Layer Upon Layer of Constructed Self – Steve Beckow

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Layer Upon Layer of Constructed Self

A friend called me the other day on not acting very compassionately. And she was right.

There is a side of me that’s superficial, uncaring, unconcerned. I’m incredibly shallow about the world and I actually don’t know what to do about it.

Seeing how shallow I am brings up fresh, new levels of constructed self and a whole new raft of vasanas.

Of course, only my patterned behavior will be noticeable to other people. They won’t feel my feelings or think my thoughts. But they may intuit them.

The pattern of not caring has to stop.

And the interests that support this kind of coping mechanism or survival strategy will have to be raised to aware

The other day, when I considered the extent of the ground to be covered to emerge from the constructed self and just be the natural Self that I already know I am, I nearly felt like giving up.

But if I did, many others might as well, I thought. We need just the opposite so on we go.

To mastery of the self, the ego. To restoration of full confidence and competence, restored deficits and disabilities, ready to serve.

Krishnamurti said over and over that knowledge of the ways of the self, the ego, the constructed self, whatever you want to call it is what leads to liberation. I’m certainly getting to see mine.

Jesus added that the truth will set you free. Revealing the truth of the upset is the basis of my own method of  purification of the vasanas. (1)

At some point, completing the vasanas and releasing them should get easier. Perhaps they can be eradicated for society….


(1) See “How to Handle Unwanted Feelings: The Upset Clearing Process” at


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