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How Do You Understand Power?

From Caroline’s 2014 Salon

One of my core teachings is that power is the fundamental ingredient of the human experience. That’s a profound mystical truth – so profound that we could spend an entire weekend together examining the nature of power in its endless expressions in our lives. We could use the chakra system as a map, for example, and begin with how power is introduced into our lives in its most base form – the huge, physical dynamics of life itself. We have the big, the loud, the obviously powerful forms of military might and destruction as well as construction and so forth. Here we encounter the power of nature, from the force of earthquakes and storms to the incomparable beauty of rainbows and sunsets. All of this type of power has this subtle question or challenge woven into it: How will I survive in a world that seems so vast and powerful?

As we ascend the chakra ladder, power transitions to different expressions. Stuff becomes power. The capacity to acquire seems to go along with safety, and to a great extent there is truth to that. We do need to acquire food, shelter, clothing, and resources. We are not outdoor plants, after all. Having just visited Assisi, Italy, I was reminded of the extraordinary life of Francis of Assisi who, in beginning his remarkable ministry devoted to living as Jesus did, stripped off his clothing in front of his father in public in order to make the point that nothing worldly – including his family – had authority over him any more. He would rely only upon the benevolence of the Divine. And he did.

Francis and his followers, along with so many other renowned mystics, I would remind all of us, did not have families or mortgages and the like and they lived at a time when mystical dramas were somehow supported by the celestial realm in ways that our imagination can no longer comprehend. Yet the thread that continues from their era into ours is a push-pull between being owned by the stuff of the physical world – burdened by it – and free of needing it so much. Or feeling possessed by the fear that we need stuff in order to feel safe in the world. And that fear is a possession. Having wealth is not a problem; being possessed by the fear that without wealth you are nothing, is the problem.

Our identification with power takes a turn as we ascend the chakras, from overtly physical to the far more subtle realms of how we interact in relationships. The power of symbolic language rises in the psyche and amazingly, so many people take little notice of the fact that the symbolic domain is the real battlefield of life. Buddha noted with great brilliance that the physical realm was all an illusion – a truth that becomes strikingly clear the instant a person recognizes the authority of symbolic language and the symbolic meaning we give to objects, relationships, and goals that otherwise would have no meaning whatsoever.

As an example, let me suggest you offer to help someone clean out a basement full of his or her “stuff”. I’ve done this and people have helped me as well. From your perspective, their stuff looks like, well, stuff – even junk. You could strike a match to all of it and walk away. It has no meaning for you whatsoever, unless of course your friend happens to be a collector of fine art. But let’s say we are dealing with the average person who has boxes of dusty personal history stored in the basement. As you both review the items, you objectively see old books or old clothing. They see memories – and then they see the items. First, we walk through our symbols, our myths, our feelings – and then we hold the physical object in our hands. This is as true for an object as small as a book as it is for an “object” as big as a marriage or as difficult to hold as a career.

Everything we have ever touched, lived, encountered, held, wanted or experienced has contained or continues to contain in some way, our life breath. Everything is nothing until we weave ourselves into it. And if it has even one thread of our breath, that object or memory still holds a fragment of our power, for we once empowered that relationship or dream in order to make it come to life. Without our life force, it could not have existed at all. Like the book of Genesis reads, we take dust and breathe life into it and we give it animation for a temporary period of time. And then it returns to dust.

This truth could take your breath away for a moment, or you could hit your inner pause button in order to give yourself time to reflect on the essential design of life. We are always struggling with power – and why is that? Because we are constantly living in the illusion between how powerful the outside world appears and how powerless we often feel, especially when it comes to our own survival. Life is this continual tug-of-war between events happening around us and their impact upon us.

I often speak about power in workshops and how all encompassing this element of life is, in part because it’s so incomprehensible. Everything is a power calculation of some sort, from what we wear to the items we own and even where we sit on airplanes and in lectures. We can’t stop doing power calculations. It’s instinctive because it’s part of our survival mechanism.

If I could offer the medical world one useful item, it would be a Power Profile, a questionnaire to answer along with all the other paperwork needed at the time of a physical. In an ideal world, patients should be asked to describe the health of their psychic field along with their body.

