Our Third-Dimensional Chakra System Falls Away – Steve Beckow

Opening Of The Third Eye Mandala @ Sunshine Art


Our Third-Dimensional Chakra System Falls Away

I wonder how many people would agree with me if I said that the chakra system as we know it is a third-dimensional apparatus, that falls away eventually.

Here’s Da Free John reporting the phenomenon.

“In February I passed through an experience that seemed to vindicate my understanding. … I saw that what appeared as the sahasrar, the terminal chakra and primary lotus in the head, had been severed. The sahasrar had fallen off like a blossom.

“The Shakti, which previously had appeared as a polarized energy that moved up and down through the various chakras or centers producing various effects, now was released from the chakra form.

“There was no more polarized force. Indeed, there was no form whatsoever, no up or down, no chakras. The chakra system had been revealed as unnecessary, an arbitrary rule or setting for the play of energy. The form beneath all of the bodies, gross or subtle, had revealed itself to be as unnecessary and conditional as the bodies themselves. …

“Now I saw that reality or real consciousness was not in the least determined by any kind of form apart from itself. Consciousness had shown its radical freedom and priority in terms of the chakra form. It had shown itself to be senior to that whole structure, dissociated from every kind of separate energy or Shakti. There was simply consciousness itself, prior to all forms, all dilemmas, every kind of seeking and necessity. …

“There was no need to have recourse to any kind of phenomena, problem or structure of seeking. The Shakti was not the primary or necessary reality. Reality was the Self-nature, the foundation of pure consciousness, Siva, who is always already free of the Divine play. Thus, I was certain again that real life was not a matter of experience and evolution. It was to be founded in radical, present consciousness.” (1)

If this is not Ascension, it certainly is an important milestone on the road to it.

From that time until 2012, I came across nothing more on the matter. In 2012, I had the extreme good fortune to be able to ask the Divine Mother about it.

Steve Beckow: I’m trying to understand what level of enlightenment Ascension corresponds to. And I think it’s beyond the normal seventh-chakra enlightenment. I think it is what is called — and I’ll make this clear to readers — Sahaja Samadhi. Am I correct?

Divine Mother: Yes, it is beyond what you think of as your seven chakras. … We have emerged from the Third-Dimensional realm, which is that reference point for the chakra system, into the new. So yes, you are correct, in this question and in this statement.  (2)

If we were to look for milestones along the path to the ascended state, one would be a heart opening, as the Divine Mother discussed with Bright Star recently.

Divine Mother: Your ascension is not being postponed. You have had your initial heart opening. You have been doing your work. You have been looking at the chaos and understanding. Not engaging with the chaos with anger, fear, and outrage but simply observing, understanding that this has been part of the human tragedy but not fully engaged in it. So yes, you are ready, Sweet One. (3)

A second would have to be the falling away of the chakra system.


(1) Da Free John,The Knee of Listening. Original Edition. Clearlake, CA; Dawn Horse Press, 1984; c1973, 117-9.

(2) “The Divine Mother: Come to Me as I Come to You – Part 1/2,” Oct. 17, 2012, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2012/10/the-divine-mother-come-to-me-as-i-come-to-you-part-12/.

(3) “The Tide has Turned: Reading with the Divine Mother and Bright Star, Jan. 29, 2019,” February 3, 2019, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/?p=298325.

A second passage from that reading is worth repeating at length, for giving yet-another description of Ascension or an important sub-process in it.

“You know when you go to the ocean or the river or the lake, there is always one person that has to jump in first and there is always this worry, “How cold is the water?” Well, you are jumping in but do not worry. It is My Infinite Ocean of Blue [the Ocean of Love that I found myself in after March 2015] and the water is lovely.

“So, yes, this is your breakthrough. Now in that, beloved one, there are times when you will feel like you are literally in the grinder or in the mixing bowl, there is so much swirling around.

“When you are feeling that, drop-down like the pebble into the pond, into the lake and go to the centre of your heart. Go to the centre of your foundation, the seat of your soul [where I found the Self on Sept. 18, 2018] and allow the currents of change, the tides to swirl around you but remain as if you have dropped anchor not only into Gaia but into My Heart as well.

“Because this is and it is from that point of stillness that you are literally catapulting forward. It is not that you have to go through a cleansing, an emotional upheaval, having your life fall apart and seeing that everything is in shambles.”

“Quite the contrary. What you are doing is you are demonstrating, you are role modelling, you are teaching and you are leading and showing. Yes, of course, this is a walk of trust and faith but it is not a walk of chaos.

