Transformative Gentleness – Steve Beckow


Transformative Gentleness

I observe myself in a depressed state.

I simply feel flat. There’s nothing objectionable about it necessarily. It’s lower than I like to go however.

I have it rigged up that this as an unpleasant space, an idea that triggers the mind into grumbling and becoming defensive. No thought involved. All automatic, vasana-driven behavior.

When looked at in the cold light of day, the feeling of flatness is pretty close to neutral.

Nothing about it would alert me to what comes after. There’s no logic involved. Merely whatever sense, however partial or distorted, the mind made out of the situation.

Now conscious of this triggering mechanism, I simply sit with the feeling of depression or flatness and let it stay as long as it wishes before letting it go.


Later the same day….

As a result of sitting with my feeling of depression, I’ve ended up in a sudden experience of gentleness. I think that’s the first experience of gentleness that I can remember.

I’ve had transformative (or higher-dimensional) experiences of love, bliss, peace, mastery, and abundance. (1) In the same way that they’re transformative, so was the gentleness I felt: Capable of overriding the situation and enduring, unlike everyday gentleness, which yields before the situation. (2)

The two experiences I had of them stayed around only perhaps for ten seconds each at the most and then went on their way, as if they stuck their head in.

If I was not alert, I might have regarded them as sudden thoughts of a striking nature. But my experience of them at this time went deeper than that.

I was shocked by how gentleness felt and how foreign it was to my experience.

What’s new in your life? Oh, I experienced gentleness today.  Say what?

It feels hard to talk about it.

It was an exquisite experience. As exquisite as silk is to cloth or lavender to perfume, gentleness is to whatever sense is experiencing it. I really don’t know how to talk about it, it was so strange to me but welcome to every sense.

The experience of mastery and abundance were equally unfamiliar and delightful.

I don’t even know what faculty of mine sensed the gentleness. I felt it palpably and overwhelmingly. I know that. It captured me for a few moments and then disappeared.

Maybe “captured” is not the right word. I merged with it for a few seconds and felt life through it, so to speak – in the very same way that the spirit feels life through the body. (3)

What made the greatest impression on me was that I felt it in every cell of my body. I received a full measure of the experience of gentleness.

And it was magnificent. A new world opened up for me.

So those are my first two experiences of real, authentic gentleness in this lifetime.  Somebody mark that on a calendar for me. I’m not keeping track.

If I didn’t write these experiences down, I’d completely forget about them.  But written down and taken together, they can contribute to an ethnography of Ascension. Work for future sociologists and anthropologists.


(1) All recorded on the blog.

(2) Transformative love overrides anger, hatred, jealousy, etc., whereas everyday love can be chased away by the same feelings. It takes only a moment of experiencing the former to immediately see the situation.

(3) In an out-of-body experience in 1977, I felt the spirit (me) re-enter the body and my consciousness transfer from being inside the body to being outside.  I had the same sense of being “inside” gentleness, as if my body was made of gentleness and I was the guiding spirit inside.

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Wesak May 19, 2019 – Gillian MacBeth-Louthan


Wesak May 19, 2019

Wesak is one of my favorite times of year, I just love the blending of the Buddha and the Christ with Quan Yin being a chickie buffer in-between them, these are 3 of my favorite spiritual energies. When they come together is it very soft and powerful and every cell of the body can feel the holy dispensations.

Wesak is the celebration of Buddha’s birth/ enlightenment /& death. According to ancient beliefs, the Buddha was born, attained enlightenment, and left Earthly incarnation under the Full Moon of Taurus. The Buddha returns at this time each year to bring a new Light to the world. Spiritual leaders from all dimensions and times gather in Wesak Valley, high in the Himalayas.

Wesak is the time in which the Christ gathers the entire Spiritual Hierarchy together in meditation to invoke the healing forces of Shamballa, and The Buddha.  The Buddha is the expression of the Wisdom of God, the embodiment of Light and the indicator of Divine purpose. The Christ represents Gods promise and unending Love for humanity. The Wesak is like a holy pitcher pouring out a blessed healing elixir.

Humanity is in a place of learning to truly see, to create, to make real by looking through the quantum portal, deep into the proverbial rabbit hole. It is time to change the description of what once defined thought.  A call to duty is announced to all that are willing to expand. Without playing favoritism with any particular side of creation, exchange the cross for the crown. Encircling what you want with clear intention, dotting your “I AM’s” and uncrossing your “t’s”. Any and all limitations are the source of your power.  Any darkness you battle can be a source of power if transformed from lead into gold.  What stretches you comes from all sources. You have changed forever never to return to who you once were.  You sit perched on a new branch of heart and light awaiting a signal of when it is safe to fly, neither sign, nor signal comes, You must rely only upon your own intuition to move forward.

