A Message from our Children – Suzanne Lie

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Dear Light being, A Message from our Children through Suzanne Lie



A Message from our Children

through Sue Lie

“All right!  All right!!  I will write my story like the Golden One told me to do. But if  I do write it, I will have to use another name so that no one will judge me—OOPS…

“I did not mean to say that. I mean, that it might not be a good way to look at my self.  OOPS, again. I guess?

“What am I doing? Am I fighting with my own mind? Again, I am confused. I mean really confused about important things such as “Who am I?” and “How did I get here?”

It seems like I just got here, but it also feels like I have always been here. I am sorry if I am confusing you. I not a big author or anything. I am just trying to do…I am not sure what. I guess maybe I am trying to call and talk with my Higher Self. At least, I think it is my Higher Self who is talking with me and instructing me about what I am meant to do.

I know, how arrogant is it for a teenager to write about her relationship with her/my “Higher SELF”?  But, when I say what I just said, and I say too often, that there is something wrong with me and I need to “be better.”

However, whenever my “Higher Friend” comes to visit me, ALL my silly teenaged issues are so honored by this amazing being, that I just have to give myself some credit. I call it the Golden One because it looks golden to me.

I do not know its name, and I don’t know if the Golden One is an “it.” In fact, I am not even sure that I am not just making this up. NO, I can’t go there, and start telling myself again that I am “just making it up,”

If I start that it will make me doubt everything. I know that MY world, which is the world that is in my heart and mind, is not much like the world I see outside of me. However, at the same time, I know that I have come to this world for a reason.

In fact, the first thing that I sense about this world, or likely it is just my imagination, you know—being a teenager and all that stuff. But, as I was saying, the first thing I felt about this Golden One world is that it is REAL.

I know, I know, I am sounding very weird again. But, I am “weird.” I mean I have been communicating with beings that I can only see inside my self. Now, that is weird!

However, I have to start sharing my experiences with someone else, that is beside the “inner being” that I talk to.  However, they, the inner beings, are not just in me. The inner beings are all around me. In fact, sometimes I feel like I know these beings, but they are just beyond my perceptual field.

No, please don’t ask me what a “perceptual field” is?  Ok, Ok, I guess the inner beings, actually the Golden One, told me about my inner self. In fact, this inner Golden ONE told me to write down everything that it tells me.

And why do I do what this Inner Being “suggests?” I guess it is because this inner Golden One talks to me like that, well, talks to me like I am someone really special. But I know that is NOT true.

I mean, why would any “special being” want to be inside of me. I am just a teenager who is not that pretty, totally NOT athletic, not too popular, and only has the nerve to tell her—my—story on a  piece of paper.

However, I am putting this message on the Internet, I think? I mean teenagers always put everything on the internet.  At least, I do!  Ah, I think that the Arcturians, that is the name of the ones that I talk to, want me to tell them, the other teenagers, about how I met the Arcturians.

I know, it seems way sooo conceited, that a regular, not too smart and not too pretty teenager would get to talk with Galactic Beings. That is the Arcturians that I talk to tell me that they are “Galactic Beings.”

I have not had the nerve, yet, to ask them what a “Galactic Being” means. “Galactic Beings” is what they call themselves. I guess that means there they are Beings that live in, or visit, our Milky Way Galaxy.

I really need to do some research on all this weird stuff I am getting. But I have done some research. I even know that we are in the Milky Way Galaxy. I will put it below:

Where is Earth in the Milky Way?

For thousands of years, astronomers and astrologers believed that the Earth was at the center of our Universe. This perception was due in part to the fact that Earth-based observations were complicated by the fact that the Earth is embedded in the Solar System. It was only after many centuries of continued observation and calculations that humans discovered that the Earth (and all other bodies in the Solar System) actually orbit the Sun.

Much the same is true about our Solar System’s position within the Milky Way. In truth, we’ve only been aware of the fact that we are part of a much larger disk of stars that orbit a common center for about a century. And given that we are embedded within it, it has been historically difficult to ascertain our exact position. But thanks to ongoing efforts, astronomers now know where our Sun resides in the galaxy.

