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Wednesday, February 13, 2019
Opening Multidimensional Portals

Sue, Kim, and Monica
Sue Lie:
Hello everybody, this is Sue Lie and I would like to invite you to join us in our upcoming webinar which is ‘Opening Multi-Dimensional portals.’

You may ask, “What is a portal?”
“What is a Multi-Dimensional portal?”
“How do we open a portal?”

For the question of, “What is a portal?” I’m going to call Monika in to help with this as she has actually been to portals. Monika would you like to talk a little bit about what a portal is to you since you’ve had more of a direct experience with them in your journeys to far away places.

Hello sure, a portal is a field of expanded energy. We can find this energy everywhere, we find portals everywhere. When we activate our own individual portals to the light, then we are more able to perceive more of Gaia’s portals.

Yes, would you say that opening our personal portals is something that should precede opening the others, or does opening the other portals help us to open our own portals?

Both ways, it is like opening a curtain, and once we open the curtain we are able to perceive and see more.

Yes, and the more we see, the more we are able to see. It’s almost like if we step into a room that has a different kind of light in it. It takes our eyes a while to acclimate to that light so that we can see the light (inner or outer light) more clearly. Then after our eyes, and our consciousness, get used to that level of light, we can see it more clearly.

It is the same within the inner light of our deep, inner consciousness. Once our consciousness is able to accept certain frequencies, there are all kinds of information that can enter into our waking consciousness. At first, before we adjust to the own inner light, we may think “That can’t be real.” Then we may choose not to put our attention onto the light.

However, there are many opening portals that are calling us to say, “Yes, I want to open a portal. I want to see a portal. I want to be able to perceive something outside of me, or maybe even inside of me, that is a portal to a Higher Frequency of me (if it inside of me) or around me if it’s around the reality around me.

So would you ladies like to expand on that a little bit? Kim do you want to add to that?

Yes, I think that when we speak of portals it’s a new Multi-Dimensional language, it’s probably a connection point that starts within ourselves and yes you can also find alignment in portal activation with the earth and in different places of the earth and what that does is I feel it’s your direct line of communication to the inter-dimensional realities and first like you said it’s a matter of accepting it, recognizing it calling it in and giving it permission.

Giving it permission to show itself to one and once that is approved so to speak because we are a freewill planet and consciousness collective, then we can really start beginning to interchange the dialogue. And that dialogue would not necessarily be within a linear confine of communication. It’s more visuals, it’s more perceptivity of what it is that these beings or inter-dimensional energies are trying to convey or have you understand.

So it really does start with oneself but of course, it can get activated or expanded even more fully by being in certain places at certain times. But you certainly don’t need to do that in order to have that connection opening and starting within yourselves. So it’s quite exciting because it’s a new way of communicating.

Yes, and it’s a way of communicating with your consciousness. We always communicate with our consciousness but we don’t usually do so consciously. Maybe we are in a grocery store and we are like oh hurry up, we have that kind of consciousness or we have a wonderful concert and we have this really high consciousness.

And so it’s about being aware of our state of consciousness because our state of consciousness is what allows us to perceive that which is unperceivable to the lower states of consciousness. And also when we perceive with our higher states of consciousness we don’t see it like we see it with our physical eyes. We perceive it in our mind. we feel it in our heart.
Monika how did you perceive some of the things that you perceived when you were in Egypt and all those places those high spots?

Actually I would like to present the very application of opening Multi-Dimensional portals, because on one side we can tune into other dimensions and the beautiful structures being realities and on another by doing so we can activate our earthly portals of love, we can activate our portal of joy, we can activate our portal of Peace.

And what does it feel like? For example, when I was in Egypt it was like entering under the waterfall, it is like entering into a tornado but a very balancing coherent tornado. So it is expanding our energy field and therefore we are able to feel and perceive more and that is a feeling of feeling very, very good because then we carry in our field an enormous resource of peace or love or joy. So it’s like we can have a little bit of joy a sea of joy in us so we can have a belt of joy, we can have a barrel of joy or we can have a balloon a big, big balloon of joy.

