Endless Hope – Steve Beckow

Dancing with Butterflies by B K Lusk


Endless Hope

I’m going through another night of β€œthe Reval will be announced today or tomorrow.”

Why do we keep following the predictions of anyone? Everyone has only been 100% wrong to date.

I’ve been 100% wrong. I’ve given up on dates rather than continue being completely wrong.

You and I also know that the Reval is a matter of vibration rather than the arrival of a significant date, a significant event, or a cosmological alignment.

From whatever source and by whatever means we achieve it, we have to raise our own vibrations if we want to contribute to the speed of things. They will happen regardless. It’s just us who want them to happen asap.

It’s this way with all the events that are happening, not just the Reval. If we want to contribute to the speed of Ascension, then raise our vibrations. If we want to bring forward the time of Disclosure, then raise our vibrations.Β  Raising our vibrations does not stop until the Child of God merges again with the One. (1) Until then, we’re constantly raising our vibrations.

Back to the Reval, why do I keep riding this hope-and-disappointment train? Is the buoyancy of the hope I feel the addiction? Is it worth the disappointment?

A number of answers cross my mind, but one in particular appeals to me.

It’s an answer that combines what to do with raising our vibrations. If I lived in perpetual hope, and didn’t even see the grounds for disappointment, that would satisfy both needs.

And isn’t the experience of endless hope the same as the experience of bliss? Do I not get uplifted?

And doesn’t it make sense to be in endless hope in a period as hopeful as a planetary Ascension? Is not that hope, that expectancy part of the Mother’s Plan?

Finally, is not thought a creative force on the higher planes?Β  Hope is a thought-based emotion and divine quality. Would it not have the power to create?

Endless hope.Β  That’s possible. It requires that we step away from the herd again, more than just being a lightworker does, with all the risk and attention that goes with it.

But I even love the sound of it. Endless hope. I feel bliss arise immediately.

Feeling bliss itself has us also step away from the crowd. Again we stick out like a sore thumb.

Answers arise again.

I’ll be prudent about when I open myself to bliss and when not. Wasn’t it Jesus who advised us to pray in a closet so that there was nothing between us and God? No desire to be seen and thought well of? No distractions?

Bliss is my religion. And endless hope seems one good path to it.

Are there others?


(1) The purpose of life is that we realize our Oneness with the One. Once we do, β€œwe” disappear; there is no second to the One. This is the classical understanding. It could very well be corrected in the years ahead.Β  I’m led to believe in more recent times that we merge with the One but return again from the experience.



Dancing with Butterflies by B K Lusk