Our Third-Dimensional Chakra System Falls Away – Steve Beckow

Opening Of The Third Eye Mandala @ Sunshine Art


Our Third-Dimensional Chakra System Falls Away

I wonder how many people would agree with me if I said that the chakra system as we know it is a third-dimensional apparatus, that falls away eventually.

Here’s Da Free John reporting the phenomenon.

“In February I passed through an experience that seemed to vindicate my understanding. … I saw that what appeared as the sahasrar, the terminal chakra and primary lotus in the head, had been severed. The sahasrar had fallen off like a blossom.

“The Shakti, which previously had appeared as a polarized energy that moved up and down through the various chakras or centers producing various effects, now was released from the chakra form.

“There was no more polarized force. Indeed, there was no form whatsoever, no up or down, no chakras. The chakra system had been revealed as unnecessary, an arbitrary rule or setting for the play of energy. The form beneath all of the bodies, gross or subtle, had revealed itself to be as unnecessary and conditional as the bodies themselves. …

“Now I saw that reality or real consciousness was not in the least determined by any kind of form apart from itself. Consciousness had shown its radical freedom and priority in terms of the chakra form. It had shown itself to be senior to that whole structure, dissociated from every kind of separate energy or Shakti. There was simply consciousness itself, prior to all forms, all dilemmas, every kind of seeking and necessity. …

“There was no need to have recourse to any kind of phenomena, problem or structure of seeking. The Shakti was not the primary or necessary reality. Reality was the Self-nature, the foundation of pure consciousness, Siva, who is always already free of the Divine play. Thus, I was certain again that real life was not a matter of experience and evolution. It was to be founded in radical, present consciousness.” (1)

If this is not Ascension, it certainly is an important milestone on the road to it.

From that time until 2012, I came across nothing more on the matter. In 2012, I had the extreme good fortune to be able to ask the Divine Mother about it.

Steve Beckow: I’m trying to understand what level of enlightenment Ascension corresponds to. And I think it’s beyond the normal seventh-chakra enlightenment. I think it is what is called — and I’ll make this clear to readers — Sahaja Samadhi. Am I correct?

Divine Mother: Yes, it is beyond what you think of as your seven chakras. … We have emerged from the Third-Dimensional realm, which is that reference point for the chakra system, into the new. So yes, you are correct, in this question and in this statement.  (2)

If we were to look for milestones along the path to the ascended state, one would be a heart opening, as the Divine Mother discussed with Bright Star recently.

Divine Mother: Your ascension is not being postponed. You have had your initial heart opening. You have been doing your work. You have been looking at the chaos and understanding. Not engaging with the chaos with anger, fear, and outrage but simply observing, understanding that this has been part of the human tragedy but not fully engaged in it. So yes, you are ready, Sweet One. (3)

A second would have to be the falling away of the chakra system.


(1) Da Free John,The Knee of Listening. Original Edition. Clearlake, CA; Dawn Horse Press, 1984; c1973, 117-9.

(2) “The Divine Mother: Come to Me as I Come to You – Part 1/2,” Oct. 17, 2012, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2012/10/the-divine-mother-come-to-me-as-i-come-to-you-part-12/.

(3) “The Tide has Turned: Reading with the Divine Mother and Bright Star, Jan. 29, 2019,” February 3, 2019, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/?p=298325.

A second passage from that reading is worth repeating at length, for giving yet-another description of Ascension or an important sub-process in it.

“You know when you go to the ocean or the river or the lake, there is always one person that has to jump in first and there is always this worry, “How cold is the water?” Well, you are jumping in but do not worry. It is My Infinite Ocean of Blue [the Ocean of Love that I found myself in after March 2015] and the water is lovely.

“So, yes, this is your breakthrough. Now in that, beloved one, there are times when you will feel like you are literally in the grinder or in the mixing bowl, there is so much swirling around.

“When you are feeling that, drop-down like the pebble into the pond, into the lake and go to the centre of your heart. Go to the centre of your foundation, the seat of your soul [where I found the Self on Sept. 18, 2018] and allow the currents of change, the tides to swirl around you but remain as if you have dropped anchor not only into Gaia but into My Heart as well.

“Because this is and it is from that point of stillness that you are literally catapulting forward. It is not that you have to go through a cleansing, an emotional upheaval, having your life fall apart and seeing that everything is in shambles.”

“Quite the contrary. What you are doing is you are demonstrating, you are role modelling, you are teaching and you are leading and showing. Yes, of course, this is a walk of trust and faith but it is not a walk of chaos.

“It is a walk of beauty. It is a walk of love. And in the stillness, think of it as if you are walking right through the centre of a cyclone, the centre of a hurricane, the centre of a tornado. And it doesn’t touch you.”

However, unlike Bright Star, it isn’t in my contract to ascend early, but rather, as a pillar, to stay here until the finale.



Opening Of The Third Eye Mandala @ Sunshine Art

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