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About 3 days ago I was doing Higher Kriya Yoga where you sit high in the crown and watch and listen and suddenly a hollow astral tunnel like a rotating cave opened to a universe of extreme light at the other end through which I could get a glimpse of an astral world lit by one thousand suns. I felt I was looking upon the subtle astral heaven of Hiranyaloka that Yogananda and Sri Yukteswar describe as it felt so liberated and celebratory. The sound accompanying the experience was like a flute which I have heard only a few times before. But it was brief. I know better than to try to hold onto that but it was like being home.

Then last night as I meditated again doing Higher Kriya Yoga my wife and daughter suddenly had a dingdong argument over their bath time. Normally my meditation is unflappable no matter what happens but a crack of awareness opened and out popped a millisecond of frustration. I was mortified and in that same instant begged Divine Mother for forgiveness for not keeping my mind and heart on the Divine.

I felt so small and little and bereft that I allowed all of me to be swallowed up by Her forgiveness and I vanished.

A Goodly Company of Spirits by Ethel Le Rossignol @ Cesnur

So there was a sitting in the stillness for some time as you can see from the graph from about 10:22 to 10:42 albeit with some initial heart/loving kindness spontaneously arising at 10:25 and 10:28.

Then from around 10:42 something different happened. Because of my exhorting the divine to answer my pleas, a sound arose that shows as those delta rises on the graph. The deeper experiences come from β€œdoing nothing” and yet β€œeverything is done” at the Hand of the Divine and not by yours alone. So at first sound arises and then light. The sound is like a drum pounding in my right ear, distant at first but growing louder. Then it turns into a thunderous sound that is unstoppable and the sound currents manifest the light. The astral and causal planes that manifest are seen with sense-intuition rather than a normal sense and are vibrant with light. There are mountains of light for example and one of them is Mt Kailash which I have seen on a couple of occasions before in the astral/causal visions. These worlds are filled with sound and light, endless expressions of the divine play in the astral, which is unlike anything I have seen on earth, ever.

The sound draws the soul in and up, riding the sound currents like a wave of bliss. Unbridled spiritual joy breaks upon these waves and that is evident in the graph from around 10:45 to 10:55 when the sound swells into light and joy and the accompanying gamma-beta mountains. The delta waves I think are the sound current peaking at different points because it is like an ocean swell, and nothing I am actively doing, it is generating an immense vibration and sound of its own source. And you are right the gamma-beta could be the result of uplifted eyes as the sound currents naturally fill this being with so much intensity that the body feels as if weightless and the eyes are naturally drawn to the heavens. I am not sure really as there was only a dim awareness as the universe manifesting within takes its own course and direction and is its own conductor of this divine symphony. The advanced stated of spiritual joy has its own rhythm and beat, each layer infinitely finer and more delicate than the last. The gross vibrations of earth on return are so much heavier and there is only a desire to be freed from these material longings and dwell in the freedom of the astral universes. ❀️ This is the graph from my meditation discussed above

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Love and Blessings

Altair and Mother ❀️

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