And I would think that joy would be an important part, an important component of opening up a portal. And you have the experience of being in places like in Egypt, ancient places that are known portals. But there’s also just our everyday portals.
And Kim would you like to talk a little bit about the everyday portals?

Sure it can be as simple as going for a walk and having a connection amongst the trees or with nature and I think that is actually a more inducing environment for activating a lot of this is being in the outdoor space. And not that you can’t do it when you are indoors, I just think it’s casting a wider net of frequencies that you’re inviting in and you’re able to catch them in your etheric field a lot easier. It’s quite important at this time to be able to this on demand.

For several reasons as a collective of humanity we are ascending and we are trying to really integrate our multi-dimensional selves with the 3D earthly plane for reasons of bringing in our divine essence and feeling joy most of the time. And sort of leaving those lower energy fields go because they’re not conducive anymore for an ascended reality.

So we need to be able to feel comfortable in opening the portal and confident in our ability to do so so that we can accept all the change that is happening in a very open-minded way essentially. So we can help any assisting the planet in getting fully conscious from all pockets of the Earth in all cultures and countries this really is a collective awakening.

So feeling confident being able to traverse the change that’s happening, being able to connect with nature to give that permission so to speak for the consciousness to be fully aware and to receive other energies and ultimate expansion and joy is the goal I think for each individual and in terms of their own personal lives, using these new abilities to make better decisions to have better perceptions to be able to see things more clearly and to be able to lead others and to doing so as well.

I like that term you said, traverse the change.
Monika can you speak to that a little bit?

I loved what you brought Kim about activating portals because that’s an ability which we can train ourselves into. This is what happened to me, I was already activating portals without probably not knowing about it. Even long before I started meditating and it is a very practical, very useful tool for our everyday living which surely can bring us more energy, more nourishment, more empowerment.

And dr. Sue has wonderful, absolutely wonderful ways of activating these portals and introducing like the most loving guide taking you by the hand and guiding you on this journey of recognizing, activating and growing your portals. Therefore, we want to invite you to the webinar.

Yes would so say those three things again, that’s really important. Activating, resonating to .. do you remember them Monika?
How about you Kim, do you remember those three things that she said?

Yes, I think it was along the lines of understanding how to work with them, how to be aware of them, how to resonate with the portals. The how to’s and then the sustainability plan, for keeping them open cause I think that’s the goal to know that we can coexist with these new abilities and finding the confidence and the comfort to be able to do so. And I think our webinar can certainly dive deeper into that.

Yes, I got it, as we are talking we are in the Multi-Dimensional portal and the information comes through me so I need a moment to reach into my awareness where it landed like a package. So it’s recognizing, activating and growing the portal and when we do this our entire lives shift. We have a different capacity to manifest things in our life, our dreams, our capacity to bring good things into our life changes, our consciousness expands, we feel more love more balanced more creativity, blissfully infinite.

Yes, and then we can get in a more personal and intimate connection with our Higher Dimensional guides and we all have Higher Frequencies of ourselves. When we find these portals and we open these portals, they open up to many mysteries but they also open up to our own ability to perceive these wonderful mysteries and to acknowledge them and to interact with them during our daily life.

So we’re never really alone, there is always assistance for us. And you can think of the portal as being up in the sky or down on the ground or in the middle of the lake or in the depths of the desert.

It’s more that, one can recognize that portal, recognize that it’s there. It’s like if you go into a room and you’re looking for a certain person you’ll be able to find that person. But if you go into the room and you don’t really look for anybody, you’ll just be where all these people are but you won’t feel like you are having a choice that you are choosing to make.

And that’s what this opening of the portals is, we have this choice and we can choose this choice. We can decide to expand our consciousness beyond the physical plane. And when we do expand our consciousness beyond the physical plane we don’t perceive it in the same manner as we do in the physical plane.
So Monika would you like to comment and Kim would you like to as well?

Yes, this a way to enrich our self, enrich our consciousness from within. So we activate, we channel into our self-enriching nourishing energy and this energy grows our consciousness, it grows us it evolves us as beings and then our creations change, our life potential shifts.

Yes, thank you that’s great.
Kim, do you want to add to that?

