The Ballad of The Flying Princess – Michael Lotus

Russian Princess by Jane Tattersfield @ Pixels

~ The Ballad of The Flying Princess ~


In one garden, beautiful as a dream,
There was an old pond where in the reflections of the palace
Among the water lilies white fair swan
Lived alone looking endlessly in the sky.

So happened that flew
In the sky a flock of wild swans with a cry
That day the princess stood by the window
And to be with swans in the sky the wish came to her.

Flapped his wings the white swan
And flew, leaving the circles on the water ..
All day they were looking for the princess in the palace
The window is open but there’s no sign of the princess anywhere.

The cold wind carries away
Those who have forever left the calm of the palace ..
The princess, who is more beautiful than anyone in the world
Riding a swan under the full Moon.

Behind the chain of mountains there is a miraculous island
Where the king-father will never find them
There on the hill the lost and ancient
There is a castle, the alien, magician and troll lives in it.

The princess has loved the troll
She stayed with him, and the swan flew further
When three years and a half have passed
The secret to her, finally, the troll decided to reveal.

The stairway wriggles upstairs
A secret passage will lead you into the tower
There lies the keys of two rooms
You can choose any key
But, remember, that choosing once
You will not be able to make a step back.

The door on the left, and behind it
The mountains of gold that all will be yours
But you will forever forget who you are
If you enter the door on the right
There you will lose all you ever owned
Having turned into a bright light of a star.

The ray of dawn made its way into the tower
The crown lies on the floor, and there is no princess ..
In the ancient castle once in the morning
The princess with the troll turned into Light ..


Translated from Russian by Michael Lotus
Click on above Link to Michael’s Website
Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists ~ Credit given where this is known. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

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