Formless Creation – Sharon Lyn Shepard


March 7, 2019
Formless Creation

While sitting quietly in the pre-dawn morning, I was observing the subtle rippling energies within and around me. At some point, I noticed the soft iridescent petals of a flower drawing together to form a rose. This rose was not opening from a bud as we are accustomed. The petals were drawing themselves together to form itself from the essence of the unseen. I watched with fascination as the rose came into form, undulated for awhile, and then dissolved back into the primordial source of creation.

The beauty of this moment held my attention with a new appreciation of creation. A huge smile of awareness spread across my face. Every cell within me lit up with this new realization. Creation does not need to follow a linear pattern, from seed to manifestation to death. Free of the time/space continuum, it has the ability to draw to itself that which it desires to experience without the need to maintain form. Creation is alive and constantly thriving whether we see it or not. Life exists whether it is in form, or formless.

I realized how intent humans are on the result rather than the miraculous process of creation. How we only value form despite the fact that most of creation does not have, nor maintain form. It is only the human perspective that holds form in place. The purity of our consciousness does not require form. Indeed we enjoy playing with form, but it is not a requirement of life.

I could share more words with my creative musings, but that will only take us more deeply into the human’s need to mentally understand that which exists beyond understanding. Instead, I leave you with this question:

How much life experience are we missing by only focusing on form and how much more can we allow?

~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“Wisdom of the Inner Voice”


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The Right Use of Will – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Calamity by Cashile @ DeviantArt


The Right Use of Will


The recent health challenge that I went through was extremely painful when it was happening. Let me stop there. TMI, TMI. (1)

It had numerous effects on me.

Don’t forget I had pain from my chest area already and then additional pain from my abdomen.   And somehow pain drains the energy away. For whatever reason, I only had energy to stagger around the apartment.

It drove me to seek comfort from the Mother. There was no one else to turn to in my condition. That connection was made and I feel it even as we speak.

Just as they say, pain can be a road to God. And often is, I imagine.

That’s one positive benefit.

Pain was also an amazing clarifier.

Distractions and unimportant matters dropped away in the face of it. Amazing how the head clears and the attention focuses. I wish I could be that way without the pain.

But in fact I am. And that’s one thing I realized from this experience. We tend to leave out of the conversation the thing which missing, undoes all our efforts: the will.

I don’t clear my head and focus in because I don’t choose to. I don’t have the will to do it. I’m “willing” something else – whatever it was I did. That’s the basic truth of the matter.

And if I do have the will and do choose, my commitment can be weak. I make the effort and then stop.  I’m therefore willing to stop.

We speak about “taking personal responsibility,” which is an important aspect of will.  But do we increase the magnification further and look at the choice to exert the will or not to?

If we agree so far, then how we create our own world becomes clearer. We act on certain matters and don’t on others and little by little we create a world of own choosing from it. Our outer world mirrors our inner reality.

Just as ceratin sea creatures build a wall out of individual grains of sand, so we build our walls one act at a time.

Let’s leave aside the outer world for a moment. Let’s look at the inner world of our thoughts and feelings. At present, we allow our thoughts and feelings to lead us, and overlook the will. Or pretend we do. But in the end it’s the will that decides the matter.

That’s the secret, I think, of the discipline of self-command.  It’s what the Buddha was pointing at when he talked of “the right use of will.”

The truth is so amazingly simple. I think that we tend at times to refuse to see it. Or the blazing rush of our lives makes our attention a mite shallow, too shallow to see the truth. Well, it was that way for me anyways.

I make the world out of the acts I do every day. I act in ways that I will myself to act. The world that results is the creation of all of my acts.  If I’m not happy with the world I created, talk to management.


(1) Too much information.


Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists & photographers ~ Credit given where this is known. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah ❤

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Calamity by Cashile @ DeviantArt