OPENING TO NEW POSSIBILITIES – Archangel Zadkiel through Linda Robinson


Black Women Art by Joshua Mays



Greetings Beloved Ones,

WE ARE Archangels Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst, and we greet you with Love. Today we wish to discuss opening to new possibilities.

You are continuing to receive new, incoming waves of higher dimensional energy. They are coming to you throughout your daily life and calling to you to embrace the openings they provide.

They may appear in a variety of ways. You may feel them wash over you as gentle waves of soothing energy that provide you with a sense of well-being and a loving embrace. Or they may appear in your mind’s eye as one scene unfolding into the next in a continuing stream of consciousness. Or you may receive them as insights by looking at a situation or a location in a new way.

No matter what form these waves of energy take, they are inviting you to open to new possibilities and ways of being. They are calling you to view the multidimensionality of life.

In a third-dimensional perspective, events, locations, and situations appear in a fixed, static way. They may seem to be solid with no possibility of any change in the current appearance.

When you look at them with an openness to new possibilities, you are viewing them from a multidimensional perspective. As you let your awareness soften, you may be able to see how other dimensional possibilities are existing simultaneously with the third-dimensional one. They may appear as layers superimposed on each other.

The reality that you perceive depends on your focus and vibrational frequency at the moment. It could be compared to tuning in to a different channel on your television. If you are focused on conducting the activities that are a necessary part of your daily life, you may be tuned in to a third-dimensional frequency, and you will see a situation from the perspective that is in front of you.

When you raise your vibration and focus on other perspectives, you are able to perceive higher dimensional possibilities. They may present themselves as a new way of looking at things, a new course of action, or a different way of being. They are there to offer you opportunities to see the ways in which energy is shaped by your own reality and that you have the ability to rise higher on your ascension path when you are aware of higher dimensional possibilities.

For example, you may be working on a project that can be completed easily but only benefits a few people. However, when you tune in for inner guidance and remain open to new possibilities at different dimensional levels, you may receive a solution that could be approached in another way and will benefit everyone concerned. It is a difference in perspective and vibration.

Being aware of these different levels does not mean that you automatically choose them over what you currently have. They may present themselves for you to open your awareness so that you can choose whether to stay with your current view or alter it as appropriate for this part of your ascension path. They appear to let you know that there are many options and that you are not at a fixed or unchangeable point of energy.

In another example, you may hold a certain view about a particular topic. You have had this view for many years. Then one day you get a glimpse of another point of view around that subject. It may come from something you hear or read, or it may seem to float into your awareness. You can stay with your original view, or you can remain open to seeing it in another light and modifying your view.

You shape your reality with your thoughts, emotions, and intentions. This is part of your earth plane being a free-will planet.

When other possibilities appear, they are providing you with choices so that you can select what seems to be most appropriate for you at the time. Then if you arrive at another point where you want to make a change, you have already received an awareness that other dimensional realities exist.

You can evaluate a new possibility first by seeing how it feels in your heart center. Does the new possibility carry a loving feeling? Is it for your highest good and the greatest good of all? In the higher dimensions a loving vibration and a desire for highest good are needed to work with the higher frequency energy. Then you can determine whether it is feasible and a good fit for you. It may be just a glimpse of a possible future, but it does not mean that you must embrace it or provide the energy for it to be become a reality.

When you open yourself to see new possibilities, you become less attached to a fixed way of thinking. You become aware that there are different ways of perceiving the same situation. This opens you to receive higher dimensional information and energy so that you can assimilate it into your field if that is your desire. When you surround your energy field with a vibration of Love and a desire for highest good, you are able to rise to higher states of being.

Beloveds, we are happy that you are opening to new possibilities while keeping a desire for highest good.

Know that you are greatly loved.

WE ARE Archangels Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst

…and WE surround you with Love.

And so it is.

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Our Third-Dimensional Chakra System Falls Away – Steve Beckow

Opening Of The Third Eye Mandala @ Sunshine Art


Our Third-Dimensional Chakra System Falls Away

I wonder how many people would agree with me if I said that the chakra system as we know it is a third-dimensional apparatus, that falls away eventually.

Here’s Da Free John reporting the phenomenon.

“In February I passed through an experience that seemed to vindicate my understanding. … I saw that what appeared as the sahasrar, the terminal chakra and primary lotus in the head, had been severed. The sahasrar had fallen off like a blossom.

“The Shakti, which previously had appeared as a polarized energy that moved up and down through the various chakras or centers producing various effects, now was released from the chakra form.

“There was no more polarized force. Indeed, there was no form whatsoever, no up or down, no chakras. The chakra system had been revealed as unnecessary, an arbitrary rule or setting for the play of energy. The form beneath all of the bodies, gross or subtle, had revealed itself to be as unnecessary and conditional as the bodies themselves. …

“Now I saw that reality or real consciousness was not in the least determined by any kind of form apart from itself. Consciousness had shown its radical freedom and priority in terms of the chakra form. It had shown itself to be senior to that whole structure, dissociated from every kind of separate energy or Shakti. There was simply consciousness itself, prior to all forms, all dilemmas, every kind of seeking and necessity. …

“There was no need to have recourse to any kind of phenomena, problem or structure of seeking. The Shakti was not the primary or necessary reality. Reality was the Self-nature, the foundation of pure consciousness, Siva, who is always already free of the Divine play. Thus, I was certain again that real life was not a matter of experience and evolution. It was to be founded in radical, present consciousness.” (1)

If this is not Ascension, it certainly is an important milestone on the road to it.

From that time until 2012, I came across nothing more on the matter. In 2012, I had the extreme good fortune to be able to ask the Divine Mother about it.

Steve Beckow: I’m trying to understand what level of enlightenment Ascension corresponds to. And I think it’s beyond the normal seventh-chakra enlightenment. I think it is what is called — and I’ll make this clear to readers — Sahaja Samadhi. Am I correct?

Divine Mother: Yes, it is beyond what you think of as your seven chakras. … We have emerged from the Third-Dimensional realm, which is that reference point for the chakra system, into the new. So yes, you are correct, in this question and in this statement.  (2)

If we were to look for milestones along the path to the ascended state, one would be a heart opening, as the Divine Mother discussed with Bright Star recently.

Divine Mother: Your ascension is not being postponed. You have had your initial heart opening. You have been doing your work. You have been looking at the chaos and understanding. Not engaging with the chaos with anger, fear, and outrage but simply observing, understanding that this has been part of the human tragedy but not fully engaged in it. So yes, you are ready, Sweet One. (3)

A second would have to be the falling away of the chakra system.


(1) Da Free John,The Knee of Listening. Original Edition. Clearlake, CA; Dawn Horse Press, 1984; c1973, 117-9.

(2) “The Divine Mother: Come to Me as I Come to You – Part 1/2,” Oct. 17, 2012, at

(3) “The Tide has Turned: Reading with the Divine Mother and Bright Star, Jan. 29, 2019,” February 3, 2019, at

A second passage from that reading is worth repeating at length, for giving yet-another description of Ascension or an important sub-process in it.

“You know when you go to the ocean or the river or the lake, there is always one person that has to jump in first and there is always this worry, “How cold is the water?” Well, you are jumping in but do not worry. It is My Infinite Ocean of Blue [the Ocean of Love that I found myself in after March 2015] and the water is lovely.

“So, yes, this is your breakthrough. Now in that, beloved one, there are times when you will feel like you are literally in the grinder or in the mixing bowl, there is so much swirling around.

“When you are feeling that, drop-down like the pebble into the pond, into the lake and go to the centre of your heart. Go to the centre of your foundation, the seat of your soul [where I found the Self on Sept. 18, 2018] and allow the currents of change, the tides to swirl around you but remain as if you have dropped anchor not only into Gaia but into My Heart as well.

“Because this is and it is from that point of stillness that you are literally catapulting forward. It is not that you have to go through a cleansing, an emotional upheaval, having your life fall apart and seeing that everything is in shambles.”

“Quite the contrary. What you are doing is you are demonstrating, you are role modelling, you are teaching and you are leading and showing. Yes, of course, this is a walk of trust and faith but it is not a walk of chaos.

“It is a walk of beauty. It is a walk of love. And in the stillness, think of it as if you are walking right through the centre of a cyclone, the centre of a hurricane, the centre of a tornado. And it doesn’t touch you.”

However, unlike Bright Star, it isn’t in my contract to ascend early, but rather, as a pillar, to stay here until the finale.


Opening Of The Third Eye Mandala @ Sunshine Art


A Goodly Company of Spirits – Ethel Le Rossignol @ Cesnur



About 3 days ago I was doing Higher Kriya Yoga where you sit high in the crown and watch and listen and suddenly a hollow astral tunnel like a rotating cave opened to a universe of extreme light at the other end through which I could get a glimpse of an astral world lit by one thousand suns. I felt I was looking upon the subtle astral heaven of Hiranyaloka that Yogananda and Sri Yukteswar describe as it felt so liberated and celebratory. The sound accompanying the experience was like a flute which I have heard only a few times before. But it was brief. I know better than to try to hold onto that but it was like being home.

Then last night as I meditated again doing Higher Kriya Yoga my wife and daughter suddenly had a dingdong argument over their bath time. Normally my meditation is unflappable no matter what happens but a crack of awareness opened and out popped a millisecond of frustration. I was mortified and in that same instant begged Divine Mother for forgiveness for not keeping my mind and heart on the Divine.

I felt so small and little and bereft that I allowed all of me to be swallowed up by Her forgiveness and I vanished.

A Goodly Company of Spirits by Ethel Le Rossignol @ Cesnur

So there was a sitting in the stillness for some time as you can see from the graph from about 10:22 to 10:42 albeit with some initial heart/loving kindness spontaneously arising at 10:25 and 10:28.

Then from around 10:42 something different happened. Because of my exhorting the divine to answer my pleas, a sound arose that shows as those delta rises on the graph. The deeper experiences come from “doing nothing” and yet “everything is done” at the Hand of the Divine and not by yours alone. So at first sound arises and then light. The sound is like a drum pounding in my right ear, distant at first but growing louder. Then it turns into a thunderous sound that is unstoppable and the sound currents manifest the light. The astral and causal planes that manifest are seen with sense-intuition rather than a normal sense and are vibrant with light. There are mountains of light for example and one of them is Mt Kailash which I have seen on a couple of occasions before in the astral/causal visions. These worlds are filled with sound and light, endless expressions of the divine play in the astral, which is unlike anything I have seen on earth, ever.

The sound draws the soul in and up, riding the sound currents like a wave of bliss. Unbridled spiritual joy breaks upon these waves and that is evident in the graph from around 10:45 to 10:55 when the sound swells into light and joy and the accompanying gamma-beta mountains. The delta waves I think are the sound current peaking at different points because it is like an ocean swell, and nothing I am actively doing, it is generating an immense vibration and sound of its own source. And you are right the gamma-beta could be the result of uplifted eyes as the sound currents naturally fill this being with so much intensity that the body feels as if weightless and the eyes are naturally drawn to the heavens. I am not sure really as there was only a dim awareness as the universe manifesting within takes its own course and direction and is its own conductor of this divine symphony. The advanced stated of spiritual joy has its own rhythm and beat, each layer infinitely finer and more delicate than the last. The gross vibrations of earth on return are so much heavier and there is only a desire to be freed from these material longings and dwell in the freedom of the astral universes. ❤️ This is the graph from my meditation discussed above

Image may contain: 1 person


Love and Blessings

Altair and Mother ❤️
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Meditation – Journey to the Will of God Temple in Telos ~ Adama & El Morya via Aurelia


Purple Pearl by Karol Bak


Journey to the Will of God Temple in Telos
With Adama and Master El Morya

We have in Telos a temple consecrated to the Will of God. There is also such a temple in Darjeeling, India near Tibet. The retreat of the Will of God is under the guardianship of the master El Morya, both in Darjeeling and Mount Shasta. Many of you go there at night, or come here to Telos, to learn the initiations of the First Ray, of surrender to the Divine Will. They both exist in the fifth dimension frequency, and thus are not visible to your outer eyes. Today, I would like to take you in consciousness to our Will of God Temple in Telos.

Consciously ask your Divine Presence or your higher self to take you on a journey with us to Telos. See yourself arriving here in your personal merkaba, accompanied by one of your guides. Notice a fairly large opalescent blue structure, quite tall, in the form of a six-sided pyramid. As you approach, everything around you resonates with the beautiful blue energy, so refreshing and soothing. Allow yourself to walk up the mother-of-pearl stairway to the main entrance of the temple. Observe and feel the majestic blue mist emanating from various high fountains all around it. Many types of blue flowers, growing in white and gold boxes, are flourishing in great abundance and variety around the fountains, including the sweet forget-me-nots. Walk now through the entrance, where three blue flame angels are awaiting to escort and welcome you in.

As you enter into the large hallway, see a transparent chamber in the center containing a huge blue flame diamond, the biggest diamond that you will ever see, about 15 to 18 feet in height. Your guide invites you to enter that sacred chamber. The diamond contains several thousand facets, each one representing a different aspect of the Diamond Heart of the Divine Will. This diamond is not so different from the one living within your heart, and in time, all the wondrous facets of your own diamond heart will become completely activated and restored. Your Diamond Heart and your sacred heart are one and the same; they are components of each other. They are made of an infinite number of chambers, each one corresponding to a facet of your own diamond.

Come into the sacred chamber of the Divine Will to be greeted, by Master El Morya, a tall being with brown eyes who looks very much like a Zen master. He is wearing a blue robe partially covered with a luminescent white cape, with a bluish white and gold turban on his head. He greets and welcomes you to His diamond heart, and invites you to find a seat on one of the “blue-flame” cushions. He now guides you to focus on the energy of that diamond heart and to breathe in the energies, so that you can bring as much of this energy as possible back with you when you return to your physical body. This blue ray is the one that gives the power to the Love ray. All of the rays contain love plus the specific attributes of each ray.

In the presence of that diamond, you can open all of the little facets of your own diamond heart that are full of fears, and let them go. Intend for the energies of this huge diamond to magnetize and absorb your fears, dear ones, and for them to be released and healed. As you release these fears from your heart, you will receive a tremendous healing.

Be aware that it may be difficult to release all your fears and burdens in one visit. This is why we are inviting you to return to this temple in Telos or in Darjeeling as often as you wish to receive deeper levels of healing. Inner healing is an ongoing process until you reach completion.

Consider your efforts as a work in progress, and be willing to stay with the process until all the veils are lifted. It is then that you will know that you are complete.

Now connect with your higher self that is standing right above you. Your great I AM Presence, the unlimited being that is really who you are, is waiting for all your fears to be released and healed. Connect with this Divine Presence, and make your commitment to surrender all the fears that kept you in so much pain so that you can be restored to wholeness.

No matter what may show up in your life tomorrow, it is only a mirror of a fear or old pattern of belief that you still hold within yourself that needs to be resolved and embraced. You will soon come to know, as you do this work, that there is nothing to fear except the illusion of fear itself.

Keep breathing this wonderful blue flame, as much as you can, directly into your lungs and into your heart. Do this consciously because you want to bring this energy back into your physical body. Also know that all the multi-dimensional aspects of yourself and all the beings of the light realms are supporting your journey home to divine grace. You are not alone in your journey; you have so much love available to you and so much support. Be confident that you can do it if you choose it. Feel the soothing action of the Blue Flame. It has its own way of bringing you comfort and lessening all your pains.

Now Master El Morya and myself Adama, have a gift for each one of you sitting in front of the diamond in our temple. We are going to superimpose a smaller etheric diamond of total perfection, radiating the qualities of the blue-essence, within the sacred chamber of your heart, right within the energies of your own sacred heart.

This diamond reflects your divine perfection. With this gift, the perfection of the Diamond Heart will be reflected to you as long as you choose to work with it. We invite you to start breathing in its energies every day in your meditation, working with those energies every way that seems appropriate for you. In your meditation, ask your higher self to show you which facets of the diamond are still holding pain or unbalanced attitudes that need to be healed and aligned. The diamond you have just received will continue to reflect everything you need for the complete opening and healing of your heart. It will take you to the path of surrender with joy and grace. It is alive and vibrant. Its color reflects a luminescent peacock blue.

Keep breathing its energies with allowance and surrender to what is. Be resolute in walking this path, and feel free to communicate with your guide. Stay with this energy for a while and be thankful for the grace you have just received. (Pause)

When you feel complete, return to your body, taking this treasure with you. The more you remain conscious and work with the diamond heart, the more its energies will amplify and bless your life. This is a gift or tool we are giving you, but it will not help you unless you use it. This diamond heart also has a vibration of self- confidence. Tap into this self-confidence energy to assist you to release your fears, so that your surrender can be accomplished gracefully.

The blue ray masters are available to you at this time, offering their assistance. When you feel ready, open your eyes. We invite you to return to this healing place often, to meditate with us on the Will of God, and to continue to make gigantic strides towards your spiritual freedom. And so be it, Beloved I AM.

(From The Seven Sacred Flames by Aurelia)

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With thanks to Mehroo Fitter
Aurelia Louise channelled Adama, the high priest of the Lemurian city of Telos as well as other spiritual masters of Light as part of her mission. Aurelia made her transition in July of 2009 and has left a rich legacy of Adama and Ascended Master teachings through the Telos Book Series and The Seven Sacred Flames. Her deepest desire was that humanity awaken to their divinity and together ascend with beloved Mother Earth into the New Golden Age. Especially at this time, these books are important tools, opening us up to possibilities of how our present reality can change and become a far better world, supporting the raising of consciousness of an enlightened civilization. The information gives us pause to contemplate a perspective of how life was really meant to be lived here on earth.


Will the Real World Step Forward – Suzanne Lie

Self Love by Nitu Chhajer @ Best College Art


Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Will the Real World Step Forward?

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Once you begin your process of inter-dimensional experiences and perceptions, your inner SELF starts a questioning battle of, “Will the REAL world step forward?”

However, there are many “real worlds” that resonate to different frequencies of reality.  That lowest frequencies of reality are led by those who need to have Power Over others. On the other hand, finding one’s Power Within, and using it for the good of ALL, is one of the highest frequencies of reality.

At first, one may accidentally expand their consciousness into higher dimensions. Then, their process will slowly or quickly expand into the NOW for them to progress into the next, very important phase.

In this phase of awakening, they will quickly, or slowly, realize that they need to maintain a higher dimensional state of consciousness. As they begin to focus on their “state of consciousness” they move into their process of ongoing initiations.

An “initiation” is not a punishment. Instead, initiation is an event, a meditation, an experience, a dream, a thought, or even an emotion that brings you into the realization that YOU are not Alone.

It is at this point that you begin to perceive, a dream of and/or ponder the higher dimensions of reality. As you begin to perceive the higher dimensional realities, you will discover that you can actually meet with your own higher expressions of SELF.

And, yes, you have many higher expressions of your true, Multidimensional SELF. In fact, each of your higher expressions of SELF is attached to, and/or in alignment with, a version of your greater Multidimensional SELF.

As you become more intimately aware of the members of your Multidimensional SELF, you will realize that they are continually assisting you to expand the frequencies of reality to which you can have a conscious contact.

As you move into the phase of awakening in which you feel that you are being over-lit by higher dimensional beings. Some of these beings are your own Higher SELF, and some are beings that are friends and family of your own Higher SELF.

It is this phase of awakening that you will begin to be able to consciously receive information from these higher frequencies of your Multidimensional SELF. We suggest that you allow your third-dimensional physical self to communicate with your higher dimensional consciousness on a daily schedule.

If you “schedule” a certain time and place to allow your self to communicate with your SELF, a certain inner feeling will come into your physical body and consciousness that will seem to be telling you that there is an “incoming message” from your own Higher Dimensional SELF.

