Divine Light – Shanta Gabriel


In this time of rapid change and downloads of the most powerful Light we have experienced in the history of the planet, there are new opportunities for us to enlighten our lives.

For nearly 30 years Archangel Gabriel has passionately extolled the virtues of our creating Alignment with Divine Light. He has said that when we activate this Light alignment through our energy system every day, our subtle bodies light up, which then raises our vibrational frequency.

When we do this, we transform and become both radiant and magnetic according to Archangel Gabriel. That means that we can not only receive the beautiful essence of these qualities of consciousness, we will then be able to radiate their power into the world for the transformation of all.

There has been much conversation recently about our learning to radiate Light into the world. When we use this alignment exercise, we literally become Living Rainbows. Each color of the rainbow has a frequency that is empowering and useful for our lives. Imagine having a simple way to bring all the rainbow colors and their frequencies into your physical body every day!

I use the word Energy frequently because my background and training for the past 40 years has entailed working with subtle energy. Concentrating on the fact that we are all energy awakened me spiritually. It provided a framework for my spiritual beliefs recognizing that God is the energy in which we live, move and have our being.

For thousands of years in India, the yogis have spoken about the energy of our chakra system and its purpose in our enlightenment. There are seven main chakras which are energy centers in our subtle body, sometimes referred to as Wheels of Light. They also contain attributes of consciousness that reflect the virtues that most of us want to experience more of in our lives, such as Illumined Insight, Compassion and Courage.

Archangel Gabriel used that framework in 1990, when he gave me the Light Field Technology that aligns Heaven and Earth through my chakra energy system.  Whenever I would receive an inspired message from him, there would be certain words that were always capitalized. These are words containing a high frequency that can shift the energy in our bodies. When we use these power words, that are literally living words of Divine Light, the essence of each of those words activates its own special frequency in our personal energy system. This is very much in alignment with Quantum Physics also.

In addition, when we activate Light in each of our chakras, we create a powerful field of Sacred Geometry that becomes our Light Body for ascending consciousness.

Here is the Bridging Heaven and Earth exercise given to me in 1990 from Archangel Gabriel.

Holding the space for a pure Alignment through your entire body, imagine that you call in the Light from the Highest Source ~ God, Goddess, All That Is.

Visualizing your Soul Star above your head, invite the Inner Guidance from your soul to empower your personal energy system.

Imagine the Violet Light of pure Wisdom coming through your Crown chakra.

In the Third Eye, bring Lavender Blue Light to this vision center in your forehead, remembering that it awakens Expanded Perspective, Equanimity, and Illumination for your vision of Life.

Now at your Throat Chakra, imagine lapis blue light and invite Compassion and pure Creative Expression to work through you.

Place your hand on your Heart, imagine the green Light of Gratitude, Love and connection to your Heart’s Wisdom.

Bring your attention to your Solar Plexus, invite the warm golden light of the sun to empower more Strength, Confidence, and Protection there in this vulnerable space.

Just below your navel, imagine precious orange light and remember your requirement for Unity and Creative Solutions in every area of your life.

Now at the base of the spine, spread beautiful rich ruby red light through your energy field and strengthen a new sense of Wellbeing in your base chakra.

Let this powerful quality of Wellbeing drop like a stone down beneath your feet to the Earth Star, the bottom of your energy field. Here is your connection to the nourishing feminine qualities of the Earth.

As you stand back, notice that you are a living rainbow of Light bridging Heaven and Earth through your beautiful being. Let that vision empower you knowing it is creating a activated field of Light where a living vortex of energy creates the sacred geometry you need in order to transmute old patterns and hold exalted frequencies of Light for yourself and for the Earth so all may ascend.

Using these visualizations and the activations of living words of power is one of the ways that we use the sacred technology of Light Fields in order to create positive change and add value to our lives.

Please experience the Bridging Heaven and Earth Alignment for 21 days and see what a change it can bring to your life. It is especially powerful first thing in the morning, but can be useful any time during the day when you want to feel more connected with yourself. It can also be used before you go to sleep to clear your day.

In the past 20 years, I have been told by many people that it was the single most important thing they ever learned. It was for me too. Enjoy!

Shanta Gabriel

February 22, 2019


If this energy work with Light Fields attracts you, mark your calendars for my 3-week Secrets of Light Field Technology™ class beginning March 27. Announcement coming soon!

About Shanta

Shanta Gabriel is an author, teacher and healer, whose life is devoted to Bridging Heaven and Earth. She began her studies with an Indian Shaktipat master of the ancient Science of Sound in 1977.  It is the inspired ancient practices she received at the ashram and has used in 40 years of training, that she offers to others in her programs.

