Feelings, Will, and the Witness – Steve Beckow

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Feelings, Will, and the Witness

Some insights โ€“ probably fed to me โ€“ I just keep getting deeper and deeper.

The one Iโ€™m getting deeper at the moment is that the most important thing to human beings is how they feel.

The most important thing toย meย is howย Iย feel.ย 

I do an elaborate dance to make the reason I act seem like something else.

I have reasons galore. I can select the most convincing from among many on any one occasion.

But if I were to really watch things, I think Iโ€™d see a high correlation between what I do and how I feel.

Some feelings I canโ€™t stand, like humiliation or out-and-out grief. These are what Linda calls โ€œcore issuesโ€ โ€“ thoughts and feelings that weโ€™d rather die than re-experience (vasanas).

For me, balance comes from processing them (whatever way one follows). (1) Gradually the mood swings diminish and finally we remain in the center. (I am not there, for the record.)

But seeing as I do (providing Iโ€™m correct) that feelings are our prime motivators, why am I not paying close attention to (1) the way Iโ€™m feeling and (2) how to raise myself out of emotions that drag me down?

I used to be a person who used negative feelings to push other people around. Now here I am finding I was wrong all these years. Itโ€™s the uplifting experiences like love, bliss, and joy that turn out to be ultimately โ€œuseful.โ€

Thereโ€™s me, the witness, the driver of the car who โ€œwills,โ€ based largely on input from the feelings. The will is the interface between the witness and the body. Driving the car is the journey of life. What makes the journey worthwhile and memorable is how we feel.

Given the importance of feelings, raising my feeling vibes is what will raise my overall quality of life.

Raising my overall quality of life contributes to a world that works in the most significant and direct way I can think of.


(1) One way to process them: โ€œHow to Handle Unwanted Feelings: The Upset Clearing Processโ€ athttp://goldenageofgaia.com/spiritual-essays/on-processing-vasanas/how-to-handle-unwanted-feelings-the-upset-clearing-process/ย ย 


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