Living BEyond the Veils of Amnesia: Make Way for ALL NEW to Come THROUGH YOU – Lisa Transcendence Brown

woman-with-veil- by patricia-rachidi - at Pixels - female face

Woman With Veil Painting by Patricia Rachidi @ Pixels


NEWSLETTER: Living BEyond the Veils of Amnesia: Make Way for ALL NEW to Come THROUGH YOU

As Your “old” goes…
Make way for your “new” to come through YOU
Creating ALL NEW REALities from “scratch”
“New” Ideas
“New” Inspiration
“New Excitement”
“New” Opportunities
“NEW Knowledge”
“New Vision”
“New” Realizations
“New” Priorities
“New” Feelings
“New” Connections
“New” Energy
= NEW Earth
Aloha Love Family,

Your NEW Earth REALities look nothing like your old… they are not supposed to. Your old earth realities were unconscious and fed on/was bred from a disconnected state… Your “new” realities are the OPPOSITE of your old… they are full of PURE LOVE and emanate from your own Light and support each other as Pure Love too…. Your “NEW” Earth Realities are energetically and physically aligned by way of your own TUNING PROCESSES and HARMONICS that you hold…. and transmit out…. returning your most magical realities, because this is where you exist from/live from …. from deep inside of you. Your deeply sacred connection, your every inspiration SHARED…. your LIGHT forging a path…. and touching all as LOVE along the way. Your kindness, your consideration, your deep sacred RESPECT….. YOU SEE PURE BEAUTY in EVERYTHING… because this is where you live from…. YOUR OWN SOUL CONNECTION…. where immense beauty, magic and purity bellow out….. with your every breath….. You have come to UNDERSTAND the difference between old earth and new… you’ve come to realize that IT’S ALL YOU and what you contribute to, support, put your own energy (and things) into….. You’ve come to realize and CHOOSE which Version of Earth you will support…. the ONE that recognizes each of our BEAUTY AND VALUE AS SOULS or the one that plays out the old matrix programs…. because the ONE YOU ALLOW/PARTICIPATE IN/SUPPORT…. this becomes your reality/own experience here…. YOUR OWN REALIZATIONS of how powerful you are when you stand as Sovereign again, Unified again and a part of the collective ‘NO, THAT IS NO LONGER ACCEPTABLE AS REALITY’… where you pull your support, where you step up and become the difference…. this is what SHIFTS YOUR WHOLE REALITY here…. and the COLLECTIVE SHIFT out of the old and over to a CONSCIOUS CREATION AND CONSCIOUS ALIGNMENT…. is beyond beautiful (if you understand). Yes, it’s challenging to the ego, as this “challenge” is breaking down the linear constructs that held all in place, the limits held, the lack energy, the resistance to a vibrational, non-linear existence… that requires all of our SOULS TO BE PRESENT…. to build new realities together, to build and form new relationships that function from that depth that we are….. those deep deep deep connections…. as SOULAR LIGHT BEINGS AND STAR BEINGS & CRYSTAL BEINGS HERE….. we just happen to have a “physical body”, which confuses the human aspect, that still “sees” the old ways (heart and mind closed).

GET EXCITED for what prepares to come forth, for that which you shall birth, create and share, for that which you will build/rebuilt and nurture and love into reality too….. GET inspired for the possibilities and all that’s available as your old programs go too….. GET READY TO JUMP – QUANTUM STYLE…. BY WAY OF EMBRACING all that available, when your heart is wide open too! If you “look out there” and BELIEVE THAT chaos and 3D matrix as YOUR REALITY, then you’ll be “waiting” for “others” to tell you what to do, to dictate how you live your life, how you feel and you’ll be conforming to belief systems that suck and drain your own LIFE FORCE ENERGY (SOUL)…. until you don’t have anything left….. (ego dissolution/death). If you LOOK OUT THERE AND SEE beauty, possibility, ways to make a difference as LOVE, ways to connect, unite, come together to CREATE, UPLIFT, INSPIRE… then all will be your CANVAS… completely blank and ready for you to contribute your skills, your resources, your visions, your inspiration, your higher consciousness heart knowledge and your OWN PURE SOURCE SOUL ENERGY TOO….

