From Being Right to a Love of Integrity – Steve Beckow

Awakening to Love Painting by Radha Flora Cloud @ Fine Art America


From Being Right to a Love of Integrity


What is it about me (or us) that has me be so wedded to seeing things from a right/wrong perspective?

The Company of Heaven doesn’t. Michael specifically tries to wean me from it every time I come out with a right/wrong statement (especially about the Illuminati). Matthew Ward cautions us against it; John Smallman’s Saul and Jesus. The galactics. I think all of them all do.

It reflects the way of life on higher dimensions, where souls are bathed in bliss.

I think next to love itself, which I love, I love being right.  But the effects of being right are not pleasant or … as our graphics credit says … fruitful.

How can I take this situation and turn it around from being a problem to being a solution?

Well, the divine quality of which being right seems to be a caricature, I think, is integrity. That’s its closest relative on a higher dimension.

Supposing I substitute “integrity” for “being right”? What happens?

Initially there isn’t an exact fit. What’s the difference between the two?

There’s an element of pride in “being right” that isn’t in “integrity.”

There’s an element of “me.” I get to feel competent.

OK, now I see. This is an element of me that was not nurtured in my family by my Father; my Mother did.

I use “being right” to rebuild this sense of competency, so tamped down.

But this is an ancient battle. I don’t need to keep fighting it or digging so deeply to restore my sense of competency.

I am competent.

Heavens, I could list my accomplishments, completions, and competencies. I don’t need to keep fighting this battle.

Enough, enough already. The point is made.

So if we settle the matter of competency and the role of pride in restoring a sense of it, and get that I’ve proven myself competent in several arenas, does “integrity” now dovetail with what pride is intended to do – give me a sense of competency, assailed long ago?

Still not quite. I just flashed on my Mother. OK, I get it. There’s a huge element of self-love missing.

We’ve made self-love so bad and wrong. But how could we feel one ounce of love for anyone else if we don’t feel an ounce of love for ourselves?

Love flows. It flows up from our hearts. We feel it passing through us and then it goes out to the world and continues on.

If we won’t allow love to nourish us as well as everyone else, the garden hose gets turned off at the tap. Nothing flows. No self-love, no love for others, and not much fun in life.

OK, so I turn the tap of self-love on. I make it OK to love myself.  Now does “integrity” dovetail with “being right”?

Yes, now it does. And when I breathe into “integrity,” I now feel a deep sense of satisfaction. Like peace, it has a granite-like quality. This is much different than before.

OK, I’m complete now with the need to be right and the refusal to love myself (who cares about the reasons?).

I can now translate the need to “be right” into “a love of integrity.”


Awakening to Love Painting by Radha Flora Cloud @ Fine Art America

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