Yes, most of you will have, what we call a “go-between” Galactic being, such as we the Arcturians and/or the Pleiadians. We say “and/or” because we the Arcturians and the Pleiadians are so deeply aligned within our service to assist Gaia with Her planetary ascension, that we interface with each other as if we are ONE Being.

Of course, when we observe humanity from the sixth dimension and beyond, we are able to perceive what may appear to be a “multidimensional stairway” on which each frequency of your Multidimensional SELF has placed their energy field.

These Interdimensional energy fields will awaken, activate, and communicate with each of the many frequencies of your Multidimensional SELF. Each of the frequencies of your multidimensional SELF can then better communicate with and assist Gaia as She goes through Her Planetary Ascension.

Then, the earth vessel that you are now wearing, and interface more deeply with Gaia. It is through this deep connection of person and planet, that the process of Planetary Ascension and Human Ascension will begin.

Most of our brave Galactic Warriors who have chosen to take an earth body in order to more directly assist Gaia are beginning to fully awaken to their “Chosen Mission.” Your Chosen Mission is what you promised to fulfill before you took your current, third-dimensional earth vessel.

It was a GREAT sacrifice for your fifth dimensional (and beyond) Galactic SELF to incarnate into a third-dimensional, physical vessel on a planet that was in VERY grave danger of being destroyed by its human occupants.

Yes, we say “human occupants” as humans are the ones who set off the bombs, sully the waterways and great oceans, taint the skies, and start the fires that destroy that which Gaia has spent eons constructing.

It is for this reason, that we, your Galactic Family, are putting out an SOS to our grounded ones to PLEASE step up whatever services you are offering to Gaia and all Her inhabitants to assist Gaia in Her time of GREAT NEED. Humanity is the primary reason for ALL the problems that Gaia has been suffering.

“But why would humans want to destroy their own home?” we hear you ask. We, the Arcturians and Pleiadians, could answer that question for you, but in order to save Earth from sure planetary destruction, which is basically ALL due to humanity, humanity’s greed and need for “power over others” but recognized, and TOTALLY ENDED.

We, the Galactics are very aware that GREED is one of the main sources of the destruction of the very planet that the greedy ones want to get more, and more, and more from! The problem is that Gaia is a free will planet.

What that means is that Gaia needs the humans to use their great gift of “free will” to:


But “What is the primary source of destruction?” The answer to that question is usually the Dark Ones, who are usually the members of humanity. These Dark Ones are actually quite a few humans who live via greed and an unending need for power over others!

But why would one have to need to have “power over others? There are as many answers to that question as there are humans who suffer from their need to have “power over others.” And, yes, “power over other people” do suffer!

The reason why they suffer is that energy travels in circles. Therefore, the energy that one puts out will, eventually, return to them. That is why people who send out love, light, and assistance, will receive those energy fields when they most need them.

However, the “time” between the energy going out, and when the energy returns to the sender, is when most of the damage is done.  Those who have put out the dark, damaging energy fields are happily putting out their toxins, and are so proud of themselves that they do not even consider that it will come back to them.

Then, when their own negative energy comes full circle and returns to them, they cannot understand how THEY could be the victim of what has come to them. Unfortunately, some of the innocent victims of the “dark energy out” have been suffering since that darkness first struck their consciousness.

It is the people who become “stuck” with the dark energy field that need the most assistance. These are often the ones who were mistreated as children or in their early life. Therefore, they do not believe that they deserve higher light until they have received loving assistance from others.

Unfortunately, some of these people finally succumb to the darker energy fields. Therefore, these are the ones who most need assistance from those who have been able to rise above the darker, fearful and/or angry fields.

Either they remembered, and/or learned, how to choose the frequency of energy that they wanted to resonate to, and released or transmuted the energy fields that they could “feel” were of a lower frequency.

In fact, more and more humans are learning and remembering to trust their “feeling” about the energy fields that are around them. If the energy feels loving, kind, focused, creative and powerful, they have learned/remembered how to embrace and share the higher dimensional energy fields.

It is the honor of these ones to assist those who have become lost in the lower energy fields. Often these people have childhood issues that have not been healed, Hence, they may think it is too “weird” to “feel and trust the impact of the energy fields around them.”

On the other hand, they may have unresolved issues that stand in the way of “clearing the darkness and embracing the Light.” Even when one does perceive the higher frequencies of reality, their daily self may say something like, “What are you doing?” The answer to that question is, “What you are doing is waking up to your own higher dimensional/multidimensional SELF.”

Some people “wake up” to their higher SELF step by step? Whereas other people may take a very long time to wake up, and then suddenly wake up all at once! Either one of these scenarios can be confusing.

However, it is helpful to remember that the step by step part is often easier because each step can be what we need to confront in order to deeply ground each step/phase of awakening into our Higher SELVES.

It is important that we sufficiently ground our awakening SELF into the body of Gaia before we “take the next step.” Then, when we are ready, you will remember to also ground that step into the body of Gaia.

It is in this manner, that you remember that you, the awakened members of humanity, chose to take an earth vessel within this NOW, not for your own, personal gain, but for your beloved planet Gaia.

Yes, Gaia is your beloved planet. Gaia is your beloved mother and your beloved “Planetary Starship” back Home to the fifth-dimensional expressions of your Galactic SELF. Just imagine the different reality that you would experience if you ALL sought your fifth dimensional Home and thought of Gaia as your beloved Mother Planet.

For one thing, you could expand your perception, and thoughts from being individual humans who are often fighting and/or being victims to other individual humans into humans who are consciously creating a reality of Love and Light.

What if ALL humans could no longer perceive themselves as individuals because they had come to the realization that all of humanity is ONE being.

However, this “one being” is much like “one Bee Hive,” in that all the bees think of themselves as the “hive” rather than of the “individual bee?” Can you imagine how much humans would care for, assist, protect and feel deeply united with each other?

Blessings to Gaia and to Her dedicated humans who remember their SELF!

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 10:12 AM


Melchizedek ~ Art by Toni Carmine Salerno



It is about tuning into your unique voice and sacred purpose, and bringing all that you hear out into this reality as you impact the transformation and upliftment of the world. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings dears! Greetings beloveds! I AM Lord Melchizedek, I am your brother and family, I am your teacher and friend.

I come to bring you love and understanding of these new times that are affecting everyone so profoundly. I come to activate and anchor your wisdom, your knowing of this New You. Well, you already remember that this is not really a New You, but a return to the original blueprint of the human, of the children of God, angels in form. But this is yet another discussion that we shall plan to discuss at some other time.

Dear hearts, it is the time for you to move on and shift into your missions, and into that wholeness of yours. It is time to let go of the old ways and of the old you. What had worked so well in the past, and we do thank you for your diligent response to your soul’s requirements, is being updated and changed.

You could say that you have been upgraded, that you have graduated to yet another level. But I love to address you as adults, as mature beings, masters of love and light who have been promoted and rewarded for the constancy and focus of your love work. And because of this astonishing accomplishment, everyone is moving up dear brothers and sisters, everyone that is even remotely related to you, and how can they not be, for every single one needs to move on.

And this is marvelous news that I love to bring thee, but at the same time, it is also marvelous for us as your teachers and masters in the unseen realms. We get to talk to thee about the deeper truths of how universes work, and the “how-to” in this process of creating from love; we get to walk closer to thee and to have the joy of co-creating with you these new worlds, this Nova Earth, as well as worlds beyond this one.

Dear ones, I am asking you: “Do you believe in magic?” and if you do, “do you believe and trust yourselves? Are you willing to step forward into your new roles as a Creator Race leaving behind the old yous?”

You have done an outstanding job in clearing your deepest fears, and in removing any shackles of disempowerment and limitation. During this work, you have assisted so many others to do the same. It is time for you to move up and expand yourselves, not only to a higher level – say as teachers and way-showers – but at a deeper level into exploring and bringing into this reality all of who you truly are.

Your shift in behavior and in being is to be even more directed inwards to your soul’s desires, and into listening to your hearts’ song. It is about tuning into your unique voice and sacred purpose, and bringing all that you hear, bringing all of that, out into this reality. For you see, this is what you are here to do, and this is the most thorough and enlightened way in which you impact the transformation and upliftment of the world.

And I will be here for you, to hold you, to cheer and applaud you, and to encourage you to reveal yourselves totally, showing to others the splendor of your wholeness.

These are sweet and exciting times, dear brothers and sisters. I am honored to be traveling with you! You are so loved!

Farewell, though I am standing right beside you! Farewell for now!

By permission.

© 2019 Council of Love, Inc.


Permission Given to Share ~ Thanks to Linda Dillon
💙 🌿 🌺 🌿 💜

Holding All the Divine Qualities at Once – Steve Beckow

Moksha ~ by Dream Painter @ DeviantArt


Holding All the Divine Qualities at Once

I remain fascinated with something Archangel Michael said recently. We were discussing the origin of wanting to forgive and yet feeling the need to protect.

I wanted to know if improvement in this area was dependent on the attainment of higher dimensionality (or less density)?  He discussed some of the factors and then added:

“It’s also a function of those human beings, particularly those in the higher vibrations, learning to hold all the divine qualities and to be operating from all the divine qualities at once.” (1)

I spent ten years reading only the works of enlightened authors – from 1987 to 1997. (2) Never, in my reading, did I come across an enlightened master advising their students to hold all the divine qualities and be operating from them all, at once.

Always it’s been about choosing one of the “virtues” and mastering it. After enlightenment, one is considered a master of that virtue – or divine state – balance, equanimity, peacefulness, etc.

Additionally, very few enlightened sages discuss what we’d call “Ascension.” The New Testament uses the term. Hindus call this stage of enlightenment – that is, ascension from the Third to the Fifth Dimension – Sahaja Samadhi. Here Sri Ramana describes it:

“[The] Heart is the seat of Jnanam as well as of the granthi (knot of ignorance). It is represented in the physical body by a hole smaller than the smallest pin-point [hridayam], which is always shut. When the mind drops down in Kevalya Nirvikalpa [samadhi], it opens but shuts again after it. When Sahaja [Nirvikalpa Samadhi] is attained it opens for good.” (3)

Sahaja is a full and permanent heart opening. It is also liberation (or moksha) from life and death – that is, from the Third-Dimensional need to be born and die. (4) There is no birth and death on the Fifth Dimension, as far as I know.

The Third Dimension is what we’re being liberated from. Therefore Sri Ramana is describing Ascension.

We also talk interdimensionality and, if a sage did, it’d be a pretty-truncated version couched in a specialized terminology. We say, for instance, that this stage of enlightenment anchors a person in the Fifth or higher Dimension.  That kind of language was more or less not to be found in our enlightenment literature, as far as my studies went.

Back to Archangel Michael’s bold assertion:

“… those human beings, particularly those in the higher vibrations, [are] learning to hold all the divine qualities and to be operating from all the divine qualities at once.”

Why would he make such a statement that’s so far outside our enlightenment traditions? He’d probably say we’re ready for it. (5)

What does it mean to be ready for it?

It means by a combination of events we have ears to hear and the motivation to listen.

It means that the energies striking the planet have relieved us of some of the tensions and pressures of density we feel so that we’re lighter and more aware; i.e., more evolved, ascended.

And how advanced? Advanced enough that we can entertain such a thought as “learning to hold all the divine qualities and to be operating from all the divine qualities at once.”

I struggle with the thought. But it’s been implanted in my mind, now. I probaby won’t be able to put it down.

Under what conditions might we hold all the divine qualities and be operating from them at once?


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Jan. 4, 2019.

(2) The database, From Darkness Unto Light, is the result.  (

(3) Ramana Maharshi in Cohen, S.S., Guru Ramana. Memories and Notes. 6th edition. Tiruvannamalai: Sri Ramanasramam, 1993, 96.

(4) Here are some from the other side sharing their thinking in this area:

Lao Tzu: “We have not spoken of this before because it was not yet time.” (“Transcript: Lao Tzu on Humility on Heavenly Blessings,” April 26, 2013, at

“In terms of human comprehension in this moment we need to feed or allow the opening of the understandings to the human Collective – we’re talking about the broad Collective now – to be in ‘bites’ that they can chew, swallow and integrate.” (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Andrew Eardsley through Linda Dillon on April 15, 2016.)

“We are at the point where we can have this broader, deeper conversation on the meaning of the journey.” (“Transcript: Sanat Kumara: The Only Litmus Test is Love,” at

“My beloved friends, you are spiritually evolving and mature, so we can have a much broader conversation at this time.” (“Transcript ~ Archangel Michael: Understand the Divine Gift of Will, AHWAA, September 22, 2016,” at

(4) Those who do discuss Sahaja don’t make the links among the others who do, so one is obliged to piece the puzzle of different names  for the same thing together.

Most discuss Brahmajnana, or seventh-chakra enlightenment.


Moksha ~ by Dream Painter @ DeviantArt

My Awakening Journey – Part 1 – Narendra Mishra


My Awakening Journey – Part 1

PictureNarendra has written his awakening journey up in a compact book attached to this article.

Here’s the first chapter of that book.

My Awakening Journey – Part 1

Awakening Spark, 14/2/2019

For quite some time now I have been resolutely ignoring the almost constant call of Spirit to write this post. Not the least of which is because of the intensely personal nature of my awakening journey and the potential embarrassment I may incur as a result.

Now however, I can no longer ignore the imperative. The three primary reasons are

  • My contribution to the Ascension ethnography,
  • The potential for some lessons in my own journey that may be of benefit to others, especially those who will soon awaken,
  • My own way of stepping forward even further as per the repeated calls of the Company of Heaven (CoH) that we embrace authentic leadership.

In addition to the third point above, the CoH has also called upon us to revalue ourselves, to claim our true spiritual currency. After all, this is what Ascension is all about.

In my journey, I have had several opportunities to do so. Ascension is primarily about raising (ascending) our physical body frequencies so that we can match our multi-dimensional facets of our spiritual Selves.

We are by nature multi-dimensional, and we do have many fragments of ourselves that we have left behind. Ascension is the process of recovering all of these- whilst physically embodied.

What is also unique at this time is that it is being done on a planetary scale. The Earth Herself is also Ascending to the 5th through 7th Dimensions. Earth’s Ascension is a great and grand experiment that has never been done before in the entire universe. Hence the reason why a comprehensive Ascension ethnography is vital.

Apparently, Earth is the template for a galactic-wide ascension and what we do will set the tone and pace for other third-dimensional civilisations to follow with their own planetary ascensions.

How does planetary ascension take place? One individual at a time. In the past, individual sages managed their own personal ascensions which would result in leaving the physical body behind.

This time however, the situation is different. There are many souls now incarnate upon the planet that came to assist with raising the Light quotient upon Earth sufficient to initiate the planetary Ascension. These souls come from many parts of the universe and are already ascended. Many are masters of ascension and have been specially trained for this mission.

Thus, many very spiritually advanced souls are not yet ascended though they may have filled the criteria for their personal ascensions. They have opted to differ their personal ascensions to ascend en masse with the collective, or to hold the ascension portal open for the collective till the very end, and ascend last.

This lesson was one of the first for me on my personal journey of awakening as I discovered that I too was one of these souls.

Kevin Todeschi – There Are No Secrets! The Akashic Book of Records @ Earth-Keeper

Prayer of The Heart by Annelie Solis


Kevin Todeschi – There Are No Secrets ! The Akashic Book of Records

The Akashic Book of Life – Every Thought-Intent & Action~Nothing is Hidden!

Imagine having a computer system that kept track of every event, thought, image, or desire that had ever transpired in the earth. Imagine, as well, that rather than simply a compilation of written data and words, this system contained countless videotape film and pictures, providing the viewer with an eyewitness account of all that had ever happened within any historical time frame. Finally, imagine that this enormous database not only kept track of the information from an objective perspective but also maintained the perspectives and emotions of every individual involved.

As incredible as it may sound, this description gives a fairly accurate representation of the Akashic Records.Called the most documented psychic of all time as well as a 20th-century mystic, Edgar Cayce’s essential talent was his ability to access and describe information from the Akashic Records, a resource he believed was available to everyone.

Edgar Cayce: A Master at Reading the Akashic Records

Edgar Cayce, who has been called the most documented psychic of all time as well as a 20th-century mystic, helped thousands of people through the use of his remarkable intuitive ability. For over 40 years, Cayce gave readings, or psychic dissertations, using the Akashic Records as his primary resource material. Cayce’s essential talent was his ability to access and describe information from these records, information which would enable a person to discover everything from their essential purpose in life to the root cause of a long-standing problem. It was a resource of information, Cayce claimed, which was available to everyone.

When there is the thought or the activity of the body in any particular environ, this very activity makes for the impressions upon the soul…As to the records made by such an activity, these are written upon what is known as time or space. -Edgar Cayce

In an effort to describe how this was feasible, Cayce stated that it was not only possible for individuals to attune to the Akashic Records but that it was something that occurred frequently. Although the records were not physical in nature, an individual in attunement could “hear,” “read,” and “experience” the information nonetheless. In order to illustrate what an individual might perceive while viewing this information, Cayce told an 18-year-old girl that the Akashic Records of the mental world might be compared to a movie theater of the physical world (reading 275-19). This movie could be replayed in an effort to understand what had occurred in an individual’s experience in any period, at any time, or while in any place in history. Also within this data was a record of lessons learned, opportunities lost, faults acquired, and experiences gained. In addition, although an individual’s actions could be misinterpreted or misconstrued in the physical world, the Akashic Records maintained an objective record of a person’s “real life” because it reported his or her true intent.

In 1934, while giving a reading to a 28-year-old freight agent (reading 416-2), Cayce tried to define these records further. Not only did he discuss what the Akashic Records were, but he explained how they were written, and clarified how an individual could gain access to the information. Apparently, any type of endeavor-whether action, thought, desire, or deed-creates some kind of activity of vibration. This vibration produces a mark upon (what Cayce called) the skein of space and time and is somehow permanently identified with the individual responsible. Although unseen, it is an etheric energy that is as evident to a sensitive as the printed word is to a sighted person:

When there is the thought or the activity of the body in any particular environ, this very activity makes for the impressions upon the soul…As to the records made by such an activity, these are written upon what is known as time or space; much in the form or manner as are the messages that are of a familiar nature to the body in its present activity. As the instruments of recording are used, so does the activity of ENERGY expended leave its imprint upon the etheric wave that records between time and space that DESIRED to be put, as to that impelling or producing. Just as the figures or characters make for communications between individuals, so does the soul upon the pages or records of time and space. (Reading 416-2)

Insight Into Reading the Records

Complicating our ability to understand and work with these records, however, Cayce explained to his wife, Gertrude, in reading 538-32 that it was very possible for anyone attempting to read the records (a psychic, a sensitive individual, the entity themselves, etc.) to misinterpret the information.

Apparently, perceiving the Akashic database is unavoidably shaded by the mental experience and background of the person reading the information UNLESS their intent is totally selfless and desirous of being of help. In other words, two individuals could acquire very different interpretations from the very same records because of their own belief systems, backgrounds, experiences, and personal motives.

During the course of a reading given to a 38-year-old physician, the subjective nature of the Akashic Records was explained as follows:

Hence the interpretations of these may vary somewhat, dependent upon what phases the approach is made. In the same manner that in material experiences entities, viewing an event or happening, are prompted to give THEIR version according to the reaction upon their ideal-and upon those promptings of the purpose of the individual so viewing same. (Reading 1448-2)

The same person was told that every experience encountered in an individual’s life could leave a good or a bad impression upon these Akashic Records. Apparently each occurrence in life has the capacity to be a constructive or a destructive influence, based upon what an individual does with that experience. Different choices will leave very different impressions upon the records.

What Is the Purpose of the Akashic Records?

Since these records are so complete, so accurate, and so individualized, a logical question might be: just what is the purpose of the Akashic Records in the first place?

Simply put, the answer has to do with keeping track of and assisting with each soul’s personal growth and transformation. However, in order to adequately discuss and understand Cayce’s perception of these records, one needs to possess an adequate background in-what might be termed-“the Cayce Cosmology.”

