What is Planetary Ascension? The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie


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Thursday, April 18, 2019
What is Planetary Ascension? The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Dear Ones,
We, the Arcturians, would like to pass on a message to the ones who are still wearing a human disguise. We remind you to remember that you are higher dimensional beings who have volunteered to take a third-dimensional earth vessel so that you can better assist Gaia as She moves into, and through, Her process of “Planetary Ascension.”

We are aware that within your NOW few humans are aware that they are, indeed, a Galactic Being who volunteered to take a third-dimensional earth vessel to better assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension. “What is Planetary Ascension?” you may ask.

Planetary ascension is much like a human ascension, it is on a much larger scale. A planetary ascension can only “begin to occur” when over 51% of the humans begin their “return to SELF.

We Arcturians wish to ask a few questions that we often receive from our “earth ones.” These questions are:

Question #1: What is “Planetary Ascension?”
Questions #2: What is “Personal Ascension?”
Question #3: How can one experience “Ascension?”

We will begin by answering question #1

Answer to Question #1 What is Planetary Ascension?
Planetary Ascension is much like human ascension, but it is on a much larger scale. A Planetary Ascension can only begin to occur when over 51% of the humans begin their personal ascension of return to their fifth-dimensional SELF.

Answer to Question #2 Why does 51% of the humans “begin their personal ascension?”
The answer to this question is that the humans are primarily the beings they create the fear, anger, selfishness, and destruction of Gaia’s body, which makes it increasingly difficult to Gaia to even begin her ascension, much less, move through her process of ascension.

There are many, many humans who love Gaia, care for Gaia, and are excellent keepers of their planet Earth. However, there are not, yet, 51 percent of the humans who are excellent keepers. Also, 49% of humans who do NOT assist Gaia are creating GREAT damage to Gaia’s planetary self.

We hear you saying, “Oh that cannot be true. We know many people who love Gaia and care for Her all the time.” We totally agree with that statement. However, the dark ones who not only do NOT care for Gaia and in fact cause Her great damage on a daily basis, but are also unknown and do their harm in secret.

We will speak now more about Ascension. Ascension is the process in which a person, place, situation and/or planet takes a Cosmic Leap into the Operating System of the fifth dimension.

Please remember that between the third dimensional Earth and the fifth dimensional Earth (are those wearing a third-dimensional vessel can only “remember from their Galactic memories of before they took a third-dimensional vessel,” or often from their deepest meditation or nightly “dreams” of being fifth dimensional.”

Human does have Multidimensional Consciousness in which they could remember their higher dimensional realities on other planets and/or Starships, as well as fifth dimensional Gaia, but it is often put into the category of “just your imagination!”

Therefore, we will insert here that your “imagination” is that which connects you with your higher dimensional thinking, feeling, and memories. These memories of your life on your fifth-dimensional Homeworld or your fifth dimensional Star Ship are of too high of a frequency for you to maintain in your consciousness awareness for more than a few short moments.

However, if you “use your imagination” to “pretend” that you remember your fifth-dimensional SELF, and can allow yourself to believe that what you are pretending is actually real, you will be able to allow these “dreams and imaginations” to expand into your physical reality.

However, you can only “imagine” that which your brain can maintain long enough for you to remember that what YOU are imagining is actually that which you are REMEMBERING!

But the next issue is, who could you share this information with? Of course, most people would think you are crazy! However, most “most of the human who was able to perceive the higher frequencies learned quickly to “not tell anyone” because it was unsafe!

Gratefully, humans are no longer “burned at the stake” for remembering the truth. However, those that can remember the truth of the higher worlds can also remember the truth of their past lives when they were burned at the stake, tortured to death, and/or had to run for their lives and hide out in places far away from those who feared the truth so much that they would kill to stop it from being known.

Unfortunately, there are still humans, that are dark ones wearing a human body, that still wish to have power OVER others. The reason for this need for power over others is because they have not yet discovered the power WITHIN themselves.

Why have they not discovered that? Because another, or several other humans have used their “power over others” against them so much that they “broke that person’s spirit.”

Question #3: How can one experience “Ascension?”

Ascension is the process in which a person, place, situation, and/or planet takes a “Cosmic Leap” into the Operating System of the next frequency of reality. Initially, the group of persons, places, animals, water, earth, air, fire, decide that they are ready to transmute into the next frequency of reality.

