CLEAR LIGHT – Altair Shyam

Elusive Radiance by Anand Panchal @ Artflute



A meditation on Clear Light, emptiness, silence, stillness and spaciousness

Yesterday I was traveling home in the train contemplating presence and awareness when an experience of unshakable silence, stillness and spaciousness arose. There was an awareness that I was that. There was an experience in that moment of the self as refuge and everything as perfect exactly as it was. Nothing was missing. Everything perfect in that moment.

Resting in the vastness, the emptiness. There was awareness of that emptiness, a vibrant, vital clarity, a luminosity, clear light. Presence.

I was aware of the spaciousness in my heart and mind, within and all around.

There was a union of space and unbound awareness, emptiness and clarity, warmth of presence, spaciousness.

Unbound space, emptiness.

Infinite awareness, light.

Spaciousness in the mind and heart, warmth, bliss.

I carried this presence into the meditation later on that day, resting in the vivid clear awareness of light. Awake and witnessing.

Simply I made an intention before I sat, an intention for how I could be of highest benefit to this planet and its beings and dedicated my practice and enlightenment to their liberation.

Then I watched and listened deeply, and watched the space in front of me as I listened, aware of the light and the incredible luminosity of being. I let the love in my heart expand out to embrace all humanity and dissolve into peace.

I stayed with an awareness of the subtle breathing and dived deep, riding the sound and the light home.

In the sitting, resting in the deep stillness of the body, silence, spaciousness of the heart and mind, awake and aware, I could not find anything when I looked, I could only find the mind, the one looking at the appearances and when I looked at the mind I could only find emptiness, unbounded space and when I looked at the no-thing of that unbounded space, the emptiness, I was aware it was luminous, awake, clear, clear light and I was able to rest there.

I was simply observing the emptiness that is clear light and the clear light that is emptiness.

And I was awake.

Love, Light and Peace

Stephen Altair


ALTAIR SHYAM – meaning:
Altair (Eagle, Pillar of Heaven) and Nirbandh Shyam (Unlimited Light of Divine Mother’s Love) when I was given them I was told I would be β€˜unbound’. So I AM.