Essentially, that cosmology might be simply summed up in the statement: “God is essentially love and the Universe is completely orderly.”

Beyond that concept is the premise that each individual was purposefully created, as a soul, to become a companion with the Creator.

Confirming scripture, according to the Cayce readings, we were created in “God’s image” (Genesis 1:26) and therefore our natural state is spirit. Life did not begin at the moment of physical birth, rather there was an existence in spirit prior to physicality. God gave to each soul complete freedom of choice and the opportunity to find expression-to find themselves so to speak.

Because souls were created in God’s image, it would only be through a process of personal experiences-one choice leading to another, and then another, and then another-that God’s companions could gain their own individuality, truly being a part of Him and yet individuals in their own right. Once they had discovered their individuality they would once again return in consciousness to be His companions and cocreators.

From Cayce’s perspective, although we are currently having a physical experience, our bodies are simply a temporal home. Just as an automobile is discarded when the owner no longer finds it useful, so too are our bodies set aside when they have completed their function. We are not physical bodies with souls, but are rather spiritual beings who happen to be having a physical existence.

If this is true and we are fundamentally spirituals beings, then we might ask, “So, just what are we doing here?” The answer proposed by the Cayce information is that we are essentially gathering experiences.
According to the readings, the soul, basically creative in nature, longs to find self-expression.

In fact, the essential question repeatedly posed by the soul might be, “Who Am I?” This question is addressed in infinite ways as each soul chooses specific experiences to meet itself. The soul gains firsthand knowledge not only about its own identity but also learns how choices made lead to certain experiences. In time, soul experiences and acquired knowledge will lead to wisdom. Inevitably, wisdom will lead to compassion and eventually love will be the end result.

At this point, the soul will know its individual identity as well as its true relationship with God. The soul will have come to understand that it’s primary essence and God’s are one and the same, love.

Excerpted from Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records: The Book of Life
by ©Kevin J. Todeschi


Prayer of The Heart by Annelie Solis

Divine Light – Shanta Gabriel


In this time of rapid change and downloads of the most powerful Light we have experienced in the history of the planet, there are new opportunities for us to enlighten our lives.

For nearly 30 years Archangel Gabriel has passionately extolled the virtues of our creating Alignment with Divine Light. He has said that when we activate this Light alignment through our energy system every day, our subtle bodies light up, which then raises our vibrational frequency.

When we do this, we transform and become both radiant and magnetic according to Archangel Gabriel. That means that we can not only receive the beautiful essence of these qualities of consciousness, we will then be able to radiate their power into the world for the transformation of all.

There has been much conversation recently about our learning to radiate Light into the world. When we use this alignment exercise, we literally become Living Rainbows. Each color of the rainbow has a frequency that is empowering and useful for our lives. Imagine having a simple way to bring all the rainbow colors and their frequencies into your physical body every day!

I use the word Energy frequently because my background and training for the past 40 years has entailed working with subtle energy. Concentrating on the fact that we are all energy awakened me spiritually. It provided a framework for my spiritual beliefs recognizing that God is the energy in which we live, move and have our being.

For thousands of years in India, the yogis have spoken about the energy of our chakra system and its purpose in our enlightenment. There are seven main chakras which are energy centers in our subtle body, sometimes referred to as Wheels of Light. They also contain attributes of consciousness that reflect the virtues that most of us want to experience more of in our lives, such as Illumined Insight, Compassion and Courage.

Archangel Gabriel used that framework in 1990, when he gave me the Light Field Technology that aligns Heaven and Earth through my chakra energy system.  Whenever I would receive an inspired message from him, there would be certain words that were always capitalized. These are words containing a high frequency that can shift the energy in our bodies. When we use these power words, that are literally living words of Divine Light, the essence of each of those words activates its own special frequency in our personal energy system. This is very much in alignment with Quantum Physics also.

In addition, when we activate Light in each of our chakras, we create a powerful field of Sacred Geometry that becomes our Light Body for ascending consciousness.

Here is the Bridging Heaven and Earth exercise given to me in 1990 from Archangel Gabriel.

Holding the space for a pure Alignment through your entire body, imagine that you call in the Light from the Highest Source ~ God, Goddess, All That Is.

Visualizing your Soul Star above your head, invite the Inner Guidance from your soul to empower your personal energy system.

Imagine the Violet Light of pure Wisdom coming through your Crown chakra.

In the Third Eye, bring Lavender Blue Light to this vision center in your forehead, remembering that it awakens Expanded Perspective, Equanimity, and Illumination for your vision of Life.

Now at your Throat Chakra, imagine lapis blue light and invite Compassion and pure Creative Expression to work through you.

Place your hand on your Heart, imagine the green Light of Gratitude, Love and connection to your Heart’s Wisdom.

Bring your attention to your Solar Plexus, invite the warm golden light of the sun to empower more Strength, Confidence, and Protection there in this vulnerable space.

Just below your navel, imagine precious orange light and remember your requirement for Unity and Creative Solutions in every area of your life.

Now at the base of the spine, spread beautiful rich ruby red light through your energy field and strengthen a new sense of Wellbeing in your base chakra.

Let this powerful quality of Wellbeing drop like a stone down beneath your feet to the Earth Star, the bottom of your energy field. Here is your connection to the nourishing feminine qualities of the Earth.

As you stand back, notice that you are a living rainbow of Light bridging Heaven and Earth through your beautiful being. Let that vision empower you knowing it is creating a activated field of Light where a living vortex of energy creates the sacred geometry you need in order to transmute old patterns and hold exalted frequencies of Light for yourself and for the Earth so all may ascend.

Using these visualizations and the activations of living words of power is one of the ways that we use the sacred technology of Light Fields in order to create positive change and add value to our lives.

Please experience the Bridging Heaven and Earth Alignment for 21 days and see what a change it can bring to your life. It is especially powerful first thing in the morning, but can be useful any time during the day when you want to feel more connected with yourself. It can also be used before you go to sleep to clear your day.

In the past 20 years, I have been told by many people that it was the single most important thing they ever learned. It was for me too. Enjoy!

Shanta Gabriel

February 22, 2019


If this energy work with Light Fields attracts you, mark your calendars for my 3-week Secrets of Light Field Technology™ class beginning March 27. Announcement coming soon!

About Shanta

Shanta Gabriel is an author, teacher and healer, whose life is devoted to Bridging Heaven and Earth. She began her studies with an Indian Shaktipat master of the ancient Science of Sound in 1977.  It is the inspired ancient practices she received at the ashram and has used in 40 years of training, that she offers to others in her programs.

Her work with the Archangels began in 1988. She shares this work through alignment, immersion, and transmissions from the Archangels through her classes, membership groups and private sessions. Her mission is to facilitate and invite people into a direct experience of Infinite Intelligence and Divine Love.

For more information about her classes as well as private sessions and products, visit


Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists & photographers ~ Credit given where this is known. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah ❤💖

The Progression of Waves February Through May – Sandra Walter


The Progression of Waves February Through May

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

Gatekeepers unified last Saturday to open for the Full Moon on Tuesday, February 19 at 7:53 am PT. The immediate triggering of Gaia’s core, now operating with the new magnetics, released a massive amount of light and encodements for this next light level. Remember these Gate events become much stronger, faster and powerful because of our collective Embodiment.

Gatekeeping has been very active and direct. There is a radiant quantum-level coordination happening; the rapid acceleration of 2019 is ON.

If you are participating, you will see your intuitively-driven plans for the next few months reflecting the Gateways and unfoldments. Watch your Wayshowers: We are called to do specific co-creations during this passage to unify DNA codes, energy fields, intentions and Gatekeepers to reveal the New Earth realities.

While it is a strong year for timeline division, we are seeing the higher possibilities of these core shifts. The body vehicle belongs to Gaia, which means it is reflecting – trying to keep up with – shifting magnetics, incoming light, expanded consciousness and a brand new expanded lightbody in order to express a Christed/Crystalline Self. In brief, your Ascension practices will need to be sharp and given your attention.

Taking care of the physical was brought to the forefront last year for many Lightworkers, and this year is the payoff for all of that focus on the physical vessel. Cleanse, clear, meditate, hydrate, exercise, earthing, movement, oxygenation … you know what is needed to hold more light at this point. Your body is an intelligent vehicle; it will tell you what it needs to adapt to the new light.

If you were waiting for a direct message, let this be your sign: This is the point on the journey when the big global things unfold. It is beyond your expectations; be as healthy as possible, centered and open to what occurs.

Clarion Call to Gatekeepers, Gridworkers and Lightworkers in Service

We all feel it; the subtle anxiety, the excitement, the unknown presenting in a stronger – and undefinable – way. The undercurrent sensation of all that is happening right now across the Universal realms is palpable.

That which anchored the dark inorganic realms were bound back to Source last year in July. (A note of heartfelt gratitude to those involved; it was not easy to have that in your fields before the release.) This is why all inapplicable stories are dissolving from the higher timeline realities,because the through-line for the Christed timeline is being restored. We have addressed this since last August, when the migration (without interference) to organic realities began. Revisit those articles or recent video conversations if you are catching up.

Between our Embodiment, the core magnetic shift, akashic deletion, migration of realities to the organic timelines, behind-the-scenes unfoldments (yes, those tribunals are real), restructuring of dreamstate to accommodate the new consciousness, new stargate openings and Solar adjustments, there is a lot going on with the Gate and Grid community.

The new cosmic flows through Mount Shasta, Haleakala, the Crystalline Corridor (California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona) and Sedona are reflecting the Solar shifts already. Bows to Gatekeepers who were called to work with these New Earth sites in the past few months.

Obviously they are not the only sites affected, just reporting on my sector’s Gateways. Crystalline-rainbow light and diamond-flashing activity reported everywhere as the stargates continue to open and expand.


Higher Levels and Contact

You may see more Brotherhood and SiSTARhood representatives, Masters, Inner Earth aspects, and Galactics presenting in your fields, visions and dreams. Embodiment provides the merge with your Christed Lightbody state. You will be seeing more YOU; your higher aspects previously perceived as separate entities or deities. Unity consciousness requires us to perceive pure Oneness, and loosen the grip of egoic identity or hierarchy … so we may level up with our higher aspects. Remember the Christed/Crystalline state is Oneness in Zero Point. You will observe and be observed.

First contact is sporadic, focused and purposeful right now. Those in Service who can grasp Unity consciousness without mental or emotional distortion are the best candidates for this experience at this juncture. As always with these transmissions, look at the codes herein; events and terms are used for the higher reflection.

Take care of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual as these transformational waves come in. We are busy in many realms. The next few months transform the way we function across the dimensions and densities. This is a Bridge year, and the sorting out of reality choices and creations becomes evident, both in the seen and unseen realms.

The Progression of these Waves and Solar Focus

These influxes, like all waves this year, do not step down. They continue to roll onto the New Earth shores, one after the other. The stargates are open for the New: Great cosmic pulses flowing through the ever-increasing positive photonic bands of light. We see rainbow-crystalline light everywhere; through the SUN, Gaia, and ourselves.

There is no pause on the cosmic currents, however you may slow your personal path for a few hours or days in order to redirect, realign or jump timeline experiences. Get outside and breathe, anchor, reset. The acceleration has a purpose on many levels, including collective trajectories. We celebrate your willingness to participate, self-correct, and unify as often as possible.

How this tri-fold wave will unfold over the next few months:

– Now: An initiation wave for New level of Light began with the Full Moon opening, and will amplify with collective ceremony on the Full Moon February 19 at 7:53AM PT.

– Initial influx expected February 22 (222) weekend. These are transformational energies affecting Solaris (the SUN). Gatekeepers, you may be working with the Solar core or plasma-based geometries in/around Solaris. That is what the Ascension column flashing activity is about: Preparation.

– March: The progression increases in frequency, with palpable jumps during the New Moon March 6 (8:05am PT), and Solar core activity mid-March through the March Equinox on March 20 at 2:58pm PT. Equinox is a key moment for influxes and outpourings of new light because of its balancing qualities. We also have a Full Moon on Equinox (6:43pm PT) which will make it a very powerful day for balance and rewriting realities to be in alignment with the organic Galactic Shift which has already occurred. Solar core activity includes Gaia and our own Heart centers; we unify with those levels of consciousness.

– April: Third amplifier mid-April (Easter/Passover week) through beginning of May. This is a timeline amplifier, highlighting Divine Choice and a celebration of the return of free will. Many will be activated to step into new levels of Divine Service as their Embodied Higher Self, with all the joy that entails.

We may get called to our favorite activation spots – or new ones, since the realigned magnetics cause grid-shifting. The days of the lone Gatekeeper or Gridworker are dissipating. Spiritual journeys and missions of service are tremendously amplified by our willingness to unify, to align with what we are becoming rather than what we were.

For clarity: Your individual service is still valid and needed. Get out there with your crystals. Those MAGIcal experiences are precious to our hearts and lightbodies. However the clarion call is unity, and our Trinity DNA codes activate in the proximity of others with the same Christed intent.

A shuffling of alliances occurs this year, where new relationships, co-creations and Teams form to align with new Wayshower expression. This regrouping is related to Contact and working in tandem with the higher realms in a more physical, direct way. Clearing the akashic distortions clears outdated alliances; a reflection of the resolution happening on a Universal level.

Everything is escalating to catch up to the organic timeline experience. The sensation is pure, free, wondrous. We are in the center of the cosmic centrifuge, holding the Divine creational core while the densities and realities sort themselves out. Choose your focus wisely.

This passage provides positive photonic-encoded plasma waves which support the new experience of pure unity consciousness, without the distortions of the past. We have just begun to experience these higher levels of Unity Consciousness, how it feels in the body and how to utilize it in alignment with Divine Will.

Our High-Vibe Tribe event in April is aptly named *Crystalline Convergence* to reflect the new experience of Unity Consciousness. There is a beautiful sensation of wonderful things are happening and that Spring-like renewal energy.

This expansiveness and great-unknown vibration can also cause anxiety or self-doubt. This is our Mastery challenge. Balance. Consistent alignment with Love and Service. Remember how vast you are, dear hearts. Hold the Light high.

– June Solstice is another notable sacred passage, the moment before the July eclipses launch many into a full merge with higher states of consciousness.

We utilize these energies for an in-this-Now Ascension experience, as One Co-Creation, as the Higher vibrational choice.

Opportunities for Unification this week

Gatekeepers and Gridworkers tend to be on duty all the time, however our unified focus when cosmic events present supports the higher experience for all concerned. With so much unfolding all at once, and an acceleration of the energies and events imminent, we may create stability and clear pathways for all willing hearts.

Anyone with an open heart and highest benevolent intent may assist with these energies. Hold sacred space and ceremony, walk the path of Love, and make the changes needed to become the balance. This is Divine Service, honor it with your Heart and highest creations.

– Full Moon Tuesday, February 19 at 7:53 am PT.

– Unified Gatekeeper Focus: Friday February 22 – Monday February 25 to initiate the next light level.

– Saturday, February 23: First Contact Online Event 10am-12pm PT. A deep share on contact protocols, practices and experiences for those called to this type of service. Details and registration Here.

– SUNday Unity Meditations: Join thousands in weekly Global Unity Consciousness practice for co-creating Ascension and operating at New Earth level. After three years of practice, the field is strong and our collective experiences are profound. Participate and help to spread the word. Details at

Blessings and gratitude to everyone leveling up in beautiful ways in this Now. Sending Divine LoveLight and strength to all of us for a reality-shifting passage. Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,


El Morya Ascended Master by Gayliaa @ Radiant Rose Academy



What it means to be a Nova Being is that you have shifted from the will to dominate, from the will to control, to the will to do good, and this addiction to domination and control comes to an end.

“When You ‘Will To Do Good’, Your World Shifts”
El Morya
Saturday Conference Call       02-16-19
Linda Dillon ~ Channel for the Council of Love



Relax. Let’s just begin by relaxing our shoulders, our hips, our knees, our feet. Put your feet on the ground, on the floor, and cross your legs, and sink into your heart, sink into your beautiful tri-flame. And feel your Pink Diamond, that incredible, beautiful, shiny, sparkly, gentle pink, the center of your flame. Breathe pink and feel the ignition in your heart, and feel as if your tri-flame, which is at the seat of your soul, is coming all the way up through your heart, through your thymus, through your throat, right up, shooting up through the top of your head. And feel as if the Blue Diamond of our Divine Mother is wrapping around, spiraling around to the left, spiraling up around your beautiful Pink Diamond self. And feel the Gold Diamond of the Father spiraling to the right, up meshing with your Pink Diamond and the Blue Diamond.

Just take a minute and feel just how big you are, that your physical body is the smallest piece of your being and that all your meridians, all your chakras, all your bodies are open and clear and sparkling, and glorious. And that your Seal of Solomon, that outer final layer of protection that looks like Saran Wrap or Handi-Wrap, is perfectly sealed, no rents, no tears, no snags, no punctures.

Now, anchored in your heart, I want you to take a deep breath of the most beautiful lapis lazuli, that brilliant blue, that ancient blue of Egypt…think the Pharaohs, King Tut. Breathe in the blue and let’s go deeper into the tanzanite, into the beautiful, dark almost navy blue. The tanzanite color sits at your hairline and it’s where the Mother has installed and activated your fifth eye…and your fifth eye is the ability to see as the Mother sees. So, if you haven’t worked with this fifth eye before, take your fingers, go to your hairline in alignment with your third and fourth eye, go up and do some circular motions, and let it open because it’s time for us to see the world, and the Plan and the unfoldment of the Plan as the Mother does. So, open and receive, accept and surrender.

Now, take a breath of beautiful pale aquamarine, that watery, turquoisy blue, and feel that energy, that Caribbean energy of those beautiful waters. Aquamarine helps you with release, so, if there is anything that you are letting go of really feel this energy of aquamarine.

And now a breath of larimar, found only in the Dominican Republic, that blue of the sky and of the ocean.

And now, let’s go for the blue topaz. Feel it coming down, down from the heart of El Morya and beaming through and into your beautiful Pink Diamond, down through your crown, feel that energy of the blue topaz, it’s very electric. Let it go through your brain, through the crevasses, through the hemispheres, balancing you out…the pineal, the pituitary, the hypothalamus. Take a minute…open up your occipitals. Feel the blue topaz in your mouth, in your teeth…our teeth are our receptors and our transmitters, they are essential to us, it’s part of how we beam out to transform this planet. And if you’re missing a tooth, don’t worry, etherically it’s still there. And feel the clarity of the blue topaz so that when you speak you speak with clarity, you speak with purity, and you speak with love…down into your throat, into your high heart, and into your heart, that beautiful, shiny blue topaz. But let’s not stop at our hearts, let’s give the gift to each chakra. So, your beautiful lemon yellow, the seat of your will, and your will to will, the Will of One, and your halion, and your umbilical, your sweet little tummy, your pubic, your root…bring in blue topaz.

So many of us travel on the Blue Ray because it is such a time of change upon the planet.

Now, pull it back up from your root, your tummy, your sacral, your umbilical, your hara, back up into your heart. Now, feel it exploding as if it’s all those sparkles of blue topaz are going out, out of your heart into your causal, your mental, your emotional, your etheric, your astral bodies. Let it go…good. And El Morya is asking that you work, that you play, that you embrace this blue topaz often and diligently for the next couple of weeks…bring it in and anchor.


Greetings, I AM El Morya, El Morya Khan, Mahatma, brother, and friend. And yes, I am pleased to step forth and to embrace you as ascending and ascended, becoming and became angels of light and humans of love. We have waited a very long time for this shift, for this ascension, for this discarding of the old and the embrace of the original. You may think of it as new, it matters not. What is important, what is essential, my beloved friends, angels of every ray and every light and every sound, the point is you are embracing, yes, my passion, my purpose, my will, which is the will to do good. And it is as basic and as fundamental a rule of operation, a state of being, and it matters not whether you are a maid in the kitchen, a janitor in the gym, the head of a nation, a businessman, a geologist, a doctor, a physician.

