Raising Our Interests to Awareness – Steve Beckow

Samadhi by SachiiA @ DeviantArt


Raising Our Interests to Awareness

I could, if I wanted to, get very excited about Reval news. It seems genuinely close but somehow a deeper layer of me is telling me not to.

I keep telling myself: All I need is the 800#.  All the rest is optional.

What seems more important at this particular moment is to take back the power that I’ve given away to others, to redeem what Michael calls my “divine authority.”

I want to stop the bleed-off of energy that comes with my felt victimization, a game I play which masks my giving away my power in some respect.

I become irritated, but I’m in the position I’m in because I put myself there.

So right now, it isn’t as important to me to live life as normal. I want to spend a moment taking back my power, my energy, my freedom.

Here’s an example of giving away my power. The self-serving side of myself covers up how I want to be seen as a generous person. It’s a make-wrong of my Father and Grandfather, but it looks good, so I don’t get called on it.

But any interest, even if it lies outside consciousness, will pull us from the middle, which the Arcturians said they wanted us to occupy.

We talk about vested interests, competing agendas, conflicts of interests, deep motivation, etc. All of these point to the same thing: The desire for possession or actual possession of something, with the attendant desire to hold on to it.

I believe that all our interests will be raised to our awareness, from which point we can ask the archangels to remove them, invoking the Law of Elimination, if we wish. Or just raise them to awareness if they are interests that we want to hold onto, from a point of awareness.

There can’t be any pulls upon us from sources we don’t recognize. Just as our vasanas and patterns are being surfaced right now, so may our interests be.

When the Reval does hit, we’re going to be deciding on the disbursement of very large sums of money. We don’t want to be tossed from one side of the room to the other by our unconscious vested interests, what William Ury calls our “deeper motivations.”

What served my interests last year doesn’t serve them this year. I want to temper my generosity with wisdom now, to take back my power in this area. I don’t want my generosity to be on automatic pilot and I surrender the desire to look generous; i.e., look good.

All of it is in response to my Father and Grandfather. They used money to manipulate. It left a very bad taste in my mouth. It’s a simple vasana, but you can see how far its tentacles can reach.


I hereby nullify all contracts I have with anyone in which I give away my power for any consideration or service.

From this moment on, I will re-negotiate any contracts that involve a giving away of power.


(1) Arcturians: You will be called upon to master EVERY thought and feeling. …

Hence any thoughts or feelings that cause inner conflict of any form are best pulled into your conscious mind to be displayed as an experience. In fact, in 5D this will occur with your EVERY thought/emotion.
 [All thoughts and feelings are visible in the Fifth Dimension.]

Hence our leaders are having to totally hone this mastery of energy NOW.  (The Arcturians through Sue Lie in a personal reading with Steve Beckow,  Nov. 8, 2013.)

Arcturians: You have to be the master of your consciousness at all times. (The Arcturians, ibid., July 22, 2014.)



Samadhi by SachiiA @ DeviantArt

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists & photographers ~ Credit given where this is known. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

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