Shifting to a Higher Perspective

As consciousness ascends in our chakras, our capacity to comprehend the nature of power makes a transition into the higher realms. Power becomes animated, interior grace that illuminates your consciousness. This isn’t news to any of you by now. In fact, it’s old news. You’ve heard the words before, no doubt. I’ve spoken them and I’ve written them. And unfortunately, the written word is incapable of communicating the experience I so want to transmit to you. Yet, that doesn’t stop me from trying one more time. So let me go in through this door…

I have spent almost three decades now in the company of who knows how many wonderful people at countless workshops. I’ve shared endless conversations and cups of coffee and meals with people all over the world, listening to the personal stories of so many lovely individuals. Each time, I truly marvel at the life journey of each person – the challenges, the talents, the accomplishments, all the many wonders that make up the gift that is one human being. Even if I spend one minute with someone, I consider it a blessing to have met yet another human being alive right now on this Earth. I find it thrilling.

I listen most carefully when people describe their struggles – their times of disempowerment – because this is a path we all have in common. Details may change, but the path is identical. It is archetypal. I note why and how they have or are losing their power. I note what symbolically has power for them and I can easily recognize archetypal patterns in their psyche.

Then comes the tug-of-war moment when I am asked, “What should I do to heal?” Or, “What should I do to get out of this?”

I can so easily recall one gracious middle-aged man telling me about his position at work. He kept apologizing for how his boss was neglecting him, commenting that his boss was really very thoughtful, it was just that his boss was going through a difficult time and this man was the object of the stress his boss was feeling. Nevertheless, did I think he should speak to his boss? And did I think his high blood pressure was just a coincidence or related to job stress?

The man was terrified and his intuition was telling him that pressure was being put on him to resign. They wanted a younger man in the position and the company did not want him to reach the age of major benefits and retirement. He did not want to face that truth directly. Few do, of course. Powerlessness can diminish a person’s health as fast as poison.

I wonder all the time what it would be like to say to someone, “Get out of there. You know what your intuition is telling you. Listen to it. Trust your gut instincts and create a next passage for yourself. Your intuition always animates at exactly the right time. Your next step in life may not look like what you are doing. In fact, it probably won’t. Don’t look to recreate what you have been doing. Just act on your intuitive guidance in the moment. Stay fearless.”

But it’s rare that I can actually offer a message like that, one that encourages a person to trust his or her inner power over the illusions of power in the external world. Those are powerful illusions. I mean, you can’t exactly tell a landlord that the rent is an illusion. And feeding kids is hardly an illusion, so there is a lot to be said about being practical.

On the other hand, there’s even more to be said about understanding the nature of power and the fundamental difference between external power and your interior empowered self. After all, the great spiritual teachings are meant to instruct all of us through the difficulties of life. Among the most consistent teaching common to the sacred traditions is to learn to discern illusions. Again and again, spiritual masters have offered instructions to their students to not be blinded by the belief that the outside world has more authority than the power you have within you to shift directions. First, the student must detach from the illusion and then the direction changes immediately.

Many traditions speak about undergoing initiation rituals, which, granted, are not commonplace in our everyday lives. But perhaps we should re-introduce that word in order to recognize that on rare occasions, one of our life experiences may be just that. A life crisis, a major transition, may well be a modern day initiation into a different consciousness of power. And if you had such a perspective in mind while undergoing a difficult life change, would that change the quality of choices you made? Would that not give you a sense that what you are experiencing had purpose and meaning and wasn’t just a company firing you because you were too old?

Mystics were considered illuminated masters because they underwent an initiation between worlds. The purpose of such a profound experience was to force the individual into winning that game of tug-of-war with external power. That is, the soul of the mystic was forced through rigorous circumstances to become more powerful than outside obstacles. Buddha sat in meditation under the Bodhi Tree for forty days, for example, waiting for enlightenment. He was determined, so the story goes, to detach from the hold the outside world had on his body and mind. Whether it was forty days or ten is irrelevant. He won that tug-of-war.