Nova Earth, and the most essential piece, from my perspective, of what it means to be a Nova Being, is that you have shifted from the will to dominate, from the will to control, to the will to do good in every breath, every word, every action, every environment, every thing you do, including and beginning and ending with your beloved self. This addiction, this addiction that has been based in falsehood, illusion, and the old third, this addiction to domination and control comes to an end. Because it has been, not only an illusion but an aberration, and might I even say, an abomination.

So often there has been this individual and collective human desire to control, to control the actions, the moods, the heart of others, and also, to control yourself. It is a brutal, unkind way to think of yourself, particularly at this juncture, as you are welcoming in, calling home, integrating the beautiful mosaic of who you are.

Can you imagine what it is like to invite an aspect home, to pretend you are opening your arms, and then say “come in, because I am going to control you, I am going to whip you into shape and tell you what to do and how to think and how to behave”? That is cruel and that is certainly not of love.

And it is true when you interact with others, whether it is the man on the street or the Queen of England, and yes, I use that example specifically, and you say “I want to control our circumstance; I want to control your behavior; I want to control the outcomes because I do not trust”…this is what it boils down to. Yes, it is certainly an issue of self-worth and self-love, but it is fundamentally a lack of trust. You do not trust yourself, you do not trust another, you do not trust the universe and the Mother and her beautiful Plan, so you will attempt to control others and outcomes, behaviors and circumstances. Where is the trust in this, and where is the trust in the Mother, the Father, the One, and your incredible divine self, your ascended self?

So, I am here, not as distant master, I am here as benevolent teacher to assist thee in this movement from domination to the will to good. Because when all your focus for yourself and for the entire planet, for everything in your life, is simply to do good…and do not pretend you do not know what that means, you most certainly do! When you will to do good, in kindness and gentleness, in strength, in prudence, in compassion, and most definitely in joy, then your world shifts, the vibration, the vibratory rate, the frequency of the collective goes from zero to a thousand overnight. That is when we are talking about the snap, the collective snap of ascension, because when you are in the good, when you are in the trust, when you are aligning with your heart speaking/listening/doing, then it is all done.

That is the creation of Nova Earth. Yes, the institutions, the cultures, the literal building, the caretaking of Gaia, the plants, the rivers, the trees, it all happens when this fundamental…not an attitude, and not a belief system, but a state of being anchored in your hara, anchored in your heart, your solar plexus, your feet, your hands, your head. When you are there, then it is done, and the blossoming, the sweet blossoming that we have awaited for so long…you think because you’ve been at it for a few years or a few decades…that is nothing in time. But the good news is…now is the time!

And so, I step forth, gleefully, but in strong determination and readiness to help you in the anchoring…you are already mostly there, but you don’t always accept that. So, it is not just the trust, it is the knowing that who you are and how you operate in your will to do good is anchored. It is the fundamental truth of who you are because you are of the One…and the One is of you!

So, I will lead you once again to the promised land, to the land of milk and honey and love. Call on me. Walk with me. I am with you. Go with love. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2019 Council of Love, Inc.

From Being Right to a Love of Integrity – Steve Beckow

Awakening to Love Painting by Radha Flora Cloud @ Fine Art America


From Being Right to a Love of Integrity


What is it about me (or us) that has me be so wedded to seeing things from a right/wrong perspective?

The Company of Heaven doesn’t. Michael specifically tries to wean me from it every time I come out with a right/wrong statement (especially about the Illuminati). Matthew Ward cautions us against it; John Smallman’s Saul and Jesus. The galactics. I think all of them all do.

It reflects the way of life on higher dimensions, where souls are bathed in bliss.

I think next to love itself, which I love, I love being right.  But the effects of being right are not pleasant or … as our graphics credit says … fruitful.

How can I take this situation and turn it around from being a problem to being a solution?

Well, the divine quality of which being right seems to be a caricature, I think, is integrity. That’s its closest relative on a higher dimension.

Supposing I substitute “integrity” for “being right”? What happens?

Initially there isn’t an exact fit. What’s the difference between the two?

There’s an element of pride in “being right” that isn’t in “integrity.”

There’s an element of “me.” I get to feel competent.

OK, now I see. This is an element of me that was not nurtured in my family by my Father; my Mother did.

I use “being right” to rebuild this sense of competency, so tamped down.

But this is an ancient battle. I don’t need to keep fighting it or digging so deeply to restore my sense of competency.

I am competent.

Heavens, I could list my accomplishments, completions, and competencies. I don’t need to keep fighting this battle.

Enough, enough already. The point is made.

So if we settle the matter of competency and the role of pride in restoring a sense of it, and get that I’ve proven myself competent in several arenas, does “integrity” now dovetail with what pride is intended to do – give me a sense of competency, assailed long ago?

Still not quite. I just flashed on my Mother. OK, I get it. There’s a huge element of self-love missing.

We’ve made self-love so bad and wrong. But how could we feel one ounce of love for anyone else if we don’t feel an ounce of love for ourselves?

Love flows. It flows up from our hearts. We feel it passing through us and then it goes out to the world and continues on.

If we won’t allow love to nourish us as well as everyone else, the garden hose gets turned off at the tap. Nothing flows. No self-love, no love for others, and not much fun in life.

OK, so I turn the tap of self-love on. I make it OK to love myself.  Now does “integrity” dovetail with “being right”?

Yes, now it does. And when I breathe into “integrity,” I now feel a deep sense of satisfaction. Like peace, it has a granite-like quality. This is much different than before.

OK, I’m complete now with the need to be right and the refusal to love myself (who cares about the reasons?).

I can now translate the need to “be right” into “a love of integrity.”


Awakening to Love Painting by Radha Flora Cloud @ Fine Art America

The New Male Paradigm – Steve Rother @ Espavo

The Messenger ~ Elizabeth Banker


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NOTICE: The following channels were given live on the VirtualLight Broadcast and can be heard as they were originally recorded. Below is an edited version of the same channel designed for print. These were edited with the group’s oversight and approval. I hope you enjoy them. Steve Rother

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~The New Male Paradigm~

Greetings, Dear Ones

We bring you Greetings from Home. We join you this day to take you to the next level, because there is so much information being shared on planet Earth. It gets a little confusing from time to time. So first let us bring you greetings from Home. You all have a strong connection in your heart, energy and the spirit that resides within that physical body. All of you are moving in a different direction now. The last time we were together we came to talk about a natural balance of the vacuum that can be caused. We also talked a lot about love and fear, which are simply opposite sides of the same coin. However, the entire process of fear is only on planet Earth where it is a natural human experience. As you move to this next level, let us explain a little of what is going on and what the next step can be for all humans.

The Equalization

You have a job right in front of you and it’s absolutely magical. You must understand, dear ones, how difficult the times ahead may be for all humans. You’ve advanced at incredible rates, just look at the world around you. Life is easier now than it was even 10 years ago. You are rapidly advancing, so enjoy and celebrate that, work with it. Now, the last time we were together, we talked about balancing of energy. What happens when something gets out of balance? There is an equalization that takes place naturally. Well, we’re going to show you that today from a different perspective. We have been talking for quite some time now about the rise of the feminine on planet Earth. The rise of the feminine is taking on a whole new role. You will see it as it unfolds over the next three to four years.

There will be a pronounced feminine strength. Not just energy, but strength. That generally means there need to be some redefinitions, rethinking and rewording. Many of your words are either outdated or originally were used specifically for masculine energy. For instance, your species is even identified as mankind. Recognizing and changing these imbalances are part of making space for the feminine to rise. So let’s talk about this for just a minute, because it is a huge piece of what will be happening over the next several years. This imbalance is much larger than you think. Balancing it will affect every single area of life on planet Earth, right down to your physics. The good news is that it is underway already.

Masculine Paradigm

The masculine side of the Earth game can accomplish this imbalance more effectively than the feminine side. Over time, the masculine energy will begin to make a safe space for the feminine to rise. To do this a new masculine paradigm is needed. Humans are at an evolutionary step and balancing this imbalance will benefit everyone. It will give the masculine a more creative and different role in the world. Yes, of course, there will be resistance but the sheer power of the feminine rising is unstoppable. Have you ever tried to stop the tide from coming in? In a short time many who have been resisting will find they have much more to gain by being supportive and a new masculine paradigm will begin. We ask that everyone begin to imagine this new paradigm. It’s very simple. There will be a natural balance, but it will be much slower. It will take effort, because there will be resistance with considerable back and forth movement.

What if you’re a female working in this energy? We are aware that 70 percent of our audience is female, yet you also carry masculine energy so keep that in mind. This is the same way that we have been working with men to carry feminine energy. However, it’s now helpful for females to make it safe to change the male paradigm. That separation needs to lessen, which is why you have so much in your news about different types of sexuality. From bi-sexuality to transgender, people are blending together and having new types of relationships. All sorts of interesting things are happening, none of which are right or wrong. It simply shows that the collective is moving toward a new energy to balance, and it is the current masculine paradigm that can slow this down.

Is it possible that the new masculine will form to undermine or overcome the feminine energy? No, the feminine energy is much too powerful, especially at this time. Why not accomplish it through harmony? We realize that it’s been quite some time on your planet since you’ve resolved things in that way. Most of the time humans go to war, but you’re also moving past that. You’re growing up as a planet of beings and that is taking place very quickly. So, to create this feminine energy, what are steps at any of you can take to make it safe? Take a look at gender equality, which is quite out of balance in almost every area that you have grown up in. So, looking at areas that affect you, you can have a huge impact on that. Many of you can make more of a difference than you even realize, to help create the space for this energy to evolve.

Releasing Old Paradigms of Competition

Humans are difficult because you have grown up in a field of polarity and duality. You view everything as right or wrong and good or bad. If you can step out of the competition it will help, because almost everything has been placed into a framework of competition. That is how you have motivated yourselves. Although it isn’t wrong, now that you’re in the fifth-dimension things can start working differently.

You already understand how to create magic. You can create things simply by thinking about them. When you put yourself in alignment, all the energy in every single cell of your body aligns in such a way as to let through the largest amount of light possible. The magic appears and that is at hand right now.

When you balance the energy of the masculine and feminine, you create an entirely new collective which can rise together. In doing so, you can resolve many of the problems that humans are currently having on planet Earth. It’s difficult even to count the many wars on Earth, at so many levels. Immigrants are being forced out of their homes, which is causing mass migration. People living in the places they are migrating to are reacting as if others are taking something away from them. Oh, my goodness, you humans play such fun games! It’s absolutely amazing to see. The feminine already has the solution to this problem. When mothers speak to mothers at all levels, things will start to change because this balance is waiting to happen. Re-member, you’re on the planet of free choice.

And this new male paradigm can be based in creativity instead of competition. Eons ago the cave man carried a club, but what if that hadn’t been the male paradigm? We hope you realize that the paradigm is that ancient. So, what if the new male norm was to gain power through harmony rather than force? It is the male on your planet that will benefit from stepping into a new paradigm. Dream, imagine and place your thoughts into the collective record. It all begins with a thought.

There are now places where you can start working with this and the collective is finding a new energy. It is almost as if suddenly all the doors and windows have been opened and fresh air is coming. Make space for the feminine to rise. How can you empower someone with feminine energy? And it doesn’t have to be a female, which is the interesting part. You don’t have to be a male to come up with a new male paradigm. The reality is that once you get the paradigms down and know how it works, you can pass it on fairly easily. These next few months, you have an opportunity to find ways to make a new male paradigm.

That is magical, dear ones. Yes, it is going to take some effort and it will be a collective decision, not a singular one. There are no books written on the subject, not one course or channel. However, when the energy anchors that opens the next door which you’ve all been waiting for. We’ve told you before that you’re in a time of mastery and during these next several months there are still alignments. You’re trying to find your exact alignment where you can be the highest potential of a spirit pretending to be a human. As a result, you have a lot of changes occurring.

The New Game

We can’t wait to share with you some of the exciting things that you’ll be able to do when you step into this next level. It’s so incredible, because the magic is right at your hand. You don’t even have to think, and you certainly don’t have to take a course or learn how to align yourself to make something show up. It just does. In reality, you will be working with this in different ways. You’ll learn how to step into this other area, although the fear of getting there can create problems. The good news is that once you’re there, the fear is very easy to dissipate. You’re going to find life at this next level much more comfortable for a spirit. It is quite different and, yes, you will step out of the physical. Please do not fear that because it is not really a death process. In truth, most of you won’t actually know you accomplished it until you turn around and prove it to yourself. Just relax, dear ones.

Go through the process and know that you have many opportunities. Every time you see something out of order, anchor it by making a mental note. It’s that simple. When you watch someone on television or the internet that seems to be out of balance with masculine feminine, make a mental note. Then envision how it would work if the paradigm were set differently. You can anchor it in your heart, whatever the challenge or disharmony may be. Basically, you set the intention for it to be harmonized. That’s what happens when you wrestle with any problem. The entire world helps you with it, and that’s the deep truth of the inner level that you’re now starting to reach. How do you reach it? Make space for the feminine.

Dissipating Division

There have been times before when you grew, and again you had to make those advances. You had to go through the 1960s and the 1970s. Yes, you had to burn the bras. You had to do all those things to step out of the control and into the freedom of the feminine energy. Sometimes when humanity moves too quickly, there’s too much of a division between one thought and another. Humans end up with playing this game of back and forth, it’s so much easier if you work together. Although both sexes can resolve this, the feminine wave has the greatest opportunity at this time.

Anchoring Light

Dear ones, you are the greatest magical angels who have ever lived. You can help resolve the world’s problems by anchoring light. How does it work? How do you do that? It starts with awareness. It’s very simple actually, you become aware. Whether you become aware of the problem in the newspaper, on television, or perhaps someone talks with you or your children. Those are the pieces that we want you to anchor. You don’t always have to resolve them, but if you know that there’s a problem there and you see it, anchor that and bring it in. Identify it as a problem, but release the immediate need to correct it. Then take that harmony into your heart, and over a very short period of time it will start changing.

Of course, making space for the feminine is most easily accomplished by creating a new paradigm for masculine energy because the paradigm for masculine energy is completely outdated. The use of force will be ineffective in a fairly short time as humans evolve. So if you can’t use force you’ll have to use harmony, which is what we’ve been trying to work with you on from the beginning. We are getting closer to a new male paradigm. Creating a new male paradigm does not mean that every male will step into it. But as the pressure from the rise of the feminine is felt, having these thought forms expressed is like having a template already in place for how to fit in the new energy. These paradigms are temporary because they must grow,although they will be doing so at a starting place.

There is an opportunity to step into a new reality and to take your charge right now. We ask you in your own lives, whether you’re masculine or feminine, how can you help to create a new male paradigm even for the male aspects within you? It does not make any difference whether you are a man or a woman. We love to trigger you with those ideas. Be able to plant those seeds in very fertile ground because you are the lightworkers of planet Earth. You came in to be triggered at very critical times, to be here at exactly these moments. You’re awakening from the dream at an incredible pace. Reach out and hold each other’s hands. You can make space for the feminine by creating a new male paradigm of power. Well done, dear one. It is with the greatest amount of admiration that we greet you in these ways. We ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together.

The group


The Messenger ~ Elizabeth Banker


Artist ~ Annelie Solis



As we exit the month of the human heart and all that involves we enter places of emotion we are not prepared for. All places and times merge together in a patchwork of feelings that cannot be explained away. Spontaneous eruptions of tears and fears come to the surface as we walk forward into more light and enlightenment.  As we entered this year a heavy dense feeling entered many of us. We wept and mourned for things that had not even occurred. We felt the presence of the ‘great comforter’, the one that holds the hearts and hands of Earth.

The biggest part of being human is feeling. It is all the senses wrapped around each other in a perfect DNA spiral. Feeling is what makes us human and vulnerable and yet at the same time holy. We as human try to run and escape the feelings by whatever means is necessary. But like a Wiley coyote they turn around and bit us in the butt. We should have figured it out by now, but we cannot escape emotions and feelings no matter how hard we try. Like a shadow at high noon, they are always in our face and under our skin. Pushing prodding making us irritable.  Life is already demanding asking more of us than we think is possible.  The effect is a like a planetary Saturn return all go in front to the cosmic principle.

We all keep doing good deeds, every day in every way. We follow all the rules of light and life playing accordingly. We accrue blessings left and right that seem to fall into a sinkhole not to be retrieved again. Karmic interruptions of life and others keep one on bended knee. What do we as a planet need to do to get the big bad energetic storms to subside and move away. Time is quickened karma is quickened and nerves are quickened. This new playing field and cosmic chess set keeps us hopping like the Easter bunny eating his own bounty. We seek the sweetness and simplicity of life.

We feel time running unrestrained, as it demands more and more from our already tired humanness. Our list of things ‘to do’ is getting longer and longer, no matter how fast we hurry. Our personal and family dramas are self-consuming. Emotions run amuck, making a jumble of things. Our logical brain seems to stop as we ride our animal brain. It is at this point that many will just sit down and let go. Free-will seems to have left the building.

It is not that we are doing anything wrong it is that we are trying to connect with what was and what should be. Like your smart phone dialing a 1950’s phone number, no matter how hard you try there is no connection. Allow the Light to escort you thru this new playing field.  There is not a wrong or right way but there is a more efficient way. Trust is the elephant in the room, as we all will walk through the many mansions in our heart. Emotions will spring forth from the inner abyss.  Hand over what is heavy in your life and heart to that which we once sprang from. Whatever your beliefs let go and allow the light to drive this segment of the cosmic highway.


Artist ~ Annelie Solis

The Benefits of the Release of Holding Patterns – Steve Beckow

The Benefits of the Release of Holding Patterns

We tend to tighten our muscles – probably so as to spring into action – in the face of a perceived threat.

If we do so repeatedly, we form a pattern of tension in the musculature of the body. The body builder’s patterning is an extreme example of making holding patterns “solid.”

Those patterns of tension prevent us from feeling the more refined of our emotions and divine states. Nothing can get through the densified mass of muscles.

I noticed during my out-of-body experience in 1977 that the physical body was a non-conductor of the exceptionally-refined emotions of the spirit body, which I then was in.

When I re-entered my physical body, my consciousness remained inside it for a while. And as long as it did, because of unpleasant events I had seen on the other side, (1) I was wailing.

“Wailing” describes the extreme pain and sadness I was feeling. “Forlorn” would be another good word.

And so, wailing as I was, I became adjusted to what I now knew was my body, and my consciousness gradually began to shift to the outside of my body – as if I was slowly awakening.

However, when it did, what had previously been a wail was now no more than a whimper. And I realized that it was my body mass – tissue and fat – that was not letting my emotions through.

This physical body is like a lacrosse ball. If you drop the latter on a hard surface, it does not bounce. It just goes “thwack!” and sits there.

If you send a spirit body’s refined vibration through this physical body, it does not go through. It just goes “thwack!” and sits there too.

This body is, relatively speaking, a non-conductor. It absorbs the sound rather than transmitting it.

It follows that any discipline that contributes to the relaxation of the musculature of the body will increase the body’s tendency to conduct the finer emotions and divine states. That in turn is another way of raising our vibrations.

The disciplines I know that release the holding patterns in the body include body work, Reichian therapy, massage, yoga, meditation, bioenergetics, rebirthing, etc.

Telling the truth recreates the original command that caused and causes the holding pattern. The truth sets us free from things small and large.

The truth of an upset sets us free from the upset, which gave rise to the holding pattern. The truth of our existence sets us free from lower dimensionality, which solves all our problems forever.

I never felt better in my life than after three months’ concentrated focus on releasing muscular tension in the body in 1976. (2)

These days I don’t have means or opportunity to practice a discipline.  But I do know the space.

