Allow the miracle to unfold and expect the unexpected. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings dearest ones! I AM St. Germaine, I am your brother, your teacher, your family. I am holder of the I AM Presence and of the Violet Flame! I am with you, always.

Dear hearts, as you well know, love has won! Period! There are no ifs, ands, or buts, and there should be no doubt held in your minds, regardless of what you might see on the news, or what is spread by those who are still caught in a severe case of denial. Do you see the love and the light around thee? Do you see it everywhere? Of course you do! You have become the love that you are, therefore all that you perceive is only of love.

This doesn’t mean that you are not noticing struggle and suffering in others, or in the world, but with your newly expanded wisdom, you now understand that all is in perfect order, and is as it should be. The world and humanity are moving towards their bright future, just as your near future enlightened self is pulling you forward.

Yes, I say with delight that it is the near future self, that all is enlightened, and in unison and in love with All That There Is. It is you ~ that whole and bright self that you have always been~ who is very close to you. Imagine that! Feel it! And allow this process to unfold gently without you trying so hard.

My dearest brothers and sisters, your focus and determination in removing and relinquishing the falsehood is paying big dividends right now. You are saying to me that you don’t feel much, or that life seems to be the same for you. And I say to thee to β€œhold on to your hats!” for the real excitement of this lifetime is about to become.

Please do not allow your egos to even suggest what that might be looking and feeling like. Just take my word for it and know that it is going to be grander than you have ever expected. And you know that you deserve it! You deserve it all!

This is the time for you to rest and to allow! It is the time to surrender to the Mother, to me and to all of us here in the higher realms! Let go of all of the debris, and of those last old vestiges of disempowerment, and then allow the β€œnew yous” to fill every particle and crevice of your being. Allow the miracle to unfold and expect the unexpected.

Love has won dear one! Love is everywhere!

Stay with my love and with my Violet Flame! Farewell!

By permission.

Β© 2019 Council of Love, Inc.

Permission given to share – thank you Linda Dillon


Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists ~ Credit given where this is known. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

BEING ONE with ALL…. Encoding ALL Through Light – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Benevolent Prophecy painting by Tracy Lewis


BEING ONE with ALL…. Encoding ALL Through Light …. Shift and Allow


​Aloha most beautiful Love Family,

These energies are BEyond Pristine. Several days of Stargates opening, body-field alignments/synchronizations and wow at all the “new” codes!
Yesterday, I took a day… JUST TO BE….
phone off
computer off
no texts/replies
no emails/replies
no work work in service
Just BE/ME/WE time…..
To inJOY the magnificence, to BREATHE it all through, to honor and allow…. just “nothing”…… which is what the ENERGY called for.
Always such a PURE EXPERIENCE….
Pure Presence
Pure Love
Pure Gratitude
Pure Respect and appreciation
Pure Bliss
Pure Magic
Just Pure
Letting it all fall away…..
Trusting/knowing/seeing… all is exactly as it’s Divinely aligned
All occurring exactly as we all agreed to
All shifting, re-tuning, re-calibrating and re-coding in Unison
This BEautiful tapestry of Sacred Geometrics
Observing the geometrics of REALities
Shift, recode and prepare new “coordinates” for the “next” REALities to come forth….
Observing the geometrics (matrixes) of words….. energy, beliefs and all….

Many are unaware, that part of our own ability to ENCODE LIGHT in all
For me, it’s to observe/see the vibrational and energetic matrixes/coordinates encoded in every word
every sentence
every “act”
the entire field/reality
To have the ABILITY to recode and change the MATRIX of everything to intentionally transmit out the absolute highest codes/encodements with every word/breath/transmission.
Every word carefully chosen
Every word carefully placed
Every work intentional and relative to the ENERGIES PRESENT
Every “thing” transmitted
A multi-dimensional transmission
Encoded with Pure Love
Encoded with Pure Light
To DELIVER whatever activation/experience each is open to, ready for…… agreed to on a Soul Level here….
Every experience
With the ABILITY to shape, form, create fully
Through full Heart/Christed/Source Consciousness here

Yesterday, observing all the “new ways” to assist with expanded understandings and the “hows” to accomplish this with great ease…….
Just BEing….
And then, as energetically and highest aligned….
As Love
As Pure Divine Source Consciousness Light
To affect and make an impact
In the most important ways
That I have the capability to DO
By BEing this fully….
With every ounce of me….
All ready to BE this fully too….
The brilliance
The magnificence
The Magic that we ARE
The beauty
When we don’t accept less
or Compromise (go/play small) anymore….

Are you ready?
Really really ready?
Then shift those priorities
Open completely UP
And embrace all FULLY….
allow it fully
from inside
bring it forth
from inside…..
And BE your most magnificent, amazing, beautiful YOU too!Β β™₯
Today and EVERY day!
BE and DO your most amazing realities fully too!
With love, kindness and deep sacred respect,
Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

p.s. I continue this flow as long as long as possible, as my physical work schedule is packed. Maneuvering “around” all… honoring all and kicking it royally in every way!

p.p.s. There are infinite Matrixes, coordinates and geometrics that make up each “reality”. The KEY is to tune in vibrationally and then consciously RECODE your own in fully alignment through your own highest states of consciousness, inner access and abilities that you HOLD fully from within too! Diamond Light Encodements, Christed/Crystalline, Pure Source and others all have different geometric matrixes and codes …. The options are as infinite as WE ARE! InJOY!

Benevolent Prophecy painting by Tracy Lewis

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists & photographers ~ Credit given where this is known. Any queries, please contact me, ShekinahΒ