Healing a serious illness is a tug-of-war between what science and medicine believes to be true about an illness and how empowered you believe you can become from within. That requires the capacity to detach, like Buddha, from the illusions that challenge your belief that you can heal. Getting to such a clear inner faith requires an initiation into an empowered level of consciousness. You can’t read about it. You can’t think your way into empowerment. You have to consciously detach from the illusions of the world that have power over you.

Your Turn

Everyone gets into a few good tug-of-war games every day. We get into power plays, financial fears, traffic jams, or whatever. We live in a constant environment of power interplays. Let me suggest that you heighten your awareness of where, why, and how you are losing your power. I would also encourage you to connect any insight to your physical health, especially if you are actively involved with a health-related matter.

Who do you have a tug-of-war battle going on with and why?

  • Pay attention to how much power is drained from you and what your weaknesses (illusions) are. Buddha would say that it is up to you and only you to deal with your illusions. They have nothing to do with the person with whom you are doing battle. Were it not that person, it would be someone else. Losing power is losing health. Remember that.
  • Review tug-of-war power issues with your past. Just as an interesting note, people actively seeking employment should review any and all attachments to their past image of what they did, earned, titles, benefits, and all that. Such strings have to be cut in order for a new creative path to open up.
  • Review tug-of-war issues with your present relationship in order to reboot it – aka heal it – or to find a new relationship.

I will close by reminding you again that power is your fundamental ingredient. Every word your say is a power tool. Every thought, every emotion, every idea, and every decision you make (or decide not to make) is ultimately a power maneuver. A wise choice is to learn the highest order of power and detach from the authority of the lowlands. Grace is the highest power we have available to us. Utilize the graces that run through your soul. Don’t just think about them every now and again. Dwell in them. Breathe them in like air. When you are losing power to something, close your eyes and pray for the grace to retrieve your spirit from a bad decision or an external fear, or a negative power play. Don’t wait for illness to wake you up. Think like a mystic out of a monastery.




The Current of Life by Christina Dehoff

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The Quantum Nature of Integral Life-Understanding Gender – Metatron via James Tyberonn

lord-shiva-parvati-miniature-painting-by Dinodia at Pixels

Lord Shiva Parvati miniature painting by Dinodia @ Pixels


The Quantum Nature of Integral Life

Understanding Gender

Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn


Greetings! I am Metatron, Angelic of Light! I am joined by Tyberonn of Crystalline Service, and we warmly welcome each of you, in a vector of unconditional love.

And so we speak on the bio format & nature of Duality Sojourns, of Life, and the spectra of consciousness within Divine Light. That you term as Divine Feminine & Masculine.

Masters, in higher self, in true soul essence, you are non-gendered. In essence, your Divine Aspect is one of non-polarity. In your initial ‘Godling’ sojourns into the earth plane, you entered in nonphysical, thought-projection format. Life, Dear Humans, is multi-facted, multi dimensional…quantum in nature.

In the Beginning

In this initial phase, the earth was experienced as a nonpolar plane. Although the ‘Godlings’ could project themselves aspectually into the 4 earthen elements, including biological and mineral life, it was temporal.

Over eons, that may approximate to hundreds of millions of your years, from a linear aspect, you began manifesting more physical bodies. These varied in format, but most were integral, a format of one body having the attributes of both male and female. There was no sexual activity. Each embodiment was capable of birthing.

Such format occurred for timeless eons. The first separation into gender, occurred after ten million years of androgynous manifestation into the Omni-Earth planes…the initial separation into physical genders occurred, approximately 107,000 years ago. The separation into male/female occurred for myriad reasons, key among these is that the ‘Duality-Curriculum’ offered growth in the matrix of opposites in the material plane of matter.

Entering Duality

Entering into the more dense dimensional frequency levels required for biological physicality was, for humanity, a double-edged sword, so to speak. It opened the curriculum, and credentialed course of Duality…the University of Earth. For physicality into biological aspect presented a complex rubik of challenges.

Dear Humans …All of you, each and every one of you will experience physical life in duality planes of the Omni-Earth, in every race & biological-gender format. You will have threads of earthen sojourns as both male and female.You will devote lifetimes to experiencing the attributes of both…and in time, you are required to merge them. Spirits have no gender. Masters, every individual soul upon earth has been both female & male, but generally incarnates in most lives as one or the other gender.