Size of the Milky Way:

For starters, the Milky Way is really, really big! Not only does it measure some 100,000–120,000 light-years in diameter and about 1,000 light-years thick, but up to 400 billion stars are located within it (though some estimates think there are even more). Since one light year is about 9.5 x 1012 km (9.5 trillion km) long, the diameter of the Milky Way galaxy is about 9.5 x 1017 to 11.4 x 1017 km or 9,500 to 11,400 quadrillion km.

OK, I got that stuff off the Net, but don’t I get credit for the research? OH, the inner Light being is actually laughing. “Can inner beings laugh?” I wonder, what makes my inner Being laugh?

Oh, I just said “my inner being.” How conceited it that?

The Inner Being is smiling now. Please don’t ask me how I know that.

However, I have never really done much research on anything, except on how to make me look better so I could get a boyfriend. But now, I finally got a boyfriend, and I am starting to think that it is too much work. I mean, I would rather talk with you. Whoever “you” are.

I know that sounds pretty weird as I can’t really see you, at least I can’t see you the way in which I see other things and other beings.  I am sorry to keep calling you a “being,” but I don’t know what else to call you.

I guess I should call you a “special being” because being with you is the only time that I feel special. I want to thank you for that because I know that all the stuff I go on about must be boring for you.

You, the Higher One I talk to, seem totally solid and filled with love. However, I know that must be wrong because you are with me, and I do NOT deserve that kind of love…I think. I mean, I do try to be a good person and help others and stuff, but that does not seem good enough to be able to be around a special being like you.

I am not sure why I am so sure that you are special, but for the very first time in my life, I believe. I mean, I believe that there is something special that is about to, or actually is, happening.

Why do I know this? I know I will have different questions and answers tomorrow, but for this NOW—That is what the Arcturians say—“For this NOW,” I am not sure what that “in this now” means, but the thought of that NOW makes me happy way down deep inside me.

In fact, I am not sure what, or who, the Arcturians are, but they also make me feel secure and even happy. I can even feel, way down deep inside, that they are loving and kind. Oh well, I guess I will never know that.

But, that sounds kind of pessimistic. Yes, I want to believe that someday, sometime, some lifetime, on some reality, I WILL KNOW. I don’t understand what I have been talking about, but it still seems to be very important to me.

However, when I allow myself to listen to the part of me that is important—that is rather than the part of me that is insecure, angry and hurt—I can choose the part of me that is secure, happy and loving.

Wow, that feels cool. But, trying not to end on a negative note, us teenagers and kids are starting to get worried about what kind of a world this will be by the time we are adults. I mean, it just is NOT fair that the adults get to destroy OUR future before we get our chance to live it!!

I wonder, if I get an answer to that question, will I listen to it, or will I get all wrapped up in daily life? Well, I am only a teenager. So what should I know? But, I don’t really believe that. In some way, I think we teenager are more awake than adults.

The adults are all playing the money thing, working hard and raising kids. We teens ARE the kids. But, what I am starting to realize is that it is “we kids” that are going to “inherit” the Earth that our parents and current leaders are ruining.

Why are they ruining our chances for the kind of life that they have had? Don’t they know that if they do not start thinking about what the planet wants, instead of what they want, we—their children—may not have a very habitable planet to live on??

Well! I do know that our generation is NOT going to allow that to happen. (I hope). This planet is where we, the humans, will grow up and live. Therefore, we, the children of Gaia, will stand up for ourselves before it is too late!

At least, I hope, I pray, I meditate, that Please, Please, leave us, your children, the same kind of Earth that you have always had and that we, your children, want to experience when we are adults.

Well, I got to go now. I have to get ready for the football game and the dance afterward. OH, I so hope that when I have children, they will be able to do fun stuff like going to a  football game and to a party after the game.

Sorry, if I have been a bit glooming or negative, but when I read all the stuff that says we—actually you—the adults, are harming Earth so much that we, your children will not be able to have a happy life.

Can you adults please remember that whatever you do to assist Earth to heal, will allow us, your children to have a place where we can become adults. Then, hopefully, very hopefully, we—your children—will have a cool place where we can live, and hopefully, leave a wonderful planet for our children to grow up.

Well, I guess I will stop this silly message. I mean, do I really think that I, just a regular person, can make any kind of difference on such a large planet, with too many people that only care about themselves and have NO idea that Earth is a living being?

