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Treat yourself with kindness, and then, knowing the joy, the purity, the sweetness of how that feels, then you are able and eager to share that kindness with others…

Time for Kindness to Be the Operating System


Saturday Conference Call 03-02-2019

Linda Dillon Channel for the Council of Love


So, let’s begin this beautiful, beautiful spring day by sinking into, into your heart. It’s the funniest thing in Florida, that in springtime, because we have green all year round, it seems that many of the trees shed their leaves in spring. And so, I want you to have this picture of a single beautiful leaf, still green, floating down from the very top of the boughs of the trees, just riding the currents of air, as it comes to caress and to touch and to rest on Mother Earth. And that’s what I want you to do is let that leaf come down, down, down and rest on the seat of your soul, on the base of your heart chakra.

So, let’s begin by taking a nice deep breath of green, and it’s the green of spring, and it’s the green of love, it’s the green of Archangel Raphael’s Emerald Elixir, it’s the green of your heart, it’s the green of the 13th Octave, and it’s the green of new beginnings. So, rest on that floor, of Gaia’s floor of green.

And emanating out of that, feel your beautiful Pink Flame, that sparkly Pink Diamond energy that is the core, and the truth, and the might, and the power of who you are. And then surrounding, spiraling around your Pink Flame, counter-clockwise, feel the Mother’s Blue Diamond spiraling up, caressing your pink but not overriding it.

And then, feel the Father’s Gold Diamond spiraling clockwise, intertwining with the Blue Diamond and supporting your Pink Diamond. And feel the brilliance of your tri-flame, from the bottom of your heart, coming up through your thymus, your high heart, your throat, your head, your brain, right out of your crown…let’s bring it up to the ceiling. All three flames equal and radiant, sparkling and energized. Now, bring it back down but feel the warmth and feel the energy right there in your heart, in the seat of your soul.

And now, let’s work with the ray of the magenta. Kuthumi is asking that we go together to the 13th Octave even prior to beginning our time together. So, put your fingertips together, make a bridge, an electrical circuit, and feel yourself…click, click, click, click, click…fully anchored in the heart of Mother/Father/One, fully anchored in the heart of Gaia, fully anchored in the totality of your being, fully present in every aspect, every dimension, every reality in your body, feet firmly planted on this beautiful earth.

It’s a great time to be alive. Sometimes I feel like there was this phenomenal, huge lottery and that each of us was lucky enough to have one of those winning numbers so that we got to be here at this time of such phenomenal, magnificent change…of the shift, quite literally…the shift in what it means to be human. This isn’t just a minor transition, this is fundamental, and it’s a fundamental restoration, and it’s the restoration of you, and I, and of the planet, and all the beings who occupy this planet…and far beyond. So, rest in your heart and thank yourself, congratulate yourself…you won! And you get to be here, you get to be a massive, huge, agent and angel of change. And you do that by claiming your ascended self, the fullness of who you are.

Now, let’s breathe plum, that beautiful color that looks magenta-e, purple-e, blue-red depending on how the light is shining and touching it. And let’s bite into that plum, with that orangey-gold richness…that fruit that nourishes…the gold of joy, the gold of Gabrielle, the gold of Yahweh, and in many ways, the gold of Kuthumi. But, let’s breathe magenta, let’s breathe that plum…smell the fragrance and the richness of that ripe fruit. Breathe it in, breathe it in through your nose and let that scent and that color, that ray, fill your head…it’s a very strong, exotic, rich scent.

And then, bring that plum down into your throat. Let is soothe and heal your blue chakra; let it reinforce and reinvigorate your ability to embrace change. And bring it down your arms, turn your skin into plum skin. And your heart…make you great big Valentine’s heart the color of a rich plum, and feel the tip of that heart join with your halion and your yellow seat of your will, and bring the plum into your umbilical, and your tummy, and your pubic, and your root, down your legs, into your feet. And see, coming out of your feet, as if you’re simply giving the entire planet a bath of the color of plum. Let it penetrate you. Let it fill your central column, over your spine, activating your occipitals, the hemispheres of your brain…particularly left…take a minute, breathe it in…come on. Now, bring it to your pituitary, and your pineal, and then up to your crown. Feel it blending with your beautiful amethyst, the violet, the purple.

