Archangel Michael on the Expansion Factor – Steve Beckow


Archangel Michael the Archangel – 10


Archangel Michael on the Expansion Factor

Here Michael addresses our fatigue. He also explains our expansion in language that applies to a heart opening.

Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Feb. 14, 2019. Thanks to Dana for our transcript.

I know you say to me, beloved one, that so many particularly of this Light worker community are tired and terrified, exhausted but when you are mirroring the highest reality โ€“ no, not the dreamโ€ฆ the reality โ€“ to one another, it assists in this level not only of upliftment but also of completion.

Because you are bringing that energy to such a level, to such a vibratory rate of frequency that it matters not what you call it. It is all the same thing. Youโ€™re bringing it to such a level where it has no choice except to explode and expand. It is the nature of creation.

When one is truly in the essence of oneโ€™s Self, there is not a shrinkage factor. There is an expansion factor. So I remind you, and I mean all beings, you say, โ€œWell, how am I supposed to expand when I am exhausted or disheartened or dismayed or disillusioned or disenchanted?โ€ By finding the practicality of what brings you joy, of returning again and again and then again to โ€˜what is,โ€™ not to just what โ€˜feels like.โ€™ but to what is love.

And some will say, โ€œWell, Michael, where will I find that?โ€ And you will find it within โ€“ yes, in your heart, in the seat of your soul โ€“ but you will also find it in the blue of the sky, and the cheeks of a child, and the grisly beard of an old man, and the rheumy eyes of an old woman. You will find it in the beauty of a flower and of a magnificent building. It is all around you.

When one is overtired, emotionally or spiritually, you tend to forget to open your eyes. And when you open your eyes, as the discerner, as the observer, you allow yourself once again to feel the joy and see, witness the love, this is what restores you. This is what gives you the fuel to carry on.

This is a time of love, of the rebirth of love, of the resurrection of love. And the conclusion โ€“ let me be clear โ€“ of pain and suffering, martyrdom in any way, shape or form. Pain and suffering is not the way or the path to the future.


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