Both Sides of the Veil and All the Dimensions – Steve Beckow

Earth Mother (close-up) by Mara Diop


Both Sides of the Veil and All the Dimensions

A friend came over who doesn’t like the language of Ascension. So I put the matter to her in what I hoped were good Buddhist terms.

According to me, Ascension in Buddhist terms is nirvana, buddhahood, escape from the wheel of birth and death.

“Nirvana,” like the Christian term, “heaven,” refers to the Fifth Dimension and higher.

The Third/Fourth Dimension is a dimension in which we need to be physically born. On higher dimensions this need to die and be physically reborn isn’t a feature, probably to everyone’s relief!

Seventh-chakra enlightenment, called Brahmajnana or God Realization, is the end of chakra-based enlightenment. But it’s not the end of Third Dimensionality. It’s not liberation or moksha.

Buddhists would call it arahantship and point out that it’s preliminary to buddhahood

Only at Ascension – which, in Hindu terms, equates to Sahaja Samadhi – is there a full and permanent heart opening, beyond the seven-chakra system. Only the full and eternal opening of the heart ends the need to be reborn by destroying all the seeds (vasanas) of future action.

Christians would call it “resurrection” and “salvation,” the Bible’s words for Ascension. Jesus ascended. Now all of us, at the end of the age, are following in his footsteps, except – mercifully – we need no longer die first. As the Arcturian Group said recently:

“Up to now individuals had to physically die in order to ascend to a higher dimension, but at this powerful time mankind is ascending while in physical body” (1)

What the discussion with my friend showed me was that we need a common language to discuss matters like Ascension and Disclosure. “Arahants” and “aliens” won’t do a globally-connected generation.

We need an awake and aware cross-cultural spirituality, covering both sides of the veil and all dimensions, and making sense to all ages, genders, and races.

It needs to explain the mysteries such as the nature of the Trinity. (2) It needs to explain the purpose of life. (3)

It needs to lay out the various pathways to the knowledge of God – past the level of our Ascension. (4) And it needs to explain the various experiences we encounter along the way so those who haven’t studied enlightenment know what just happened to them.

It needs to connect the dots among the Earth’s existing paths and show how spiritual realities are changing as we ascend dimensionally.

It needs to somehow take into account the various ways the Divine communicates its message of understanding and encouragement.

And it needs to do all this without judging other paths, placing one above another, or creating new hierarchies.


(1) “Arcturian Group Message via Marilyn Raffaele, April 21, 2019,” at

(2) The terms Father/Son/Holy Ghost and Brahman/Atman/Shakti refer to levels of Reality, rather than “persons.”

(3) To know who we are (God). God meets God in a moment of our enlightenment  (“O Thou I!”).

(4) The path Home goes past the twelve dimensions.


Earth Mother by Mara Diop

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists & photographers ~ Credit given where this is known. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

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