It is part of the duality program of earth to experience the yin/yang, the male and female biology. As a protocol, memory of these are not retained, in order to avoid over connection to one gender. Generally speaking, you will be in one gender about 75% of your earthen sojourns, for example one may choose to be female in 3 out of 4 lifetimes, or vice versa.

Over Association

When a soul becomes over identified with the attributes of either male or female, a choice will be made by the higher self to a change of direction, shifting genders to regain balance. However it is important to note that the traits of both are within each of you, in what is termed as animus and anima. Each male will have an innate inner personification of the soul’s female nature, and each female will have integral soul facets of an inner male identity.

It is essential for you to understand, that the anima, or female nature in the male is, in essence, the collated psychic memory assimilation which identifies the prior female lifetimes the individual soul collective has chosen.

Accordingly, the attributes considered as female, in your 3d world, are therefore accessible to the male nature. The male is able to tap into this energy. And Masters, this is an important check & balance, swerving as an important safeguard, preventing the male from overly attaching with whatever present time, present-life programmed cultural male characteristics that society teachings have been imposed upon him. The same access is of course available to females, accessing the animus collective of past male lifetimes.

Harmonic Union in Duality

Dear Hearts, as your life continues to unfold, your individual expressions & emotions will evolve, will change, shaped & reformed by the thoughts, emotions & experiences that you draw to yourself. Your present culture and political environ establishes the concept that you must fight to survive in the 3d world.So keep in mind, and this is important to really comprehend…male and female are not opposites, not in opposition.

In the current phase of extreme dividedness, of stark polarity, there can be a skewed, misplaced tendency of negative thrust in which males become insulated, inordinately aggressive & insensitive, and females can become overly defensive, even toxicly vengeful of men.Thus creating obstacles & imbalance. It is interesting to note that some of the souls involved in the more extreme political movements of gender identification & female equality, are actually reincarnated men, seeking balance by attempting to restore ‘rights’ that they themselves played a role in abusing.

This process is a way of balancing, for indeed, many of the civil rights activist of the recent decades were former slave owners. Spirit has no race, nor gender, and every soul will experience each in the power lessoning journey of Duality.

Lost Teachings

There were portions of the teachings of Jesua ben Josef, the Christ figure of Christianity, which dealt specifically with sexuality. However, in the political patriarchal societies of 2 thousand years ago, these were altered, and removed, considered far too liberal, even blasphemous and were deleted from the edited works of biblical texts formulated politically by the patriarchal Council of Nicea in Roma-Greco Constantinople.

Although humanity assign gendered names to Archangels, the Angelic Realm is androgenous, in your terms, like you, neither male or female. Humans tend to create images of Angels that are responsible to some degree for the misconceptions around their true nature. Your paintings and murals depict either muscular male figures, females with feathered wings, or a host of miniature cherubs. Angels are neither male nor female in their Beingness, neither are you !

Anima & Animus

The anima & animus are, symbiotic, synergetic and archetypically symbolic. The two combined are your true essence. And in harmonic union, represent the integral ‘wholeness’ of your being, your soul. The two aspects are symbiotic, representing varied desires, attributes & diverse abilities. In optimal harmonics, the male-female aspects act as a stabilizing factor, a balancing tool.

The male persona needs, indeed yearns for the nurturing intuitive wisdom of the ‘female anima’, as it contains the latent characteristic of the integral self….yet there is a culturally induced struggle for the male to release expression of the anima. Likewise the female experiences the obstruction of societal repression to release the aggressive aspect of the male anima within. Both female & male experience a juxtaposition of the animus & anima, respectively. It creates a constructive tension, that allows the female to take appropriate assertive action, and for the male to temper aggression into more discerned, creative action.

And let us be clear, aggression is a requisite element of earthen sojourns. Humanity sadly confuses violence with aggression, and do not understand or define aggression, as forward movement, as a powerful action of creativity. But let us be clear, when we speak of ‘aggression’, we do not mean violence. Violence is failed aggression. Aggression in our stance and view is better defined as the core energy of thrust. And such thrust is a vital component of overcoming the obstacles of duality. Such thrust is the driver of your expansion an d growth. Indeed, the very ability of a flower to push thru the soil and explode into beautiful blossom, is an act of creative active aggression.