IF YOU SEE that as the old goes, this is a re-birthing process, a moment of “new creation”, a beautiful OPPORTUNITY to start anew…. then instead of living from ego-fear, you will live from heart-inspiration-excitement-knowing….. REMEMBERING that this is how all occurs as all shift from an old unconscious existence OVER to a fully conscious one…


LIVING beyond the Veils of Amnesia means seeing all and REMEMBERING and then CHOOSING A UNIFIED EXISTENCES over the programmed ones you once believed as “real”….. and then LIVING THIS… as PURE LOVE here. ♥


GET Creative…. it’s a part of your SOURCE ENERGY that fuels and inspires your new realities and eventually will “replace” all of your “old” ones too! ♥
Magical Blessings and immense Love from Kauai ~


Woman With Veil Painting by Patricia Rachidi @ Pixels

What is Ultimately Important for Us? – Steve Beckow

cat and lotus meditation

What is Ultimately Important for Us?

When love is irresistibly sweet, I call it bliss. But it’s the same state.

Now that I’m aware of the importance of the emotional/experiential world, I’m being much more watchful for the wisps of love and bliss that flitter across my inner vision. When I come across them, I breathe into them and allow them to fill me up.

I’m letting go of remaining vigilant towards the outside world and instead emphasizing remaining vigilant towards the inside world.

I need to pay attention to the fleeting emotions and states of being. Given that I know that they unpack themselves upon being recognized for what they are, I see these wisps as portals or doorways into bliss.

Not doorways in a physical manner – that shows the limits of metaphors – but in a spiritual one.

No matter what’s happening in the outside world, it’s what’s happening inside of me that’s important.

Joseph Campbell was right when he said “Follow your bliss.” I’ve become addicted to “work, work, work” and so I don’t give bliss a chance to work its blessed work. Like being blissful is not doing my work. Michael said:

“You have had a lot of physical, practical things that have eliminated the time and the spaciousness, the feeling that you can take time to really be in the bliss but it is absolutely necessary, my brother. So make the time.” (1)

He’s so right.

As I said some time ago, I’m addicted to pain, (2) as he pointed out on another occasion. I’m addicted, habituated, to behavior patterns that only result in pain and ignore or fail to take up behavior patterns that will bring me what I really want – love, peace, and bliss.

Most of the time, I hide from myself by choosing to remain unconscious of what may be happening in the inside world. I feel happy, for instance, but I’m not aware that I feel happy. I’m unconscious of the me and the happiness.

The real progress comes with being conscious of the me and the happiness. Then my inner world – again – opens into bliss.

I swore I would not do this, but I’m going to: I’m going to sit here in the bliss, just drinking it in.

This seems to be where all roads are leading to for me. For Kathleen it might be balance. For someone else, something else. But this is it for me.

Bliss does not remain unless I periodically renew it by breathing it back up and in again. And it isn’t a meditation of stillness; it’s an active drawing bliss up from wherever it is to my (conscious) awareness.

When it comes up, it wipes my memory clean of anything unpleasant or untoward. It itself is sweet beyond belief. I could indeed sit in this space forever. (3) It’s deeply desirable.

Does this not illustrate the importance of feeling and divine states? I pursue this wonderful state above everything else. Not a Cadillac or a VIP Cruise. But an inner divine state.

Does that not demonstrate that what is ultimately important for us as humans is how we feel?


(1) AAM in a personal reading with SB through Linda Dillon, Jan. 20, 2017.

(2) “Default to the Red or the Gold?” 

(3) Divine Mother: If you had seen the light as it actually is, yes, a million, billion suns… You would have simply departed.

You would have departed the life that you have designed – yes with us –  for yourself; for the service you are providing. You would have departed and simply said, “I do not need to do this. I will simply sit in the bliss of love and good luck, everybody!” (DM in a personal reading, ibid., Oct. 26, 2018.)


Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists ~ Credit given where this is known. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah ❤💖