As a singularity you sit in a place of great power and sacredness; all that you do or do not do is created by you and you alone. By seeing the existing blessings in your transformative lives you will create a connection for this wave of blessedness to adhere to. The more thoughts you have of blessing what is in your life right now the more energy is generated, and the easier the new connection will be made.  Thoughts of thankfulness and gratitude beckon this wave of blessedness; thoughts of negativity repel it.  The fruits of all past labors of life and love can be now tasted and supped upon.  What was once thought to be lost is found within ones very life.  Energy spent in helping others was placed into a universal account that has accrued to mighty proportions. Nothing was ever lost or wasted or tossed away in thoughts intentions, actions of goodness and kindness.

All actions of inherent good have been counted and accounted for by the universal abacus. All time spent in prayer and kind thoughts for others has been exponentially expanded and multiplied beyond earth’s ability to count. A great amount of heavenly rewards finds itself on the road to the masses. Fractals restructure themselves into different patterns of thought as the light within the unexpected and unexplained is turned up so high that even the 3 blind mice can see.  You are leaving the energy of what has so distracted you and moving into a place of sharp focus. Chose to see all or nothing, do not turn a blind 3rd eye to any possibility.



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I am the Light of Quan Yin – Gillian MacBeth-Louthan


I am the Light of Quan Yin

Quan Yin is such a beautiful expression of the Divine Mother.  She is known as the Great goddess and Mother of Compassion and Mercy, and is loved and revered throughout the world no matter religious beliefs . Mercy means there is more assistance given through love than through earned Merit. Kwan Yin is associated with the earth, fertility, birth, and healing. She has brought forth the energies of Magnified Healing.  Quan Yin the Goddess of Compassion is often depicted riding on a dragon. She is the eastern counterpart of Mother Mary,  she works to balance the feminine energies. She is one of the Lords of Karma representing the sixth ray. Isis carried the same ‘mother energy’ in Egypt.

One of the several stories surrounding Quan Yin is that she was a Buddhist who through great love and sacrifice during her life on earth, earned the right to enter Nirvana after death. While standing before the gates of Paradise she heard a cry of anguish from the earth below. Turning back to earth, she renounced her reward of eternal bliss, and dedicated herself to the hearts of the suffering. Following her ascension Kwan Yin made this pledge, “Never will I seek, nor receive, private individual salvation, never will I enter into final peace alone, but forever and everywhere will I live and strive for the redemption of every creature throughout the world from the bonds of conditioned existence

Quan Yin means ‘One Who Sees and Hears the Cry from the Human World’. Her Chinese title signifies, “She who always observes or pays attention to sounds. she who hears prayers. Worshipped especially by women, this goddess comforts the troubled, the sick, the lost, the senile and the unfortunate. she is now also regarded as the protector of seafarers, farmers and travelers. Quan Yin is depicted as a barefoot, gracious woman dressed in beautiful, white flowing robes, with a white hood gracefully draped over the top of the head and carrying a small upturned vase of holy dew. She stands tall and slender, a figure of infinite grace, her gently composed features conveying selflessness and compassion that have made her the favorite of all deities.

I am the light of Quan Yin. I come on this day to escort you into mercy and blessings for you are truly a blessing to me. You stretch and dedicate yourself to walk upon the path of enlightenment, which is so often strewn with earthly dangers and physical pains. You are such blessings to me because you try so hard to fly above the earthly pain and suffering into a place you can see with the eyes of your soul.

You are blessings to me because you continue to pray against all odds.  You are my blessings and I come to help you remember the sacred contract that you have made with your body, with your mind, and with your spirit. For the trinity of you is so very Holy. You house the very universe in your physical body. In the time of Wesak when the Buddha and the Christ came together they will not separate their dispensations and heavenly gifts but will  become as One,  merging transfiguring and shifting, together.

The Buddha will hold the vibrations of the Christ and the Christ will hold the vibrations of the Buddha. As you merge with them vibrationally you will become like sea water that has been in a jar too long and seeks the ocean.  You are becoming, in  the fluidness of your future. Allow yourself to be poured into new light assemblies stretching yourself beyond any prior limitations. This is a time for all of humanity to dispense with the contractions, to dispense with the fear, to dispense with anger. Both the Buddha and the Christ come and ask you to disband all that is toxic or negative, release it, and let it go. These Wesak dispensations come to you as cleansing bubbles that clear what has been hardened. Delete what keeps you less than. Dissolve with what keeps you from loving each another. Diffuse what keeps another from loving you. Stop using the excuses of your past to keep yourself powerless in the present. I am Quan Yin and you are my blessings.



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