Yes, I think that’s the angle if there is an angle because we are ever expanding ever growing beings of consciousness. But I think that’s a big one for us in this lifetime is to come to that realization that we can influence and change the course of our lives free willingly and with guidance but with also open acceptance of this intelligence that’s available to us at any point in time so that we’re not making decisions out of alignment which is ultimately what we are moving away from.

So I think it is important to share that message collectively and empower. Empower our communities to be able to follow this new trajectory of guidance at our disposal at any point in time. So very excited to have this conversation with you guys.

What makes us excited it that we are doing what we do FOR Gaia. In closing, I would like to say that the energies that we give to others are much more powerful than energies that we just hold inside of ourselves. It is like when we give, something opens up, which allows us to accept more through an inter-dimensional door we have opened inside of our self.

Therefore, we can more easily and lovingly accept from others. Also, as we realize that which is complete, it allows us to bring in that which is new and ready to starts its/our expansion.

As we keep these doors, these portals, open to the wonderful energy fields that are expanding and growing, we dispense this energy out to others. Also, we can then pull more of that higher energy into ourselves, which makes us all more awake, aware and unified with all of Gaia’s life forms.

Blessings from Sue, Kim, and Monica
The Goals and Benefits for opening your personal portal are to:

Open your awareness to new and greater life possibilities
Increase your consciousness communications with your Higher SELF
Activate your personal portal of JOY for more vibrant living
Enjoy your conscious communication with your higher dimensional realities
Expand your consciousness and vibration

With the expansion of your consciousness, you will be better able to increase your personal vibration of balance, joy, and love, as you reach out and accept greater peace, creativity, inner growth and a better understanding of how to embrace your higher dimensional skills and greater peace within your SELF.

I am called out of town and will be unable to offer this webinar
Please stay tuned as I will offer it again
Thank you for your understanding

Sue Lie
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Relationships & Soul Connection – Pamela Kribbe channels Mary Magdalene

The Reunion of Mary by Annelie Solis


Relationships and Soul Connection

Pamela Kribbe channels Mary Magdalene

Dear friends, dear men and women, I am Mary Magdalene speaking. I am a like-minded friend who is not elevated above you, but who is intimately connected with you through your heartbeat that transcends the ages. That is exactly what soul connections do: they transcend centuries and the many lives you have led here on Earth. The soul is of a different dimension than the earthly personality with which you have to deal in everyday life.

It is normal for you to be anchored in your earthly personality that is formed by so many external influences. For example, your genetic predisposition, with its current form, is essentially something you inherited from your parents when your soul came to Earth. Then in your early childhood, your parents also helped shape you by their energy, their views, and their background. Their reactions to you, their emotional openness and the degree of their presence, or the lack of it, formed you into who you are now. Later, still more influences affected you: your family, your native soil, the society in which you grew up, your education, your peers. You took in as your own so many outside influences from the earthly atmosphere around you that they overwhelmed what you naturally are.

However, when you are born on Earth, you are starting something entirely new. Even if your soul has wandered on Earth many times and gained many experiences, yet each birth is a step into the unknown, a new branch on the tree of your soul. What is new and unknown is what makes a child so special; you can feel that even with a newborn. Parents, and those who observe the child, are filled with deep wonder, with reverence and awe, for the grand miracle that takes place when a new child appears in the world: unique, a blank slate. Yes, and also a human being with a complete soul history; but, at the same time, with a totally new openness toward experience, and that is something the soul, as the heavenly parent of the child, has already decided.

Admire the courage of every newborn child, and that of the child you once were, who took the leap into this world. You knew you were going into the unknown and that you would become immersed in external influences, which were certainly not all beneficial, but you did it. In the world that you lived in as a child, and in which you now live, there is still a lot of fear and pain from the past. People carry emotional trauma: parents, family members, friends – everyone has to cope with that. The structure of your society, although changing, is still not open to love, to the voice of the heart, to the voice of the soul. There is still a lot of impotence, anxiety, and miscommunication between people, and all this influenced you while you grew up.