I don’t know why I think I know that, but I DO know that I have to share this message with as many people as will listen. Yes, they will all listen—once it is too late. NO, we will NOT be too late to save dear Earth!!!   I hope.

Gotta go now. Oh, yeh, don’t worry about my name.

I am just a regular kid who wants to have a chance to be regular adult.

(I wish this was just a story and not the truth—Sue)

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April Ascension Energies – Jamye Price


April Ascension Energies – Future Forecasting

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I hope your equinox was wonderful. It had such a beautiful quiet to it—though there had been such chaotic energy leading up to it, of course the difference was palpable.

During the March Areon channeling, I was shown pink and lavender weaving into the energy field (a deeper explanation in the April video above). The day before the equinox I saw (etherically) pink and lavender hitting the magnetosphere, looking like an aurora borealis/australis. The pink and lavender frequencies are supporting us to allow more higher-frequency Love to flow into our lives.

There is an interesting dynamic going on that is helping us to connect things in a more experiential way—the grace of wisdom. It begins with knowledge, then application is woven through experience, creating wisdom.

As we move into the second quarter of 2019, we are shifting our focus from time to emotion. Time and emotion are not so separate. We define our experience by the effects of time, but there is a higher, invisible truth that encompasses the linear flow of time. It is our relationship with time that influences our interaction with it. The emotions will come into focus in the second quarter as the motion of emotion and the movement if time  is connecting more consciously.


The influence of the second quarter is neutrality, though it was given in a very specific way: transforming from Fear to Love. Our Ascension is about moving into a conscious connection with the subtle realm that integrates a new layer of truth that has always been there, but is now becoming conscious. This shifts us from polarization into connection.

You are the vehicle of connection in life—your choice creates. As you use your subtle bridge (your thoughts and emotions) to communicate clearly and directly with the subtle realm, you are connecting with the magnetic engine that builds the physical realm. An aspect of this is the passive force of Love, which is the magnetic, compelling.

It is love that is willing to connect, and connection is necessary for new physical creation. In the subatomic model, we are shown that the neutron bridges opposites.

This quarter encourages you to neutralize your polarization.

Your polarization may seem drastic or minor, but as you neutralize you are enhancing your capability to create anew more easily. You are creating new form in concordance with the laws of nature.

Observe your neutrality through this next phase of time. You don’t have to be perfectly calm and have no reactions—actually your initial reactions to things are great indicators of your subconscious information. Neutrality is a deep knowing of your capability to create with life. This quarter will focus and support your neutrality in order to expand your freedom.


For April, I was shown the energies as Future Forecasting. I was shown this as allowing your awareness to gently shape a relaxed expectation so that it starts magnetizing form. Future Forecasting is learning to neutralize to the unknown future so that you are fully embodied in your present moment without unconscious fear of the future creating excessive tension. You don’t have to be perfectly relaxed at all times, you are better served being capable of shifting “positives and negatives” into new form.

April is likely to offer a lot of “information” that can be distracting or destructive, yet within that is the opportunity that creates new connection. These exciting times are exercising our willingness to love when it may not be the easy or obvious choice. To honor the self and others so that Love is prevalent through all creation – the creation of the self (Life in human form) and the creation of life on Earth (humans in divine form). This is the embodiment of the pink and lavender frequencies I was shown weaving into the energy field and showing up in our magnetosphere.

Information is in-form-ation if you are willing to focus beyond what-is into what-can-be as you balance the full flow of time. At its core, it is about fully living in the moment. As we walk the line of dimensional expression expressing, we are connecting timelines of potential into our resonance and weaving our full information into the field of Earth. The collective becomes immersed in that potential, offered new resonance of choice.

For so long greed and deception have led. Evolution moves unconditionally, even as life is fail-safed to Love, because it is the binding force of Life. But Life will bind (give itself) to any creation. Neutrality is being reflected and offered.

The clarity of your focus yields your future. Are you forecasting Love or Fear? Your energy field is broadcasting, life is relaying your information to you through your thoughts, emotions and intuition. Love will connect, even with fear. This is the difference between strong Love and the illusion of love that is actually suppression or avoidance of fear and reality. April will help you bloom into Love flowering, the sweetest vulnerability has deep, often invisible strength.