But can one tell what the next frequency is, and how to take that cosmic leap?
And/or, how can one tell that they are in the next frequency of reality?

The answer is that you first FEEL the shift in your heart and mind. You will also be able to tell by the animals, plants, fish, insect, etc. that all have what we would perceive as a “heart filled with love” and a mind which is a higher dimensional operating system.

All beings, even the smallest life forms have some form of connection to the ONE of the WHOLE, which is Gaia’s “Planetary Operating System.” This operating system influences every person, place, situation and/or thing.

The Planetary Operating System is designed to keep the elements and Elementals in alignment with the Divine Plan for Earth. However, a human can, and have, ignored and/or worked against that Operating System. However, humans are the only beings on Earth that have done so.

Only the humans have separated themselves so far from their planet that they do not realize, or care, that the damage that is done to the planet is done to ALL the beings on the planet.

The Planetary Operating System resonates to the higher dimensions of Earth, much like an “overseer” or “guardian.” Only humans can operate outside of that that Planetary Operating System—and they HAVE done so more time than one could count.

The Planetary Operating System is designed to keep the Gaia in alignment with each being “reason for embodiment.” This Operating System is what allows all life on Earth to grow, expand, and eventually, transmute into the higher frequencies of reality.

This Operating System is designed to keep the beings of each planet, in this case, the planet Earth, to align with the same “reason for embodiment.” This reason for embodiment is what allows and activates all live on Gaia, and including Gaia, to feel the “urge” to grow, expand, and even transmute into a higher expression of being.

In this manner, that which has been born, or taken an earthly form can align itself, whether that self is a small bird or a huge eagle, with the “sense of unity” that Gaia has been sharing with all Her Beings.

In this manner, bees, birds, ants, fish, clouds, mountains, forests and all the life forms on Earth have their personal brand of “Unity Consciousness.” The only beings that do NOT have that Unity Consciousness are some of the humans.

Many humans are able to participate in the wonder and joy of Gaia’s Unity Consciousness. However, the humans who do have that sense of Unity Consciousness are often those that make have less ambition to own that which is around them and those that follow the ancient ways of tribal unity and deep caring for Gaia’s Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, including the Fire Spirit deep in the Core of Earth.

Interestingly, those who appear to have the most stuff often have the least awakened consciousness. This is because one’s consciousness does not arise from what one has, but from what one had given to others and to Gaia.

Love is the key to higher consciousness because love is about sharing, listening, as well and speaking from the heart. In fact, love is much like a marriage in that love takes the vow of “I will always love you?” Of course, many humans cannot keep that vow, but the mountains always the sky and the rivers love the rain. In other words, Love, True Love, only know the trust.

But, “What is love?” the humans ask. But they do not have that answer until their love can “sway” like a tree in the wind, “expand like a lake s it absorbs the falling rain and stays together like the birds in a flock. The animal kingdom loves Gaia exactly as She IS.

They do not need the water to create a fake waterfall, or the pool to have chemicals, or people to wear fence clothes, or drive fast, fancy cars to show off that they have money. Most of all, animals do not have to need to own change or improve parts of Gaia better.

Gaia does not think in terms of better or worse. Gaia IS and she allows all life to be what it IS! And, that is not just what it IS now or what it WAS in the past. In fact, Nature does not know the terms past or future before or later Gaia know NOW

Have you ever asked yourself:
Who am I now?
What am I doing now?
Where am I gong now?
When will get there?

Our Galactic and planetary answer is that you have always been someone, some time, some place, and somewhere some how. In fact, within the ONE of the time, the place, the when, and the how. You will begin to merge into the now of all the other times and places that embrace the NOW, When ever you need it.
It is in this manner that you can BE HERE IN THE NOW OF THE ONE!

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 1:06 PM

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A Revival of Our Will – Steve Beckow

Gaia’s Party Dress by Francene Hart Visionary Artist


A Revival of Our Will
April 18, 2019 By Steve Beckow

You know that I’m very much taken right now with the exercise of the will.

One day when I was around seven or eight, my Dad shouted at me from inches away. I shattered into a thousand pieces and only came back together again (the Humpty Dumpty Man) at age 58.