You are here to bring something new to the Earth and to humankind; something that is unique and is even new for your soul. Although your soul has a wealth of wisdom amassed from past lives, you can now, with what is available from your soul, experience and give something special and new to the Earth that in turn enriches your soul. For if your soul already knew and understood everything, why would it begin a new life? Value your own courage and know that you add something to your soul.

But this process of giving something to the world, of making a unique contribution, is certainly not without its pain. In order to get in touch with the experience of your soul, to come to realize who you really are, and to give something new of yourself in turn, you first have to shed everything that is not you. You have to let go of that which you have absorbed without question from your environment. And certainly sensitive people – and many of you are that – have absorbed so much of these environmental influences that they often can no longer discern what is of themselves and what comes from the outside world: from parents and others. It is thus a great undertaking, an in-depth search, when you attempt to restore the connection with your soul and intend to live from that source.

I will now turn to the theme of relationships. Each of you longs for connection, for understanding, for warmth. You want to be seen by another for who you are, although at the deepest level you are longing for soul connection. You know that if your soul comes into connection with another soul, you become more alive. You then radiate from within, you become excited, you are inspired in many areas of life. Soul to soul connection awakens something within you; it is like coming home to yourself. It is what is awakened and encouraged when you connect with another.

However, the problem with human relationships lies in that not everyone is also fully connected to their own soul, and this lack creates a void inside them: a nostalgia, a longing, a craving for connection. From that void, you begin to see the other as an almost superhuman being who comes to your rescue, because someone finally fully understands you. The other is seen as divine, the primal mother or primal father whom you never had in your youth, the god or goddess who remained beyond reach in your prayers and mediations.

Love – romantic love, sexual love, the love between partners – presents itself to you as the ideal that will liberate these ultimate desires of your soul. And this ideal love has a sound basis, because to discover your soul behind the earthly veils of illusions and fear is precisely what you are here for. However, if you are not at home within yourself, and you are searching to fill the emptiness within you with something outside you, then a negative spiral may take place in an intimate relationship, a love affair, and this can lead to enormous pain, which is something you see happen regularly between love partners. They clamp on to one another like two drowning persons, both broken and tormented by an inner void that, initially, they were hoping the other person would fill. But that other person is also struggling with their own inner emptiness. So idealized love can lead to misunderstanding, disillusionment, and hurtful behavior. Therefore, it is essential that you get in touch with your own soul.

A relationship in the form of an encounter, a heart connection from soul to soul, which can happen in all sorts of areas of life, can help you. So intensely can a great love, certainly an erotic love, touch you that it can bring you into connection with your own soul, which means you can come to feel you are sparkling and full of life again, fresh as a newborn child. You are then completely on fire! And this happens, essentially, because you remember your deepest self, your soul, and that the reason you were born was to express that joy.

I would now like to say something about the role, the connection between romantic love and sexual attraction. Love and sexuality belong together. The original intention of sexual attraction between two partners is that they open each other’s soul. Surely, you remember what it was like to fall in love and to experience how everything in you opened up. The other touched you so deeply that you released all kinds of securities and preoccupations. You were open in complete wonder for the being, the face, the thoughts and feelings of the other. It as if your own thoughts were turned off.

Romantic love is an initiation, a gate that opens, so you gain access to another who looks at you without judgment in radiant wonder. But that gate swings both ways. Romantic love also opens your eyes to your own possibilities, for that which has been hidden or covered over by the dust of convention and the daily grind. Love, the amorous encounter between two souls, throws doors wide open, and in that sense, it is an initiation to help you experience your own soul at a deeper level.

You could say that each special meeting between two people holds an element of romantic love. You can see it even with a father or mother who just had a baby. What they feel is something akin to romantic love: they are fascinated by the infant, the wonder, the immediacy, the freedom from conditioning. And there is something similar to the flow of romantic love even at the level of your work, when you are doing something creative, inspired, something that fulfills you. It is a stream of ecstasy, of being uplifted, which awakens everything in you, and that is good – that is the power of your soul.