The trick now would be to find a practice that doesn’t require a specific time commitment (for instance, one that’s part of everyday life) and doesn’t cost.

All the major spiritual events in my life have resulted in a release of tension, a relaxation, and a consequent deepening of awareness and experience.


(1) I watched a friend being bullied.  I asked the two people to stop but they couldn’t hear me or were ignoring me. And so I was wailing with grief. The extreme conductivity of the environment I was in at the time meant that what would have been a feeling of upset and sadness in the physical realm in this realm was wailing.

(2) And secretiveness in the mind, repression of the emotions, all holding patterns – mental, emotional, spiritual, as well as physical. That was the three-month encounter group at Cold Mountain Institute in 1976.

But also after a full breath release in a rebirthing workshop in 1987.



The Seven Rays – Overview & Origin – William Meader


Flight of the Rainbow Feathers by Kazytc


The Seven Rays

~ Overview and Origin ~

It is no understatement to say that the Seven Rays are foundational to the entirety of Creation. Indeed, within the Esoteric Philosophy it is believed that these seven streams of Divine Life condition all that we see and know. Each is understood as sacred, and each is a unique quality of consciousness arising from the Beingness of the One Life (Divinity).

When considering human life, the Seven Rays create the marvelous variability in the way we individually pattern our thoughts, the areas of interest we uniquely have, and the emotional and physical behaviors we demonstrate within our day-to-day lives. Beyond this, these divine emanations also underpin the consciousness of nations, the social systems that govern human civilization, as well as the energies that animate entire kingdoms of nature.  As such, the study of the Seven Rays assists us to not only better understand ourselves, but also the larger living systems within which we live.

Below is a link to a video excerpt from a workshop I did entitled, The Turning Point. The emphasis of this particular workshop was on humanity’s transition from a Sixth to Seven Ray Age. In this short video clip I am providing the participants with an overview of these two rays and their cosmic origin. I hope you enjoy it.

YouTube Video Excerpt  (& see below) 

Note:  If you would like to read an article that provides an overview of each of the Seven Rays, please click here.

William Meader

New Energies in an Old World – Pamela Kribbe channels Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene The Holy Grail Art Print by Robyn Chance @ Fine Art America


New Energies in an Old World

Pamela Kribbe channels Mary Magdalene

Dear courageous men and women
I greet you all, I am Mary Magdalene. I was here on Earth in a time of change, at a time when many people were looking for a way out of the restrictive situation. The Earth was then shrouded with an energy that kept people small and gave them a feeling of having no worth. That veil is thinning now; more light is coming from above, and that light comes from your souls which remain outside the veil.

When you incarnate on Earth, you take leave of your greater self, of who you really are. You descend into a world with structures of thought and feeling that are not of the soul. Feel from deep inside yourself where you come from, how infinite and far-reaching that realm is. Feel its energy and pull it through the veil, because you can do that. You have the ability to remember who you were and still are, that simplicity and complete joy. You need not adapt to structures that are not your own; you can experience freedom.

Imagine, symbolically, that you spread your wings, like a big bird, or perhaps an angel. What do those wings look like, what colors sparkle and shimmer? Feel the power in those wings! You can fly and you often do that in your imagination. You are not always here on Earth, in these man-made structures, you travel frequently. You are sensitive and you feel the energies that do not fit into these worldly structures.

You are visionaries and seers. Sense for a moment what those words evoke in you, because there is an old taboo against being like that. Yet know there are two reasons for seeing through the veil, for looking at what is essential and speaks to you. The first reason why you feel compelled to do this is because you want to remember who you truly are while in this life. You do not want to live shrouded by the mists, you want to be authentic with yourself, to experience the truth, and to make decisive steps on your inner path as a soul. Therefore, there is that great desire in you to break through the mists and to go toward that which is of the essence.

The second reason why you feel that inner urge is because you are a forerunner, a pioneer in consciousness. You are also here to give something to others, to allow your light to shine outwardly, to overcome the confusions, the pains, the fears in which humanity lives. There is still a veil over the Earth and although it is beginning to get thinner, powerful people like you, who allow their light to shine, are needed here to serve as examples to others so that the mists dissolve.

That is what you are, and as a forerunner for others, what your souls wanted to achieve in this life on Earth. You live the path for others to follow, and by that I mean you do not stand above others, but next to others. You are the way, so you are deeply challenged to remove the obstacles in your life, to penetrate deeply into life’s essence, and by doing that, you also light the way for others, because you are an example for them. Feel the truth of these words for a moment and consider how they apply to you.

I can penetrate deeply into you, because you are open for that which is on the other side of the veil. You are the light bearers; you bring in a new era and what you call channeling creates openings in the thick shroud that surrounds the Earth and which is filled with fearful and dark thoughts. Each time an opening occurs, and more light comes streaming through, there is more joy in the earthly atmosphere, more hope and encouragement. People are then more willing to look into another’s eyes, to hold another’s hands, and to recognize themselves in another, and that is the purpose of channeling.

You are an earthly channel and you create a path by going the way of self-remembrance. When you are open and surrender to that path, external energies from outside the earthy atmosphere come to support and strengthen you. These energies, or guides, can support you in your own personal process and, in addition, there are energies that want to pass on something to other people. When meeting with others, tune into that stream which transcends your personal ideas and intellect, so your ideas can then get a more universal form. This is a very important step toward a new reality. To feel that connection with your soul, your higher self which transcends the Earth and which survives your body, is a sign of being sound in mind and mentally healthy

In the world of the soul, which is your natural home, live many other beings, including guides and teachers, whose heartfelt mission is to assist humankind on Earth. It is therefore natural and beautiful when you, in collaboration with such guiding lights, transmit information, warmth, and compassion on Earth. But you will find that once you take steps on this path, a lot of fear arises in you. The search for your own inner liberation, your own personal path, is one thing, but to bring forward your wisdom and knowledge among other people, in regard to ethereal energy and inner transformation, causes deep fear and resistance in most of you; you then collide with contemporary opinions and views of life.

There are very deep reasons why this energy work – channeling, clairsentience, clairvoyance – has been viewed with suspicion and has met with resistance and rejection in the past. In this present time, that suspicion takes the form of a rational, authoritative science that claims to have gathered objective knowledge of the world and therefore rejects the domain of feeling and intuition as illusory and too subjective.

But there is a deeper tension at the root of this rejection. There is in people, and certainly in people with positions of power, a great fear to let go of control. Many structures and hierarchies on Earth are based on power and control, and those who have power want to keep it that way. When people start thinking for themselves – by what they feel or want – it means a danger to the existing order. There is a certain holding on to power in the human world, a reactionary force that opposes change.

You collide with those powers when you stand up as an individual, when you follow your own path and spread your message in the world. It might no longer be the case that in today’s society there is a dictator, or military or ecclesiastical power that will hold you back, but the patterns of fear, control, and power have become internalized in people, so you can be the recipient of rejection by family, neighbors, an employer. And this rejection is largely based on fear, from which sprouts a need for control that attempts to smother or dispel this emotional energy.

What can you do about that rejection? How can you find a way through that rejection in your own life? First, I want you to realize who you are, that you are a pioneer in the field of consciousness, that you are great and brave and courageous, and that you have already shown much resistance to old energies that want to draw you back into their pattern. Become aware of your own courage and perseverance. Hold fast to your inspiration, your desire, which is why you are here and why you are living your life as you have. By recognizing your own greatness and courage, you are already taking an important step forward. Do not allow yourself to be changed by the dictates of society; stand for yourself.

The next step is to feel where your energy is truly welcome, so let yourself be guided by that feeling. There are plenty of people in this world who need what you have to give, the very thing that makes you unique. There are openings in the energy field of the Earth, and movement and change in the collective thinking. Let yourself be guided, as it is not the intention that you should struggle against the existing order, but that you should stand strong in your own energy field guided by what is good and safe for you; where you can thrive and blossom, and no longer feel the need to hide. Such possibilities and places now exist here on Earth; those people are there.

Use your intuition and let go of the old idea of unworthiness. It is not about “having to do your best” and “having to prove yourself”, it is about feeling where you are welcome, where you not only give and share, but where you also receive inspiration and abundance in return. Feel the balance! For example, see yourself standing in a field or in a city among people. Stand firmly with your two feet on the ground; stand erect in this world. Feel how you are different and how it is right to diverge from the old, to take a new path, to follow your heart and your feelings. Make yourself great and feel, from under your feet, the power of the planet that supports you .

When you do that, you radiate your light over the Earth as an energetic transfer, and you do it in an untroubled way. To no longer hold back your energy, your natural radiance, is a huge step forward. You can invest a lot of energy in holding back your own radiance and strength – but now you let it go! Feel how much peace it gives to you to not have to posture yourself in all kinds of restrictive ways, but instead to just be here and to stand erect. Let that whole wave of energy roll out over the Earth. The Earth is allowed to connect with your soul, here; that is your life purpose.

I now want to ask you to focus on what kind of energy wants to flow through your heart into the world. Feel that energy for a moment and try to carefully put it into words. Is it an energy of gentleness and healing, or one of clarity and decisiveness? Is it more of a female energy or of a male energy that wants to flow through you? Maybe you can also feel if that energy is more than just your own, or is there something or someone who stands beside you and strengthens that process? Enjoy that energy, because you have now connected with your essence and with your teachers, guides, or energies with whom you work and who find themselves aligned with you. It is true collaboration when you do not feel apart from them and when you feel you all are an essential part of this channel.

Finally, I would like to ask you: what wants to come to you from the world as a beautiful and good and positive response in return for what you have to give? Energy returns to you from the world, from the atmosphere of the Earth and humankind, which speaks of validation, recognition, and gratitude. See if you can receive that.

In this way, you come full circle. You form a channel through the shroud, the veil, and you put yourself out there completely. You walk the inner path to liberation past the fear and then you shine your light outwardly. You form a channel for others, touch them with your energy, and then you receive energy in return. You are a human being who participates in two worlds: that of the Earth andthat of the Heavens where your soul resides and from which it comes. As an earthly human, you have a need to receive so you can feel good being here; to receive in return for what you are and give. Let go of any ideas of unworthiness and be the radiant center of giving and receiving in this circle.

I feel deeply connected with you and I honor your courage! I love you dearly. Thank you very much.

Mary Magdalene
© Pamela Kribbe

Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan  

Mary Magdalene The Holy Grail Art Print by Robyn Chance @ Fine Art America


Endless Hope – Steve Beckow

Dancing with Butterflies by B K Lusk


Endless Hope

I’m going through another night of “the Reval will be announced today or tomorrow.”

Why do we keep following the predictions of anyone? Everyone has only been 100% wrong to date.

I’ve been 100% wrong. I’ve given up on dates rather than continue being completely wrong.

You and I also know that the Reval is a matter of vibration rather than the arrival of a significant date, a significant event, or a cosmological alignment.

From whatever source and by whatever means we achieve it, we have to raise our own vibrations if we want to contribute to the speed of things. They will happen regardless. It’s just us who want them to happen asap.

It’s this way with all the events that are happening, not just the Reval. If we want to contribute to the speed of Ascension, then raise our vibrations. If we want to bring forward the time of Disclosure, then raise our vibrations.  Raising our vibrations does not stop until the Child of God merges again with the One. (1) Until then, we’re constantly raising our vibrations.

Back to the Reval, why do I keep riding this hope-and-disappointment train? Is the buoyancy of the hope I feel the addiction? Is it worth the disappointment?

A number of answers cross my mind, but one in particular appeals to me.

It’s an answer that combines what to do with raising our vibrations. If I lived in perpetual hope, and didn’t even see the grounds for disappointment, that would satisfy both needs.

And isn’t the experience of endless hope the same as the experience of bliss? Do I not get uplifted?

And doesn’t it make sense to be in endless hope in a period as hopeful as a planetary Ascension? Is not that hope, that expectancy part of the Mother’s Plan?

Finally, is not thought a creative force on the higher planes?  Hope is a thought-based emotion and divine quality. Would it not have the power to create?

Endless hope.  That’s possible. It requires that we step away from the herd again, more than just being a lightworker does, with all the risk and attention that goes with it.

But I even love the sound of it. Endless hope. I feel bliss arise immediately.

Feeling bliss itself has us also step away from the crowd. Again we stick out like a sore thumb.

Answers arise again.

I’ll be prudent about when I open myself to bliss and when not. Wasn’t it Jesus who advised us to pray in a closet so that there was nothing between us and God? No desire to be seen and thought well of? No distractions?

Bliss is my religion. And endless hope seems one good path to it.

Are there others?


(1) The purpose of life is that we realize our Oneness with the One. Once we do, “we” disappear; there is no second to the One. This is the classical understanding. It could very well be corrected in the years ahead.  I’m led to believe in more recent times that we merge with the One but return again from the experience.


Dancing with Butterflies by B K Lusk

Opening Multidimensional Portals – Suzanne Lie

Portal of Perception by Freydoon Rassouli


Wednesday, February 13, 2019
Opening Multidimensional Portals

Sue, Kim, and Monica
Sue Lie:
Hello everybody, this is Sue Lie and I would like to invite you to join us in our upcoming webinar which is ‘Opening Multi-Dimensional portals.’

You may ask, “What is a portal?”
“What is a Multi-Dimensional portal?”
“How do we open a portal?”

For the question of, “What is a portal?” I’m going to call Monika in to help with this as she has actually been to portals. Monika would you like to talk a little bit about what a portal is to you since you’ve had more of a direct experience with them in your journeys to far away places.

Hello sure, a portal is a field of expanded energy. We can find this energy everywhere, we find portals everywhere. When we activate our own individual portals to the light, then we are more able to perceive more of Gaia’s portals.

Yes, would you say that opening our personal portals is something that should precede opening the others, or does opening the other portals help us to open our own portals?

Both ways, it is like opening a curtain, and once we open the curtain we are able to perceive and see more.

Yes, and the more we see, the more we are able to see. It’s almost like if we step into a room that has a different kind of light in it. It takes our eyes a while to acclimate to that light so that we can see the light (inner or outer light) more clearly. Then after our eyes, and our consciousness, get used to that level of light, we can see it more clearly.

It is the same within the inner light of our deep, inner consciousness. Once our consciousness is able to accept certain frequencies, there are all kinds of information that can enter into our waking consciousness. At first, before we adjust to the own inner light, we may think “That can’t be real.” Then we may choose not to put our attention onto the light.

However, there are many opening portals that are calling us to say, “Yes, I want to open a portal. I want to see a portal. I want to be able to perceive something outside of me, or maybe even inside of me, that is a portal to a Higher Frequency of me (if it inside of me) or around me if it’s around the reality around me.

So would you ladies like to expand on that a little bit? Kim do you want to add to that?

Yes, I think that when we speak of portals it’s a new Multi-Dimensional language, it’s probably a connection point that starts within ourselves and yes you can also find alignment in portal activation with the earth and in different places of the earth and what that does is I feel it’s your direct line of communication to the inter-dimensional realities and first like you said it’s a matter of accepting it, recognizing it calling it in and giving it permission.

Giving it permission to show itself to one and once that is approved so to speak because we are a freewill planet and consciousness collective, then we can really start beginning to interchange the dialogue. And that dialogue would not necessarily be within a linear confine of communication. It’s more visuals, it’s more perceptivity of what it is that these beings or inter-dimensional energies are trying to convey or have you understand.

So it really does start with oneself but of course, it can get activated or expanded even more fully by being in certain places at certain times. But you certainly don’t need to do that in order to have that connection opening and starting within yourselves. So it’s quite exciting because it’s a new way of communicating.

Yes, and it’s a way of communicating with your consciousness. We always communicate with our consciousness but we don’t usually do so consciously. Maybe we are in a grocery store and we are like oh hurry up, we have that kind of consciousness or we have a wonderful concert and we have this really high consciousness.

And so it’s about being aware of our state of consciousness because our state of consciousness is what allows us to perceive that which is unperceivable to the lower states of consciousness. And also when we perceive with our higher states of consciousness we don’t see it like we see it with our physical eyes. We perceive it in our mind. we feel it in our heart.
Monika how did you perceive some of the things that you perceived when you were in Egypt and all those places those high spots?

Actually I would like to present the very application of opening Multi-Dimensional portals, because on one side we can tune into other dimensions and the beautiful structures being realities and on another by doing so we can activate our earthly portals of love, we can activate our portal of joy, we can activate our portal of Peace.

And what does it feel like? For example, when I was in Egypt it was like entering under the waterfall, it is like entering into a tornado but a very balancing coherent tornado. So it is expanding our energy field and therefore we are able to feel and perceive more and that is a feeling of feeling very, very good because then we carry in our field an enormous resource of peace or love or joy. So it’s like we can have a little bit of joy a sea of joy in us so we can have a belt of joy, we can have a barrel of joy or we can have a balloon a big, big balloon of joy.

And I would think that joy would be an important part, an important component of opening up a portal. And you have the experience of being in places like in Egypt, ancient places that are known portals. But there’s also just our everyday portals.
And Kim would you like to talk a little bit about the everyday portals?

Sure it can be as simple as going for a walk and having a connection amongst the trees or with nature and I think that is actually a more inducing environment for activating a lot of this is being in the outdoor space. And not that you can’t do it when you are indoors, I just think it’s casting a wider net of frequencies that you’re inviting in and you’re able to catch them in your etheric field a lot easier. It’s quite important at this time to be able to this on demand.

For several reasons as a collective of humanity we are ascending and we are trying to really integrate our multi-dimensional selves with the 3D earthly plane for reasons of bringing in our divine essence and feeling joy most of the time. And sort of leaving those lower energy fields go because they’re not conducive anymore for an ascended reality.

So we need to be able to feel comfortable in opening the portal and confident in our ability to do so so that we can accept all the change that is happening in a very open-minded way essentially. So we can help any assisting the planet in getting fully conscious from all pockets of the Earth in all cultures and countries this really is a collective awakening.

So feeling confident being able to traverse the change that’s happening, being able to connect with nature to give that permission so to speak for the consciousness to be fully aware and to receive other energies and ultimate expansion and joy is the goal I think for each individual and in terms of their own personal lives, using these new abilities to make better decisions to have better perceptions to be able to see things more clearly and to be able to lead others and to doing so as well.

I like that term you said, traverse the change.
Monika can you speak to that a little bit?

I loved what you brought Kim about activating portals because that’s an ability which we can train ourselves into. This is what happened to me, I was already activating portals without probably not knowing about it. Even long before I started meditating and it is a very practical, very useful tool for our everyday living which surely can bring us more energy, more nourishment, more empowerment.

And dr. Sue has wonderful, absolutely wonderful ways of activating these portals and introducing like the most loving guide taking you by the hand and guiding you on this journey of recognizing, activating and growing your portals. Therefore, we want to invite you to the webinar.

Yes would so say those three things again, that’s really important. Activating, resonating to .. do you remember them Monika?
How about you Kim, do you remember those three things that she said?

Yes, I think it was along the lines of understanding how to work with them, how to be aware of them, how to resonate with the portals. The how to’s and then the sustainability plan, for keeping them open cause I think that’s the goal to know that we can coexist with these new abilities and finding the confidence and the comfort to be able to do so. And I think our webinar can certainly dive deeper into that.

Yes, I got it, as we are talking we are in the Multi-Dimensional portal and the information comes through me so I need a moment to reach into my awareness where it landed like a package. So it’s recognizing, activating and growing the portal and when we do this our entire lives shift. We have a different capacity to manifest things in our life, our dreams, our capacity to bring good things into our life changes, our consciousness expands, we feel more love more balanced more creativity, blissfully infinite.

Yes, and then we can get in a more personal and intimate connection with our Higher Dimensional guides and we all have Higher Frequencies of ourselves. When we find these portals and we open these portals, they open up to many mysteries but they also open up to our own ability to perceive these wonderful mysteries and to acknowledge them and to interact with them during our daily life.

