The Lord Arcturus on the Delegations – Steve Beckow

Arcturus ~ via Sancta Rosa


The Lord Arcturus on the Delegations

Most of us have dual natures. We probably don’t think about it much, but we do.

We’re both angelics and galactics. We have both a life as an angel and a life on the Pleiades, Sirius, Andromeda, or Arcturus.

As an angelic, I serve Archangel Michael. As a galactic, I’m from Arcturus and serve the Lord Arcturus – as a communicator.

I spoke to him through Linda Dillon recently.

I wanted to post his discussion of wanting starseed Gaians to be Gaians, rather than starseeds and of their excitement about the delegations, which are already underway.

Michael also commented on the latter topic in the same reading, which I’ll post as soon as the transcript returns.

The Lord Arcturus in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, June 12, 2019.

Lord Arcturus: Gaians need to examine themselves. Yes, there is great help and [there are] many, many missions (1)  from around the omniverse there (2) to assist [you] at this time.

Not only to assist, but then to participate, on planet and off, with humans, with Gaians.

But the focus for humans right now needs to be on themselves because they … now I do not mean this in a judgmental way; I say this as a kindred spirit to my brother with clear thinking, critical thinking … humans are easily distracted.

And very often, even with the best of intentions, they can get distracted with thinking about off-planet things so that they deny their Gaian self in favor of saying, “I am Pleiadian” or “I am Arcturian” or “I am Hussian” when the entire purpose of their life is to be Gaian.

So we don’t want to distract.

Steve: Aha. It’s kind of a mixed thing in the sense that we do want to keep people informed of news of the delegations, etc., which generates excitement.

A: Absolutely.

And there is great excitement, not only on Earth, but throughout the galaxy about the delegations, let me be very clear about that.

But understand what we say: The delegations are coming to you.  We didn’t invite you and give you the science and technology – which is actually very simple – to come and visit us.

So again all the focus is on YOU! We are coming to you! We are coming to your house!

We are not saying that we want you to be insular. Not insular in the slightest. We most certainly don’t want you to be xenophobic. But we want it to be clear. Where the party is being held, where the celebration is being held is upon Gaia because THIS, this grand event, this unfoldment of the Mother’s Plan is on your planet.

It is spectacular and it has been awaited for so long.

So, yes, that is what I mean insofar as we want Gaians to pay attention to not only currently what is going on, which is very disruptive, but what is possible to be achieved on this planet of light, on this planet of love.

It is extraordinarily exciting.

Steve: Will this happen soon?

A: The delegations are already underway. You will be hearing about them shortly.


(1) Delegations? Fleets?

(2) He is speaking from Arcturus, so Earth is “there.”


Arcturus ~ via Sancta Rosa

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