When you feel that flow in the presence of another – for example, a loved one, a partner, a child – things can and will go wrong if you become so attached to the other person that you think you cannot live without them; that you feel yourself dependent upon that person in order to have that feeling, that reinstated connection with your soul. In this dependence lies a danger, because if you have to depend on another outside yourself, you will eventually want to possess that person. Or you have such a fear of losing that person that you build a wall and distance yourself. Separation anxiety and fear of relationships are both defences against dependence on someone outside yourself.

So you see that the very love that once brought you into ecstasy, can also bring utter despair if that person is not completely available to you, or if your love is not reciprocated in the way you had hoped for. Or – and this can also happen – the romantic love develops, but you also meet the dark aspects of each other, characteristics that call up judgements or fear or anger. Romantic love is a gateway through which you enter into a relationship, but when that love becomes more down-to-earth, it can also lead you to dark, unconscious aspects. When these come to the surface in a relationship, things can become confrontational and throw both partners back into an inner void they can only fill themselves. Love, and romantic love, are prompts; they cause you to wake up, to open up to more possibilities. But in the end, they also force you to look into the deepest darkness within yourself, to investigate that which still remains hidden.

It is not only a matter of dependence, but also a desire for power that wants to possess the other person and to be completely secure in the other. Because in all forms of dependence, there is also a need for power, a need for control, a not being able to let go, and also a deep pain that lies behind it: the fear of being alone, of being separated not only from others, but from the wholeness of life, from God. That is substantially the deepest fear that lives in you: to be cast away, to be outside the Whole, to be dead. Access is life: a deeply felt connection that springs eternal; a source of creativity and joy. I define death as being the absence of a living connection, which is also the absence of the soul and this is what frightens you most deeply. Romantic love creates such an intense desire, but it also has the potential for creating an intense feeling of being lost.

I invite you to now call upon your soul, to imagine that your deepest core is alive in you, even though your earthly consciousness may not always be able to access it or it is not felt immediately by you. The child that you once were, who came into this world, fresh and new, with its own gifts and unique contribution, still lives in all your body cells. Call on it! Say your own name and inwardly feel your original face behind it. That is what you are really looking for: the living link with your own divine core. If you connect with that inner core, with that source of joy and happiness, life becomes more abundant. You need not prove yourself so much and you have less need for dependence upon other people. Then you are sufficient unto yourself.

You love yourself, not because you have achieved all kinds of things and you have been successful, but because you see yourself with the eyes of wonder, in the way that does someone who falls in love. You are interested in yourself; you are engaged, curious. You know that God lives within you! If you engage the world with that basic feeling, relationships with others can enrich, inspire, make you happy, without dependence upon them; you feel connected to your own essence, your own core, and you rest within yourself. In the end, this is the aim of all the soul encounters in this life, whether they are short-lived or long lasting; that you are wide open to your own capabilities, your own inspiration, and that you take them up fully within yourself. Which means you do not become dependent upon the other who has called up these feelings in you, but that you experience these feelings as your own legacy – they are you. A true romantic love is always a love for yourself, for the inner child – the original child – who stands in direct connection with your soul.

If you desire to feel the inner child once again, and to relate to yourself with wonder, with compassion, with confidence that life is good, then remain open to life. Life will constantly wake you up by shaking you up through situations and encounters with other people and events. They may not always be fun, but such happenings function as a gate: something is opened. Trust that these happenings have value; stay open for the miracles in life. In order to receive a miracle, you sometimes have to go through deep dark valleys, which is undeniably the case. Pain and suffering in people can be enormous, but what can help you is that you are going to arouse the consciousness of your soul. This gives the pain a grounding and surrounds it with gentleness.

Your soul carries a wisdom in itself, which reaches far beyond the earthly horizon. Put your trust in that! You can create and nurture a connection with your soul in silence and stillness. And do not judge yourself: you are a beautiful human being, perfect as you are. Look for a moment at yourself with our eyes. Feel the energy gathered here around you, in which are present so many guides and helping energies who love and cherish you. You are so valuable to us, so precious. Every human being is like a pearl, unique and irreplaceable. Believe that you are such a pearl. Be gentle with yourself.

I greet you with love. Thank you for your presence.

© Pamela Kribbe

Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan


The Reunion of Mary by Annelie Solis