Your Angelic Star Gateways – Natalie Glasson


Your Angelic Star Gateways

by Archangel Michael
Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 12th April 2019 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greeting and love, I, Archangel Michael extend to you now. I wish to make you aware of the angelic energies present within your being especially within your auric field, known as your Angelic Body. Your Angelic Body holds sacred vibrations of the Angelic Kingdom and allows you to connect and bring forth the qualities of the Angels into your being, reality and spiritual growth.

Angelic Star Gateways exist within your Angelic body which is a level and dimension of your auric field. Angelic Star Gateways can lie dormant until activated. It is not appropriate to activate all Angelic Star Gateways within your Angelic body unless guided to, although through the activation of some of your Angelic Star Gateways you can create a larger Angelic Star Gateway akin to a portal or opening within your being which activates all your Angelic Star Gateways and aligns you to the dimensions of the Angelic Kingdom. Through the activation of some of the smaller Angelic Star Gateways you can access numerous angelic qualities, guidance, healing and much wisdom which you can bring into embodiment and expression throughout your entire being and reality. In order to activate an Angelic Star Gateway there is first a need to connect with your Angelic body, becoming familiar with its energy vibration and influence upon your being.

Angelic Star Gateways hold the pure and selfless loving vibration of the Angelic Kingdom, only high vibrational light can be accessed through your Angelic Star Gateways within your auric field and from the dimensions of the Angelic Kingdom. These gateways can also act as a short cut or a focused connection to the Angelic Dimensions so you may access the Angelic Dimensions and bathe in their light with greater ease. Angelic Star Gateways can accelerate integration of the higher dimensions of the Creator’s Universe with your embodiment upon the Earth.

Accessing and Experiencing Your Angelic Star Gateways

I, Archangel Michael, invite you to connect with your soul, allowing your attention and awareness to rest within the presence and light of your soul. It doesn’t matter if you do not know where your soul resides within your being or body, your intention will allow for a connection to be made.

Ask your soul to bring your awareness to your Angelic Body which exists within the dimensions of your auric field. Every person has an Angelic Body, it doesn’t mean that you are an Angel, it is simply a manifestation of your connection with the Angelic kingdom and all that is the Creator. Ask your soul to activate your Angelic Body so you may experience and accept its presence within your being.

I, Archangel Michael and the Angelic Kingdom, will send light into your entire being, focusing specifically into your Angelic Body which is akin to a light body filled with angelic frequencies and vibrations. Allow yourself to focus upon receiving our angelic light and expanding the light and presence of your Angelic Body. When you feel ready simply say out loud, ‘I am aligned with my Angelic body. My Angelic body pours its light vibrations into my entire being now, I connect with and comprehend my Angelic body easily.’

The more light we anchor into your Angelic body and the more you focus upon your Angelic body emanating and activating, you will become aware of your Angelic Star Gateways.

You may see, sense or acknowledge an Angelic Star Gateway opening akin to a portal. Simply observe the gateway being present with it for as long as feels appropriate. When you feel ready you can allow yourself to move through the Angelic Star Gateway. You may or may not be then made aware of a larger Angelic Star Gateway which is the main gateway that aligns you to and supports you in connecting with the Angelic Dimensions. When you feel ready allow yourself to move through the heart of this larger Angelic Star Gateway and you will enter into the heart Angelic Dimensions. If you do not become aware of a larger Angelic Star Gateway, simply know the smaller Angelic Gateway will take you to a dimension of the Angelic Kingdom where the appropriate angelic qualities are available to you. The larger Angelic Star Gateway will direct you to the core and heart of the Angelic Kingdom and Dimension.

The Angelic Dimensions are represented by the Archangels as each Archangel holds the space of an Angelic Dimension and the angels fill the dimensions. There are 352 levels or dimensions of the Angelic Kingdom. The Angelic Dimensions run alongside the Mahatma energies and dimensions as well as the dimensions of the Creator’s Universe. There are more than 352 Archangel in existence within the Universe of the Creator, so some Angelic Dimensions are overseen by many Archangels.

Exploring and Working with your Angelic Star Gateways

After taking time to explore and connect with your Angelic body and maybe one or two Angelic Star Gateways. You may wish to sit in meditation or quiet time and call forth my energies, Archangel Michael as well as your community of Angelic beings and your soul to be present with you. As you connect with all who are present with you, ask the below questions out loud one by one, waiting to receive any guidance or inspiration after each. If information or an awareness flows, then you may wish to document it. If you do not receive any insights, know the questions have been asked and the answers will dawn within your awareness with divine timing.

How many Angelic Star Gateways require to be activated to support my spiritual evolution, as well as embodiment and expression of the Angelic Kingdom and Dimensions?

Will activating the required amount of Angelic Star Gateways activate all my Angelic Star Gateways and the larger Angelic Star Gateway?

What benefits such as enlightenment, light templates, angelic qualities and so forth, will I gain from connecting with my Angelic body and Angelic Star Gateways?

Which Archangel/s or Angel Guide/s are overseeing the activation of my Angelic Star Gateways and supporting my connection with the Angelic Dimensions?