I was shown a simple exercise for this month (I think this will happen each month this quarter). It is asking yourself, “What if…” and filling in something that pertains to your experience and opening you to future potentials. I gave some examples in the April video, some of which are intentionally vague, as you remain open to potential.

Yet this is also an effective relaxer when used for specific challenges or opportunities, though sometimes it may not result in immediate relief, so be patient. Anchoring more of a state of allowing, even while you are directing your focus (merging the energies of January, February and March), is part of integrating your full flow of time, emotion and ultimately creation.


April springs us into the future, as fear falls away – these two opposites connecting into new form. You become the middle road, expanding out. As Areon has said for years, it is important for the loving ones, the compassionate ones, the sensitive ones to get their energy into this world. Forecast your future of Love now.

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists & photographers ~ Credit given where this is known. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah 
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In December, we shifted to “Full Template Re-Writes” that occurs in phases and stages as we all go. Because “Template Building” occurs within our physical LightBodies (simultaneous with different dimensions of Gaia/Universally/Cosmically), the process is more in-depth, takes “more” and “longer” than before….

The Entire Linear Month of March focused on the “next phase” of NEW EARTH TEMPLATE UPGRADES/REBUILDS

Aloha Love Family,

My love goes out to each one of you… for your openness, your caring, your sharing, your embracing, your honoring and LIVING your highest everything too. Observing from a multi-dimensional level, there is so very much going on …. Each in their own current phase of their own journey, living/experience what is most important for “this now”. Your “part” so very important, in “how” you play your own current realities out, as each affects the “whole” in various ways, all having purpose in the massive Transition of CONSCIOUSNESS EVOLUTION, that takes place in every way.

I’m not going to make this update long, as there’s so very much involved. Instead I will do a “short update” and write/share more as is appropriate as we all continue/go. We each have “templates” in our bodies, that “create” our REALities here. These templates are the FOCUS of everything now, as they “dictate” the physical experience we have here.

These templates, on a human level, held the codes, the schematics, the programs, the structures (and more) “in place”… which were linear and construed of various things. All of our “human dreams” and beliefs, constructed of many things. Every human experience, every word, everything we were told/taught/learned and “believed”, created the “illusion” of what all called REAL (ity)… and “then it’s time to “wake up”… and all of this begins to change… (because it’s supposed to)….

At this “point” (a Zero Point “marker”), we start to feel differently, see things we could not see before and our ability to “control” all the old ways, these won’t “work” anymore….

Our whole LIVES start to “change” and “how we live and exist, undergoes great “changes” too. How we feel starts to “take over”, which is an important cleansing process of Awakening, where all move from a “fixed thinking” real-ity to a “messy” feeling real-ity for awhile….

This is a part of a much bigger picture/process, where our cellular bodies and our body TEMPLATES are being “realigned” through electro-magnetics and “new codes” for “real”ities, housed in our “sleeping” (dormant) DNA and our whole BODY is waking up to “come online” with NEW EARTH REALITIES that will supersede all of the “old” of “before”….

When I said March was going to be HUGE and the whole month to “do” the immense re-writing process, I wasn’t joking. We are STILL completing the process now…. as the NEW EARTH CRYSTALLINE AND PLASMA GRIDS start to charge up, as a Gatekeeper/Gridkeeper, I “prepare” to “come back online”, with my body and own realities, after a whole month of dedicated service to the holding of these “new codes” fully, without the distortions of the old…. which is beyond important for us all to embrace/honor, however that presents for us. These “new” template re-writes, once “locked in” (almost there, yet not quite), will then take us into the “next phase”, which is always accelerating to bring us all further online with much higher vibrational/dimensional REALITIES… where all is much higher aligned than all of our “before”. Because we have so many templates for realities running, the process for “completion” is also much more vast.

All of the way up to the 12D template, each template undergoes an immense re-write process and whatever is relative for each. Keep embracing the beauty through PURE PRESENCE and Deep Sacred Connection. Everything else will present for you to CHOOSE what you will allow your realities to be. ♥

P.S. I’ll send out updates more to support as I get to a place to do so. Stay tuned and keep shining your amazing Light too!



Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists & photographers ~ Credit given where this is known. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

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