Go up into your 14th, and 15th, and 16th chakras and feel how different working with this ray of plum, feel how different it is than, say, working with the emerald, or the pink, or the gold. There’s a calmness about it, and it feels tangible, substantial, and relax, and allow this gift to simply fill you. Don’t rush it, enjoy it.


Greetings, I AM Kuthumi, brother of your journey, brother of compassion, brother of kindness, brother of learning, brother of tenderness. And I welcome all of you because it does not matter what ray you occupy, or what planet you emanate from, or what dimension you prefer to lie in, for that is the beauty of our Mother and Father’s creation…is it not? It is the substantial diversity…you never see one of the rays of the rainbow trying to edge out yet another ray. For, is it not glorious when you witness all the colors, and all the splendor, and all the delight?

And yes, I thank you for heeding my call and for inviting me this day to step forward. Yes, you might say in humility or modesty, but what I would say is, “I step forward in joy to proclaim, not only the Mother’s new beginning but, sweet angels of light, your new beginning! For you step forth in the beauty and splendor of your ray, your self, your plan, your path, your dreams, your desires, and your fulfillment.”

I wish to speak to you for a few minutes only about kindness. And yes, long ago I have given this channel that mantra ‘Kindness Counts’ and it has been adopted by many of you. But now it is time for kindness to become the operating system, the default, for every single human being upon the planet and far beyond. You know, you sometimes think, you say, “Oh, where are our star brothers and sisters? When will I see the boots on the ground?” What you don’t think about too often is that there are many human beings that have also put their boots on the ground elsewhere, on other planetaries, and other ships, in other realms, and other realities. Now, of course, these beings have advanced, and they know the meaning of kindness, and how that operates, and what it looks like, and how it behaves.

But, I mention this simply to extend to you the expansion of imagination, the expansion of potential, of what is possible…not in some distant future but right now, in your life, in this time, in this realm that you occupy, regardless of what dimension you are slipping in and out of.

There has been a grave, grave disregard for the simplicity of kindness, and there is often a very mistaken opinion, a sense of arrogance, that in order to be kind you must demean and reduce yourself. Nothing could be further from truth! For, in fact, kindness, the gentleness, the compassion of heart, of being, of manner, of expression, of every action that you take, it demands expansion because you are extending, not over-extending, but extending the truth, the might, the vibration, the sound, the color, the ray, of who you are.

Kindness is not merely compassion…although compassion includes kindness…it is the caring and this has been lost. There are so many humans who say, “Well, I don’t care what you think, I don’t care what you feel, I don’t care!” And they proceed in violation, in abuse, in abhorrence, because not to care is to literally say ‘what the Mother has created, what I have the honor to occupy the planet with, doesn’t matter, doesn’t count.’ It is the supreme act of arrogance, of ego, to state or pretend that one doesn’t care.

Caring is the trait of all angels, all ascended realms, all ascended beings, and caring is never myopic. And the other thing that I wish to say…‘caring, gentle caring, nurturing, kindness to your sacred self is paramount and you need to…I implore you…to do whatever it takes to be kind to yourself. Yes, as Archangel Raphael has said, put yourself first because when you put others in front of you…and I’m not saying that there are not circumstances where, of course, you put somebody else in front of you, that is kindness and compassion as well. But, as a daily diet, as a modus operandi of how to live, if you are not kind, if you are not the mentor, the example, the living, breathing entity guiding you to you, then how can you possibly, genuinely, deeply, profoundly, be kind to anyone else? It will only be a portion, a percentage, a modicum, of the truth of what you are capable of. And my beloved brothers and sisters, you are capable of so much, and yes, much more than even you are thinking. You are sacred.

If you came upon the most precious object in the museum, in the Taj Mahal, in the Temple of Luxor, you would teach it kindness because you are living, breathing entities, and you would be gentle and respectful, and you would make sure you did not chip, or crack, or break such a sacred object. You would stand in awe at the creations. And yet, beloveds, do you do this to yourself? Do you treat yourself with the utmost care, respect, gentleness, honoring, that you deserve?

If you came upon a bird with a broken wing, you would hold it in your hands, and nurture it, and send it the healing love, and you would be kind even if it meant ultimately that this bird would pass out of its form, you would do so with kindness and love.

