Blue Angel Update 2 – Steve Beckow

City of Angels painting by Bernadette Wulf


Blue Angel Update 2

Blue Angel will be a member of one of the delegations, meeting the galactics at some early point in time.

I got the impression that I had passed another marker.

I was asking rather than assuming, being respectful of the differences between us, and being aware that I bring a lot of human vibrational ‘garbage’ that can drain the Galactics’ energy.

The elder turned to me and signalled me to lift my arms, into a surrender position with my palms facing forward. He put his palms to mine and I felt the new energy flow through my physical body, especially down my legs.

We then entered a room, where I assumed there were only male Galactics, but I couldn’t make anyone out clearly. As I wondered where the women were, a woman wearing robes and a turban emerged from nowhere, with gleaming eyes that shone with the warmest welcome.

Then the vision ended. I am struck by how similar this process seems to be to Genii Townsend’s visits to the Light City in Sedona.

Several days later, I’m still aware of this new feeling of light and spaciousness within that I have never had before.


Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists & photographers ~ Credit given where this is known. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah   


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