Three Windows into Vasanas – Steve Beckow

Study – by Trungbui42 @ DeviantArt


Three Windows into Vasanas

I’d like to post three discussions which are very relevant to anyone studying or processing core issues or vasanas.

They tell us why it works to process them, how persistent vasanas are, and why there is no need to process beneficial vasanas.

Why should we process our vasanas?

Steve: The work we do in completing our old business and upsets, that makes for a smooth transition? Is that right?

Archangel Michael: Yes, it does. Think of it in terms of when a baby, a human baby is birthed, sometimes it is a very easy delivery, sometimes it is 30 hours of labor. Sometimes the mother decides to birth in the fields; sometimes she births in the ocean. Sometimes she goes to a beautiful room; other times she goes to an operating room and has a C-section. But the birthing still occurs. So this is what happens.

It is a feeling of complete and utter surrender and bliss. It is a sensation — physical, mental, emotional, spiritual — of union. So there is a moment where you feel, oh, I have died. Because that is the sense of such release and reconnection. But of course you are not dying. Quite the contrary. Now, in much of your history or literature — and I do include sacred books in that — ascension is also related to a keeping of some kind of physicality and form. Now, some will choose not to do that, and that is fine. But that is a choice.

But let us talk about you. Let us use you as an example. Because you have done your very deep work, and your heart is committed to this path for many, many years. There will be that sense of blissful connection that you have experienced a couple of times, but it will be even more so.

The sense will be that you are flying upward. It is a physical sensation of movement. And a remembering, or a sensation of remembering, that you have wings, or the ability to fly. (“Archangel Michael on NESARA, Opposing the Cabal, and Ascension – Oct. 1, 2011 – Part 2/3,” at

Vasanas don’t simply disappear of their own volition; we need to “clean them up.”

Archangel Michael: The reason why I speak of this is that many of you – and you, beloved, included – look at situations and you say, “Well, how can it get much worse?” And that is because you, and many, come from a place of love and purity of intent. But you also know that everything that has need to be eliminated, everything that has need to be relinquished, everything that needs to be healed in this cesspool that we call “chaos” has need to come to the surface.

Otherwise – and this has happened many, many times in human history – what happens is there is a belief, there is a healing, an accommodation, a remedy, and then the human collective tends to think, “Okay, now it is cleaned up, now it is healed, now it is done.” But the core – the core issues – of the collective, and of course of the individuals, has not been addressed, and therefore it simply settles in and it festers.

In this part of the infinite, eternal unfoldment of our Mother’s Plan, it all has need to be surfaced so that this subtle and actual festering, until it again boils over, cannot happen. It is simply, in your time and in the Mother’s time, the juncture at which this has to be healed. So it continues to rise to the surface.

You see, those who are even deeply engaged in, shall we say, dark deeds, erroneous behaviour, false beliefs or paradigms which are all components of the chaos – very often, what has happened is that the chaos doesn’t bother them, and they thrive upon it. But the level of chaos that has come to the surface, that is being exposed in every quadrant of the planet – in every society, in every institutional structure, in every political and financial structure – it’s exhausting!

So not only is it exhausting because of the tumultuous nature, the sullied nature, of the energy that is being brought to the surface. It is also beginning – in fact, very significantly – exhausting those who have been engaged in the errant or aberrant behaviours. And that is a significant improvement. It is a significant departure.

It is anticipated – and what you would even think of as natural – that those that are of a higher vibration, those that are carrying the love and the purity in their hearts, those who are of the lightworker and loveholder community – of course, when they look at it, it is exhausting to them. That is to be expected. In many ways, it is as if, as lightworkers, you have been sitting on the edge of a volcanic waste dump for years. Of course, it is exhausting!

But it is important that those who you think of as having been neutral, and those who have actually been the perpetrators of violence – because it is all of violence – are also becoming fed up, exhausted, overwhelmed. It is no longer simply a foray into the darkness and then a retreat to the comfort of home. This is exactly what has need to transpire.

It cannot be simply the lightbearers who are holding the light, and shining the light, and beaming the light, and being the light – it cannot simply be them doing all the heavy lifting for the entire planet to go forward.

Now, we are not saying that those recalcitrants will fully embrace the light. Even those who have been in strict containment continue to argue and fight! However, when they reach the point of exhaustion where they are fed up, that is victory – and that, my beloved friend, my brother, is what is at hand!

And you are being assisted not only by the Mother’s legions but by your Star Family, increasingly apparent and present – and will be very clearly present upon the planet very quickly – not simply as boots on the ground but in the full splendour of a delegation. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with EBSS through Linda Dillon, January 2019, at

Finally, Ramana Maharshi once said:

In Yoga Vasistha two classes of vasanas are distinguished: those of enjoyment and those of bondage. The former remain even after Mukti (1) is attained, but the latter are destroyed by it. Attachment is the cause of binding vasanas, but enjoyment without attachment does not bind and continues even in Sahaja [that is, after Ascension].” (2)

I too have noticed that all that’s needed to create space is to process the vasanas that contribute to our denseness and gloom; the vasanas that contribute to our upliftment and happiness present no problem and can be left alone.

