River of Love – Steve Beckow

Artist ~ Amanda Sage


River of Love

I said in an earlier article that a planetary heart opening was the most likely sudden event to present itself to us.

In my conversation with the Mother on the subject, I asked her if I should be writing about it and she said I should. (1)

It makes to me sense that the greater our understanding of the event, the easier it’ll be for us to weather if and when it happens.

Let’s begin by clarifying some notions. When I say “heart opening,” I’m not referring to an attitude like “open-heartedness.”

I’m referring to a technical, “physical” experience (2) happening to our hearts, which themselves could be said to be located on the Seventh Dimension, Michael told me.

Steve: The heart … doesn’t exist on the physical, obviously. What dimension does the heart exist at or is it multidimensional?

AAM: It is multidimensional but if you want to find a home for it, it would be in the Seventh. (3)

It’s an interdimensional experience triggered by the kundalini reaching the fourth or heart chakra. So first the energy reaches the fourth chakra and then the spiritual heart, which is altogether different, opens. It blossoms; it flowers.

The gateway to the heart, the aperture which resembles a camera’s aperture, is normally closed in almost all of us.  But then an experience happens and the heart is now “open.” That is, the aperture has opened and love now flows. I’ll reference my descriptions of it and Bright Star’s, below. (4)

In my case, I was sitting at my desk, an hour before a reading with Archangel Michael on March 13, 2015. I suddenly became aware of an energy working its way up my leg. (5)

At first I was alarmed, remembering pictures of the killer mist descending on the Egyptians in The Ten Commandments. Then I remembered that I was a servant of the Mother and under her care. If I was having an experience, it was because she willed it. So I surrendered to what was happening.

The energy ran up my body until it reached the heart chakra. When it did, there was an immense explosion, as if a 15-inch gun went off. It felt as if a bale of cotton had been jettisoned from my heart and my heart was now open.

I’m shortening my description by simply saying I found myself in a tsunami, a river of love, which swept away from me all concerns, all anxieties, all fears. I was left in original innocence and purity.

Milliseconds later, I found myself being swept away and ended up in a condition of seeing love everywhere, as if I was immersed in an Ocean of it. At that point there wasn’t a cell in my body that was not drenched in love. There wasn’t a cell in my body that wasn’t surrendered to it. I literally had drowned in love and was loving it.

And this condition lasted, on and off, for another seven months.

For the next several years, I lived in the experience of the heart being partially open. Wisps of love were enough to recreate the experience. Now less so.

This is to be expected of all spiritual experiences short of Ascension or Sahaja Samadhi. Only a full and complete heart opening beyond the seven-chakra system (called Sahaja Samadhi) is permanent.

That’s a thumbnail sketch of the experience of a heart opening.

So again, this is a technical description of a “physical” process. While the heart exists on a higher dimension, we experience it as being located in the center of our being.

When it opens, we get a taste of what’s to come, made permanent for us by the culmination of our Ascension.

I have no idea when the heart opening will occur but make a mental note to not be surprised if one day you find yourself drowning in love. You’re not having a heart attack. Your heart just opened.


(1) Steve: Should I be writing on what to expect [from a heart opening]? That your heart could feel like it’s exploding?

DM: Yes. (“The Mother Promises a Massive Heart Opening – Part 2/2,” September 6, 2017, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2017/09/06/the-mother-promises-a-massive-heart-opening-part-22/.)

(2) I regard all twelve dimensions as being “physical” or “material” (matter, mater, Mother).  Only the Transcendental is not physical, in my view.

(3) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillom, Dec. 5, 2018.

(4) See “Bright Star: An Account of a Heart Opening, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2017/12/29/bright-star-an-account-of-a-heart-opening/. For a description of mine, see “Submerged in Love,” March 14, 2015, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2015/03/14/submerged-in-love/

(5) One of the reasons I didn’t think this was a kundalini event was that I believed that the kundaini started in the root chakra. But Michael later told me that the kundalini was everywhere and could just as easily run up my leg.


Artist ~ Amanda Sage

~ 💜 ~

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists & photographers ~ Credit given where this is known. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah 


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