Ascension through Terrestrial Eyes – Steve Beckow

Lord Brahma by Manjari Sharma @ Artspace


Ascension through Terrestrial Eyes

If we were to look at Ascension with terrestrial eyes, where would we find discussions of it?

Well, all discussions in the Bible of salvation, resurrection, being made a pillar in the temple and going no more out, etc., are discussions of Ascension.

We are saved (salvation) from needing to be reborn and die again; there is none of that on the Fifth Dimension and higher.

Weโ€™re resurrected (resurrection) from this realm of birth and death, this old Third Dimension, and raised to a higher dimension, beyond death.

We need no more leave the temple of our everyday, higher-dimensional life and enter into the realm of death and destruction. Weโ€™ve ascended to a realm in which one is drowned in love and bliss, where harm and destruction are forgotten and non-existent.

Arriving at this place in consciousness is such a radical break with our everyday experience that Iโ€™m tempted to draw a line here and say, a new chapter will have opened up for us.

Ramakrishna used to advise us to run into the Lake of Bliss, jump into it, fall into it. Just get into the Lake.

Yes, any entry into higher dimensionality, as far as Iโ€™m aware, is as good as any other. Once in โ€“ no matter the motivation, accidental visitor or a lifelong seeker โ€“ the realization of higher dimensionality is the same.

The strength of the experience, I believe, is what differs between a temporary and a permanent heart opening.

The task at hand is to get ourselves into that Lake of Bliss, that Ocean of Love that the Mother keeps signalling us that she is. Whenever she says, โ€œI am Marรฉ,โ€ sheโ€™s hinting at being the โ€œOceanโ€ of Love. (Marรฉย in Latin = Ocean.)

Iโ€™d say this is a foolproof test of whether youโ€™ve reached the end of Third/Fourth Dimensionality: Are you drowned in an Ocean of Love and are you there fully and permanently? If yes, then you sound like you ascended.

If not, Iโ€™ll trade you seats. Youโ€™re still closer to the fire than me.

Unlike all previous levels of enlightenment, Ascension, or Sahaja Samadhi as it was known to Sri Ramana, is not connected to the kundalini reaching one of the chakras. Itโ€™s beyond the seven-chakra system of the Third Dimension.

Realization evidently starts and ends with a heart opening. Entry into spiritual life (stream-entering,ย Buddh.;ย spiritual awakening,ย Hind.) attends a fourth-chakra heart opening, which quickly closes.

But Ascension sees the spiritual heart โ€“ or more accurately, theย hridayamย or heart aperture โ€“ open fully, forever. No more slipping back. No more disappearing experiences.

Never again must one be reborn into the world of matter. This is moksha, mukti, liberation.

One leaves the wheel of birth and death behind, said a man who had, in my opinion, ascended while alive: The Buddha. (1)

Ascension was known to Christians, Hindus, and Buddhists and probably many other spiritual traditions.

While the sages did not discuss dimensionality, they had ways of indicating it, pointing at it. To be welcomed into the temple and go no more out is one way of talking about ascending to the Fifth Dimension.


(1) Arahantship, it seems to me, betokens seventh-chakra enlightenment. Buddhahood betokens a full and permanent heart opening, Ascension, beyond the chakra system.


Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists & photographers ~ Credit given where this is known. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

Lord Brahma by Manjari Sharma @ Artspace

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