The veils have lifted – Christine Day


Butterfly Woman Dreamer Medicine by Pamela McCabe @ Pixels


Christine’s Message February 2019

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Hello, Β There is so much going on energetically on the planet since the anchoring of the β€˜Corridor of Light’ at the moment of New Year. I have been witnessing the opening of many expanded dimensional platforms across the planet as well as the forming of some completely unique energetic patterns aligning to the grids.

I do know that life has shifted dramatically through the opening of many expanded dimensional realms, and this brings to us the ability to access a deeper experience of the variations of other realities.

These realms have always existed, and up to this point in time they have been hidden beyond veils. The veils have lifted, since the anchoring of the β€˜Corridor of Light’ allowing you to readily engage within a different orientation of your Higher Self through this energetic repositioning within the planet.

What is essential is to be aware of the moments when you are β€˜shifted’ to a changed orientation within your experience. It may be that you find yourself in an unfamiliar setting or feeling, or possibly a different energetic. Take a moment to simply hold your Heart and breathe within the space of experience that you find yourself. Allow the full occurrence by opening up your awareness within the energy. As you do this you are able to move into a more complete revelation.

This is a jumping off point where we may not understand what is taking place in any given moment. In your 3rdΒ dimensional life within the illusion there may be a lot of seeming chaos and confusion. Just let go and breathe, constantly orientating through your Heart space, knowing that all is in hand, simply because it is. Let go of the need to know or understand your journey right now.

I have been focused on the reorientation of my Heart because there have been unfamiliar connections of energy emerging within the vastness of my heart space. I am being filled by a deeper sense of love and at the same time feeling incredibly held and supported. I do know that we have been propelled within a different space of reality and that we can Trust.

Yes, it is unfamiliar and at the same time glorious.

Know that I hold each one of you with love and a great appreciation for sharing this journey with me. I love that we have all said β€œYes” to being here collectively at this essential moment.

Love and blessings,


~ ❀️ ~

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