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Greetings to my beloved Morning Message family
Feb 11, 2019
___________ My Personal Message___________
We have had lots of rain which is such a blessing. I know our cold does not compare to the bitter cold happening across the country but like many I am certainly ready for spring. My home is a spring and summer kind of place with lots of windows which allow the feeling of being a part of nature. However in the winter months it is difficult to heat. Even so, being forced to be inside has given me the opportunity to clear out files and closets, which seems like a constant process.

January zoomed by with celebrations of my birthday, the anniversary of my Miracles and Intentions support group which began it twenty-fifth year. I feel so blessed to have so many women who come together once a month to share the miracles they have experienced and to state intentions to be witnessed by everyone. If you want to start your own group, please contact me and I will send you the format.

I’m excited to join the panel for the “Capitalize On Your Creativity” symposium. This opportunity is free. I know that you will enjoy insights, strategies and stories that will assist you to capture your genius and capitalize on your creativity. Please join me and enjoy all twenty-eight other presenters. My segment is on February 24th. Here is the link to this awesome symposium. https://abrandyouway.com/capitalize-on-your-creativity/peggyblack

This month I was busy with personal sessions with the ‘team.’ I am grateful for the incredible people I have the opportunity to work with. I am so honored to be able to facilitate for those who have questions about personal issues and challenges. If you are interested in booking appointments please contact me. It is a nice way to start the new year. I love making the ‘team’ available for a private session. They are very generous with their information which offers clarity, guidance and empowerment.

I have also had the opportunity to share with others the stories and energy of the Andara stones. I have made it my intention to seed our planet with their energetic properties of expanded and accelerated spiritual awareness, access to universal knowledge, and the ability to bridge between dimensions. So for those of you who know these stones or those who might be interested, please contact me for more information, peggyblack@aol.com or visit www.peggyblack.com.

Our Morning Messages community continues to expand. I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve in this way. You and your stories inspire me to continue this work. Thank you for your incredible support with bluesky donations. We are a powerful community of spiritual beings and I am honored to be a part of our service together.

I acknowledge each of you as you recognize yourself as a master of transformation when dealing with all that is occurring in your life and on our planet. We are making a difference. I acknowledge your magnificence as you willingly heal and transform all that you encounter. I invite you to live in gratitude. Together we will continue to envision a reality that is life sustaining for all. Blessings of grace and joy, Peggy

_________ Message from the ‘Team’ _________ 
Wonderous Task
Peggy Black and the ‘team’

We are here offering our support and insights from a larger perspective. We acknowledge you in your physical form. We acknowledge the focus you have regarding what is happening in your life and what is occurring on the planet as a whole. Often this focus becomes all that you are able to see or take in. It becomes a bit narrow so to speak. You are too close to the events and some of the events are charged with emotions, attitudes, fears that keep you locked into that narrow focus.This reality is enticing; it can be rather seductive, especially when all your energy and focus is on the physical dimension. We recognize and acknowledge that there is a certain amount of attention needed to maintain your body and the activities of your life. We are inviting you to soften the focus a bit and allow your awareness to begin to view your life and what is happening on your planet from a higher perspective.

When you practice this often throughout your day, it will become more natural. Your birds that walk on the ground hunting for food see only the limited area they are acting upon, yet these very birds can take flight and soar above the ground and see an entirely different landscape. This is the offering that we are inviting you to practice. Consider your daily activities like the bird on the ground and often allow yourself to consciously soar above those activities and events and view them from this higher perspective.

We acknowledge that the physical body and its activities seem the most important. However, shifting your point of view to a higher perspective will certainly offer you new insights. From your earthly grounded point of view things seem perhaps random or unexpected, yet when you allow your higher consciousness to look at the random or the unexpected event you will be surprised at how these events truly are connected as they unfold.

When you view world events through a limited perspective you miss the true unfolding of these events and how they reveal the bigger picture and the energy that is being offered. We observe that you are viewing world events with a feeling that all is hopeless and that you are powerless to support or assist in the outcome. This could not be farther from the truth. That is a surge of energy that is awakening humanity.