Well sweet ones, many of you have been the birds with the broken wings, and your wings are healing, and you are getting ready to fly! But what enables that to happen is that you treat yourself with kindness…and then, knowing the joy, the purity, the sweetness of how that feels, then you are able and eager to share that kindness with others, even those who have been most abusive because very often they are the ones that have forgotten that kindness counts, and what kindness, true gentleness, feels like.

So, I come this day and every day, as your quiet, or perhaps not so quiet brother, to ask and implore, to guide and beseech, to treat yourself with loving kindness, And if you do not know how, if you have forgotten somehow, turn to me, turn to the east and ask…for I will be honored to assist you in ways that are kind to you, that are helpful to you, that are practical and applicable to you, because you are loved, and you are cherished, and you are important. You are valued and you are valuable; you are worthy; you are precious.

Go with my love, and go with my kindness. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2019 Council of Love, Inc.



Kuthumi painting by Glenn Lewis @ Ascension Healing

Permission Given to Share – Thank you Linda Dillon
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Conversation With the Arcturians – Suzanne Lie

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Monday, March 4, 2019

Conversation With the Arcturians Through Suzanne Lie- 3-4 -19


Dear Arcturians,

I just meditated and, I saw myself trying to swim up from the bottom of a deep pond. However, I seemed to get stuck somewhere in the middle of the pond. I guess that means that I am stuck in the middle but in the middle of what?

Dearest Suzille,

We are the Arcturians here to answer your question. The middle of the pond means that you are “in between where you have been and where you are going.” You know where you have been, but you do not know where you are going. Is that correct?

Dear Arcturians,

I had not thought of my not knowing where I am going, but I realize now that what you have said is true. I know that I am moving, shifting, changing, but I don’t really know where I am going, or doing, with these changes.

I also realize that I have been saying to the “universe” and to my own Higher Self that, “I am tired. I don’t want to do this anymore.” However, I did not specifically say what I am tired of, or where I would like to go.

Therefore, my incomplete requests, or were they complaints, have put me “in-between” where I have been and where I am going. Therefore, I think I should begin with “where I have been.”

“Dear Arcturians, Where have I been? What I mean by that questions is “Where have I been in my consciousness?”


Dear Suzille, all of you, our Galactic Beings who have volunteered to wear third-dimensional expressions of SELF, has been on a fast and furious ride. Sometimes you have greatly enjoyed this ride, but sometimes you need a break in order to allow what has been flowing into, and through, your thoughts and emotions to settle into the areas of your body, mind, and consciousness.

Within this necessary break, you can listen to your SELF, who is your own Higher Guidance. It is in this manner that you can more fully understand the information that you have been receiving.

How many times have you said, “I need a break?” You may wonder why you feel so tired, or think that you have failed in some manner. However, in reality, you, our brave volunteers to take an earth vessel, have been quite successful in your task of recognizing that you are much, much more than the physical body that encompasses your true Multidimensional SELF.

When you ask for a break, you give an SOS to your Higher SELF. Then your Higher SELF, who knows that you need this break, not just to rest, but to also integrate the higher messages you have been receiving into your physical brain, heart, and body.

“Taking a break” is an important component of expanding your consciousness beyond your third/fourth-dimensional reality and into your fifth-dimensional reality. This break allows you to realize how much you miss connecting with us, the Arcturian and your Higher SELF—who are actually ONE.

You see, all of you, our Galactic Family, have taken physical forms to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension. Then you are faced with the challenge of learning, which is actually remembering, how to integrate your Higher SELF and your physical self into ONE.

This integration of your third/fourth-dimensional physical self and your fifth dimension and beyond SELF is not an easy challenge. But, how else can you remember you are true Multidimensional SELF.  When you finally “take this break” from your daily third dimensional chores and responsibilities, you can more easily connect, and/or reconnect with us, your Higher expressions of SELF?

Sometimes your daily 3D life becomes so difficult or encompassing that you take your “multidimensional phone” off the hook. But, then you may YOU wonder why the phone Interdimensional phone stopped ringing!

What is important for you, our volunteers to take a 3D body to assist with Planetary Ascension, to take a break once in a while and “just be human!” However, you may ask yourself, “What do I want to take a break from?”

We, the Arcturians, will ask you NOW, “What do you want to take a break from?”

