOUL/Source Presence/Access as well…. to the rest, we are “weird and crazy”…. until they go through it, then we are not so weird and crazy, everything else is………. In the beginning, and various phases along the way, opening up fully is not “easy”, because it “goes against” everything we once learned, were told, believed… yet this too is a necessary and important part of the process, as it breaks down those linear constructs and programs that we hold/held in our own bodies (as reality) before… so that ALL OF US CAN LIVE the most brilliant realities that emanate PURE LOVE with every breath….. Everything else, a program and “ours” to observe and decide…. how to align our own lives with our highest everything here. ♥ MAGIC, FREEDOM and UNITY — this is our REMEMBERED (and for the human aspect “New”) way. Yet it’s not “new”…. we just forgot… HUGE…. and now it’s time for all to REMEMBER and LIVE THIS FULLY TOO.

What does an old version/old earth reality offer? You/we all… have to step back and look at the much bigger picture from inside and really see… really be ready and really comprehend…. THAT NEW EARTH IS THE ONLY REALITY, the rest is the old illusion and an unconscious “real”ity where each “tries” to hold in place, because their fear of “not conforming” FEELING so great. These are old programs too…. as NEW EARTH is not to fear, that was old earth…. NEW EARTH FREES each from this. ♥ NEW EARTH IS BIRTHED from within each …. the Light Encodements are held in ALL OF OUR DNA… our wide open hearts activate this, as does beauty, kindness and CHOOSING….. a whole new life… that’s available to each as their own ENERGY OPENS UP FULLY and IS READY to activate, explore, learn all new and RECEIVE.

SHARING A BIT OF MAGIC with you… to inspire and support you as you “do” your own REMEMBERING experience here too!

We’ve got some awesome (and fun) things that we’ve done recently, as well as more coming too…. I’ll share some of the recent below and as the new projects and activation opportunities are ready, those will be made available in various places for all too!

Keep embracing and creating, building, and making your reality exquisite too! It’s time to “move on” and BE TOTALLY READY for NEW REALITIES to take physical form/materialize/arrive…. as “fast” as all clear the density/programming and REMEMBER what PURE LOVE and UNITING really means/is.


Fairy Painting Waterlight Fairies by Bones Nelson @ Zibbet

On Raising Our Vibrations – Narendra Mishra

Ascension by Kaiser Mony @ DeviantArt


On Raising Our Vibrations

Anyone who has been following Golden Age of Gaia these past few days will recognise the theme of raising our vibrations as being prominent.

Whilst this is presented as being important to the Reval, in the greater context it is paramount to Ascension.

After all, what is Ascension but the increase in our frequency (vibrations) such that we resonate to the 5th and beyond.

The Reval is a part of the whole process of Ascension. A very necessary part, that marks a huge milestone for the Ascension efforts. Permit me in this post to briefly weigh in on my own thoughts on this topic.

Let me at the outset thank Steve for leading in this discussion. Through his invitation and example we have looked at many wonderful suggestions for raising our vibrations. Much of these we already know and I, daresay, practice. So is there something that we are missing? I think so.

There are two points that come to mind that I haven’t seen anyone write about so far. My apologies if they’re there and I missed them.

The first is the true meaning of the Reval – a purely spiritual one. As Archangel Michael (AAM) has frequently said through Linda Dillon, the true Reval is the revaluation of our own spiritual worth. This to me is the crux of the matter.

As in the Hermetic saying, ‘As above, so below’, the financial Reval is predicated upon our own spiritual revaluation of ourselves. Who we are truly as Divine beings. Only when we feel a sense of intrinsic worth can we truly manifest it externally.

Allow me to elaborate on this point further. Why aren’t we truly feeling our sense of self-worth? There can only be one answer. Our shadow side, our past-conditioning, doubts, fears, anxieties and the like are hindering our view of our magnificent Soul-self. Are we willing to face our shadow side and resolve it?

What is holding up the Reval (of currencies)? Nothing, according to AAM except ourselves- our vibrations. If we are waiting to see the indictments of those possibly in a position to stymie the Reval, then we should wonder why aren’t the indictments happening yet?

Consider that the Illuminati or Cabal are projections of our own shadow selves. Resolve your own shadow side and it will be reflected on the outside. When enough of us do it, critical mass for collective co-creation is reached and it manifests on a global scale.

