ATOMIC LIGHTBODY DNA – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Shape Of My Heart Painting by Dorina Costras @ Artmajeur



Atomic Upgrades OF THE CHARTS all day!!!!!!! We’ve gone WIDE OPEN for the last few hours… and increasing mega-wattage (no words for how powerful & strong)…. BIG TIME BABY!

Let’s Do this!!!!! Quantum Style!!!!!! HooRAh! ☼Embrace Embrace Embrace! Integrate, Acclimate & assimilate! These are H-U-G-E! ♫ More DNA Harmonics ♫

Mega love ♫ Divine Harmonization ♫

These “new” frequency bandwidths and the 12D template… it’s interesting to “observe” it as it “works”…. soooooooo VAST and yet, soooooooooooooooooooooo SIMPLE…. PURE DNA HARMONY….. a MASSIVE AMPLIFICATION OF THE 5D template, yet the 6D/7D/8D/9D/10D/11D templates too…… hundreds (and so many more) templates…. every time I look at the template, it’s a completely different version and “overlays” INTO all of the ‘OTHER’ ONES…. the merging process so subtle in one way, yet so very much going on within our physical LIGHTBODIES… all of theme…

There are many “themes” that keep “repeating” (Until I share them with you all)…. so I’ll attempt to do a little bit… as everything that comes forth since December is PURE 12D….. PURE DIVINE TEMPLATES…. yet each must ‘accomplish’ the “basic” template first….. which is where many COLLECTIVES are moving into…. each into a “new frequency bandwidth” RELATIVE to their own personal experience/DNA EVOLUTION processes here…..

2019’s focus is vast…. for many it’s breaking down old programs like never before…. it has the “theme” of NEW BEGINNINGS for each who embrace this from their own CORE… it’s DEFINITELY FOCUSED on clearing ANY and ALL DENSITY that each still physically holds…. so that each can HOLD MORE PHOTONIC LIGHT within their own DNA/Genetic/Atomic cells constantly being RECODED….


​For the last week/month, we’ve had a MAVERICK PORTAL/ACTIVATION occurring.. which is quite cool to observe. This will “affect” the whole on a much grander level, as EACH moves into “free-thinking”, which means moving out of the amnesia state “faster” (coming out of the deep sleep/comatose state, which is confusing for a bit), more going through their own inner-pole flip (which flips their realities upside down, going on in the physical body for each “functions from” too, which starts a whole new process of “Ascending” with the physical body, while descending as higher selves to “merge” as ONE within the physical body…. while clearing their own “inner hell” to awaken to/anchor their own “Heaven” on Earth into the physical too…… This is a very PHYSICAL PROCESS, once that does not fit into any linear anything…. it takes connecting on a much DEEPER LEVEL, where each HOLDS THIS INFORMATION encoded within themselves too.


BREAKING AWAY/OUT OF THE OLD….. As each’s Soul activates on a cellular level, the carbon based body will heat up to burn off old programming/decalcify (carbon residue), for the physical matter form of each’s body to start a massive transition process of Carbon-Based to Crystalline (then plasma/photonic/more). With this “new template”, not much of any old is able to “come through”. That which is not fully/highest aligned, really has to “go” …. faster/stronger/at a more accelerated rate… and depending on each’s own level of consciousness that they function from, HOW THIS IS EXPERIENCED (with ease or immense challenge) is based upon many things… physical body density (not weight, density… physical matter mass to light ratio, which constantly changes as we all go), how much resistance inside and how Quantum or Linear one is….

Note: This is also a part of the 2222 Source Code as it activates in the blood/oxygen/flesh of the body to start to clear carbon-based toxins from the body (primarily visible by way of the heart/chest/lungs area (breathing and opening up/clearing density from the chest wall/throat/nasal/head area), an important density clearing process (immune system), activating crystals throughout the body (i.e. Crystalline LightBody). The heating up/cooling down process is an important part of the changing of physical matter form, organic cryo-genetics, aging acceleration for ego-death, as well as regeneration through the LightBody which will all correlate to accelerated death/re-birth cycles that shift from a physical to a Quantum one.


​For those who FUNCTION FROM A QUANTUM STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS in every way, it’s simple and easy to close out portals, move on, be done… because everything is a vibration/energy and represented by the amount of DENSITY and LIGHT…. there are ZERO attachments and REALities function completely differently…. the VIBRATION and ENERGY PRESENT shows all…. so the “decisions” for what is appropriate on a SOUL LEVEL is very different than the “old realities” were….


