Current Energies with Powerful Gateways – Lisa Transcendence Brown

the-sun-goddess-by rachel-dudley at Pixels - female face gold sun

The Sun Goddess by Rachel Dudley @ Pixels


Current Energies with Powerful Gateways: More Cosmic & Universal ONENESS Codes, Template re-writes underway…. as we shift over to new timelines

​Today’s 1/2 a portal visible, last night’s breathtaking sunset, a beautiful Venusian flower gifted from a local event and beautiful exchanges too. HUGE template rewrites and grid reworking powerfully underway. Beautiful energies…. some (minimal, yet not fun) deep seated emotions (programs) clearing on a cellular level with accelerating important DNA Harmonization processes increasing continually too. Mega important to honor all as these next phases accelerate even more….. we are in a completion cycle that opens up all the next ones preparing to open up/come forth….

Listen to and honor your heart presence fully… this is everyone’s “new way”…. Pure Heart Consciousness replaces all old realities…. each’s head was the duality, struggle and resistance to RETURNING to a Unified Existence as Love.

Your head will keep you anchored/bound to the old…. the loop that depletes and sucks the light/life force from all. Your purest heart you lives from inspiration, excitement, peace and joy…. unity, abundance, gifts and deep appreciation and sacred respect….
The polarity between ENERGETIC EXPERIENCES will continue to become visible so more can see…. and consciously choose to HOLD THE HIGHEST STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS as the only acceptable REALity….. there is no duality in a UNIFIED HEART EXISTENCE/PRESENCE…. it might become visible, yet it does not have to be your reality.

Divine alignment and synchronized/harmonized flow…. LIVING AS ONE means observing through inner connection, releasing ALL JUDGMENT and working together as Light. Judgment robs you of your own JOY and Pure Sovereignty, emanating from deep sacred connection that ends when one allows separation to occur within… only each can shift this within themselves…. (Others can assist, yet each must do the actual work fully from within and it’s through caring, balance and upliftment, not a dependency/lack thing).

The whole planet is receiving/being activated to massive COSMIC/UNIVERSAL ONENESS CODES…. the ego struggle, challenges, drama and chaos are to resolve fixed limits, linearity and separation within each playing this out from within. This includes all of the systems created due to this. This reflects all that’s not in vibrational and harmonic alignment with powerful ONENESS CODES …
You can FEEL what’s genuine and pure, highest aligned and HONORS ALL as Love… instead of the old set, fixed, distorted ways that created and allowed unconsciousness to become a way of living…..

You can FEEL kindness, compassion, caring, unity, generosity and consideration… you can also FEEL that which is not. Learning to discern through FEELING, without acting out ego responses, distortions or projecting emotions resulting from hurt or unconscious illusions/limited/fractured perceptions is key to shifting to a higher consciousness timeline (vibrational reality)….

These frequencies restructure the foundations of each’s reality……

These frequencies and codes dismantle/dissolve the old and deliver the new codes for each to integrate, utilize, apply in order to create, form and build all new…..

Embrace all fully. This is a process of observing, consciously choosing and shifting what all allow ….and utilizing Quantum States of Consciousness to completely shift entire realities in accordance with our ORIGINAL STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS …. where old programs hold no power anymore.

Fixed is only fixed because its linear, won’t budge/stretch/bend or has tons of energy/resistance involved. Quantum is the opposite… there’s nothing fixed…everything is energetic, vibrational and relative to oscillators rates and frequencies/bandwidths… which is how NEW EARTH FUNCTIONS, which is only accessible from each’s access to multiple/infinite dimensions (therefore realities) held deep within…….

I love you. Keep living your magic fully too!

Lisa Transcendence Brown


The Sun Goddess by Rachel Dudley @ Pixels

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists & photographers ~ Credit given where this is known. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

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