Staying Present, Staying Connected, Focused – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Pilgrim of the Moon by Judith Laboria


Staying Present, Staying Connected, Focused
Letting All GO to Just BE

EVERYTHING will come forth from here

Simplicity is a state of higher consciousness
Aloha New Earth Light Family,

NEW Earth is birthed anew from within each one of us… in the silence, in the peace and through Pure Presence. It’s all of those creative and inspirational ideas …. combined with our skills and natural abilities, which are infinite when we are wide open for this…

WE are in the re-birth of HUmanity, yet as with all…. all occurs in cycles, stages and phases…..

The continual words are “Powerful and Potent” as we continual acceleration cycles that “collapse/converge” into ONE…… AS all things merge into/through Zero Point…. all else falls away and what each is “left with” is new awareness, new realizations, new choices, new options and releasing ALL that no longer serves/supports each’s transition/maintaining our ‘NEW’ realities through simplicity and love here. As each choose to simplify in every way, ease is allow to come forth, grace returns and deep connection that is soooooo pure. This REMEMBRANCE means that more will realize their own distortions easier and be able to shift their own realities from deep within too. β™₯

Can you tell the difference between imposing one’s own distorted beliefs as each work through their own stuff/extremes vs. creating an opportunity for all embrace new realities through inspiration, upliftment and Light?

Divine Neutrality and Detaching from the old unconscious as each’s own reality will be important for many moving through these next phases that have already begun…


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A Step Backward – Pamela Kribbe channels Mary


Mother Mary by Lily Moses


A Step Backward

Pamela Kribbe channels Mary


Dear beautiful people,

I am Mary, who has been the mother of Jeshua on Earth. I greet you all from the love and warmth of Home. Let the energy of Home embrace you and welcome you; let it flow all the way through your body. Feel the soft warm energy of Home. Relax completely, you need do nothing here, perform nothing, only be and receive.

Before you started this specific journey to the country of Portugal, there was a time when you felt: “Yes, I want to do this”. Maybe you did not know exactly why, or what attracted you, but you felt a moment of joy, of surrender, a moment when you decided to take the plunge. Now you are here and you seek to connect with Mother Earth in this place. You have come here to give something of yourself, to share a part of your energy, and to receive something in return, even if you do not know exactly what that is. You cannot often grasp with your mind the significance or outcome of something you do from inspiration, from a sense of joy.

Now allow the energy to take form in what your soul wants to receive during this trip. Allow it to bubble up from the Earth. Let the heart of Earth touch you, feed you, and give to you what you need. You are rooted in Earth, and wherever you go or stand on this planet, you have a connection with her.

Different places on this planet have diverse energies. Why are you now here, where we are? Let Earth tell you. Feel her soft nurturing energy as a mother who wordlessly knows what is necessary. Feel yourself supported by her energy and let go of excess thinking, of what you must do or what you think you need. Earth, your mother, knows what is good for you and what you need. Trust her and release all resistance. Imagine that all the cells of your body fully open to take in what is good for them, what nourishes and renews them.

You have come here on the eve of a new year. Let go of the energies of this past year, wash them from you. It was good as it was; you have gone through a lot and lived through much. You have observed pain in yourself and, in many of you, old layers have emerged and become visible. Sometimes they felt raw, like a wound which is not yet healed. Imagine that you now soothe these wounds with tender love. Let the energy of Earth, and of the New Year that is coming, tenderly cover these wounds and heal them.

You are living through a time of change, which, of course, is always part of life – at all times. But there is now something happening in the collective consciousness of all people on Earth. A consciousness through which so many people desire the same thing, so that a wave is emerging. There are now many people on Earth who are waking up, who deeply feel the call of their souls. Some do not know why they feel this, they cannot put it into words, while others have a more conscious knowledge of it. Together, this creates a pooling, a combined wave of energy that lifts you up and wants to take you to a new time, and a new Earth.

This pooling of energy becomes stronger as you bring your energies more together. Every individual is a channel for this new energy, the new consciousness that wants to take root on Earth. Imagine that you are located on a huge wave of luminous water lit by sunlight. The water sparkles in gold and pastel colors. In this wave, there is an enormously powerful current, and your only security is to go with this wave of change. Not to swim against the current, but to trust and to go along with it.

Imagine for a moment that you relax and, in total surrender, the water of this wave penetrates all your cells without your knowing where it takes you. The more you trust and surrender to the change, the easier and lighter it feels. How do you do that? How do you learn trust and surrender? That is the question for many of you, for it is precisely during this time that many people are being tried, as so many certainties fall away, especially as material structures collapse: jobs, homes, everything that has to do with money. And also in the area of relationships, many outward certainties disappear. This can cause much confusion, as if the solid ground under your feet is giving way. Many people have the feeling they are drowning in this wave of change and they lose the larger perspective of where this is taking them.