This frequency is in place to support and assist you in your own realization of who you are. You are a divine being of light and energy. You have a physical body and you have a divine body that is pure creative energy. You are meant to recognize this partnership and fully awaken to the power of this awareness.

It is the physical body that walks on the ground and it is the divine body that allows you to soar above what is occurring. It is from your divine perspective that you are able to see and understand what is unfolding in the larger picture on your planet.

We are celebrating what is occurring. The repressed emotions and beliefs are now very visible and being acted out. Because these old negative and misqualified energies are now more obvious, they are now able to be transformed. They are not in the shadows. Because they are not in the shadows, those light workers, those who are awake and aware like yourself, are able to dissipate that negative misqualified energy.

As a divine being of light, you have the birthright and the responsibility to transform all negative or misqualified energy you experience or witness. Remember, in your true essence you are powerful beyond measure. Hold that, anchor that, walk in that truth. This is your strength that comes with that awareness.

You begin to realize this is what you came here for, to be a part of this great and grand shift of the ages, this evolution and awakening that is taking place right here and right now on Earth.
We can only observe until we are invited to join you in the wondrous task. Understand that what is happening on your planet has the attention of your galactic and star families. Realize that not every divine being who wanted to be a part of this was offered a ticket. You were, and you are the most qualified conscious being to be here now.

So beings are encouraging you and supporting you to continue to observe what is happening from the larger perspective. There are a great many things taking place around the world that are astonishing, amazing and life enhancing. Begin to look for these amazing events and occurrences.

There are countless numbers of awakened beings assisting this planet to evolve. There are countless awakened beings who are offering a frequency of love, appreciation, gratitude, acceptance and forgiveness to all they encounter.

Remember to say to yourself often, I am aware that I am aware. This shifts your ground-level point of view to the higher perspective. It is from your higher perspective that answers, solutions and inspirations come. You can also say, here I am, so glad you are. These simple statements will assist you in remembering to look at the bigger picture of what is unfolding.

You can observe that more and more people are taking action to find ways to clear the waters, take care of the less fortunate, and stand up in their power to make a difference by holding and anchoring the truth.

The mis-creations on you planet are being dismantled. Use your power to focus on that, add your thoughts, emotions, visions to the best and brightest outcomes. Watch when you drop into the place of judgments, or pushing against some event; remember, your energy just adds to the energy of that dysfunction. As quickly as possible use your tools, invite non-physical beings of light and love to assist and support the outcome benefiting all.

When you are puzzled by what is going on and you do not or cannot understand, say to yourself, there is more to be revealed.

These are exciting times and you are here to make a difference. Realize your smallest act of kindness can tip the scale to a blessing for all humanity. Your conscious loving action will always ripple out and touch the lives of everyone. Remember that you are an alchemist who transforms all energies into higher frequencies of light and love. You are transmuting the old paradigm into a higher intelligence and order.

You are pure potential. We acknowledge that truth and stand ready to walk beside you as you create a reality that honors all living things. Be in your joy and delight in this awesome opportunity.  the ‘team’

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Avalon Chrome – Photographer, Model, Blogger @ Flickr.




THE HEART TRANSMISSION – Archangel Oracle Divine Guidance


Daily Angel Oracle Card: The Heart Transmission, from the Lightworker Oracle, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Mario Duguay Published by Blue Angel



The Heart Transmission: “Your heart is capable not only of giving and receiving love, but of connecting you to a great network of beings that resonate in the highest frequencies of divine love. Through your heart, you can receive information and guidance from networks of light that fill our Universe. As you learn to open your heart to receiving these transmissions, your ability to work with a group consciousness in a loving way increases. You shall affect humanity in a loving way, influencing the collective, rather than allowing the lower frequencies of the collective to overwhelm you.”