The more carbon based (linear) each’s body is (DENSITY), the more attachments/cords and separation still held within… which correlates to physical density, as the “constructs” of each’s cellular make-up (on an atomic level) is what dictates each’s actual physical reality… which is why it takes immense awareness and POWER to hold each’s NEW (HIGHER/HIGHEST States of Consciousness in place LONG ENOUGH) to BREAK DOWN THAT LINEAR CONSTRUCT…. which can be done INTENTIONALLY or experienced the unconscious ways (without awareness or perception of “choice”, yet even this is “not true”, as all things that occur were/are EACH’S SOUL’S CHOICE…. it’s just the human (ego) aspect that doesn’t get a choice when full awakening and ascension “has to occur” (encoded in each’s DNA when “that frequency activates”…continually along the way…. ​​


THIS IS ABOUT AN EVOLUTION on a scale that’s incomprehensible by the human aspect… from Carbon-Based (atomic spin rate of each’s cells)…. to Crystalline (where all changes/shape form continually, with all new “codes” activated constantly to “reshape” REALity constantly…. through the APPLICATION/EMBODIMENT of PHOTONIC LIGHT…. this is NOT something the human “ego” aspect gets to “control”… PHOTONIC LIGHT HAS THE CONTROL… which is a whole new ballgame for all…. This is a SURRENDERING PROCESS… where your LIGHTBODY takes over and it runs the show… yet YOU ARE YOUR LIGHTBODY, so learning to listen/communicate on a DNA Level isn’t done with your linear mind… it’s done with your SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS… where “Light” and “photons” and DNA are our language and how we SEE, speak, live, breathe… FULL CONSCIOUSNESS with every BREATH… as PURE SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS is alive, awake and deeply connected on EVERY LEVEL…. living/breathing/working in UNISON… we ARE the UNIFIED FIELD OF FULL CONSCIOUSNESS… we ARE the LIGHT, it’s not a “thing”‘… WE ARE PURE LOVE, which makes everything that’s “not”…. totally visible and OURS to observe/hear/see/feel/do…. align/tune…. which is “easy” when we are fully in-tune and living in PURE HARMONY on a deep cellular level from within our own selves…..

This is a PROCESS that has taken our “whole life” thus far… and every moment of this CURRENT NOW… this is not a linear thing… at all.

THIS IS A UNIVERSAL/COSMIC experience…. a UNIVERSAL/COSMIC Evolution…. that OCCURS within EACH… as each’s HEARTS FULLY OPEN…. to RETURN TO LIVING KINDNESS, CONSIDERATION, CARING, DEEP SACRED LOVE AND RESPECT in their own lives, in every way… too. The “old ways” (parameters) no longer apply, so trying to “use them” to understand or “do” a reality won’t work either…. this takes expanding and opening up fully from deep within to shift BEYOND THE OLD WAYS and ACCEPT that which makes no linear sense, yet to all of us… we “get it” and that’s all that matters….. ♥


CARBON BASED BODIES were rigid and “fixed”… because the cellular structure within the physical body was carbon bases at an atomic rate…. as each’s PHOTONIC LIGHTBODY ACTIVATES the body enters into a de-calcification and de-densifying process… a cellular and molecular restructuring process that evolves as each’s LightBody activates/holds more PHOTONIC LIGHT.

​The ATOMIC SPIN RATE and life-cycle changes…. and how each functions on a multi-dimensional level is also dictated by this. Each’s cell, on an atomic level is constantly being re-coded/re-written, activating each’s CRYSTALLINE LIGHTBODY (after the Gamma LightBody has done “it’s thing” to bring each online with NEW EARTH to “leave old earth” with their bodies, literally)….. Each’s CRYSTALLINE ATOMIC CODES, STAR CODES, STELLAR CODES AND SOURCE CODES are held within each’s body, yet only activated when/as those FREQUENCIES are activated on a COSMIC LEVEL INSIDE, which can be accelerated by each CONSCIOUSLY DOING THIS with the intention of EVOLVING AT AN ACCELERATED RATE, understanding that NEW EARTH/HEAVEN ON EARTH/GALACTIC NEW EARTH….is what they will EXPERIENCE as their whole life is EVOLVED and fully aligned here….


SOURCE CODES work on an atomic level…. and “don’t care” what the human ego aspect “wants”. This is not how any of this works… WITH THE CURRENT PHASES THAT OUR MULTI-DIMENSIONAL EARTH IS IN NOW…. everything is DICTATED ON A SOUL LEVEL… so each’s WHOLE LIFE is now increasingly subject to this….

SOURCE CODES CAN BE ACTIVATED INTENTIONALLY or unconsciously…. and are…. which is “why” so many are confused, going through “so much” and don’t get to “control” from separation anymore…. SOURCE CODES OVERWRITE each’s realities…. completely… and align all in very different ways (the opposite) of what the human aspect would choose….

SOURCE CODES ACTIVATE EACH ON A SOUL LEVEL…. they “break down” the old programming each held deep within. They go straight for each’s ATOMIC CODES in DNA/RNA/Genetics…. to RETURN EACH to PURE EXISTENCES here…. ☼


WE are DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP IN RAPID, ACCELERATED, ENHANCED COSMIC EVOLUTION… to RETURN ALL TO PURE HARMONY here. All that is not in fully harmony becomes visible, so each can hear/see/feel and CHOOSE… to bring all into Divine Harmony as LOVE and Live the beauty, magnificence, magic and immensity of NEW EARTH HERE FULLY TOO. ♥

With love and excitement!