The second point is related to the first in that it deals with AAM’s call for us Lightworkers to be willing to step into positions of leadership. Now. Not after the Reval. If I understand it correctly, the Company of Heaven wants to know what we can do now. We have to take the first step. We have to be the leaders.

Yes, this brings us to the catch 22 situation of needing money to do anything. But certainly there is something you can do or offer that does not need money.

The magnitude of it does not matter. The intention does. A small act done from a consciousness of true divine worth creates ripples that can be likened onto the allegorical butterfly that flapped its wings on one side of the earth and created a typhoon on the other.

A recent conversation with Jennifer really highlights these points. Jennifer was commenting to me that in the many years since she’s had her blog up, it is only now that her readership has gone from a handful to several hundred.

I reminded her that it is only because she really, truly, and wholeheartedly accepted who she was and committed herself to being authentic. Within the space of a few short months she achieved more than she did in years, simply by accepting her worth and stepping forward in leadership in her own way.

I can also attest to the exact same thing with this blog [Rekindle Your Spirit]. As above, so below. Our Consciousness, our sense of self-worth, dictates our external manifestation.

​Having made these two points above – the need for revaluation of our own intrinsic self-worth, and the need to step forward in leadership – I question myself, am I doing enough?


Ascension by Kaiser Mony @ DeviantArt

A GRAND SPIRAL IN LYRA – Nalinee Diosara

lion via nalinee blog.


18 December, 2018


As codes within our DNA being constantly activated through the shift of frequencies in our galaxies, many memories return into my awareness.

Ask, tune in, open to receive and trust. These are steps that I take when communicate with my DNA and guides. (I feel that the more and more aware we become of our shifts, we realise that our guides, higher selves and all that is are fractals of our imagination which decoded from the sparks of resonance within our DNA. Here I would like to stress that imagination is not “just an imagination”. Imagination is a golden key of expanding one’s consciousness.)

Strong presence of Lyran Council inspired me to communicate. I ask them if anything can be showed regarding my connection with them.

Within one breath, I was in a space of bright, soft luminescent light. I was in a place which my mind understood as a hub, a place where different consciousness and frequencies unite.

Lyra, I whisper to myself. I was in a space where different layers of Lyra consciousness.

In front of me as a pale glowing white giant spiral, I stood at its bottom looking upwards seeing beings doing their tasks on each level. The closest thing that my mind could comprehend was that this glowing grand spiral was very much like a grand hall with different floors. Translucent floors. One can ascend or descend along different levels of the spiral where each beings seem to be conducting different tasks.

“You see, we Lyrans are keepers of wisdom. We offer and give knowledge to those who visit our space,” said a gentle tone coming from a feline humanoid figure standing on my right. I then found myself looking down from second floor.

On the “ground floor” there were many beings, different lights and souls came to Lyra to gather and obtain what Lyran offer which seemed to be codes, messages, knowledge, and wisdom. Those that stood next to me where acting as channels of information. Those that are below, the visitors, were busy receiving and recording information that they came for. “Our service here is to deliver messages that is relevant for their soul journey. The visitors here not only receiving but giving us opportunities to fulfil our tasks as well,” said the loving tone. I could feel the love and respect the felines have for their visitors or students.

I then look up to the higher levels as my mind was wondering where the source of this information was.


“We are ambassadors of Lyra.” said a deeper tone. The presence of the felines on the third level here felt loving, firm, and direct. The beings on the second floors felt much more causal…compared by my human mind.

“Here is where the information being encoded into etheric crystals and webs of light in many colours. It is then being decoded and passed on by us,” said the tone of the guardians.

This felt so familiar. The same process of channeling and delivering messages to the collective on earth. I tuned to the beings, lion like to be more exact. Within my instinct I knew I have been here before. I have been through this process.

Within the next breath, I shifted from the ambassador’s level to where the visitors resided. I became one of them, a student of Lyra school. I diligently recorded all the information that was delivered to me in forms of web of frequencies into writings. In the following breath, I was a medium who gave out information, a fluid vessel which information flowed in and out. I then flew in light speed through the ambassadors. Then through groups white tiger beings who were holding space for everyone here. From third passing the fourth layer along a grand spiral. Higher I went. Then, I looked back and saw myself as visitors, students, channels, teachers, ambassadors all at once. All in One.

In my next exhale I found myself surrounded by the winged ones, Primordial beings.