So we’re never really alone, there is always assistance for us. And you can think of the portal as being up in the sky or down on the ground or in the middle of the lake or in the depths of the desert.

It’s more that, one can recognize that portal, recognize that it’s there. It’s like if you go into a room and you’re looking for a certain person you’ll be able to find that person. But if you go into the room and you don’t really look for anybody, you’ll just be where all these people are but you won’t feel like you are having a choice that you are choosing to make.

And that’s what this opening of the portals is, we have this choice and we can choose this choice. We can decide to expand our consciousness beyond the physical plane. And when we do expand our consciousness beyond the physical plane we don’t perceive it in the same manner as we do in the physical plane.
So Monika would you like to comment and Kim would you like to as well?

Yes, this a way to enrich our self, enrich our consciousness from within. So we activate, we channel into our self-enriching nourishing energy and this energy grows our consciousness, it grows us it evolves us as beings and then our creations change, our life potential shifts.

Yes, thank you that’s great.
Kim, do you want to add to that?

Yes, I think that’s the angle if there is an angle because we are ever expanding ever growing beings of consciousness. But I think that’s a big one for us in this lifetime is to come to that realization that we can influence and change the course of our lives free willingly and with guidance but with also open acceptance of this intelligence that’s available to us at any point in time so that we’re not making decisions out of alignment which is ultimately what we are moving away from.

So I think it is important to share that message collectively and empower. Empower our communities to be able to follow this new trajectory of guidance at our disposal at any point in time. So very excited to have this conversation with you guys.

What makes us excited it that we are doing what we do FOR Gaia. In closing, I would like to say that the energies that we give to others are much more powerful than energies that we just hold inside of ourselves. It is like when we give, something opens up, which allows us to accept more through an inter-dimensional door we have opened inside of our self.

Therefore, we can more easily and lovingly accept from others. Also, as we realize that which is complete, it allows us to bring in that which is new and ready to starts its/our expansion.

As we keep these doors, these portals, open to the wonderful energy fields that are expanding and growing, we dispense this energy out to others. Also, we can then pull more of that higher energy into ourselves, which makes us all more awake, aware and unified with all of Gaia’s life forms.

Blessings from Sue, Kim, and Monica
The Goals and Benefits for opening your personal portal are to:

Open your awareness to new and greater life possibilities
Increase your consciousness communications with your Higher SELF
Activate your personal portal of JOY for more vibrant living
Enjoy your conscious communication with your higher dimensional realities
Expand your consciousness and vibration

With the expansion of your consciousness, you will be better able to increase your personal vibration of balance, joy, and love, as you reach out and accept greater peace, creativity, inner growth and a better understanding of how to embrace your higher dimensional skills and greater peace within your SELF.

I am called out of town and will be unable to offer this webinar
Please stay tuned as I will offer it again
Thank you for your understanding

Sue Lie
Posted by Suzanne Lie at 1:07 PM


Relationships & Soul Connection – Pamela Kribbe channels Mary Magdalene

The Reunion of Mary by Annelie Solis


Relationships and Soul Connection

Pamela Kribbe channels Mary Magdalene

Dear friends, dear men and women, I am Mary Magdalene speaking. I am a like-minded friend who is not elevated above you, but who is intimately connected with you through your heartbeat that transcends the ages. That is exactly what soul connections do: they transcend centuries and the many lives you have led here on Earth. The soul is of a different dimension than the earthly personality with which you have to deal in everyday life.

It is normal for you to be anchored in your earthly personality that is formed by so many external influences. For example, your genetic predisposition, with its current form, is essentially something you inherited from your parents when your soul came to Earth. Then in your early childhood, your parents also helped shape you by their energy, their views, and their background. Their reactions to you, their emotional openness and the degree of their presence, or the lack of it, formed you into who you are now. Later, still more influences affected you: your family, your native soil, the society in which you grew up, your education, your peers. You took in as your own so many outside influences from the earthly atmosphere around you that they overwhelmed what you naturally are.

However, when you are born on Earth, you are starting something entirely new. Even if your soul has wandered on Earth many times and gained many experiences, yet each birth is a step into the unknown, a new branch on the tree of your soul. What is new and unknown is what makes a child so special; you can feel that even with a newborn. Parents, and those who observe the child, are filled with deep wonder, with reverence and awe, for the grand miracle that takes place when a new child appears in the world: unique, a blank slate. Yes, and also a human being with a complete soul history; but, at the same time, with a totally new openness toward experience, and that is something the soul, as the heavenly parent of the child, has already decided.

Admire the courage of every newborn child, and that of the child you once were, who took the leap into this world. You knew you were going into the unknown and that you would become immersed in external influences, which were certainly not all beneficial, but you did it. In the world that you lived in as a child, and in which you now live, there is still a lot of fear and pain from the past. People carry emotional trauma: parents, family members, friends – everyone has to cope with that. The structure of your society, although changing, is still not open to love, to the voice of the heart, to the voice of the soul. There is still a lot of impotence, anxiety, and miscommunication between people, and all this influenced you while you grew up.

You are here to bring something new to the Earth and to humankind; something that is unique and is even new for your soul. Although your soul has a wealth of wisdom amassed from past lives, you can now, with what is available from your soul, experience and give something special and new to the Earth that in turn enriches your soul. For if your soul already knew and understood everything, why would it begin a new life? Value your own courage and know that you add something to your soul.

But this process of giving something to the world, of making a unique contribution, is certainly not without its pain. In order to get in touch with the experience of your soul, to come to realize who you really are, and to give something new of yourself in turn, you first have to shed everything that is not you. You have to let go of that which you have absorbed without question from your environment. And certainly sensitive people – and many of you are that – have absorbed so much of these environmental influences that they often can no longer discern what is of themselves and what comes from the outside world: from parents and others. It is thus a great undertaking, an in-depth search, when you attempt to restore the connection with your soul and intend to live from that source.

I will now turn to the theme of relationships. Each of you longs for connection, for understanding, for warmth. You want to be seen by another for who you are, although at the deepest level you are longing for soul connection. You know that if your soul comes into connection with another soul, you become more alive. You then radiate from within, you become excited, you are inspired in many areas of life. Soul to soul connection awakens something within you; it is like coming home to yourself. It is what is awakened and encouraged when you connect with another.

However, the problem with human relationships lies in that not everyone is also fully connected to their own soul, and this lack creates a void inside them: a nostalgia, a longing, a craving for connection. From that void, you begin to see the other as an almost superhuman being who comes to your rescue, because someone finally fully understands you. The other is seen as divine, the primal mother or primal father whom you never had in your youth, the god or goddess who remained beyond reach in your prayers and mediations.

Love – romantic love, sexual love, the love between partners – presents itself to you as the ideal that will liberate these ultimate desires of your soul. And this ideal love has a sound basis, because to discover your soul behind the earthly veils of illusions and fear is precisely what you are here for. However, if you are not at home within yourself, and you are searching to fill the emptiness within you with something outside you, then a negative spiral may take place in an intimate relationship, a love affair, and this can lead to enormous pain, which is something you see happen regularly between love partners. They clamp on to one another like two drowning persons, both broken and tormented by an inner void that, initially, they were hoping the other person would fill. But that other person is also struggling with their own inner emptiness. So idealized love can lead to misunderstanding, disillusionment, and hurtful behavior. Therefore, it is essential that you get in touch with your own soul.

A relationship in the form of an encounter, a heart connection from soul to soul, which can happen in all sorts of areas of life, can help you. So intensely can a great love, certainly an erotic love, touch you that it can bring you into connection with your own soul, which means you can come to feel you are sparkling and full of life again, fresh as a newborn child. You are then completely on fire! And this happens, essentially, because you remember your deepest self, your soul, and that the reason you were born was to express that joy.

I would now like to say something about the role, the connection between romantic love and sexual attraction. Love and sexuality belong together. The original intention of sexual attraction between two partners is that they open each other’s soul. Surely, you remember what it was like to fall in love and to experience how everything in you opened up. The other touched you so deeply that you released all kinds of securities and preoccupations. You were open in complete wonder for the being, the face, the thoughts and feelings of the other. It as if your own thoughts were turned off.

Romantic love is an initiation, a gate that opens, so you gain access to another who looks at you without judgment in radiant wonder. But that gate swings both ways. Romantic love also opens your eyes to your own possibilities, for that which has been hidden or covered over by the dust of convention and the daily grind. Love, the amorous encounter between two souls, throws doors wide open, and in that sense, it is an initiation to help you experience your own soul at a deeper level.

You could say that each special meeting between two people holds an element of romantic love. You can see it even with a father or mother who just had a baby. What they feel is something akin to romantic love: they are fascinated by the infant, the wonder, the immediacy, the freedom from conditioning. And there is something similar to the flow of romantic love even at the level of your work, when you are doing something creative, inspired, something that fulfills you. It is a stream of ecstasy, of being uplifted, which awakens everything in you, and that is good – that is the power of your soul.

When you feel that flow in the presence of another – for example, a loved one, a partner, a child – things can and will go wrong if you become so attached to the other person that you think you cannot live without them; that you feel yourself dependent upon that person in order to have that feeling, that reinstated connection with your soul. In this dependence lies a danger, because if you have to depend on another outside yourself, you will eventually want to possess that person. Or you have such a fear of losing that person that you build a wall and distance yourself. Separation anxiety and fear of relationships are both defences against dependence on someone outside yourself.

So you see that the very love that once brought you into ecstasy, can also bring utter despair if that person is not completely available to you, or if your love is not reciprocated in the way you had hoped for. Or – and this can also happen – the romantic love develops, but you also meet the dark aspects of each other, characteristics that call up judgements or fear or anger. Romantic love is a gateway through which you enter into a relationship, but when that love becomes more down-to-earth, it can also lead you to dark, unconscious aspects. When these come to the surface in a relationship, things can become confrontational and throw both partners back into an inner void they can only fill themselves. Love, and romantic love, are prompts; they cause you to wake up, to open up to more possibilities. But in the end, they also force you to look into the deepest darkness within yourself, to investigate that which still remains hidden.

It is not only a matter of dependence, but also a desire for power that wants to possess the other person and to be completely secure in the other. Because in all forms of dependence, there is also a need for power, a need for control, a not being able to let go, and also a deep pain that lies behind it: the fear of being alone, of being separated not only from others, but from the wholeness of life, from God. That is substantially the deepest fear that lives in you: to be cast away, to be outside the Whole, to be dead. Access is life: a deeply felt connection that springs eternal; a source of creativity and joy. I define death as being the absence of a living connection, which is also the absence of the soul and this is what frightens you most deeply. Romantic love creates such an intense desire, but it also has the potential for creating an intense feeling of being lost.

I invite you to now call upon your soul, to imagine that your deepest core is alive in you, even though your earthly consciousness may not always be able to access it or it is not felt immediately by you. The child that you once were, who came into this world, fresh and new, with its own gifts and unique contribution, still lives in all your body cells. Call on it! Say your own name and inwardly feel your original face behind it. That is what you are really looking for: the living link with your own divine core. If you connect with that inner core, with that source of joy and happiness, life becomes more abundant. You need not prove yourself so much and you have less need for dependence upon other people. Then you are sufficient unto yourself.

You love yourself, not because you have achieved all kinds of things and you have been successful, but because you see yourself with the eyes of wonder, in the way that does someone who falls in love. You are interested in yourself; you are engaged, curious. You know that God lives within you! If you engage the world with that basic feeling, relationships with others can enrich, inspire, make you happy, without dependence upon them; you feel connected to your own essence, your own core, and you rest within yourself. In the end, this is the aim of all the soul encounters in this life, whether they are short-lived or long lasting; that you are wide open to your own capabilities, your own inspiration, and that you take them up fully within yourself. Which means you do not become dependent upon the other who has called up these feelings in you, but that you experience these feelings as your own legacy – they are you. A true romantic love is always a love for yourself, for the inner child – the original child – who stands in direct connection with your soul.

If you desire to feel the inner child once again, and to relate to yourself with wonder, with compassion, with confidence that life is good, then remain open to life. Life will constantly wake you up by shaking you up through situations and encounters with other people and events. They may not always be fun, but such happenings function as a gate: something is opened. Trust that these happenings have value; stay open for the miracles in life. In order to receive a miracle, you sometimes have to go through deep dark valleys, which is undeniably the case. Pain and suffering in people can be enormous, but what can help you is that you are going to arouse the consciousness of your soul. This gives the pain a grounding and surrounds it with gentleness.

Your soul carries a wisdom in itself, which reaches far beyond the earthly horizon. Put your trust in that! You can create and nurture a connection with your soul in silence and stillness. And do not judge yourself: you are a beautiful human being, perfect as you are. Look for a moment at yourself with our eyes. Feel the energy gathered here around you, in which are present so many guides and helping energies who love and cherish you. You are so valuable to us, so precious. Every human being is like a pearl, unique and irreplaceable. Believe that you are such a pearl. Be gentle with yourself.

I greet you with love. Thank you for your presence.

© Pamela Kribbe

Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan


The Reunion of Mary by Annelie Solis

Flow Love Out to the World – Steve Beckow

Art ~ Angel of The Presence by Aeoliah’s Visionary Art


Flow Love Out to the World

I’ve gone through a full day of activity, in and out of various states, and have returned home to write.

And a wisp of bliss arises that I recognize. When I recognize it, it expands.

Instantly any residue from the day disappears and I’m left without a care in the world.

And then a stray thought intrudes. I give my attention to it, taking it away from the bliss. And the bliss rapidly subsides.

And I return to the fear-based activity I was engaged in to sustain and ensure life.

And then I recover bliss again, surfing on a stray wisp. Instantly all care is again forgotten.

Is this what Michael called having one foot in both kingdoms?  One foot in the fear-based activity of everyday life and a second foot in the domains of bliss where there’s nothing to fear?

Rather than entering into life from the heart (in balance) and acting from there, I choose to enter from my mind, construing by my wits. Which are fear-based and have never worked.

The fact that I keep doing it shows I’m addicted (or habituated) to the pattern. Since my actions from this space have only ever brought pain, really, one could say that I’m addicted to pain. Rather than being addicted, say, to love.

I need to switch my addiction.

Random thoughts, as I sit enjoying the rising love.

God never said, “Detach from all things.” Detach from that which takes us away from God but strongly attach to that which brings us closer.

In my view, the basic spiritual movement? Turn from the world to God. Turn from the outer world to the inner world.

The purpose of life? To know ourselves as God. For God to meet God in a moment of our enlightenment.

As far as I can see, all we need to do to serve? Flow love out to the world.

I choose to swim in the Ocean of Love and dive in the pools of bliss.

Ordinarily a spiritual student is advised not to talk about their path, experiences, etc. But this is a time when all of us are going up together and so the utmost sharing of what’s been found to work and markers along the way seem to me appropriate here.


Art ~ Angel of The Presence by Aeoliah’s Visionary Art


Amaterasu, Japanese Goddess of the Sun @ IMGUR



Hi everyone,

This is my experience of the 1400-year-old Zen temple just 5 minutes walk from our house in Japan. My 4-year-old daughter has played there since a baby so it is like another home for us.
Image may contain: tree, sky, outdoor and nature


My brain shows it too (graph as pictured). 6:30-6:32 is increased gamma-beta (elevated energy with focus) as I enter the temple and reach out for my favorite Ginkgo tree, planted at the same time as the temple was founded. The temple’s name is Kechienji which in Japanese means ‘unity’ or the ‘connector for all connections’ to translate it literally. 6:32-6:33 just a few meters from the tree are shrines to Amaterasu, Japanese sun goddess and Benzaiten/Saraswati, Japanese goddess of wisdom and music, and when I am there I strongly visualize myself as them, hence the rise in Theta and Delta (deep intuition/imagery eyes closed) as I concentrate very deeply and have done so for years. Next is an emptying from 6:33-6:34 as I walk into the sacred temple (pictured in the daytime) housing the Buddha Amitabha (Buddha of Light) and Kannon-sama (Guan Yin, Goddess of Compassion) and Fudoo-myo (Wisdom Protector) and sit around 6:35 on a seat I have sat for years and uplift my energies to the night sky and the stars, hence the higher gamma-beta lift.

I remember in these moments what it was like as a five-year-old when I went with my parents into the countryside to see the stars and feel the fresh open air. I have never lost that fresh childlike feeling for living here on this planet and am forever grateful for this precious human lifetime and the opportunity to practice living in the light, love, and presence of the divine within us all.

I would love to hear about some of your special places and the shifts they enhance in your consciousness (and if possible get some recordings of your brain patterns like this if you have access to a Muse or similar) in your many ‘homes’ on this planet.

Love and Blessings

Altair and Mother ❤️
💙 🌿 🌺 🌿 💜

Living Spiritually – Marilyn Raffaele

Autumn ~ Tania B @ DeviantArt


FEBRUARY 10, 2019

Dear ones, with love and Light we speak about the shifting energies of evolution now awakening many to a deeper reality. Silently and secretly continue holding fast to your highest level of awareness, allowing it to guide your actions and open you to more.

Each day as more souls awaken to the truth about themselves and others, more high vibrational Light is being added to the collective consciousness which in turn is beginning to manifest in the world as the desire in mankind for higher and better forms of government, health, and spirituality. People are beginning to see and accept that there are indeed better ways of doing almost everything.

The chaos you are witnessing is not the ending of anything real, but rather reflects the labor pain necessary for birthing a new world consciousness.

Lifetimes lived in energies of duality and separation have resulted in a universal consciousness that is ingrained with illusory concepts, believes that materiality is all there is, and that unless something can be seen or touched, it isn’t real. Actually, many of your scientists are already well aware that what is perceived through the senses as material is in reality, energy.

There is much to come that we cannot yet share with you because our job and that of other higher dimensional beings is guide you in your free will choices, rather than make them for you. Stay in the now moment as best you can, living your highest awareness in every activity of the day. In reality, you only can live in the now moment because nothing else exists. Many are discovering that life becomes much easier when lived this way.

You are the actual substance of everything real, the very essence of Divine Consciousness individualized, appearing as form. Therefore you are now and always have been the very substance of wholeness, completeness, abundance, joy, peace, harmony etc etc. — IT is what you are made of. You are not a physical body with a little spiritual light bulb inside, but are the fullness of Divine Light manifesting on earth through the density required for living in three dimensional energy.

The only thing that separates a person from experiencing their already present wholeness is the belief that they are separate from it–creators perfectly creating lack and limitation in all its forms. There is no judgement about this because mankind has been subjected to the denser energies for eons of time during which it became necessary to create a system that would enable them to survive. This outdated system is what mankind is now struggling to evolve beyond.

Because you are creators no longer ignorant of the deeper truths, you must live your awareness rather than continuing to cling to what has worked in the past otherwise, you will simply continue creating and experiencing the same old three dimensional problems and wonder why. The ever increasing frequencies of Light at this time are allowing creations to manifest ever more quickly.

At a certain point it is no longer necessary to keep looking for old programming and faults to clear because when you begin to live as Light and truth, those higher frequencies automatically dissolve the lower resonating energies within and without. This realization removes the need for “protective work” as is taught in metaphysics because your consciousness of Light is your protection.

Lower resonating energy cannot enter into the Higher as there is no alignment but this truth must be realized, rather than seen as just another tool for protecting from something outside of self.

Free will is a universal spiritual law allowing every individual to make whatever choices they wish. No one is coming to save anybody or to do the work for you. There is no old man in the sky watching and waiting for a person to be good enough.

“Saviors” represent the grand illusion created over time by the suffering of the unaware–hope born from a belief in separation. No guru, priest, holy man, technique, or teaching is ever or can ever save you from your own free will choices. These things can be powerful tools alerting you to your personal belief system, but only you can make the changes.

Living spiritually does not mean throwing your hands in the air at every negative appearance while shouting; “God is all” and then doing nothing. Declaring absolute truth before attaining the consciousness of it is to pretend a state of consciousness not yet attained–very three dimensional activity.