“It is a walk of beauty. It is a walk of love. And in the stillness, think of it as if you are walking right through the centre of a cyclone, the centre of a hurricane, the centre of a tornado. And it doesn’t touch you.”

However, unlike Bright Star, it isn’t in my contract to ascend early, but rather, as a pillar, to stay here until the finale.



Opening Of The Third Eye Mandala @ Sunshine Art


A Goodly Company of Spirits – Ethel Le Rossignol @ Cesnur



About 3 days ago I was doing Higher Kriya Yoga where you sit high in the crown and watch and listen and suddenly a hollow astral tunnel like a rotating cave opened to a universe of extreme light at the other end through which I could get a glimpse of an astral world lit by one thousand suns. I felt I was looking upon the subtle astral heaven of Hiranyaloka that Yogananda and Sri Yukteswar describe as it felt so liberated and celebratory. The sound accompanying the experience was like a flute which I have heard only a few times before. But it was brief. I know better than to try to hold onto that but it was like being home.

Then last night as I meditated again doing Higher Kriya Yoga my wife and daughter suddenly had a dingdong argument over their bath time. Normally my meditation is unflappable no matter what happens but a crack of awareness opened and out popped a millisecond of frustration. I was mortified and in that same instant begged Divine Mother for forgiveness for not keeping my mind and heart on the Divine.

I felt so small and little and bereft that I allowed all of me to be swallowed up by Her forgiveness and I vanished.

A Goodly Company of Spirits by Ethel Le Rossignol @ Cesnur

So there was a sitting in the stillness for some time as you can see from the graph from about 10:22 to 10:42 albeit with some initial heart/loving kindness spontaneously arising at 10:25 and 10:28.

Then from around 10:42 something different happened. Because of my exhorting the divine to answer my pleas, a sound arose that shows as those delta rises on the graph. The deeper experiences come from “doing nothing” and yet “everything is done” at the Hand of the Divine and not by yours alone. So at first sound arises and then light. The sound is like a drum pounding in my right ear, distant at first but growing louder. Then it turns into a thunderous sound that is unstoppable and the sound currents manifest the light. The astral and causal planes that manifest are seen with sense-intuition rather than a normal sense and are vibrant with light. There are mountains of light for example and one of them is Mt Kailash which I have seen on a couple of occasions before in the astral/causal visions. These worlds are filled with sound and light, endless expressions of the divine play in the astral, which is unlike anything I have seen on earth, ever.

The sound draws the soul in and up, riding the sound currents like a wave of bliss. Unbridled spiritual joy breaks upon these waves and that is evident in the graph from around 10:45 to 10:55 when the sound swells into light and joy and the accompanying gamma-beta mountains. The delta waves I think are the sound current peaking at different points because it is like an ocean swell, and nothing I am actively doing, it is generating an immense vibration and sound of its own source. And you are right the gamma-beta could be the result of uplifted eyes as the sound currents naturally fill this being with so much intensity that the body feels as if weightless and the eyes are naturally drawn to the heavens. I am not sure really as there was only a dim awareness as the universe manifesting within takes its own course and direction and is its own conductor of this divine symphony. The advanced stated of spiritual joy has its own rhythm and beat, each layer infinitely finer and more delicate than the last. The gross vibrations of earth on return are so much heavier and there is only a desire to be freed from these material longings and dwell in the freedom of the astral universes. ❤️ This is the graph from my meditation discussed above

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Love and Blessings

Altair and Mother ❤️

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Meditation – Journey to the Will of God Temple in Telos ~ Adama & El Morya via Aurelia


Purple Pearl by Karol Bak


Journey to the Will of God Temple in Telos
With Adama and Master El Morya

We have in Telos a temple consecrated to the Will of God. There is also such a temple in Darjeeling, India near Tibet. The retreat of the Will of God is under the guardianship of the master El Morya, both in Darjeeling and Mount Shasta. Many of you go there at night, or come here to Telos, to learn the initiations of the First Ray, of surrender to the Divine Will. They both exist in the fifth dimension frequency, and thus are not visible to your outer eyes. Today, I would like to take you in consciousness to our Will of God Temple in Telos.

Consciously ask your Divine Presence or your higher self to take you on a journey with us to Telos. See yourself arriving here in your personal merkaba, accompanied by one of your guides. Notice a fairly large opalescent blue structure, quite tall, in the form of a six-sided pyramid. As you approach, everything around you resonates with the beautiful blue energy, so refreshing and soothing. Allow yourself to walk up the mother-of-pearl stairway to the main entrance of the temple. Observe and feel the majestic blue mist emanating from various high fountains all around it. Many types of blue flowers, growing in white and gold boxes, are flourishing in great abundance and variety around the fountains, including the sweet forget-me-nots. Walk now through the entrance, where three blue flame angels are awaiting to escort and welcome you in.