“Welcome dear beloved,” deep and warm orchestral tone came into my hearing senses with yellow golden light into my sight. I felt deep sense of warmth in my being which felt like soothing sun rays; not too hot, not too cold….just “right”.

I was wrapped in a big warm hug of the cosmos. No space or time, just light of creation.

This is where all comes from. All the knowledge, love, webs of frequencies. This is where all kinds of fractals and spirals come from.

As I inhale, I was back into my body, in current time and space.

This was when I usually would throw a tantrum begging for my higher self to take me back. But I have grown. I realised the love from above is within below deeply into this human self…and even more in deeper levels that I have yet to rediscover.

I blinked and thanked the universe for this experience.

All comes from One, One is within ALL


Too Late to Change – Suzanne Lie

vintage-clocks-mark-ashkenazi at pixels - time

Vintage Clock by Mark Ashkenazi @ Pixels


Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Too Late to Change – The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie


Message From the Arcturians

Too Late to Change

Dear Ascending Ones,

Today, we wish to remind you not to allow anything or anyone to diminish you or make you feel less about yourself! Some people may be intimidated by your Higher Dimensional SELF. In this case, that person could become angry when they are confronted with anyone that needs assistance.

Please remember that each person has their own issues which frighten them. Therefore, one could become angry when frightened by messages that they do not yet feel ready to address. One who is not ready to face the truth about what is happening in their daily life and/or in their country may be frightened by the challenges before them, and they may “take their fear” out on others.

When a leader does NOT send out unconditional caring and higher dimensional self-confidence, it is more difficult for those who are threatened by that leader’s decisions, and it is more difficult for those who work under, and/or are led by that being, to feel secure.

Leaders who send confidence, kindness, and hope to those whom they lead may sometimes be replaced by leaders who “take out their own insecurity and hidden fear” on the ones who they are supposed to be leading.

However assured a “selfish and unfair” leader may appear, the truth is that they know how they feel, and live in constant fear that others will realize how worried they are that their fear will be revealed.  Therefore, these types of leaders rule others via the very fear that lives within their own heart and mind.

However, these “lost leaders,” as we the Arcturians call them, will eventually have to face their own fear, as well as the great damage that their fearful leadership has created. Unfortunately, leaders who lead via their own fear, poor self-esteem and lack of confidence, usually “ACT” as if they are not afraid, and seem to love themselves in a very narcissistic manner, while they constantly find fault in those whom they should be guiding and protecting.

Therefore, these “leaders” must keep their “opened door to fear” closed to the vision of others, while they try to face that fear alone.  Whenever a “lost leader” needs the strength and wisdom that a good leader lovingly and consistently offers, they often choose to insult, degrade or frighten those whom they should be leading with strength, courage and loving confidence.

One can only give to others what they have within themselves. Therefore, in order to send love, confidence, dignity and hope to those whom they lead, that lost leader must first have those attributes within themselves.

It takes a great deal of courage to lead others by speaking the truth in a positive and courageous manner. Therefore, a leader must be positive within their own thinking and, most importantly, remember that in order to be positive within themselves, they will need to have love and respect FOR yourself.

Others may not know about a lost leader’s struggle to maintain self-confidence for themselves and to be able to maintain a positive and courageous outlook for themselves and for those that they lead. Being a good leader is not just a gift. Being a good leader is something that a person has thought about from their youth and have taken responsibility for “being a good leader” at a young age.

A good leader, must always remember that FIRST, they must lead themselves. They also must remember to be conscious of their own thoughts and emotions because, “What they THINK about, they BRING about.

Please remember that anger hides just below fear and anxiety. However, if that fear and anxiety is unknown to the leader, they will unconsciously hide that secret from themselves and use anger and judgment of others in their leadership.

It is in this manner that the lost leader attempts to deflect their own fear into the hearts and minds of those whom they are leading. This behavior is like a doctor that gives the patient that which will make them more sick, rather than giving their patient that which would heal them.

Unfortunately, those who have lived in the shadow of “power over others, greed, and hidden insecurity” for most of their lives, see their negative behavior as being positive because it gets them what they think they want.

However, ALL humans want LOVE. But some lost leaders have become so lost in themselves, that they cannot see outside of themselves, or perceive themselves in the same manner that others perceive them. Fortunately for these lost leaders, there are always other lost ones who are ready to perceive the lost leader as a good leader.

