β€œTRILOCHAN” (THREE EYED) by Swami Amrit Mahamedha @ Trika Yoga Art




In the interests of us deepening our great adventure together, I wanted to share my latest insight into the body of emptiness.

The graphs as shown are my typical experience every time I sit at present.

Every sitting is slightly different as you can see, so I am using the physical body and becoming very still, silent and spacious in order to experience the unbounded unchanging space of being.

I energize the body for about half an hour beforehand using yoga, pilates and energization exercises from Yogananda and Tibetan Buddhism.

I use a simple breathing focus on the three internal subtle energy channels and the upper chakras before beginning to breathe in the lower dantian area, with closed eyes, while my attention is on feeling the open spacious awareness with calm happiness and bliss.

I have discovered that every part of this body is sacred, a portal to being, a mandala of emptiness, so that if our attention is focused on the third eye for example it may yield different insights than if it is focused on the heart chakra.

I realized in the waking state this same body of emptiness when I was walking in Tokyo this week, practicing this same technique as a walking meditation and suddenly my body was not there, only space was, and for a period of time there was an indestructible, changeless light-filled essence.

It is so important to find that simple natural essence or key signature, that we can practice anywhere, anytime, all the time. Mine, as you can see from the graphs, is simply to draw the attention within, become still, and feel (rather than see) the deep stillness that is always there. Then I breathe in that emptiness, that stillness and from that practice light and sound arise and I ride them home. I have learned to allow them to rise and not to focus on them, merely to allow them ever so gently to be, and then they arise even brighter and stronger in full magnificence.

I enter into this in every moment with awe and gratitude. The awareness we are is so humbling and so magnificent all at once. When we dwell in that awareness of Awareness it feels like being at home in yourself. Your natural key signature, as shown in these graphs we do, the pure space of being, is revealed as who we truly are.

So, by developing insight into impermanence we discover the power of changelessness.

The fear of change is why so many of us struggle and we attach to the β€œI”, the ego in the hope of keeping it from changing. The only way to really understand and embrace change is to have a direct experience of the changeless nature of being. When we experience that, we are at peace with what is. We discover, in stillness, in emptiness, in letting go, in dropping the β€œI”, that which has no face or form. We discover that in nothing there is everything. We discover stillness, silence and space of the formless within.

Love and blessings

Stephen Altair


No photo description available.
Art shared with permission ~ Gratitude & thanks to Trika Yoga Art

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