This often happens with serious spiritual students, teachers, and channelers etc. who falsely believe they must never let others see them as having “human” issues or problems in the false belief that it would make their work invalid. Never pretend a state of consciousness not yet attained. If you have a cold, accept it for what it is. If you have a problem, simply look deeper, but don’t deny it. Non-resistance is a core facet of spiritual living.

Living spiritually means going about the normal activities of each day, making decisions and performing tasks, but in a way that reflects an inner awareness of the Divine nature of every individual and the truth that underlies appearances. Go within often, recognizing the reality of everything–nature, business, people, government. Eventually the truths you practice become your attained state of consciousness and you automatically live them without conscious effort. They become you.

An example of this is honesty. At this point in your journey, you are simply never tempted to steal. Honesty has become your attained state of consciousness and no effort is needed to be honest. Another person may be tempted, but holds back because he has intellectual knowledge regarding the rightness of honesty even if it is fear of the law. There are those who will take every advantage to steal with no remorse because their state of consciousness holds only concepts of separation.

One of the biggest issues troubling the third dimensional collective is lack–lack of money, resources, information etc. Praying for these things only creates them because you create your belief system and if your state of consciousness is one of lack and limitation, this is what you will create. Continually telling yourself; “I don’t have.” allows you to perfectly create experiences of “don’t have”.

When you attempt to change something from a place of resistance or solve problems on the level of the problem, you empower them. Conditions of rich and poor equally represent duality, neither having anything but the belief in them to hold them in place which means they are subject to changing very quickly.

Spiritual abundance is held infinitely in place by Divine Law and flows from the realization of “I have because I am”. This is the higher way of understanding abundance. A state of consciousness that realizes money to be the material form of self sustained/self maintained completeness will manifest it outwardly and often through unexpected avenues, but knows it is never from them.

Pay your bills in the realization that because of oneness, you are simply moving forms of infinite energy from your right hand to your left. Let objects, money, goods, flow freely through you in the realization that they are flowing from an Infinite Source within and not from you personally where you can be depleted. Lack is like a person having a large bank account somewhere that they do not know about and so continue living life as a pauper while their money lies waiting.

Know that you are the very substance from which dollar bills are formed. Abundance is not just money, it is wholeness and completeness in all its forms, and you can never be separate from it no matter how hard you may try. Know that wherever your personal financial abundance seems to come from (job, family, husband or wife, inheritance) it really does not come from these things, but rather through them as your own state of consciousness in expression.

Those living fully in the third dimensional belief system do believe that abundance comes from outside of themselves and think that they are perfectly within their rights to fight, steal, or use any other means to keep it coming and increasing. This is still the mentality of many three dimensional corporations and businesses. You however, are ready to shift into the truth of abundance.

Abundance as with all truth, cannot suddenly manifest in its fullness without the substance of it–consciousness. Knowing a truth intellectually is only the first step toward attaining the consciousness of it but this never means doing nothing. First you know the truth and then take whatever human footsteps you are guided to take. Frequently a person needs to just take a job, any job, in order to get the flow of moving.

Sitting back awaiting others to appreciate and reward you for your education or experience in the exact form you desire or believe you deserve, more often than not simply creates exactly that–waiting.

Everyone is creating through their state of consciousness, but the majority is not yet aware that they are doing it. However, never judge, for many during these times of planetary evolution are not creating experiences from a place of un-awakened consciousness but rather are completing a life plan chosen pre-birth as being necessary to their spiritually evolution

Once a person begins to meditate, read, and seriously study truth, they automatically indicate to their Higher Self that they are ready for more and the “spiritual train” leaves the station. Some believe that from then on everything will be roses and light, but nothing could be further from the truth as most of you have discovered.

What happens is that the seeker has opened doors and allowed light to shine on everything hiding there. Old and dense energies still alive and well in cellular memory and manifesting as their present belief system begin to to be seen with more awakened eyes. For most, this is a time during which the “Sh.. begins to hit the spiritual fan” so to speak, leaving the awakening spiritual student to believe that he/she is doing something wrong.

No dear ones, this experience indicates that you are doing it right. In order to open to and integrate the higher frequencies of truth, every soul must first clear out the old and obsolete. This is the meaning behind the bible statement about not putting new wine into old wine skins.

This stage of evolution has been called the “dark night of the soul”, and comes to every person at some point along their way. It is a time of feeling lost, alone, and even in doubt as to whether or not there really is a God. The person’s former comfortable belief system no longer works and they cannot even explain it to those who have always been closest to them.

Choose not to resist this experience but rather understand the “Dark Night of the Soul” as being an important and necessary part of the evolutionary journey. It may feel negative, but is a time filled with living vital energy leading the person to a more evolved state of consciousness. If you need to, allow yourself to cry, be alone, and mourn the loss of what is quickly becoming the past without guilt. Just remember to move on, for this is just a parenthesis in the process.

You are spiritually ready for your good to flow from a conscious realization of your oneness with all that Source is. Spiritual good knows no opposite, does not fluctuate, and can be depended upon as ever present. Continuing to seek human good and remove human bad must no longer be your consciousness if you seriously seek to move beyond duality and separation.

Know that you are always being guided. Listen to and trust the silent voice of your intuition. Stop trying to to plan every detail of your lives according to concepts of how things must be in order to be right.

You are ready dear ones, you are more than ready.

We are the Arcturian Group 2/10/19


Autumn ~ Tania B @ DeviantArt


THE/YOUR PUREST FORM OF LOVE – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Gratitude to unknown artist ~ Thank you, Shekinah





There is THIS LOVE sooooooo soooooooooooo soooooooooooooooooooooo deep deeeeeeeeeep deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep INSIDE of you…. it is the PURITY OF YOUR OWN SOUL. This LOVE holds no boundaries and transcends all things “human” here. This LOVE IS YOU, from the DEPTHS OF THE CORE OF YOUR ENTIRE BEING…. SO SIMPLE and so “true”. It IS ALSO your PUREST SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS, when you are fully conscious, present and LIVING AS THIS PURE LOVE with your every breath (too). ♥

This LOVE will be activated in various ways…. through beauty, presence, Divine Essence… through re-CONNECTING from DEEP INSIDE and never separating off ever again. There are INFINITE WAYS to activate. Yours is to utilize every one of them…. ♦

This LOVE is YOU… which means that in order to BE YOU, you MUST BE PURE LOVE…. in every MOMENT, in EVERY EXCHANGE… yet “learning” HOW TO LIVE AS PURITY… is the process of Awakening on a SOUL Level and your every moment, every choice/decision, every thought, every ACT will SHOW YOU…. how much you are able to actually EXIST AS YOUR OWN PURE DIVINE SOUL here.

This LOVE holds no lack, no compromise, no distrACTions, no discord… it is not TAINTED by anything “human ego”. THIS LOVE is your ONLY WAY…. the ONLY WAY that you KNOW… yet to RETURN TO THIS PURITY, you will go through/experience/feel/be faced with everything “not this”, which is a part of your own TRANSITION from your own Old Earth Realities/Existence… OVER to your NEW EARTH REALities/Existence here. Your entire body must clear all programming, as well as your entire reality be re-aligned continually here.

This LOVE is the FOUNDATION for all of your NEW EARTH REALITIES… where you are creating, forming, shaping and building all anew. This PURE LOVE is HOW you LIVE NEW EARTH, A VIBRATIONAL EXISTENCE that RETURNS vibrational matches to what you hold/transmit/LIVE….  YOUR NEW EARTH EXISTENCE is your HEAVEN ON EARTH, which is “found” as you transverse the DEPTHS of your own BEing and you bring THIS PURE LOVE FORTH and you SHARE IT …. in every way… to AFFECT/TOUCH ALL AS PURE LOVE here…..

NEW EARTH is YOUR HEAVEN… where your SOUL Lives in your Body fully… treating all with immense kindness, compassion and deep sacred RESPECT, where YOU HAVE REMEMBERED FULLY why you are here and HOW TO LIVE AS HEAVENLY LIGHT BEINGS…. in your own physical reality here. YOUR LIGHT PRECEDES YOU…. opening portals, lighting passageways/your path…. YOUR LIGHT TOUCHES ALL by transmitting PURE LOVE…. you need not speak or “do” anything… that’s a bonus gift. Your kindness emanates from within you. Others FEEL this, whether they understand it or not (as humans mis-perceive pure actions and try to “grab ahold”, because they want this too, as it’s also the LIGHT OF THEIR OWN SOUL…. as you awaken this aspect within them, when you LIVE AS PURITY …. they FEEL YOU… you need not touch… as that is “human too”. Many won’t “understand” this “way”, as it “pushes their own stuff up”… yet this is a part of the process, where everything NOT PURE/LOVE becomes visible/felt, so each can “see it” and RESOLVE THIS THROUGH FULL CONSCIOUSNESS their own self. It’s a part of RETURNING to FULL Consciousness here…..

HEAVEN ON EARTH is the physical “playground”, the blissful, kind, magical, peaceful, loving and completely JOY-filled abundant REALity that you/we all LIVE AS OUR WHOLE EXPERIENCE here, when/as we ALL LIVE FROM THIS PLACE/THIS SPACE inside of us and NEW EARTH IS OUR ONLY REALITY we will allow… WE HOLD THE REALITY IN PLACE… it’s OURS… so when anything “not in HARMONY” with this “appears”, we see it, understand it and we can CHOOSE HOW TO DEAL, as is most appropriate, on a Quantum/Energetic Level…. which is an “equation” of many variables/quotients that are “computed” by all that is PRESENT… as REALities have CONSTRUCTS and these constructs/matrixes are visible….

NEW EARTH REALITIES are very different than OLD Earth’s were. The foundation is built on PURITY, so realities don’t “collapse” like human ones do. OLD EARTH REALities are collapsed by US, as we can see the constructs and collapse the whole thing if it’s not aligned with PURITY ITSELF. REALities breathe, move and dance and come together in FULL UNION here. They “take form” based upon the vibrations, energy and LIVING CONSCIOUS DNA present…. through deep sacred connectedness, where all is ONE, working in UNISON…. all in DIVINE FLOW….. materializing into form as each accomplishes/holds the NEW IN PLACE long enough for the physical to appear/arrive as a vibrational MATCH….

THIS PURE LOVE is the cleanest, finest, most in-tune harmonics that can be TRANSMITTED OUT…. across all dimensions and space-time… as it does not hold the “confusing signals” (discord) of the human ego, therefore dissonance is not being transmitted out (on a cellular/molecular/body template level), when one’s LIGHTBODY (SOULBODY) IS THE BODY PRESENT and in charge/command. As each BECOMES their LIGHTBODY fully, the human ego programs become visible for resolving/dissolving easily, because this unconscious programming “has no place or hold” anymore, as it REPRESENTS Old Earth, which is not where our Soul’s live….

THIS PURE LOVE is what all human aspects “seek”, yet do not fully understand. This RE-CONNECTED STATE is “foreign” at first, challenging everything the human aspect once “thought” it “knew” (and believed)…. this LINEARITY is separation and it IS WHAT KEEPS EACH from LIVING their own HEAVEN FULLY HERE…..

NEW EARTH IS A QUANTUM EXISTENCE…. nothing like the old realities of “before”. All new “rules” replace the old… which are Universal & Cosmic and Quantum…. (Light Codes), where PHOTONIC ACTIVITY over-writes all that was linear before…..

NEW EARTH first appears through expansion processes that AWAKEN each’s AWARENESS, then beginning a massive PASSAGEWAY of each restructuring and re-aligning their own reality on a SOUL LEVEL…. every aspect, every relationship, every ACT, every exchange….

NEW EARTH becomes visible as each’s HEART OPENS FULLY, then activating each’s HIGHER HEART to open fully and come online too. PURE BEAUTY, PURE DIVINITY, PURE BLISS and MAGIC… these ARE just a FEW OF NEW EARTH ENERGIES…. bringing forth from within each PURE GRATITUDE, PURE APPRECIATION, PURE KINDNESS, PURE RECIPROCATION….. where your LightBody DNA activates an immense (and continually accelerating) physical (body/reality) density clearing process that occurs over much linear time (as long as separation is held within)….

NEW EARTH REALities are RECIPROCATIVE…. it’s where all SHARE THE ABUNDANCE that they are/have/hold…. NEW EARTH IS SHARING, supporting and LIVING AS YOUR HIGHEST ASPECTS AND VERSIONS — ALL OF THE TIME and never going to sleep/unconscious (closing your heart/mind) anymore….

NEW EARTH is where you are FREE INSIDE…. completely and in every way. You don’t go small anymore and play in the “less game” of the ego…. as you’ve REMEMBERED FULLY, because your heart is WIDE OPEN and you are ONE with all as PURE LOVE AGAIN…. and YOU LIVE IT by touching the lives of all others… to SHOW THEM WHAT PURE LOVE IS … so that THEY CAN REMEMBER too…. and awaken THROUGH LOVE, instead of the “old ways” of suffering, struggling, harsh, rough, resistance…. unless this is the path they choose to open their hearts fully here. Many of us chose that path, because we didn’t understand…. now things are very different.

Struggling and suffering are the ego’s journey, which is how the separation programming is dissolved/breaks…. and only a “necessity” when PURE LOVE IS NOT THE CHOSEN PATH by each.

NEW EARTH is not just words spoken, it’s a whole new way of LIVING AND EXISTING, where each say “NO” to the old and no longer accept unconsciousness (disconnected “no love/respect” state) as REALity anymore…. UNCONSCIOUSNESS (lacking Purity Love) is the OPPOSITE of what REALity is….. yet EACH MUST LOCATE where this is INSIDE and bring it forth, as NEW EARTH IS BORN/BIRTHED and grown/matures from deep within………..

NEW EARTH IS INNOCENCE returned, it’s the OPPOSITE of Unconsciousness, so in order to RETURN to full Consciousness, all of those protection mechanisms, survival modes/techniques and dis-beliefs “have to go”. NEW EARTH becomes VISIBLE as each’s HEART IS FULLY OPEN and the beauty, magnificence, magic and PURE JOY is FELT and EXPERIENCED with the whole body/being…….. where SIMPLICITY is chosen over “complicated”, where ease is chosen over struggle, where Unity is chosen over separation/duality………..

NEW EARTH is where each truly CARE, FROM THE PUREST PLACE INSIDE…. about each other, about your self, your LightBody, our beLOVED Gaia and all ….. where YOUR LOVE PRE-VEILS … (yes I spelled it that way on purpose).

NEW EARTH YOU BRING FORTH, YOU LIVE IT… YOU ARE NEW EARTH, which connects you up to the Grids and Networking Systems already online here. YOU BECOME A PART OF SOMETHING MUCH BIGGER, where your presence and contributions are not only important, they are necessary for your own “admittance” here. You leave all judgment behind, you stop criticizing and playing in the unconscious games…. YOU CHOOSE NEW EARTH as YOUR ONLY REALITY…. too. ♥

NEW EARTH COMES FORTH AS IT BECOMES YOUR PRIORITY…. until then you will see all of this as an inconvenience and resist everything you most desire (on a Soul Level) here.

NEW Earth has INFINITE multiple versions running, so you get to CHOOSE what most is aligned and LIVE THAT… the foundation is what matters, not the place or things. How you ACT (behave), how you treat each other, how you show up/come through, how you HONOR your own HIGHEST SOUL AGREEMENTS this is what MATTERS and affects that which each perceive as REALity here.

THE ENERGY YOU HOLD, THE PURITY THAT YOU ARE… this dictates your NEW EARTH REALITIES here…. your own EXPERIENCES…. and determine “old earth” or “new”.

VERSIONS OF REALITIES are relative to the versions and aspects THAT YOU ARE…… WHEN YOU LIVE YOUR FULLEST AS YOUR HIGHEST VERSIONS, your physical reality aligns to this….. BECAUSE you are treating all as LOVE, you are caring, you are kind, you are supporting, uplifting, inspiring, sharing, you are supporting (yet not enabling that’s the opposite and we don’t do that here). You are CREATING from your own PURITY…. you breathe LOVE into everything that you are, do, share… send out into the “world” to assist others… and you “work” on multi-dimensional levels, as a Quantum Light BEing here….

YOU UNDERSTAND THE PHYSICAL REALITY is a vibrational response to you….. you have REVERSED ALL and aligned your entire reality THROUGH PURITY…. you will accept nothing less in your own reality….. because you don’t have to anymore…. when you are the fully conscious ONE.

Consciousness is Pure, it’s LOVE, it’s not what “human’s” think…. It’s the SOURCE of ALL, it’s you as PURE SOURCE LIGHT living in a physical LIGHTbody, where your DNA/cells/molecules/atoms are constantly re-writing, re-coding and busy….. your whole body is LIGHT…. literally, Quantum Cells that are always charging, transmitting, communicating and reconfiguring what all perceive as “reality” here……………

NEW EARTH IS nothing like your old…. your human ego can’t comprehend. It’s not just an etheric realm or one expansion of consciousness … it’s a whole EXPERIENCE through FULL EXPANSION… and it’s also where your Soul Lives……  IN-SERVICE AS PURE LOVE to THE EVOLUTION OF HUMANITY into a much Higher Consciousness ONE.


NEW Earth is where you fulfill ALL OF YOUR ROLES, PURPOSES, MISSIONS…. through PURITY and zero lack, zero separation, zero ego programming…. it’s where you EXIST BEYOND the old MATRIX PROGRAM…. and are an integral part of the CRYSTALLINE MATRIX/GRIDS/TEMPLATE of NEW EARTH………….

Here you do not “hide” who you are… you SHINE SHINE SHINE BRIGHT and you radiate, beam and blast all as LIGHT….. you AFFECT all… YOUR LIGHT DICTATES… there is no “dark” or any ego games anymore… that was an old matrix program that all must “outgrow” and transcend from deep within too….. BY CHOOSING to bring their own LIGHT FROM INSIDE AND BE IT WITH EVERY BREATH too…………….


So open open open up fully to “vibrate” back, to “tune” all yourself and bring your own NEW EARTH REALITIES forth FROM DEEP WITHIN YOU TOO… as it’s the ONLY WAY you can. ♥

Let the tears of RE-CONNECTION & REMEMBERING FLOW out…. FEEL what you forgot … in order to LIVE YOUR NEW EARTH REALITIES FULLY here. ♥

I love you…. from the depths of the CORE OF MY WHOLE BEING…. and am excited for all you shall be/do/contribute to UNITING all AS PURE LOVE here too! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Photonic DNA Harmonics ♫ NEW EARTH is aligned through this.


Wonderous Task – Peggy Black & The Team

Avalon Chrome – Photographer, Model, Blogger @ Flickr.


Greetings to my beloved Morning Message family
Feb 11, 2019
___________ My Personal Message___________
We have had lots of rain which is such a blessing. I know our cold does not compare to the bitter cold happening across the country but like many I am certainly ready for spring. My home is a spring and summer kind of place with lots of windows which allow the feeling of being a part of nature. However in the winter months it is difficult to heat. Even so, being forced to be inside has given me the opportunity to clear out files and closets, which seems like a constant process.

January zoomed by with celebrations of my birthday, the anniversary of my Miracles and Intentions support group which began it twenty-fifth year. I feel so blessed to have so many women who come together once a month to share the miracles they have experienced and to state intentions to be witnessed by everyone. If you want to start your own group, please contact me and I will send you the format.

I’m excited to join the panel for the “Capitalize On Your Creativity” symposium. This opportunity is free. I know that you will enjoy insights, strategies and stories that will assist you to capture your genius and capitalize on your creativity. Please join me and enjoy all twenty-eight other presenters. My segment is on February 24th. Here is the link to this awesome symposium.

