A Total Rebirth is Occurring – Steve Beckow

Tree of Life Art – I Embrace The Earth ~ Toni Carmine Salerno


“A Total Rebirth is Occurring”
February 2, 2019 By Steve Beckow

I no sooner posted this passage from Judith Kusel to the First Contact database than a wave of love swept over me:

“The cosmic forces are sweeping in. The greatest clearing and cleansing, disintegration has begun now with full force. The cosmic gale force winds are sweeping away the old, followed by the fires which transmute and bring new life and new beginnings in all forms. It is a powerful regenerative force and it is here for the next hundred years. A total rebirth is occurring – and it is immensely powerful!

“The regenerative force will sweep through our relationships with self and others and in the most intimate ones. The power of love will sweep through our illusions, our fantasies as we return to the ultimate truth. We stand naked, stripped to the core of our souls, where we cannot hide anymore. We cannot lie to ourselves and we cannot lie to others. The truth ultimately sets free – and how! The regenerative force teaches us that only Love is real and all else is illusion.

“The deepening of love occurs when we finally come home to ourselves and in coming home to ourselves, we can find the ultimate deepest love[of] the Divine Other.

“To see the Divinity – the perfection, the beauty within – and we are then profoundly, sublimely touched. It is true love which ever renews itself, and ever draws closer to the Beloved for it can do and be no other. True love is the greatest gift of this time, for those who are prepared to open the heart and soul to ever greater levels of love and being loved and not shrink away from it.

“The Power of Love is a regenerative force as much as it is a force of expansion, of rebirth and ever greater levels of soul growth.” (1)

That is all so true. The regenerative force of love is sweeping through relationships. Many seem to be quickening; others seem to be falling apart.

The power of love will sweep aside our illusions and fears and irritations. All of them will be gone. None can stand up to the inner tsunami of love, as I’ve experienced.

We’ll stand naked. Hmmmm…. Sounds menacing. I prefer to say that we’ll experience our original innocence and natural purity. But it’s the same thing. How liberating it is to decide the question of “original innocence” or “original sin.”

Only love is real. Well, when you’re drowned in an Ocean of Love, the reality of that is certainly brought home. In an Ocean of Love, there is only love, everywhere. There is no denying at that moment that love is everything.

“True” love – transformative love, divine or sacred love – is indeed the greatest gift of all time, ever new, ever sweet. All true statements as far as I’m concerned.

True love, higher-dimensional love, when it arises, utterly transforms the circumstances. Were we all to live in the experience of this form of love, this world would work for everyone. I think that’s what Werner Erhard glimpsed when he uttered the vision of a world that works.

That’s an ascended world. That’s a world in which everyone experiences, worlds without end, the kind of love – “true love” – that Judith talks about here.


(1) Judith Kusel,”The Age of Miracles,” January 21, 2019, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2019/01/21/the-age-of-miracles/.



Tree of Life Art – I Embrace The Earth ~ Toni Carmine Salerno


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