“Working with group energy is a leap on the spiritual path, with risk, but also great reward in terms of empowerment to manifest your life mission. The risk with group energy is mitigated when you approach it from the heart, rather than the head. The mind can argue one point of view and then immediately – and convincingly ! – argue its opposite. The heart, however, either feels something resonate or it doesn’t – whether or not there is a logical explanation for it. The mind can be seduced by those who tell you they have great spiritual power. But this will instantly trigger intuitive ‘warning bells’ in your heart, for those with genuine power do not need to convince you of it.

The heart is the key to deciding where you offer your devotion. When you offer devotion to the group consciousness that loves you unconditionally, your heart feels safe, loved and an inner knowing of the rightness of that group for you – whether that group exists on the earthly plane or in a spiritual dimension. For as long as it gives you life, broadens your horizons, nourishes your truths and empowers you to live your destiny, that group is serving you. If you do not experience these positive effects, if you feel drained, confused or that your issues are not resolving as you work with this group, listen carefully to your heart and question whether it is indeed the right place for you to be.

It is important to also work with groups that you can serve. Although you may love your family, for example, they might not be the group you can best serve. Perhaps those who are open, willing and receptive to your spiritual gifts are outside your family. Perhaps your family can benefit spiritually from you in the role of mother, or son, or daughter, but not in the role of spiritual mentor.

On the other hand, some groups may want to feed off you, but not learn to do for themselves. They may wish for you to give them answers to their problems. They may not be willing to develop the trust, courage, confidence, and empowerment that is required to take responsibility for their own relationship to the Universe – which is needed so they can grow in soul wisdom through their life experiences. Your heart may guide you to withdraw your services from such people because you love them and want them to grow.

Your heart will guide you to operate differently with different people. You may be guided to explore hobbies or interests that lead you to the next group that your presence can assist. The heart will also guide you when it is time to move on. The transmission of the heart gives a truthful assessment of the interaction of your frequency with the frequency of a group. Is it mutually raised? Then this is a spiritually constructive connection. Is it diminished? This will not be so helpful. The heart empowers you to know when to work with others, for how long and in what way. Trust it! The more you do, the more groups which can bring great benefit to you and to the planet, can enter into your world.”


“I have gratitude now for the heart transmission that guides me through universal love into the group consciousness that can best serve the greatest good and my own divine destiny. I ask for protection, insight, clear knowing and clear feeling to guide me through the many groups that I will love and work with spiritually this lifetime. May all my group involvements be constructive. May love, light and power increase in me unconditionally loving ones help all group endeavours attain spiritual success. Through my own free will and divine love, so be it.”

~ By Alana Fairchild

The world would be a very different place if we could live it from a heart centered space. If we could come together, work together and accept each other regardless of race or gender or social status. It would be a very different place if we pooled our natural resources, shared, cared and stopped the majority of unsustainable environmental practices we have in place. If we taught children to be part of something bigger instead of every man for themselves. If we taught them to focus on their strengths, see them as gifts and share them with the world; rather than to compete with each other to be the biggest, the richest, the most powerful.

The planet is in a precarious position at the moment. A tipping point. A point where we fall too far and lose too much if we don’t make some major changes. Like right NOW. Choose to see it or not, there isn’t really any time to spare.

Yet here we are, the same as we have always been. Clawing our way to the top. Living in fear. Smothered under a pyramid of government and wealthy at the top with all the power to plunder and own us, our land and our resources. And then everyone else at the bottom, struggling and suffering. Feeling powerless to change. Amazingly we are so agreeable to all of this. Perfect that we buy into our powerlessness. That we choose to look the other way. Distressed yet too distracted to do anything about it.

But eventually, sooner rather than later, we will all pay a hefty price. The rich may last a little longer with their access to more resources, but the planet will ultimately decide. It will be survival of the fittest on a large scale. Hope we have what it takes to survive.

Or we make the tough decision to commit to making uncomfortable changes. Big, bold, lasting changes. We create the resistance now. We find a way to live within our ecological means. We commit to a smaller footprint. We find a way to create a new reality.

To do this we must transform our lives individually and come together collectively.

I wonder, will we do it?



~Archangel Oracle

* Lightworker Oracle, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Mario Duguay Published by Blue Angel