This month I was busy with personal sessions with the ‘team.’ I am grateful for the incredible people I have the opportunity to work with. I am so honored to be able to facilitate for those who have questions about personal issues and challenges. If you are interested in booking appointments please contact me. It is a nice way to start the new year. I love making the ‘team’ available for a private session. They are very generous with their information which offers clarity, guidance and empowerment.

I have also had the opportunity to share with others the stories and energy of the Andara stones. I have made it my intention to seed our planet with their energetic properties of expanded and accelerated spiritual awareness, access to universal knowledge, and the ability to bridge between dimensions. So for those of you who know these stones or those who might be interested, please contact me for more information, or visit

Our Morning Messages community continues to expand. I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve in this way. You and your stories inspire me to continue this work. Thank you for your incredible support with bluesky donations. We are a powerful community of spiritual beings and I am honored to be a part of our service together.

I acknowledge each of you as you recognize yourself as a master of transformation when dealing with all that is occurring in your life and on our planet. We are making a difference. I acknowledge your magnificence as you willingly heal and transform all that you encounter. I invite you to live in gratitude. Together we will continue to envision a reality that is life sustaining for all. Blessings of grace and joy, Peggy

_________ Message from the ‘Team’ _________ 
Wonderous Task
Peggy Black and the ‘team’

We are here offering our support and insights from a larger perspective. We acknowledge you in your physical form. We acknowledge the focus you have regarding what is happening in your life and what is occurring on the planet as a whole. Often this focus becomes all that you are able to see or take in. It becomes a bit narrow so to speak. You are too close to the events and some of the events are charged with emotions, attitudes, fears that keep you locked into that narrow focus.This reality is enticing; it can be rather seductive, especially when all your energy and focus is on the physical dimension. We recognize and acknowledge that there is a certain amount of attention needed to maintain your body and the activities of your life. We are inviting you to soften the focus a bit and allow your awareness to begin to view your life and what is happening on your planet from a higher perspective.

When you practice this often throughout your day, it will become more natural. Your birds that walk on the ground hunting for food see only the limited area they are acting upon, yet these very birds can take flight and soar above the ground and see an entirely different landscape. This is the offering that we are inviting you to practice. Consider your daily activities like the bird on the ground and often allow yourself to consciously soar above those activities and events and view them from this higher perspective.

We acknowledge that the physical body and its activities seem the most important. However, shifting your point of view to a higher perspective will certainly offer you new insights. From your earthly grounded point of view things seem perhaps random or unexpected, yet when you allow your higher consciousness to look at the random or the unexpected event you will be surprised at how these events truly are connected as they unfold.

When you view world events through a limited perspective you miss the true unfolding of these events and how they reveal the bigger picture and the energy that is being offered. We observe that you are viewing world events with a feeling that all is hopeless and that you are powerless to support or assist in the outcome. This could not be farther from the truth. That is a surge of energy that is awakening humanity.

This frequency is in place to support and assist you in your own realization of who you are. You are a divine being of light and energy. You have a physical body and you have a divine body that is pure creative energy. You are meant to recognize this partnership and fully awaken to the power of this awareness.

It is the physical body that walks on the ground and it is the divine body that allows you to soar above what is occurring. It is from your divine perspective that you are able to see and understand what is unfolding in the larger picture on your planet.

We are celebrating what is occurring. The repressed emotions and beliefs are now very visible and being acted out. Because these old negative and misqualified energies are now more obvious, they are now able to be transformed. They are not in the shadows. Because they are not in the shadows, those light workers, those who are awake and aware like yourself, are able to dissipate that negative misqualified energy.

As a divine being of light, you have the birthright and the responsibility to transform all negative or misqualified energy you experience or witness. Remember, in your true essence you are powerful beyond measure. Hold that, anchor that, walk in that truth. This is your strength that comes with that awareness.

You begin to realize this is what you came here for, to be a part of this great and grand shift of the ages, this evolution and awakening that is taking place right here and right now on Earth.
We can only observe until we are invited to join you in the wondrous task. Understand that what is happening on your planet has the attention of your galactic and star families. Realize that not every divine being who wanted to be a part of this was offered a ticket. You were, and you are the most qualified conscious being to be here now.

So beings are encouraging you and supporting you to continue to observe what is happening from the larger perspective. There are a great many things taking place around the world that are astonishing, amazing and life enhancing. Begin to look for these amazing events and occurrences.

There are countless numbers of awakened beings assisting this planet to evolve. There are countless awakened beings who are offering a frequency of love, appreciation, gratitude, acceptance and forgiveness to all they encounter.

Remember to say to yourself often, I am aware that I am aware. This shifts your ground-level point of view to the higher perspective. It is from your higher perspective that answers, solutions and inspirations come. You can also say, here I am, so glad you are. These simple statements will assist you in remembering to look at the bigger picture of what is unfolding.

You can observe that more and more people are taking action to find ways to clear the waters, take care of the less fortunate, and stand up in their power to make a difference by holding and anchoring the truth.

The mis-creations on you planet are being dismantled. Use your power to focus on that, add your thoughts, emotions, visions to the best and brightest outcomes. Watch when you drop into the place of judgments, or pushing against some event; remember, your energy just adds to the energy of that dysfunction. As quickly as possible use your tools, invite non-physical beings of light and love to assist and support the outcome benefiting all.

When you are puzzled by what is going on and you do not or cannot understand, say to yourself, there is more to be revealed.

These are exciting times and you are here to make a difference. Realize your smallest act of kindness can tip the scale to a blessing for all humanity. Your conscious loving action will always ripple out and touch the lives of everyone. Remember that you are an alchemist who transforms all energies into higher frequencies of light and love. You are transmuting the old paradigm into a higher intelligence and order.

You are pure potential. We acknowledge that truth and stand ready to walk beside you as you create a reality that honors all living things. Be in your joy and delight in this awesome opportunity.  the ‘team’

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Avalon Chrome – Photographer, Model, Blogger @ Flickr.




AUM Painting by Harsh Malik at Saatchi Art - OM

AUM Painting by Harsh Malik @ Saatchi Art

                                                                                   💙 🌿 🌺 🌿 💜


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Our Divine Lineage – Narendra Mishra

Shiva ~ The Transcendental Energy @ Let’s Paint Peace


Our Divine Lineage

The Divine Mother through Jennifer Crokaert confirmed a thought I had regarding cosmogony and our role in it. For some time I had been meaning to write this article, not knowing that I was awaiting this very confirmation.

In this post I will attempt a very simplified explanation of our immediate cosmogony and how we embody the divine qualities. It is not my intent to be perfectly exact and thorough as that would only redo the many works of Vedic literature and theosophy. I simply aim to provide an easily accessible overview.

The Divine Mother through Jennifer indicated that we each have one predominant divine quality,

“Each one of you, my dearest heart-seeds, has a virtue to which you cleave. It is like a hallmark that is stamped on your soul; it is an invisible template that shapes much of your life. For some it may be love, for others balance, for others forgiveness.”

In my understanding of cosmogony, this makes perfect sense. Allow me to elaborate.

The Creator in deciding to experience Himself/Herself creates from Itself several rays representing different qualities or attributes. These the Vedic scriptures declare to be the Sapta Rishis or the seven mind-born sons of the Creator, Brahma.

Madame H. P. Blavatsky in The Secret Doctrine equates these Sapta Rishis with the theosophical Dhyani-Chohans. A hint as to the reasonableness of this assumption can be found in both the Vedic and the theosophical teachings which each indicate that the Sapta Rishis as well as Dhyani-Chohans change with every Manvatara, or cycle of the ages.

Each of these Sapta Rishis or Dhyani-Chohans embody or personify a particular aspect, attribute, or quality of God. For example, Master Serapis Bey is Dhyani-Chohan of the Fourth or White Ray of God- the quality of Purity. A listing of the Sapta Rishisand Dhyani-Chohans can be found here and here.

I have so far not been able to obtain a one-to-one match between the Vedic Sapta Rishis and the Dhyani-Chohans though I am convinced of their identity with each other.

This differentiation of the One Creator into different qualities and attributes is analogous to the refraction of white light in physics by a triangular prism.


It turns out that this analogy may not be too far from the Truth. The greatest of all mantras, the Vedic Gayatri mantra of Sage Vishwamitra, states (in part),

“We meditate on the Divine Effulgence (Light) of that adorable Creator…”

In The Secret Doctrine, Madame Blavatsky writes,

“The One ray multiplies the smaller rays. Life precedes form, and life survives the last atom. Through the countless rays the life-ray, the One, like a thread through many beads.” [VII.2., pg. 53]

​In both Vedic literature and theosophy, the Sapta Rishis or Dhyani-Chohans were tasked with continuing creation in ever more dense/gross forms. Thus each one further refracted themselves, forming the Vedic Pitris, or Elohim according to Madam Blavatsky.

The word Pitri  literally translates as “progenitors of mankind.” In popular Hinduism, the Pitris are often worshiped as the ancestors. This is correct, yet there is far more to the meaning of Pitris than mere ancestors of a particular lineage.

Likewise, the word Elohim is the plural form for the word God in Hebrew. The word Elohim thus translates to ‘creator Gods.”

According to both Vedic (1) and theosophical literature, the Pitrisor Elohim then created firstly the Devas or celestial beings (Intelligent Extra-Terrestrials), followed by man. (2)

They fashioned the human body template (from their own image) called the Adam Kadmon template. This they were then charged with incarnating in. (3)

In The Prism of Lyra, authors Lyssa Royal-Holt and Keith Priest give a fascinating account of the galactic wars and the role of the Pleiadeans in fashioning Earth’s humanity from the DNA of 22 different Extra-Terrestrial races.

Each Pitri thus formed, was created primarily from a single divine ray or quality of God. Their essential task was to embody and learn about that quality. In their sub-refraction (to continue our physics analogy) they could only refract that particular quality in all its different meanings and aspects. Much like further refraction of the original seven rays of the rainbow spectrum produces different shades or gradations of each of the seven colours.

This brings us to our quantum selves, three refractions down. Being created from a particular Rishi, or  quality or Ray of God, we each embody a particular divine quality. Of course, we each have every divine quality at all times. Yet, there is one that stands out for each of us.

Many Hindus in India and around the world, particularly the orthodox Brahmins, trace their lineage to one of the Sapta Rishis. This is called one’s gotra in Sanskrit and knowledge of which forms an important part in Vedic rituals.

​This multi-layered refraction of ourselves is acknowledged by many names throughout the esoteric and metaphysical literature. Terms such as Higher Self, Oversoul, Supersoul, and Quantum Monad are but just a few examples.

Interestingly, in the Hindu after-death ceremonies, there is a particular rite called the sapinda shraadha which literally re-enacts the merger of the recently departed ‘soul’ with that of three higher aspects. It is often described as being the induction of the departed soul to the Pitris.

​In conclusion, I have attempted to show in this article that each of us carries one predominant divine quality. This divine quality can be traced through our lineage with one of the Sapta Rishis or Dhyani-Chohans who embody that divine quality.

​It is our task to work with that particular quality, to learn and refine it. Thus, through us, God gets to know and experience God. This is our sacred task.


  1. The Hymn of Creation or Purush Suktam in the Vedas give the following two verses in chronological order: “The moon was created from His mind, the Sun from His eyes…” and “The Brahmanas (amongst men) were created from His mouth…”
  2. Thus we have a reasonable explanation for the existence of Deva Pitris headed by Kavyavaadanal.
  3. Sri Ramcharitmanas of Goswmi Tulsidas gives a beautiful verse stating that the Devas (celestial beings, or iET) are covetous of the opportunity to incarnate within Earth’s humanity.


  1. Gomes, M. (2009). The Secret Doctrine: The Classic Work by H. P. Blavatsky. New York, USA: Jeremy P. Tarcher/Penguin
  2. Royal-Holt, L. & Priest, K. (1992). The Prism of Lyra: An Exploration of Human Galactic Heritage. Arizone, USA: Royal Priest Research Press
  3. Gita Press, Gorakhpur. (1998). Sri Ramcharitamanas by Tulsidas. India.


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Innocence – Jamye Price

Lolly & Me – Sisters ~ by Claudia Trembley



Innocence LightBlast by Jamye Price

Blessed Being, as you incarnate into the Earth experience, you are subject to the collective field of creation. It is the nature of this connected physicality to reflect the inner into the outer experience. The reflexive nature of duality is that the mirror offers perspective and ultimately, choice.

For thousands of years, Earth and humanity had lost the structure of knowing that reflected the full picture of connection. You have been rebuilding this structure through time, as your natural evolution into a connected species progresses.

In order to support this structure, the inner work of your sovereignty and freedom is paramount, so that you are able to utilize the strength of diversity of the physical experience and the connection of the invisible, subtle realm unity.

Innocence is often mistaken for youth or ignorance. Yet it is a powerful energetic of openness and excitement for knowledge. We would call Innocence a passive force: it does not merely seek to consume, it seeks to connect. Because it is a natural openness, it is subject to consumption in physicality unless it is carefully guarded.

How do these two opposite energies; the openness of Innocence and the inaccessibility of guarded protection connect? Through choice.

As a child, the Innocence is guarded by the parents as they teach the child to make healthy choices for the self. As an adult, the Innocence is often lost because the openness has been barred by fear. Ideally, it creates compassionate strength and discernment.

Innocence is the inner-sense. The unique, unfiltered, non-judgmental sense of life. It is not ignorant, it is curious. It is creative, playful, and nurturing. As your inner sense of self is nurtured to play and choose with life, you are actualizing your creativity and life flows boldly through. The crystalline structure of your inner sovereignty and freedom supports your flow.

Your Innocence is Your Inner Sense by Jamye Price

How free is your Innocence to flow?

Your Innocence is your inner sense of joy with life.

Your Innocence is your inner sense of worthiness for life to share itself with you.

Your Innocence is your inner sense of connection to potentials of  co-creation.

What are you sensing within?

As we sit to Blast Innocence, we are strengthening our inner sense of joy to play freely with life. We are letting the whispers of love soothe the cries of fear for forgotten freedom. We are sensing the love within each being, even if it is invisible at the moment. We are protecting our inner sense of self, honoring life’s sacred love for us as we create a new path for love’s flow into this world.

We are the Innocent, those strong enough to love when fear has tried to consume us from the outside in. Those that have not forgotten the divine freedom of love within. Blast on!


Learning to Love Yourself and Beyond by Lord Maitreya – Natalie Glasson

Jewels of Wisdom art by Christopher Beikmann @ Fine Art America


Learning to Love Yourself and Beyond

by Lord Maitreya

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 8th February 2019 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa


I, Lord Maitreya, wish to share an invocation with you to support your further exploration of loving yourself unconditionally. I hope you will accept my invocation using it in your daily reality as and when you feel guided. I then wish to share with you the power, reason, and purpose of learning to love yourself in your current stage of ascension.


‘I invoke the sacred Christ presence of Lord Maitreya to draw close to me now, surrounding and sharing your love with me. I thank you for your guidance and assistance and ask that your energy of the most appropriate vibration manifests into my reality to lead me along my spiritual path to unity with the Creator. I am open and receptive to your loving light and bathe in your consciousness to inspire and enlighten me further.

I ask that Lord Maitreya and the Christ consciousness activate within me the ability to love myself unconditionally, fully and completely. I wish to hold myself in love whatever I may do or say, forgiving and cherishing myself as I overcome challenges with ease to realise myself as the Creator on the Earth. I wish to recognise myself as my truth, as a beacon of love. I now accept within my mind, body, and emotions that I love myself unconditionally, understanding this to be the first step to complete acceptance of the Christ consciousness. I now retain and act out throughout my day the existence of loving myself unconditionally and holding myself in a pure Creator love.

I now allow the love that I hold for myself to assist me in realising and releasing all past and present negative habits, judgments, fears or actions that are not aligned to the Creator’s pure and loving essence, allowing them to flow away from me with ease. I now adopt a state of existence that permits me to hold love within every aspect of my being, understanding all levels of my being as the love of the Creator.

With acceptance and understanding of love as my natural energy and existence, I am now able to activate my love for myself from my naturally loving soul and Creator presence within me. Let my unconditional love for myself lead me to integration with the Creator, enabling me to affirm and realise my sacred and eternal connection with the Creator.

I am now able to accept, experience and sense the powerful loving and pure truth that exists within me, recognising this energy as healing, upliftment, and nourishment.

I rejoice in my complete connection with the Creator through my own inner sacred presence and love for myself and All That I Am. From this foundation, I am able to achieve a complete realisation of the Creator and acceptance of my truth.

I am the Creator in manifestation, I am love in manifestation, I love myself unconditionally and I am eternally connected with my soul and the love of the Creator.

Thank you and let it be.’

The Power of Your Self Love

From the space of self-love and understanding of your inner unconditional love, you are powerful and can create any transformation you wish for yourself, reality and the entire world.

Take some time now or in your daily spiritual practices to ask within, ‘What does my unique and powerful unconditional love wish to create for myself and my reality? If any inspiration dawns recognise it as a sacred gift to be honoured and valued.

Then ask yourself within, ‘from the space of loving myself unconditionally what can I create in the world to promote a planet and civilisation devoted to love on the Earth?’ Again, recognise any inspiration or knowingness that dawns as a gift of further self unconditional love and the recognition of the power of your unconditional self-love in the world.

It is through exercising your self unconditional love and each day learning to love yourself on a deeper level that you can acknowledge transformations love can create within your being and for all. It is time to realise that learning to love yourself fully and unconditionally is not a personal quest of discovery, healing and spiritual evolution, it is a journey of manifesting the Earth as a sacred jewel, school, and embodiment of love. Your self-love creates shifts for all upon the Earth and throughout the universe of the Creator. Can you imagine your self-love to be so impactful and momentous for all other aspects of the Creator? Can you imagine that the journey of loving yourself unconditionally is so important in the ascension process? Does this in any way shift the way you view and perceive yourself, as well as the way you act and react? Taking time to contemplate your impact upon the world that you exist within allows you to realise your power and united connection with all beings. It is a powerful shift within your perception of yourself which aligns you with your truth and the truth of the Creator rather than your ego.

The Reason and Purpose of Unconditional Love

To love yourself unconditionally is not the ultimate goal of your spiritual evolution, the further development is to explore from the space of unconditional love what you can create. It is your creations from unconditional love that are of most value and could be seen as the ultimate goal. When you enter into a habit of manifesting and experiencing for yourself and others the creations of and from your unconditional love in your daily reality, you become an embodiment of love and an instigator of the embodiment of love for others. Your creations act as anchors and portals for powerful love vibrations from all levels of the Creator’s Universe to download into your being, the Earth, humanity and in truth everything that is or exists upon the Earth. When your creations act as anchors or manifest portals you are co-creating with the Creator and all aspects of the Creator, materialising openings for divine intervention on the Earth and the linked connection of the Earth with the inner planes. Your service is akin to that of an Ascended Master working on the inner planes, except you are working on the Earth so feel the full force of all ascension shifts and healing you bring into manifestation. Everything you achieve on the Earth has a reason and purpose. Often this reason and purpose extends beyond the Earth to your spiritual pathway you will take as an Ascended Master after your incarnation on the Earth. The embodiment of love acts as a foundation for achieving your soul’s ascension on the Earth and the inner planes, even beyond this. When you begin to contemplate your ascension on the Earth and beyond the Earth as well, you expand your perception of everything you are and are achieving on the Earth. You realise your spiritual growth upon the Earth isn’t solely for you, every step and moment of growth has a function, a cause and an aim which is often far greater than you could possibly imagine.

With all that I have shared with you in mind, I, Lord Maitreya, also wish to encourage you to enjoy and take pleasure in simply existing in the space of your unconditional love for yourself as well as each day learning to love yourself wholly and completely. This will ground and anchor you in your practice of self-love, allowing you to remain focused and yet detached from the outcome of your unconditional love.

In eternal unconditional love,
Lord Maitreya

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Jewels of Wisdom art by Christopher Beikmann @ Fine Art America