The Benefits of the Release of Holding Patterns – Steve Beckow

The Benefits of the Release of Holding Patterns

We tend to tighten our muscles – probably so as to spring into action – in the face of a perceived threat.

If we do so repeatedly, we form a pattern of tension in the musculature of the body. The body builder’s patterning is an extreme example of making holding patterns “solid.”

Those patterns of tension prevent us from feeling the more refined of our emotions and divine states. Nothing can get through the densified mass of muscles.

I noticed during my out-of-body experience in 1977 that the physical body was a non-conductor of the exceptionally-refined emotions of the spirit body, which I then was in.

When I re-entered my physical body, my consciousness remained inside it for a while. And as long as it did, because of unpleasant events I had seen on the other side, (1) I was wailing.

“Wailing” describes the extreme pain and sadness I was feeling. “Forlorn” would be another good word.

And so, wailing as I was, I became adjusted to what I now knew was my body, and my consciousness gradually began to shift to the outside of my body – as if I was slowly awakening.

However, when it did, what had previously been a wail was now no more than a whimper. And I realized that it was my body mass – tissue and fat – that was not letting my emotions through.

This physical body is like a lacrosse ball. If you drop the latter on a hard surface, it does not bounce. It just goes “thwack!” and sits there.

If you send a spirit body’s refined vibration through this physical body, it does not go through. It just goes “thwack!” and sits there too.

This body is, relatively speaking, a non-conductor. It absorbs the sound rather than transmitting it.

It follows that any discipline that contributes to the relaxation of the musculature of the body will increase the body’s tendency to conduct the finer emotions and divine states. That in turn is another way of raising our vibrations.

The disciplines I know that release the holding patterns in the body include body work, Reichian therapy, massage, yoga, meditation, bioenergetics, rebirthing, etc.

Telling the truth recreates the original command that caused and causes the holding pattern. The truth sets us free from things small and large.

The truth of an upset sets us free from the upset, which gave rise to the holding pattern. The truth of our existence sets us free from lower dimensionality, which solves all our problems forever.

I never felt better in my life than after three months’ concentrated focus on releasing muscular tension in the body in 1976. (2)

These days I don’t have means or opportunity to practice a discipline.  But I do know the space.

The trick now would be to find a practice that doesn’t require a specific time commitment (for instance, one that’s part of everyday life) and doesn’t cost.

All the major spiritual events in my life have resulted in a release of tension, a relaxation, and a consequent deepening of awareness and experience.


(1) I watched a friend being bullied.  I asked the two people to stop but they couldn’t hear me or were ignoring me. And so I was wailing with grief. The extreme conductivity of the environment I was in at the time meant that what would have been a feeling of upset and sadness in the physical realm in this realm was wailing.

(2) And secretiveness in the mind, repression of the emotions, all holding patterns – mental, emotional, spiritual, as well as physical. That was the three-month encounter group at Cold Mountain Institute in 1976.

But also after a full breath release in a rebirthing workshop in 1987.



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