That is a real question, and we ask that you ponder your answer and then get back to us, the members of your own Higher SELF.

“OK,” we hear you say to yourself, “I will now ponder what it is that I need a break from.”

“Worry” is one of the things that we see many of our grounded ones need to ponder and release! “I want to take a break from worry,” you may say. However, you man not so sure what “taking a break from worry” means. Therefore, we the Arcturians offer you may consider that:

“It is the NOW for me to go deep inside my physical, as well as my higher dimensional SELF so that I can more completely feel the waves of “Higher Dimensional LIGHT energy that are increasingly flowing into dear Gaia, as well as into ALL of Gaia’s planetary beings.”

“You have all heard of the saying, ‘The Darkest Night is just before DAWN,’ as well as “The further you bend down, the higher you can jump.” We, your Galactic Family would like to remind you that:

IT IS the NOW for ALL our beloved volunteers to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension, to bend down further and further into your own Darkness so that you can move THROUGH that darkness and INTO the Light!

We the Arcturians, ask that YOU go deeply through your darkness so that you can more easily go deeply into your own higher consciousness, your own HigherThoughtsand your own Emotions, to find your own Higher Light that resides inside your own Higher SELF!

It is in this manner that you will find that component of your self who does not yet remember that YOU are a Multidimensional Being!

We also ask that you NOW go deep inside your fears, your doubts, your self-judgments, your hidden anger, and your forgotten sadness. Then give them your


We, the Arcturians, promise you that if you have found this message, and taken the time to read it, YOU are ready to LOVE YOUR SELF UNCONDITIONALLY. We realize that it is very difficult for our beloved “volunteers to take an earth vessel” to remember your own Higher Dimensional SELF.

We, the Arcturians and your Galactic Family, realize—and remember from our own incarnations—how easy it is to fall into fear, sorrow, worry, and self-judgment. In fact, it is for this reason that we, your Galactic Family have come to you within this NOW (which means the NOW in which you receive and decide to read our message) to remind you that:

YOU are a wonderful Multidimensional Being who has, a great sacrifice, chosen to take an earth vessel to assist dear Gaia. Mother Earth has been gravely mistreated and is having more and more difficulty with Her own Planetary Healing.

Therefore, Gaia NEEDS YOU! YOU—yes, you—the one who has somehow received and has chosen to read this message!

We, the Arcturians and your Galactic Family, want you to know that we recognize how difficult it can be to choose to recognize the dark ones who are greatly damaging Gaia in order to gain their own “power over others.”

We, your Galactic Family, realize that YOU have chosen to incarnate in this NOW in order to assist dearly beloved Gaia.

We, your Galactic Family, want you to know that Gaia/planet Earth is considered to be one of the greatest jewels of all the many realities that have had the courage to dip their frequency into the low frequency of the third dimension.

We, the Arcturians, wish to remind you that there are many, many, more expression of reality that resonates to higher dimensions. Most humans have called these dimensions

Therefore, we, your Galactic Family, have come into your awareness within this NOW to remind you again and again that YOU have chosen to take an earth vessel within this NOW to assist Gaia through Her difficult challenge of “Planetary Ascension.”

Just as a human woman goes to a doctor to assist her with the birth of her human child, we ask YOU to recognize how Gaia has come to you to assist to assist Her with Her Planetary Birth into a higher frequency of reality.

Gaia has been inhabited by humans for many eons. When the humans where in their early stages, they worshiped Gaia for many years and cycles of time. However, the “modern age” has given humanity the ability to destroy their own planetary home.

Many of the reasons for this destruction were due to ignorance as to how they were damaging Gaia, but the main reason that humanity has so greatly damaged Gaia is that they, humanity, did not think of Earth as a living being.

Many “modern” humans thought of Earth as a thing that is somehow indestructible. Therefore, they think it is fine to throw trash into the great oceans, fill the skies with many chemtrails, ruin the land with bombs and “poisons to grow plants quicker and larger, and drop trash into the ocean and other waterways.

We, the Arcturians, as well as the Pleiadians, Venusians, Antarians and other members of our greater Galactic Family, call you NOW to PLEASE Save your Mother Planet NOW!

We end this message with a powerful quote:

“The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it!”

George Orwell.

Please stay tunned into our next Webinar, which is upcoming soon!

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 10:45 PM


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