Hermit in a Busy World – Steve Beckow

THE HERMIT ~ Magical Forest Tarot


Hermit in a Busy World


Three pieces of advice from AAM are coming together to shape the way I appear to be these days.

The first is his admonition not to get distracted. (1) What is happening in politics is a good example of distraction, according to him.

The second was him telling me not to enter into the fray, not to go down into the trenches. There were people, he said, whose soul contract was to do that.

The third was that the Reval was not dependent on celestial alignments, significant dates (9/11, 11/22/11, Christmas, New Years, etc.), personalities, or any other external factors. It was dependent on vibration.

The most significant outcome of taking in the combination of the three statements is that I subsequently lost interest – if I ever had very much – in the political. I’m not following anyone I know of anymore. Well, very, very few.

On the one hand, I don’t know what’s happening or not happening in the capitals and I’m not moved to find out. I’ve cut the umbilical cord.

On the other, my interest in awareness and human growth has increased a great deal.

In regards to politics, I see myself as being caught in another of what Michael calls an β€œaddiction to pain.” There was nothing satisfying about following political news and yet I would not stop doing it.

It was addicted, habitual, conditioned behavior, done even at the cost of pain. Given that I would not alter the behavior even though it brought me pain, I demonstrated that I was addicted to it.

Seeing that I’ve taken the step of letting go of the political gives me renewed hope that I can make other life-enhancing choices during a time, destined to go on into the future, in which I get busier and busier.

Hermit that I am, I haven’t learned to cope with a busy life. No time for watching videos, webinars, or other audio/visual presentations. Just texts please. No time for very much said in emails. No time to just kick back and watch a movie.

I head into my two-day holiday – my weekend – tomorrow and I can imagine myself lying in bed all day staring at the ceiling, with all electronics turned off. Totally in stillpoint or shellshock, depending on whether your listening to me or holding a stethoscope to my body.

How does a hermit survive in a busy, interactive world?


(1) AAM:Β  Do not get distracted. Whether it is by outside events or internal uncertainty. Keep coming back to your heart. Keep coming back to the brilliance of your mind. You are where you need to be and I am right next to you. (AAM in a personal reading with SB through Linda Dillon, Feb. 20, 2018.)



THE HERMIT ~ Magical Forest Tarot

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