Her work with the Archangels began in 1988. She shares this work through alignment, immersion, and transmissions from the Archangels through her classes, membership groups and private sessions. Her mission is to facilitate and invite people into a direct experience of Infinite Intelligence and Divine Love.

For more information about her classes as well as private sessions and products, visit ShantaGabriel.com.


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The Progression of Waves February Through May – Sandra Walter


The Progression of Waves February Through May

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

Gatekeepers unified last Saturday to open for the Full Moon on Tuesday, February 19 at 7:53 am PT. The immediate triggering of Gaia’s core, now operating with the new magnetics, released a massive amount of light and encodements for this next light level. Remember these Gate events become much stronger, faster and powerful because of our collective Embodiment.

Gatekeeping has been very active and direct. There is a radiant quantum-level coordination happening; the rapid acceleration of 2019 is ON.

If you are participating, you will see your intuitively-driven plans for the next few months reflecting the Gateways and unfoldments. Watch your Wayshowers: We are called to do specific co-creations during this passage to unify DNA codes, energy fields, intentions and Gatekeepers to reveal the New Earth realities.

While it is a strong year for timeline division, we are seeing the higher possibilities of these core shifts. The body vehicle belongs to Gaia, which means it is reflecting – trying to keep up with – shifting magnetics, incoming light, expanded consciousness and a brand new expanded lightbody in order to express a Christed/Crystalline Self. In brief, your Ascension practices will need to be sharp and given your attention.

Taking care of the physical was brought to the forefront last year for many Lightworkers, and this year is the payoff for all of that focus on the physical vessel. Cleanse, clear, meditate, hydrate, exercise, earthing, movement, oxygenation … you know what is needed to hold more light at this point. Your body is an intelligent vehicle; it will tell you what it needs to adapt to the new light.

If you were waiting for a direct message, let this be your sign: This is the point on the journey when the big global things unfold. It is beyond your expectations; be as healthy as possible, centered and open to what occurs.

Clarion Call to Gatekeepers, Gridworkers and Lightworkers in Service

We all feel it; the subtle anxiety, the excitement, the unknown presenting in a stronger – and undefinable – way. The undercurrent sensation of all that is happening right now across the Universal realms is palpable.

That which anchored the dark inorganic realms were bound back to Source last year in July. (A note of heartfelt gratitude to those involved; it was not easy to have that in your fields before the release.) This is why all inapplicable stories are dissolving from the higher timeline realities,because the through-line for the Christed timeline is being restored. We have addressed this since last August, when the migration (without interference) to organic realities began. Revisit those articles or recent video conversations if you are catching up.

Between our Embodiment, the core magnetic shift, akashic deletion, migration of realities to the organic timelines, behind-the-scenes unfoldments (yes, those tribunals are real), restructuring of dreamstate to accommodate the new consciousness, new stargate openings and Solar adjustments, there is a lot going on with the Gate and Grid community.

The new cosmic flows through Mount Shasta, Haleakala, the Crystalline Corridor (California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona) and Sedona are reflecting the Solar shifts already. Bows to Gatekeepers who were called to work with these New Earth sites in the past few months.

Obviously they are not the only sites affected, just reporting on my sector’s Gateways. Crystalline-rainbow light and diamond-flashing activity reported everywhere as the stargates continue to open and expand.


Higher Levels and Contact

You may see more Brotherhood and SiSTARhood representatives, Masters, Inner Earth aspects, and Galactics presenting in your fields, visions and dreams. Embodiment provides the merge with your Christed Lightbody state. You will be seeing more YOU; your higher aspects previously perceived as separate entities or deities. Unity consciousness requires us to perceive pure Oneness, and loosen the grip of egoic identity or hierarchy … so we may level up with our higher aspects. Remember the Christed/Crystalline state is Oneness in Zero Point. You will observe and be observed.

First contact is sporadic, focused and purposeful right now. Those in Service who can grasp Unity consciousness without mental or emotional distortion are the best candidates for this experience at this juncture. As always with these transmissions, look at the codes herein; events and terms are used for the higher reflection.

Take care of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual as these transformational waves come in. We are busy in many realms. The next few months transform the way we function across the dimensions and densities. This is a Bridge year, and the sorting out of reality choices and creations becomes evident, both in the seen and unseen realms.

The Progression of these Waves and Solar Focus

These influxes, like all waves this year, do not step down. They continue to roll onto the New Earth shores, one after the other. The stargates are open for the New: Great cosmic pulses flowing through the ever-increasing positive photonic bands of light. We see rainbow-crystalline light everywhere; through the SUN, Gaia, and ourselves.