In the transitional process that you are in on Earth, there is an undercurrent of great anxiety, panic, uncertainty, doubt, loneliness, and sadness, and you sometimes feel this undercurrent. When you find yourself among people, such energy can swoop in and overwhelm you. You are, in this time, a resident of two worlds. You, who are consciously taking steps toward the new world, a new consciousness carried by the heart, are the ones who I am addressing here. You want to move along with this current of brilliant, golden energy, yet at the same time you feel drawn into a morass of old energies that can feel chaotic.

How do you keep yourself upright in this moving field of energies? The key is to take one step backward and then two forward. If you feel that you are being drawn into the old energy of fear, doubt, distrust, or self-criticism, take a step backward. Be aware that you are being drawn in and that it is not you. Step backward into your golden center, the energy of Home, and remember who you are. You no longer need to go along only to be gobbled up by the old energy; you are ready for the new time.

I talk to you in this way because you are ready to be a resident of the new Earth. Especially in the area of relationships, for example, it can be tempting to keep one foot in the old world, because you feel very connected with certain people and you want to bring them along on your journey. This cannot happen, because each one creates and chooses his or her own path. This is something that you cannot take over for another person; you cannot force them to change. It is a sure sign of love when you let go and you stand on this new Earth upon your own two feet.

You are not abandoning them, you are still present but part of another reality. As soon as they are ripe, and ready to receive this reality, it will create a new connection for them. You can no longer hold on to relationships that are dominated by dependency, fear, or struggle. This applies to all areas: partner relationships, friendships, and business relationships.

You can be part of two worlds for only so long; at some point you will break free. Therefore, dare to say goodbye to people or situations that pull you back into the old. Realize, deep down, that you are doing yourself and the other a favor by doing so because you are going to live more strongly from the new, and you become an example of that for them. I ask you to bring someone to mind at this time in your life, someone that you are in a relationship with in which you feel that an old energy is playing itself out between you. Elements of power and dependency, struggle, or anxiety play a role. Dare to be honest and authentic here.

Imagine that this other person stands in front of you, and see if you discover one or more energy cords between you and the other person. See if there is a cord that is not as bright in color, or does not feel free and flowing. Ask yourself, “Why do I hold on to this cord, why do I feel obliged, or desire, to keep this cord?” Look at it honestly and openly without judgment and untie and disconnect this cord. Realize that breaking it is an act of love, because all life is intended to radiate from its own center, independent and free – that is love. Only when you are independent and free can you really connect with another person and feel happy and surprised in a relationship. As long as you need another to fill a void and to feel whole, there is a pattern of expectation. You are not free and you do not let the other person be free.

In the new time, you live in freedom. You are whole within yourself; feel that for a moment. How does it feel when the aura around you is filled with your own energy, when you can relax and be at peace within yourself? When you can feel this peace, you are connected to your deepest divine Self, your soul.

Imagine that your soul is present in this space as a radiant sun, a sphere of light that is there just above your head. Feel how the light of your soul radiates around you, embraces you lovingly and penetrates into all the cells of your body. Feel how happy your soul is when it can warm you. How beautiful your soul finds you, just as you are – perfect. She is proud of you. In her presence, all of you is worthy.

Let the light of your soul, your divine core, flow into your heart and all the way down into your abdomen. Feel what an inexhaustible source of energy that is. If you enter the world from this connection, you meet other people with wonder, interest, and joy. You have no need of another to fill you. Imagine that we do this here and now. From the merging with your divine core, your soul, we stand here in this circle of people and radiate light. You expect nothing, you need nothing; you simply β€œare who you are” and you keep nothing back. You allow your essence to radiate fully.

See what is happening in the middle of this circle – a light emerges, a joint creation. Everyone is free and yet something emerges that is greater than the sum of the individual parts. There is something more grand and more vast. I ask you to feel what emerges from this common creation, from this pooling of energy that wants to come to you. Look at it in full freedom, be open to one another. Behind each human being hides an infinite source of light and love, and that is the joy of relationships. It is the undertaking of an adventure together; you are never finished looking or experiencing. Every human being is a wonder in themself. Allow us to celebrate that.

I greet you all from Home, and I want to remind you of your beauty and worth.

Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan

Β© Pamela Kribbe

🌿 🌺 🌿
Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists ~ Credit given where this is known. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

Mother Mary by Lily Moses

Moving Toward Ascension by Amorah Quan Yin


Joy of The Lord by Artist Greg Olsen


Moving Toward Ascension
by Amorah Quan Yin

Ascension is a grand part of the Earth’s Divine Plan. Ascension can happen in one of two ways. It occurs when a person dies but remains totally conscious during the death process. If he/she has attained to a Christ level of consciousness while living he/she will move through the ascension portals after death. Then he/she will have a choice of whether or not to come back to a body again. The second way ascension can happen is commonly thought of as what ascension is. The person has become fully Christ Conscious while still alive. When the time comes for ascension his/her body simply dissolves into thin air and the spirit ascends through ascension portals.