As you enter into the large hallway, see a transparent chamber in the center containing a huge blue flame diamond, the biggest diamond that you will ever see, about 15 to 18 feet in height. Your guide invites you to enter that sacred chamber. The diamond contains several thousand facets, each one representing a different aspect of the Diamond Heart of the Divine Will. This diamond is not so different from the one living within your heart, and in time, all the wondrous facets of your own diamond heart will become completely activated and restored. Your Diamond Heart and your sacred heart are one and the same; they are components of each other. They are made of an infinite number of chambers, each one corresponding to a facet of your own diamond.

Come into the sacred chamber of the Divine Will to be greeted, by Master El Morya, a tall being with brown eyes who looks very much like a Zen master. He is wearing a blue robe partially covered with a luminescent white cape, with a bluish white and gold turban on his head. He greets and welcomes you to His diamond heart, and invites you to find a seat on one of the “blue-flame” cushions. He now guides you to focus on the energy of that diamond heart and to breathe in the energies, so that you can bring as much of this energy as possible back with you when you return to your physical body. This blue ray is the one that gives the power to the Love ray. All of the rays contain love plus the specific attributes of each ray.

In the presence of that diamond, you can open all of the little facets of your own diamond heart that are full of fears, and let them go. Intend for the energies of this huge diamond to magnetize and absorb your fears, dear ones, and for them to be released and healed. As you release these fears from your heart, you will receive a tremendous healing.

Be aware that it may be difficult to release all your fears and burdens in one visit. This is why we are inviting you to return to this temple in Telos or in Darjeeling as often as you wish to receive deeper levels of healing. Inner healing is an ongoing process until you reach completion.

Consider your efforts as a work in progress, and be willing to stay with the process until all the veils are lifted. It is then that you will know that you are complete.

Now connect with your higher self that is standing right above you. Your great I AM Presence, the unlimited being that is really who you are, is waiting for all your fears to be released and healed. Connect with this Divine Presence, and make your commitment to surrender all the fears that kept you in so much pain so that you can be restored to wholeness.

No matter what may show up in your life tomorrow, it is only a mirror of a fear or old pattern of belief that you still hold within yourself that needs to be resolved and embraced. You will soon come to know, as you do this work, that there is nothing to fear except the illusion of fear itself.

Keep breathing this wonderful blue flame, as much as you can, directly into your lungs and into your heart. Do this consciously because you want to bring this energy back into your physical body. Also know that all the multi-dimensional aspects of yourself and all the beings of the light realms are supporting your journey home to divine grace. You are not alone in your journey; you have so much love available to you and so much support. Be confident that you can do it if you choose it. Feel the soothing action of the Blue Flame. It has its own way of bringing you comfort and lessening all your pains.

Now Master El Morya and myself Adama, have a gift for each one of you sitting in front of the diamond in our temple. We are going to superimpose a smaller etheric diamond of total perfection, radiating the qualities of the blue-essence, within the sacred chamber of your heart, right within the energies of your own sacred heart.

This diamond reflects your divine perfection. With this gift, the perfection of the Diamond Heart will be reflected to you as long as you choose to work with it. We invite you to start breathing in its energies every day in your meditation, working with those energies every way that seems appropriate for you. In your meditation, ask your higher self to show you which facets of the diamond are still holding pain or unbalanced attitudes that need to be healed and aligned. The diamond you have just received will continue to reflect everything you need for the complete opening and healing of your heart. It will take you to the path of surrender with joy and grace. It is alive and vibrant. Its color reflects a luminescent peacock blue.

Keep breathing its energies with allowance and surrender to what is. Be resolute in walking this path, and feel free to communicate with your guide. Stay with this energy for a while and be thankful for the grace you have just received. (Pause)

When you feel complete, return to your body, taking this treasure with you. The more you remain conscious and work with the diamond heart, the more its energies will amplify and bless your life. This is a gift or tool we are giving you, but it will not help you unless you use it. This diamond heart also has a vibration of self- confidence. Tap into this self-confidence energy to assist you to release your fears, so that your surrender can be accomplished gracefully.

The blue ray masters are available to you at this time, offering their assistance. When you feel ready, open your eyes. We invite you to return to this healing place often, to meditate with us on the Will of God, and to continue to make gigantic strides towards your spiritual freedom. And so be it, Beloved I AM.

(From The Seven Sacred Flames by Aurelia)

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With thanks to Mehroo Fitter
Aurelia Louise channelled Adama, the high priest of the Lemurian city of Telos as well as other spiritual masters of Light as part of her mission. Aurelia made her transition in July of 2009 and has left a rich legacy of Adama and Ascended Master teachings through the Telos Book Series and The Seven Sacred Flames. Her deepest desire was that humanity awaken to their divinity and together ascend with beloved Mother Earth into the New Golden Age. Especially at this time, these books are important tools, opening us up to possibilities of how our present reality can change and become a far better world, supporting the raising of consciousness of an enlightened civilization. The information gives us pause to contemplate a perspective of how life was really meant to be lived here on earth.


Will the Real World Step Forward – Suzanne Lie

Self Love by Nitu Chhajer @ Best College Art


Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Will the Real World Step Forward?

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Once you begin your process of inter-dimensional experiences and perceptions, your inner SELF starts a questioning battle of, “Will the REAL world step forward?”

However, there are many “real worlds” that resonate to different frequencies of reality.  That lowest frequencies of reality are led by those who need to have Power Over others. On the other hand, finding one’s Power Within, and using it for the good of ALL, is one of the highest frequencies of reality.

At first, one may accidentally expand their consciousness into higher dimensions. Then, their process will slowly or quickly expand into the NOW for them to progress into the next, very important phase.

In this phase of awakening, they will quickly, or slowly, realize that they need to maintain a higher dimensional state of consciousness. As they begin to focus on their “state of consciousness” they move into their process of ongoing initiations.

An “initiation” is not a punishment. Instead, initiation is an event, a meditation, an experience, a dream, a thought, or even an emotion that brings you into the realization that YOU are not Alone.

It is at this point that you begin to perceive, a dream of and/or ponder the higher dimensions of reality. As you begin to perceive the higher dimensional realities, you will discover that you can actually meet with your own higher expressions of SELF.

And, yes, you have many higher expressions of your true, Multidimensional SELF. In fact, each of your higher expressions of SELF is attached to, and/or in alignment with, a version of your greater Multidimensional SELF.

As you become more intimately aware of the members of your Multidimensional SELF, you will realize that they are continually assisting you to expand the frequencies of reality to which you can have a conscious contact.

As you move into the phase of awakening in which you feel that you are being over-lit by higher dimensional beings. Some of these beings are your own Higher SELF, and some are beings that are friends and family of your own Higher SELF.

It is this phase of awakening that you will begin to be able to consciously receive information from these higher frequencies of your Multidimensional SELF. We suggest that you allow your third-dimensional physical self to communicate with your higher dimensional consciousness on a daily schedule.

If you “schedule” a certain time and place to allow your self to communicate with your SELF, a certain inner feeling will come into your physical body and consciousness that will seem to be telling you that there is an “incoming message” from your own Higher Dimensional SELF.

Yes, most of you will have, what we call a “go-between” Galactic being, such as we the Arcturians and/or the Pleiadians. We say “and/or” because we the Arcturians and the Pleiadians are so deeply aligned within our service to assist Gaia with Her planetary ascension, that we interface with each other as if we are ONE Being.

Of course, when we observe humanity from the sixth dimension and beyond, we are able to perceive what may appear to be a “multidimensional stairway” on which each frequency of your Multidimensional SELF has placed their energy field.

These Interdimensional energy fields will awaken, activate, and communicate with each of the many frequencies of your Multidimensional SELF. Each of the frequencies of your multidimensional SELF can then better communicate with and assist Gaia as She goes through Her Planetary Ascension.

Then, the earth vessel that you are now wearing, and interface more deeply with Gaia. It is through this deep connection of person and planet, that the process of Planetary Ascension and Human Ascension will begin.

Most of our brave Galactic Warriors who have chosen to take an earth body in order to more directly assist Gaia are beginning to fully awaken to their “Chosen Mission.” Your Chosen Mission is what you promised to fulfill before you took your current, third-dimensional earth vessel.

It was a GREAT sacrifice for your fifth dimensional (and beyond) Galactic SELF to incarnate into a third-dimensional, physical vessel on a planet that was in VERY grave danger of being destroyed by its human occupants.

Yes, we say “human occupants” as humans are the ones who set off the bombs, sully the waterways and great oceans, taint the skies, and start the fires that destroy that which Gaia has spent eons constructing.

It is for this reason, that we, your Galactic Family, are putting out an SOS to our grounded ones to PLEASE step up whatever services you are offering to Gaia and all Her inhabitants to assist Gaia in Her time of GREAT NEED. Humanity is the primary reason for ALL the problems that Gaia has been suffering.

“But why would humans want to destroy their own home?” we hear you ask. We, the Arcturians and Pleiadians, could answer that question for you, but in order to save Earth from sure planetary destruction, which is basically ALL due to humanity, humanity’s greed and need for “power over others” but recognized, and TOTALLY ENDED.

We, the Galactics are very aware that GREED is one of the main sources of the destruction of the very planet that the greedy ones want to get more, and more, and more from! The problem is that Gaia is a free will planet.

What that means is that Gaia needs the humans to use their great gift of “free will” to:


But “What is the primary source of destruction?” The answer to that question is usually the Dark Ones, who are usually the members of humanity. These Dark Ones are actually quite a few humans who live via greed and an unending need for power over others!

But why would one have to need to have “power over others? There are as many answers to that question as there are humans who suffer from their need to have “power over others.” And, yes, “power over other people” do suffer!

The reason why they suffer is that energy travels in circles. Therefore, the energy that one puts out will, eventually, return to them. That is why people who send out love, light, and assistance, will receive those energy fields when they most need them.

However, the “time” between the energy going out, and when the energy returns to the sender, is when most of the damage is done.  Those who have put out the dark, damaging energy fields are happily putting out their toxins, and are so proud of themselves that they do not even consider that it will come back to them.

Then, when their own negative energy comes full circle and returns to them, they cannot understand how THEY could be the victim of what has come to them. Unfortunately, some of the innocent victims of the “dark energy out” have been suffering since that darkness first struck their consciousness.

It is the people who become “stuck” with the dark energy field that need the most assistance. These are often the ones who were mistreated as children or in their early life. Therefore, they do not believe that they deserve higher light until they have received loving assistance from others.

Unfortunately, some of these people finally succumb to the darker energy fields. Therefore, these are the ones who most need assistance from those who have been able to rise above the darker, fearful and/or angry fields.

Either they remembered, and/or learned, how to choose the frequency of energy that they wanted to resonate to, and released or transmuted the energy fields that they could “feel” were of a lower frequency.

In fact, more and more humans are learning and remembering to trust their “feeling” about the energy fields that are around them. If the energy feels loving, kind, focused, creative and powerful, they have learned/remembered how to embrace and share the higher dimensional energy fields.

It is the honor of these ones to assist those who have become lost in the lower energy fields. Often these people have childhood issues that have not been healed, Hence, they may think it is too “weird” to “feel and trust the impact of the energy fields around them.”

On the other hand, they may have unresolved issues that stand in the way of “clearing the darkness and embracing the Light.” Even when one does perceive the higher frequencies of reality, their daily self may say something like, “What are you doing?” The answer to that question is, “What you are doing is waking up to your own higher dimensional/multidimensional SELF.”

Some people “wake up” to their higher SELF step by step? Whereas other people may take a very long time to wake up, and then suddenly wake up all at once! Either one of these scenarios can be confusing.

However, it is helpful to remember that the step by step part is often easier because each step can be what we need to confront in order to deeply ground each step/phase of awakening into our Higher SELVES.

It is important that we sufficiently ground our awakening SELF into the body of Gaia before we “take the next step.” Then, when we are ready, you will remember to also ground that step into the body of Gaia.

It is in this manner, that you remember that you, the awakened members of humanity, chose to take an earth vessel within this NOW, not for your own, personal gain, but for your beloved planet Gaia.

Yes, Gaia is your beloved planet. Gaia is your beloved mother and your beloved “Planetary Starship” back Home to the fifth-dimensional expressions of your Galactic SELF. Just imagine the different reality that you would experience if you ALL sought your fifth dimensional Home and thought of Gaia as your beloved Mother Planet.

For one thing, you could expand your perception, and thoughts from being individual humans who are often fighting and/or being victims to other individual humans into humans who are consciously creating a reality of Love and Light.

What if ALL humans could no longer perceive themselves as individuals because they had come to the realization that all of humanity is ONE being.

However, this “one being” is much like “one Bee Hive,” in that all the bees think of themselves as the “hive” rather than of the “individual bee?” Can you imagine how much humans would care for, assist, protect and feel deeply united with each other?

Blessings to Gaia and to Her dedicated humans who remember their SELF!

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 10:12 AM