Cultural Transition & Caution

Dear Ones, the curriculum of third dimensional duality is a very unique vector of ‘reality’, in which action is required to complete the course. In creative aggression, each soul taps into a vast reservoir of unimaginable energy. The energy field itself is neutral, it is how it is utilized that determines creative or destructive use.

Your cultural paradigm transition is quickening, rapidly changing in the energy of the New Earth. It is absolutely requisite that equality be established, in terms of both gender and race. However, one must be discerning of political association and activism. Political activism is in a rather perilous phase of astrologically influenced extremism. Zealotry & fanaticism are emerging in a negative thrust… surfacing in the current times of Crucible Astronomy, (and in a worse case scenario) … morphing into hate driven by greed, power-lust & fear. Beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing….for it is a phase of chaotic energy presently on the earth….and this will increase in intensity until 2026.

Be cautious. In a manner of speaking, in your present phase of ‘Crucible Astrology’, the metaphoric ‘Pandora’s box’ is temporarily open to allow the surfacing of all unresolved energies. And in this timing of extreme polarity, negativity can accelerate, and infiltrate religion and indeed politics. Fear can be accelerated and exacerbated in this phase, instigating extremes and hatred.

Masters, when opposition turns into hatred, the hate itself can and will attach to you, and take a devastating toll. Regardless of any self-serving delusional mirage of justification. Deep negativity is a tar-baby, it attaches and destroys. Hatred will follow you, lifetime after lifetime until you realize that hate itself is the true, often disguised, unrecognized enemy, in your world of duality.

Dear Humans, in earthly sojourns within the present paradigm, sexual identification is important, but must be in balance. We say again, over-identification, over attachment to either gender, can lead to imbalance. Over association can eventually result in gender polarization, and extreme positioning to only one aspect can lead to distorted behavior, in which the higher needs and potentials of the individual are thwarted, and worthy lifetime goals , lessons and ideals are hindered.

A Return to Wholeness

Humanity will in time, return to androgyny. It is the true nature of your beingness, and the inhabitants of the earth will transform into this aspect. It will represent what your religious texts refer to as the ‘Millenium of Peace’, in which the analogy of “Lucifer’ the place holder of duality, will be tied. In valid interpretation, this refers to the Omni-Earth exiting duality, and returning to the state of non-polarity. Your Edgar Cayce spoke of such as phase. Indeed, it was how you entered, and how you will complete. It is representative of the graduation from the ‘University of Duality Earth’.


In 2019, Year Seven of the New Earth , humanity are entering an expansive stage of extra and intra dimensional access. This is due in no small part to the galactic positioning of the Earth at this time that mankind refers to as the Ascension. The Earth, and the Milky Way Galaxy have entered an extreme illumination cycle, a ‘no-spin zone’ which cast no shadows. It is an energy of liberation & truth.

The energy that is being liberated, flowing into your reality, has already changed your world, and will continue to do so. Such massive liberations of energy will in the linear dance of time, begin to unify the whole planet in peace. It will occur.

However, more cleansing will take place, as the scenario of a world of harmony & equality will not happen before regional shifts & what you term as natural disasters occur. These will not be a global reboot….and are a necessary transition. And when the new era reaches its energy vector in linear movement, it will represent the first such time within the planet’s history where there was peace with equality for all. And this will be a monumental graduation, for although there have been various periods that were peaceful, but there was no equality.

Embrace your identity, embrace every moment of life you have on this beautiful garden planet. The same principles and divine concepts which created the Cosmos, and its varied dimensions and planes, also creates this eternal moment, in the ‘Now’ we you share.

In kind, concepts and moments beyond the present will inspire the future which all of humankind will  share.

New ideas of noble altruism offer powerful creative paradigm shifts., provide new understandings that intrigue & inspire seekers of truth & savant dreamers. And the Divine, the Celestial ‘First-Cause’ that was in place before space & time … will yet ‘Become’ manifest.

I am Metatron, with Tyberonn of Crystalline Service, and we share with you these Truths. You are Beloved.
And so it is…And it is So…


Lord Shiva Parvati miniature painting by Dinodia @ Pixels

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