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Is a Sick Body a Barrier to Ascension? – Steve Beckow

Tari Pass, Southern Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea.

Bird of Paradise ~ Tari Pass, Southern Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea


Is a Sick Body a Barrier to Ascension?

Is a sick or disabled body a barrier to Ascension? Why is the pain increasing?

In the course of research, I came across this passage in which Archangel Michael addressed these questions, on An Hour with an Angel, June 12, 2014.

Steve Beckow: Lord, a question for you. One of the big new developments in this Ascension is ascending with the human body. What have you found, and when I say you I mean the team that is staging Ascension, what are the considerations that are facing you with regard to the human body’s frailty, with regard to not going too fast, burning out the circuits?

Archangel Michael: This is a very good question and it is a question that many of you have posed to me in prayer or even in pain. I will be very frank. The human body has required a lot of work. It is not in great shape.

I don’t say that critically but you have asked a very important question. It [physical Ascension] is unique. It is the first. We are taking this form, you, each of you are taking this form and not merely abandoning it, but bringing it forth inter-dimensionally, to a higher vibration, to what you can think of as a reconstitution.

This is also part of the recovery that I have referred to earlier. It is not simply the infusion of the love. It is also the recovery, the strengthening of the body and many are reporting that. The channel forgot to mention that part, but I will help her out.

So, for decades you know that your body has been shifting and for some of you that began as far back as the Harmonic Convergence, through all these shifts, the 11:11’s, the 12:12’s, the Grand Crosses, the solar flares.

But this has been magnified and intensified in the past couple of years; well, actually about three and a half to four years. You’re shifting from what you think of as the carbon-based form to a crystalline form which is simply meaning that the structure of your being is more able to not only hold the higher frequency and vibration but also act as a transmitter.

And there are many side benefits in terms of healing and in terms of telepathic communications and simply clarity of downloads. So that has been one thing.

The thing that we have been most focused on – and I truly speak for my brother Archangel Raphael, oh yes, and St. Germaine, he is giving me the nod as well – has been the strengthening of the body as we eliminate what you think of as dis-ease, maladies, weaknesses in the human body.

You have asked about the Ascension team. Now I’m telling you, the priority is the elimination of pain because it is very difficult to be in the upliftment, in the elevation, in the bliss when you were in pain. You have moments of bliss and then your body calls you back.

That is one of the reason why also for the last while so many healing ships have been positioned so close to Gaia and have been working completely non-stop. That is an aside that I make.

You do not have the existence of dis-ease, pain, limitation, in the higher dimension. So, why are we concerned about addressing this while in the, shall we say, cleaned-up 3rd?

Because when you are more dis­-ease-stronger, more vital, more in your root chakra, then you are fully capable of taking that quantum leap.

Additionally, it is a mission of mercy, of compassion, to heal humanity because in that demonstration of the clearing or the lessening of pain, emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual, they are all in the same bandwidth. In that demonstration, what you are receiving is the message, “I am worthy, I am loved” and that is also part of the cleansing and the raising of your vibration, your frequency, your trust factor, your faith factor. So it is complex.

Now, your next question would be, “Then why am I hearing from so many lightworkers that they are feeling more pain than ever, of one sort or another?” And it is because the pain, the injuries, mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, old ailments, even past life ailments, are coming to the surface to be washed away, to be removed, from the Tsunami, from the Mother, from Raphael, from St. Germaine, from your star brothers and sisters. Everybody is working on this.

The idea, the plan is that your vessels are as vibrant as possible. Now let me be clear about this because I can feel several of you who are out there saying, “But I am still feeling crippled. I’m still feeling overwhelmed and depressed. I still have heart palpitations. I still have arthritis, My back still hurts.” I speak to you as your brother, as truth. Your Ascension is not dependent upon your body being fully recovered. It is a benchmark that we are working on achieving.

Will there be healing as you pass through the portal? There most certainly will be. Is there magnificent healing in the Tsunami? Yes, but do not think, especially those of you who have suffered and cleansed for so many, do not think for one moment that I am going to leave you behind. Our legions will lift you up and carry you through.

It is your heart, and the love, and the purity, and the grace that is your passport, your ticket. We simply want your body to be as full and as vibrant as possible, as you decide, as you have originally designed, because do not forget my sweet friends, that this is a return to your true design.

And your true design, your soul design, your original architecture did not include dis-ease. And that is also true for Gaia. The ailments, shall we say, that she has endured or suffered as a result of the illusions, and the false grids and paradigms, vasanas of humans, the pollution, the debris, the garbage, the despoiling, this will be healed as well. (“Archangel Michael: The Mother’s Essence Within and Without are Colliding – Part 2/2,” channeled by Linda Dillon, June 12, 2014, at


Bird of Paradise ~ Tari Pass, Southern Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea.