A GRAND SPIRAL IN LYRA – Nalinee Diosara

lion via nalinee blog.


18 December, 2018


As codes within our DNA being constantly activated through the shift of frequencies in our galaxies, many memories return into my awareness.

Ask, tune in, open to receive and trust. These are steps that I take when communicate with my DNA and guides. (I feel that the more and more aware we become of our shifts, we realise that our guides, higher selves and all that is are fractals of our imagination which decoded from the sparks of resonance within our DNA. Here I would like to stress that imagination is not “just an imagination”. Imagination is a golden key of expanding one’s consciousness.)

Strong presence of Lyran Council inspired me to communicate. I ask them if anything can be showed regarding my connection with them.

Within one breath, I was in a space of bright, soft luminescent light. I was in a place which my mind understood as a hub, a place where different consciousness and frequencies unite.

Lyra, I whisper to myself. I was in a space where different layers of Lyra consciousness.

In front of me as a pale glowing white giant spiral, I stood at its bottom looking upwards seeing beings doing their tasks on each level. The closest thing that my mind could comprehend was that this glowing grand spiral was very much like a grand hall with different floors. Translucent floors. One can ascend or descend along different levels of the spiral where each beings seem to be conducting different tasks.

“You see, we Lyrans are keepers of wisdom. We offer and give knowledge to those who visit our space,” said a gentle tone coming from a feline humanoid figure standing on my right. I then found myself looking down from second floor.

On the “ground floor” there were many beings, different lights and souls came to Lyra to gather and obtain what Lyran offer which seemed to be codes, messages, knowledge, and wisdom. Those that stood next to me where acting as channels of information. Those that are below, the visitors, were busy receiving and recording information that they came for. “Our service here is to deliver messages that is relevant for their soul journey. The visitors here not only receiving but giving us opportunities to fulfil our tasks as well,” said the loving tone. I could feel the love and respect the felines have for their visitors or students.

I then look up to the higher levels as my mind was wondering where the source of this information was.


“We are ambassadors of Lyra.” said a deeper tone. The presence of the felines on the third level here felt loving, firm, and direct. The beings on the second floors felt much more causal…compared by my human mind.

“Here is where the information being encoded into etheric crystals and webs of light in many colours. It is then being decoded and passed on by us,” said the tone of the guardians.

This felt so familiar. The same process of channeling and delivering messages to the collective on earth. I tuned to the beings, lion like to be more exact. Within my instinct I knew I have been here before. I have been through this process.

Within the next breath, I shifted from the ambassador’s level to where the visitors resided. I became one of them, a student of Lyra school. I diligently recorded all the information that was delivered to me in forms of web of frequencies into writings. In the following breath, I was a medium who gave out information, a fluid vessel which information flowed in and out. I then flew in light speed through the ambassadors. Then through groups white tiger beings who were holding space for everyone here. From third passing the fourth layer along a grand spiral. Higher I went. Then, I looked back and saw myself as visitors, students, channels, teachers, ambassadors all at once. All in One.

In my next exhale I found myself surrounded by the winged ones, Primordial beings.

“Welcome dear beloved,” deep and warm orchestral tone came into my hearing senses with yellow golden light into my sight. I felt deep sense of warmth in my being which felt like soothing sun rays; not too hot, not too cold….just “right”.

I was wrapped in a big warm hug of the cosmos. No space or time, just light of creation.

This is where all comes from. All the knowledge, love, webs of frequencies. This is where all kinds of fractals and spirals come from.

As I inhale, I was back into my body, in current time and space.

This was when I usually would throw a tantrum begging for my higher self to take me back. But I have grown. I realised the love from above is within below deeply into this human self…and even more in deeper levels that I have yet to rediscover.

I blinked and thanked the universe for this experience.

All comes from One, One is within ALL



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