These lost leaders do not see themselves as having the selfish, “me first” manner that others perceive them as having. In fact, lost leaders seldom see any of their shortcomings, as these kinds of leaders only perceive what they want to perceive.

On the other hand, those who live via “power within” instead of “power over,” send out the love and respect they have gained for themselves. A lost leader’s fear can interact with others in any moment that the lost leader feels threatened, which is very often.

Therefore, when others need their assistance, the lost ones cannot take the time to understand why others come to them to gain that which they cannot even give to themselves.

Since these lost leaders cannot be honest with themselves or with their reactions to challenges, they get angry that they are being called on to leave their safe, protected illusions in order to be bothered by thinking about, and caring for, others.

Of course, these lost leaders are unable to notice that they are the source of their own fear, as facing their fear is something that they will do anything to avoid. If it harms others, they don’t care because they ONLY care about their own unsolvable problem of chronic UNHAPPINESS.

However, if they can find a way to make others “unhappy,” then they can pretend to be the hero and rescue them from the very problem that the “rescuer” created.

The lost leaders may try to lie to themselves that they are really trying to be a good person and do the right thing, but they constantly wonder why they feel so frightened, angry and alone. Yes, yes, it is the fault of others that they feel this way. Therefore, they never need to look at themselves and can always blame their “problems” on others.

One of the biggest problems for lost leaders is those who live via Love, Power Within, Caring for Others and constantly consulting their own Higher SELF. Why do these people seem to somehow be happy, be in love, have good friends and a sense of Inner Peace and SELF-confidence.

“HAH,” say the lost leaders. “Who needs love and friends and confidence and inner peace, when I can have MONEY AND POWER OVER OTHERS?”

When these lost ones “stand before their maker” perhaps they will get the answer to that question,

BUT, then it will be “too late to change!”

The Arcturians

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February Ascension Energies – Power Vision – Jamye Price

Gratitude to artist


February Ascension Energies – Power Vision

February Ascension Energies by Jamye Price

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January’s energy of Patience was a powerful preparation for February. I feel the energy of February as fast-moving twists and turns. Like the spiral of creation is folding in on itself and breaking apart in ways that create a more cohesive flow. Eventually.

Since October there has been an intense strengthening of the inner structure, and February is no different. As your inner realm is sovereign and clearer, your power of love is amplified. You are a powerful “space” for new potential.

The interaction with time is shifting strongly as well, though I feel this as quite a smooth transition at this time. The potential of the future is within your present. The present is the power of the past in linear experience. Your patience creates a powerful present moment that informs a new future.


February asks you to strengthen your ability to perceive a new potential for the future in your present moment. It asks you to perceive yourself through your power that has grown you through time. Your power is an energy from the past. This linear experience has given you opportunities to discover your capability. As you observe your power or your past, look for the evidence of your capability and nurture it.

Strengthen from the Past by Jamye Price

To honor your power, you are being called to value your inner sanctity and have the fortitude to maintain healthy boundaries.

Your inner power is the amplifier of your energy. In physicality, in density, there is a natural drag of creation through time. Your momentum must be nurtured and replenished to sustain. Here power meets vision.


In order to sustain momentum toward manifestation, vision becomes a connection to what has yet to manifest. One aspect of Ascension is shifting into a greater usage of the brain. Changing your reactions and perceptions is important to holding the space of potential within.

It doesn’t always feel blissful. There may be doubts. Your vision is the subtle connection that begins to manifest through your creative focus. February energies will influence the third eye and the throat chakra strongly.

Your you-nique perspective. There is great power in your uniqueness to life. The diversity allows the facets to reflect a brighter, clearer picture. You offer a fresh perspective, a unique facet, a new potential to life.

Part of your vision work is to imagine the future of love and empowerment. As you envision your future, you become a conduit for manifestation. Your focus on being fully present and holding a vision for the future, modifies your brain usage into less repetition of old, often unconscious, reactions. This enhances the frontal lobe to activate your creative nature.

View Life's Potential Areon Lyra by Jamye Price

Your overall resonance shifts into a higher vibration of love as you hold powerful vision. That powerful vision then holds you.

Your choice to nurture that vision determines the future flow. Your choice is in the now. Your manifestation is in the future. Patience. That calm creative state of being open to flow.

February is a month of your Powerful Vision coming into focus. It may be moving fast. You don’t have to figure it all out. Just observe the present and find your unique perspective of love that offers a path of manifestation to your creative future of Love.