Living Life as if It Really Mattered – Steve Beckow

Earth Painting by Svetlana Tikhonova


Living Life as if It Really Mattered

Happy Earth Day, Gaia and all of us!

On Earth Day, I’d like to look at living life as if it really mattered.

Any realization, I think, is a recovered memory. We agreed to go down into Third Dimensionality from higher dimensions and to forget for a time who we are in those more refined realms.

When we realize who we are, we have in essence recaptured a memory, have we not? A memory that has the power to break open doors, open our hearts, and steep us in bliss.

Bliss is the trigger for realization in the first place, as far as my experience suggests.

Once I had an experience of Brahmajnana (seventh-chakra enlightenment) and a half-hour visit to the Seventh Dimension. But neither had very much effect because both lacked the element of bliss. That’s the way they were truncated.  (1)

Without bliss, it was more or less like watching a good movie. Very interesting but not something I’d write home about.

On the other hand, on Sept. 28, 2015, during the “First Wave” that was alleged to be happening at that time, I did break through to bliss and remained in it for three months.  I do know its power.

Jesus called bliss the Comforter spirit that would bring all things to remembrance. By “remembrance” I don’t think he meant we’d know what happened on July 10, 600 BC. I think he meant we’d know all things spiritual – what Archangel Michael calls our “spiritual currency” – chiefly, the knowledge of who we are, which leads to all other knowledge.

We’re retracing our steps. And bliss, in my experience, is what opens the gates of knowledge and facilitates remembrance.


I keep feeling the need to realize at a deeper and deeper level that what I do matters.

I don’t mean that in the arrogant sense of puffing myself up, but in terms of the unfoldment of the Plan.

If I present a poor public front, it can reflect on the effort I’m associated with. Above anything else, I need to behave as if what I do makes a difference. I need to prudently watch over what I say and how I act.

Someone is planting an idea in my head. Excuse me for a minute: “Live life as if it really mattered.” That makes good sense. Thank you to whoever sent that along.

Live life as if it really mattered. Because what we’re finding out, more and more as each day passes, is that our lives – this lifetime – really do matter. They really do make a difference. That which we hoped for all our lives – that our lives might really, really make a difference – is about to come true in this lifetime.

We’re at work building Nova Earth. Just in the planning stages now, waiting for the mission to begin. But just as real for me as anything else in this world of our own construction.


(1) The experience at Xenia on Sept. 18, 2018, the sight of the Self, was also truncated in that the Light was not nearly as bright as it should have been. But I felt innocent and pure, looking at that Light, which was a tremendous reward, with great significance: It  proved that we are innocent and pure at essence.  I didn’t feel bliss on that occasion either.

My life is a workshop and, because I’m a spiritual journalist, the other side gives me experiences, knowing that I’ll write about them. But they’re toned down so that I remain in sync with my readers. As a pillar and because I know what awaits us later, I don’t mind waiting.

Earth Painting by Svetlana Tikhonova

🌿 🌺 🌿
Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists ~ Credit given where this is known. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah


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