There is no pause on the cosmic currents, however you may slow your personal path for a few hours or days in order to redirect, realign or jump timeline experiences. Get outside and breathe, anchor, reset. The acceleration has a purpose on many levels, including collective trajectories. We celebrate your willingness to participate, self-correct, and unify as often as possible.

How this tri-fold wave will unfold over the next few months:

– Now: An initiation wave for New level of Light began with the Full Moon opening, and will amplify with collective ceremony on the Full Moon February 19 at 7:53AM PT.

– Initial influx expected February 22 (222) weekend. These are transformational energies affecting Solaris (the SUN). Gatekeepers, you may be working with the Solar core or plasma-based geometries in/around Solaris. That is what the Ascension column flashing activity is about: Preparation.

– March: The progression increases in frequency, with palpable jumps during the New Moon March 6 (8:05am PT), and Solar core activity mid-March through the March Equinox on March 20 at 2:58pm PT. Equinox is a key moment for influxes and outpourings of new light because of its balancing qualities. We also have a Full Moon on Equinox (6:43pm PT) which will make it a very powerful day for balance and rewriting realities to be in alignment with the organic Galactic Shift which has already occurred. Solar core activity includes Gaia and our own Heart centers; we unify with those levels of consciousness.

– April: Third amplifier mid-April (Easter/Passover week) through beginning of May. This is a timeline amplifier, highlighting Divine Choice and a celebration of the return of free will. Many will be activated to step into new levels of Divine Service as their Embodied Higher Self, with all the joy that entails.

We may get called to our favorite activation spots – or new ones, since the realigned magnetics cause grid-shifting. The days of the lone Gatekeeper or Gridworker are dissipating. Spiritual journeys and missions of service are tremendously amplified by our willingness to unify, to align with what we are becoming rather than what we were.

For clarity: Your individual service is still valid and needed. Get out there with your crystals. Those MAGIcal experiences are precious to our hearts and lightbodies. However the clarion call is unity, and our Trinity DNA codes activate in the proximity of others with the same Christed intent.

A shuffling of alliances occurs this year, where new relationships, co-creations and Teams form to align with new Wayshower expression. This regrouping is related to Contact and working in tandem with the higher realms in a more physical, direct way. Clearing the akashic distortions clears outdated alliances; a reflection of the resolution happening on a Universal level.

Everything is escalating to catch up to the organic timeline experience. The sensation is pure, free, wondrous. We are in the center of the cosmic centrifuge, holding the Divine creational core while the densities and realities sort themselves out. Choose your focus wisely.

This passage provides positive photonic-encoded plasma waves which support the new experience of pure unity consciousness, without the distortions of the past. We have just begun to experience these higher levels of Unity Consciousness, how it feels in the body and how to utilize it in alignment with Divine Will.

Our High-Vibe Tribe event in April is aptly named *Crystalline Convergence* to reflect the new experience of Unity Consciousness. There is a beautiful sensation of wonderful things are happening and that Spring-like renewal energy.

This expansiveness and great-unknown vibration can also cause anxiety or self-doubt. This is our Mastery challenge. Balance. Consistent alignment with Love and Service. Remember how vast you are, dear hearts. Hold the Light high.

– June Solstice is another notable sacred passage, the moment before the July eclipses launch many into a full merge with higher states of consciousness.

We utilize these energies for an in-this-Now Ascension experience, as One Co-Creation, as the Higher vibrational choice.

Opportunities for Unification this week

Gatekeepers and Gridworkers tend to be on duty all the time, however our unified focus when cosmic events present supports the higher experience for all concerned. With so much unfolding all at once, and an acceleration of the energies and events imminent, we may create stability and clear pathways for all willing hearts.

Anyone with an open heart and highest benevolent intent may assist with these energies. Hold sacred space and ceremony, walk the path of Love, and make the changes needed to become the balance. This is Divine Service, honor it with your Heart and highest creations.

– Full Moon Tuesday, February 19 at 7:53 am PT.

– Unified Gatekeeper Focus: Friday February 22 – Monday February 25 to initiate the next light level.

– Saturday, February 23: First Contact Online Event 10am-12pm PT. A deep share on contact protocols, practices and experiences for those called to this type of service. Details and registration Here.

– SUNday Unity Meditations: Join thousands in weekly Global Unity Consciousness practice for co-creating Ascension and operating at New Earth level. After three years of practice, the field is strong and our collective experiences are profound. Participate and help to spread the word. Details at http://www.sandrawalter.com/unity

Blessings and gratitude to everyone leveling up in beautiful ways in this Now. Sending Divine LoveLight and strength to all of us for a reality-shifting passage. Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,