Ultimate Enjoyment – Steve Beckow

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Ultimate Enjoyment

I awoke at 2:45 this morning in the second of my two days off.

And I asked myself, “What now?”

It usually takes me two hours to fall back to sleep. What do I do with the time? Meditate? Write? Organize?

And I realized that what I sought at that moment – if I was to put it in a single word – was enjoyment. And then I flashed on the thought that enjoyment is what all people seek.

What then gives ultimate enjoyment all the time? Why, both higher dimensional love and bliss.

Why then am I thinking of getting enjoyment from eating things or seeing things or doing things?

I go direct to the Source. I seek ultimate enjoyment in the form of bliss.

All I have to do to experience that bliss (granted that my heart has been opened) is draw it up a long, slow breath from my heart.  It comes. Where I drop out is I don’t do the exercise (or any exercise) often enough. I should be focusing on it.

One and a half hours to go before I fall back to sleep. What will I do? Draw up bliss from my heart.



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