So my will has not been my strong suit. I’ve pleased people in other ways to compensate for an under-functioning will.

The time seems to have arrived to let that one go. I’ve discovered that the will has a driver’s seat with my name on it. I’m now driving the car of my will rather than compensating for the lack of it.

It’s like the genie in the bottle. It does my work for me. I have only to command it. It’s all very new to me.

Michael commented on the subject, back in 2016. I’m now experiencing what he’s writing about today:

“Where you are right now in terms of this evolutionary step is in the reactivation, the full activation of your will in terms of your Divine Will, because that is the alignment of Nova Being. It is not the aberration of will that people have come to misunderstand and [which has] a very bad reputation. …

“Begin embracing and working with this aspect of will that perhaps you have placed aside. You say, ‘Well we are not in a full position [i.e., the Reval has not occurred].’ What I suggest to you is that much creation comes about because you are willing it. So begin to work with your Divine Self Will.

“Play with it. See the harmony between your heart and your solar plexus, your head and your solar plexus. Begin to embrace what has always been within you. Welcome it home like a long lost friend, as if you have an extra set of eyes, or an extra set of hands that you didn’t even know about…or a brand new car, my friend.” (1)

That is exactly what I need to do. Welcome it home like a long, lost friend and treasure it and its collaboration with the head and heart.

A brand new car that obeys our commands. I feel like the blue people in Avatar, joining their braids with the animal’s braids and … boom! Here I go off in my new car, with me in the driver’s seat.

Where does will come from? Believe it or not, Michael puts words to the matter:

“Think of it in this way; out of the love that you think anchors in your heart, but in fact anchors in your entire being, but the heart is a good place to think of it, born out of that, in conjunction with the energy instilled within every being, within what you think of as your physical, cellular, subatomic particles, and your esoteric, spiritual, mental, emotional particles, born out of the love is the will. ” (2)

That gives us something to munch on, until someone comes along and expands on each piece of what he just said.

If you’re with me up to here, then let’s look at a message that is framed, I think, almost entirely as an appeal to the will. This is from a reading with Michael, Jan. 4, 2019:

“You are in the birth throes. This is not a time to waver. And you will see this wavering – yes, within your sacred self – and within the hearts and minds and actions of many.

“And it is imperative that you simply observe – yes, of course, reassure – but also simply know that in the moment of this uncertainty the choice for certainty, powered with determination but truly primarily with love, is at hand.” (3)

“In the moment of this uncertainty the choice for certainty, powered with determination but truly primarily with love, is at hand” – for me that sounds like a call to exercise the will, demonstrate the will, not to waver, not to give up in despair, but to choose to be certain in the face of chaos.

Wavering and not wavering are matters of will. “The choice for certainty” is an exertion of will. “Powered with determination”: indicates a strong will. “But truly primarily with love” is the big challenge for Nova Being in the area of will. Will under the command of love must be the brass ring.

How does will work and where is it all headed? Michael says:

“Will is the mover and shaker of love but it is dependent upon discernment. It is dependent upon valor. It is intertwined with fortitude and persistence because it brings to the forefront that which you wish to create.

“We are not talking about small issues. Yes, some of you are creating new homes, new jobs, new undertakings, new projects. But we are also speaking in the largest way. You are creating and co-creating Nova Earth with us, new Cities of Light, new centers of peace.” (4)

They want us to participate with them “in the largest way.” Universal basic incomes for all countries? Not a problem. Universal medicare around the planet? Absolutely. By when? Paying off all national debts? Not a big deal. Buying back all student loans, paying off all mortgages, everything like this becomes possible. The Company of Heaven tell us that they want us to think in the largest of terms. This’ll involve command over our will.

The celestials and masters need fully-functioning human partners to build Nova Earth. The Law of Freewill demands our participation and our star family would not want to be seen as imposing their will on us. They need partners who can think in large terms.

I may be repeating myself but what he said to me last summer is revealing:

“You have reached a point … where you are realizing … the magnitude of our partnership. (5)

I sure am. I wonder how many are beginning to see the “magnitude of our partnership” with the celestials?

Part of that awakening seems to involve a revival of our individual and collective will.


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Gaia’s Party Dress by Francene Hart Visionary Artist


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