How many times a week is it advisable for me to connect with my Angelic Star Gateways? And for how many weeks until I embody the Angelic Dimensions and allow myself to be an expression of the sacred angelic qualities?

How will connecting with my Angelic Star Gateways support my spiritual growth and the healing of my entire being?

Take time to contemplate these questions and any others that you may have. Exploring your Angelic body and Angelic Star Gateways will boost your light quotient, awaken and deepen your connection with the Angelic Kingdom as well as your awareness of self as a divine sacred being of light.

The more Angelic frequencies you anchor into your physical being, the more the Angelic energies will be present upon and within the Earth, supporting the ascension of all and Mother Earth.

I am present to support you eternally,

Archangel Michael

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Gratitude & appreciation to all artists ~ Credit given where this is known. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

April Wave and Three Years of Unity Meditations – Sandra Walter

Her Metamorphosis ~ Linzy Arnott

April Wave and Three Years of Unity Meditations!
Apr 12, 2019
Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

The energies are building (as well as the SUNspots) for the third wave of Embodiment frequencies, arriving April 15-19 and flowing through the beginning of May. This is preparation for a stronger Embodiment experience (yes, even stronger, even more mystical) and the next crystalline grid activation April 25-29.

The week ahead is a perfect moment to dive into the mystical aspects of this Embodiment. Let it express through you as an open conduit for the New. Not in cave time, but in Mastery mode; walking the talk, demonstrating the Crystalline Self stepping forth, and making those higher choices which fully support the Ascension you have personally chosen to express in this Now.

We see our service work, relationships, personal choices, lifestyles, even the way we express our spirituality shifting to accommodate the Higher Self taking over the journey – if we allow this to unfold. That is a choice, just like Ascension, to be made in quiet moments with the heart, with Source.

Prep for 2020: Happening Now

Change and the New are emphasized throughout our Ascension, however this pre-2020 sorting out of timelines and experiences has never been more evident than right now. Best advice for dealing with dividing worlds: Let people have their experience, and try not to attach to how people interpret what is or is not happening. Collective mental levels are purging delusion; a side-effect of the intense frequencies breaking up illusion behind the scenes. It comes to the surface, as does everything in this process. Divine Neutrality is your safe haven; that is nonjudgment with a big dash of unconditional love. It all comes out in the photonic wash, be patient with people. Bless and pray for ease, grace and swift delivery of highest outcomes.

Just after I arrived in Sedona, Yeshua stepped in and provided some clarity on the Essence of Self during Embodiment. This download deserves a proper write-up, so I will provide that next week after this first weekend conference busy-ness is complete.

Kindwhile, we celebrate THREE YEARS of Unity Meditations this weekend!

I AM forever blessed to have this weekly unification to provide support, clarity, peace and healing. What a Divine co-creation we have manifested, dear Light Tribe. We continue to invite every willing heart in service to the table. Your assistance with spreading the word and outreach is welcome. Our SUNday Meditation this week includes welcoming the next wave; what a powerful passage this is for all concerned.

Sedona Crystalline Convergence Saturday, & SUNday April 27 – 28

The Divine Coordination of these gatherings always touches my heart. The Inner Earth grids are about to amplify, the Embodiment activations are coordinated with a major timeline shift, a collective starseed DNA activation is upon us, the crystalline convergence is about to unfold … so much is happening at the end of April. The necessity to be with Star and Soul family in the physical during this time has been strong.

Empowerment, embodiment and expression of the resurrected Self are strong themes in the first half of this year. Our days together in Sedona are focused on these themes, along with the next level of Crystalline Gridwork. A new conversation is emerging, and I AM honored to provide clarity, support and activations in a live heart-to-heart setting. The whole event is designed to provide the experience of a 5D celebration; a true gathering reflecting the way we gather and share in the higher realms.

I will release a how-to-prepare video next week since so much is converging for our convergence event. Gatekeepers, Wayshowers, BEings in Service … we still have seats left for the April 27th Crystalline Convergence. If you feel called to be with the High-Vibe Tribe, please reserve your seat, pack your sparkly clothes, and venture to beautiful Sedona for this celebration. Tickets and details at

Attendees: Houseshare and Gridwork activity is picking up on the community board (access after ticket purchase). Make the most of the event, this is a passage for new connections. Check in and introduce yourself on the board.

Abundance Bag donors: My heart is overflowing as much as the bags! Gratitude to all who are participating. As the items arrive here, I AM truly touched to see this higher level of generosity and creativity flowing out to the Tribe. Lauren Galey is attending and will assist with the unpack the bag video to be filmed at the event, to honor these wonderful co-creators.

Blessings to our beautiful Unity Meditators

Gratitude to everyone who has joined in each week for the past three years. A heartfelt thanks to the Gatekeepers in this realm and beyond who hold this sacred space for collective healing, activation and Ascension. Peacemakers are a strong, dedicated bunch. How blessed we are to connect in this way.

Details and downloads available at

Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,
Gratitude & appreciation to all artists ~ Credit given where this is known. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

Her Metamorphosis ~ Linzy Arnott