Those vasanas that tend towards these divine states are in line with the Divine Plan; their role is to lift us up closer and closer to the Godhead and final reunification.

It’s only the ones that drag us down that we need to get to the bottom of, re-experience completely, and let go of.


(1) Mukti is liberation from birth and death, something that occurs after entry into the Fifth Dimension. Hence Ascension is liberation or mukti.

(2) Ramana Maharshi in S.S. Cohen, Guru Ramana. Memories and Notes. 6th edition. Tiruvannamalai: Sri Ramanasramam, 1993, 89.


Study – by Trungbui42 @ DeviantArt

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Easy to Find – James Mahu @ WingMakers

Spring Flowers IV by Econita @ DeviantArt


Easy to Find 

I have often looked inside my drawers

without knowing why.

Something called out.

Seek me and you shall find,

but when I obey

I’m confounded by memory’s fleeting ways.

Hands immerse and return awkwardly empty

like a runaway child

when no one came after them.


I know there is something I seek

that hides from me so I can’t think about what I lack.

It is, however, and this is the point,

too damn powerful to be silent and still.

Besides, I know I lack it because I miss it.


I miss it.

Whatever “it” is.

Whatever I need it to be it is not that.

It can never be anything but what it is.

And so I search in drawers and closets absent of why,

driven like a machine whose switch has been thrown

just because it can.


I miss it.

I wish it could find me.

Maybe I need to stay put long enough for it to do so.

Now there’s a switch.

Let the powerful “it” seek me out.

But for how long must I wait?

And how will I recognize it should it find me?


There must be names

for this condition that end in


Damn, I hate that suffix.

It all starts with a sense of wonder

and ends in a sense of emptiness.

God, I wish you could find me here.

I’ll tuck myself in a little drawer

right out in the open.

I won’t bury myself under incidentals.

I’ll be right on top.

Easy to find.

Do you need me for anything?

I hope so because I need you for everything.


🌿 🌺 🌿

James Mahu—the visionary creator behind the WingMakers, Event Temples, SpiritState, and Lyricus websites, books, booklets, music, art, poetry and metaphysical papers.


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Ascension through Terrestrial Eyes – Steve Beckow

Lord Brahma by Manjari Sharma @ Artspace


Ascension through Terrestrial Eyes

If we were to look at Ascension with terrestrial eyes, where would we find discussions of it?

Well, all discussions in the Bible of salvation, resurrection, being made a pillar in the temple and going no more out, etc., are discussions of Ascension.

We are saved (salvation) from needing to be reborn and die again; there is none of that on the Fifth Dimension and higher.

We’re resurrected (resurrection) from this realm of birth and death, this old Third Dimension, and raised to a higher dimension, beyond death.

We need no more leave the temple of our everyday, higher-dimensional life and enter into the realm of death and destruction. We’ve ascended to a realm in which one is drowned in love and bliss, where harm and destruction are forgotten and non-existent.

Arriving at this place in consciousness is such a radical break with our everyday experience that I’m tempted to draw a line here and say, a new chapter will have opened up for us.

Ramakrishna used to advise us to run into the Lake of Bliss, jump into it, fall into it. Just get into the Lake.

Yes, any entry into higher dimensionality, as far as I’m aware, is as good as any other. Once in – no matter the motivation, accidental visitor or a lifelong seeker – the realization of higher dimensionality is the same.

The strength of the experience, I believe, is what differs between a temporary and a permanent heart opening.

The task at hand is to get ourselves into that Lake of Bliss, that Ocean of Love that the Mother keeps signalling us that she is. Whenever she says, “I am Maré,” she’s hinting at being the “Ocean” of Love. (Maré in Latin = Ocean.)

I’d say this is a foolproof test of whether you’ve reached the end of Third/Fourth Dimensionality: Are you drowned in an Ocean of Love and are you there fully and permanently? If yes, then you sound like you ascended.

If not, I’ll trade you seats. You’re still closer to the fire than me.

Unlike all previous levels of enlightenment, Ascension, or Sahaja Samadhi as it was known to Sri Ramana, is not connected to the kundalini reaching one of the chakras. It’s beyond the seven-chakra system of the Third Dimension.

Realization evidently starts and ends with a heart opening. Entry into spiritual life (stream-entering, Buddh.; spiritual awakening, Hind.) attends a fourth-chakra heart opening, which quickly closes.

But Ascension sees the spiritual heart – or more accurately, the hridayam or heart aperture – open fully, forever. No more slipping back. No more disappearing experiences.

Never again must one be reborn into the world of matter. This is moksha, mukti, liberation.

One leaves the wheel of birth and death behind, said a man who had, in my opinion, ascended while alive: The Buddha. (1)

Ascension was known to Christians, Hindus, and Buddhists and probably many other spiritual traditions.

While the sages did not discuss dimensionality, they had ways of indicating it, pointing at it. To be welcomed into the temple and go no more out is one way of talking about ascending to the Fifth Dimension.


(1) Arahantship, it seems to me, betokens seventh-chakra enlightenment. Buddhahood betokens a full and permanent heart opening, Ascension, beyond the chakra system.


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Lord Brahma by Manjari Sharma @ Artspace