I have had vivid past life memories of ascension. In one life I walked into the ocean and experienced the second type of ascension. When my body disappeared I immediately found myself in an etheric dolphin body. Next I changed into an etheric lotus. Then I just remember a lot of Light and celebration energy.

I also ascended in a Mayan lifetime in which I was in two bodies: one male and one female. A giant pyramid had been constructed in the middle of the jungle of both stone and gold. When it was constructed the founder of the design was specifically guided on the technical aspects of the construction. It was hollow inside except for a spiraling ramp that ran from bottom to top with an opening in the top of the pyramid where the ramp ended.

There was a special day of opening the pyramid to the Mayan people. We were told that only those who were ready to ascend would go in and walk up the ramp. Then Quetzalcoatl (the winged serpent of ancient traditions) appeared above the pyramid just outside of the location where the ramp ended. My husband and I went into a totally blissful state of consciousness and walked into the pyramid scaling the ramp to the top. At the top we stepped off the ramp into the air. Our bodies disappeared, and etherically we were taken inside the body of Quetzalcoatl. The next thing I experienced was being in a large group of etheric beings in humanoid-type bodies. We were being guided and prepared to be born again at the time of Jesus Christ’s birth. This was to be a major event on Earth in which would all participate.

The first lifetime in which I ascended was during Lemuria. I don’t remember the beginning part of the ascension, but I do remember a later part of it. I found myself standing in front of the thrones of the Holy Mother and Holy Father of All-That-Is. They welcomed me very lovingly and then asked me if I would like to stay with them or go back to Earthβ€”either three more times or six more times. There were also options given such as working with the Goddesses of Sirius. Or I could take a role in a different galaxy. I closed my eyes and experienced each choice briefly. When I felt and saw the energy of six more series of lifetimes I came to deep peace and acceptance. I saw that I could live six more series of lifetimes, each ending in ascension. I saw the value of doing that for setting the path for other humans to follow. I also saw that in certain lifetimes I could bring through teachings as a spiritual leader. So I chose the path of six more series of lifetimes.

Wow! What a journey! At the end of five more series of lifetimes I ascended. This life is supposedly my last one. I have taken on karmic issues and pain to show others how to heal it. Of course I created some of my own along the way each time and had to transform that as well. Each time ended in my becoming Christ Conscious.

How do you become Christ Conscious? You start by becoming a seeker of Truth, finally being so committed to finding Truth that you will settle for nothing less. You learn that your thoughts and emotions are not all based on Truth. So you begin to monitor your thoughts and emotions choosing which ones to believe in and which ones to cancel out of reality. You learn cancel judgments and blame of yourself and others. You forgive everyone and everything-including yourself. In other words, you gradually learn to be a better person.

A great turning point is when you make a permanent commitment to living in impeccability. This means that you will always choose to do what you know is right. Regardless of fear, pain, attachment or anything else-you do what is right. This comes from doing a lot of clearing and coming to a point in your life of deeply knowing what is right inside your self. No contraction and holding back. No negative energies at all. You simply know in a deep and quiet place inside what is right, and you choose to do it.

Daily meditation is also an important part of coming to Christ Consciousness and Ascension. Many years ago I was meditating and called my Higher Self in to blend with me. When I did my Higher Self asked me, β€œWhy do you call on me so rarely?” I told her, β€œI thought I was only supposed to call on you when I was desperate.” My Higher Self became very gentle and loving and replied, β€œAmorah, you and I are the same Being. We are One. If you truly want to become enlightened and Christ Conscious you need to meditate with me every day. The more you connect with me, the more I steadily become more One with you.” Since that time in the early 90’s, I meditate with Higher Self every day. And I have steadily become more One with that energy and less entangled in ego. So try it. I teach the two Higher Self processes that I do in β€œThe Pleiadian Workbook: Awakening Your Divine Ka”, a book I wrote.

The final point I wish to make is about when you will ascend. Once you become Christ Conscious you will realize that the purpose of this step is not ascending to get off the Earth. It is when you know deep inside it is the right next step. Can you imagine Jesus or Buddha in the higher dimensions saying, β€œThank God I don’t have to go back to Earth any more.” I don’t think so. When you become Christ Conscious you will have transcended the illusion of limitation and lack. You can live on the Earth in your bliss or you can leave. If you feel there is still good you can accomplish on Earth you may choose to stay and ascend later. So ascension becomes a choice, not an ultimate goal. And when the time is absolutely right and you know it is, you will ascend!

In these sacred times of great change, it is time to fully commit yourself to becoming Christ Conscious. It is time to clear all that is in your way. It is time for impeccability. It is time for deep Higher Self connection and meditation. You are the One to choose Commitment to these sacred treasures NOW!


Joy of The Lord by Artist Greg Olsen

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists ~ Credit given where this is known. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah