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What is occurring is the return of an entire species … think of this … to the realisation that it is simply a better, higher, more successful, happier, more joyful process and pathway to align with the Divine – and in ‘align with the Divine’, what we truly mean is aligning with your Sacred Self.

This beautiful channelled gem is shared with us by Andrew from his personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Archangel Valdar: Align with the Divine

Welcome, my beloved brother, beloved friend, beloved ally. Welcome to this Council and to this circle of love – this circle of love that always surrounds you, that always protects you, that always defends you, that always fills you, holds you, serves you.

Love is what sustains. Love is what changes your planet, and many planetary systems far beyond, for as we have spoken of before, after this undertaking – this magnificent transformation/transmutation not only of Gaia and the kingdoms but of this race called human, of Gaian, into the higher realm of consciousness, into the realm of heart consciousness – this process will continue on.

It is like a domino effect with Gaia being the first domino, and with each ‘round’ shall we say, the vibratory rate of the collective – and I do not simply mean the collective of Gaia, I mean the Collective – rises higher and higher until again all is re-joined, all is conjoined, back to original Source, back to One.

Yes, there are planetary systems as you well know – certainly the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies [UFOG] – but many galaxies that hold a higher vibration and have for a long time. But the humanoid form and the experience of a planet that has fallen into… well, let us just say ‘such disarray’… for that to be corrected, not only externally corrected but internally corrected by the inhabitants of the planet – yes, of course, with much help from your friends! – that is what is unique.

And it is the resurrection not only of remembering but the reconstitution, yes, of course of certain individuals, but really of an entire species… of an entire planetary species. And as you well know, the diversity of the Gaian species – of the humanoid species – of starseed or star being, of earthkeeper and hybrid, is enormous. And so, to take such a diverse mixed group and to have them undergo this process of Ascension, of the reclamation of Divinity, is not only enormous – it is exciting!

This is not merely an experiment, my friend. There are those that speak and say, “Oh, this is a human experiment.” The Mother does not experiment – that is a human trait! “Oh, let me see if I like this or that… let me see if this works or that works.” The mercurial nature of humans is very interesting, but the Mother does not experiment!

So when I say that this is the Mother’s Plan… when the Mother dreams, when the Mother has what you might think of as a desire or an idea… it is already done! It is already in every singular fine detail; it is already complete. No, this is not about predetermination or predestination, but it is about the power of her Creation.

This is something that humans – of which you are one, but you are also being a messenger in this regard – do not pay close enough attention to… well, to creation and how creation takes place… but also to ‘intention’. Because what I am saying to thee this day and every day, my beloved friend and brother, is that when the Mother has an idea… when the Mother intends for something to transpire, transform, transmute, elevate… it is done!

Humans do not pay close enough attention to ‘intention’ because it is the starting and the never-ending finish to creation. Of course, once the Mother intends, the actions are taken not only by her by birthing, but by the multitude that serve her.

Our greatest joy – not just defined as purpose and mission – our greatest joy is bringing into fruition the Mother’s Plan – and that, my beloved friend, is the biggest piece of this shift, the biggest piece of Ascension. It is not only the realisation of the Mother’s Dream; it is the human – in all its quite diverse expressions – it is the human realization that their greatest joy, their greatest capacity, is in fulfilling the Mother’s Plan.

You know, for eons, quite literally – since the fall of the Creator Race – humans have experimented with the fulfilment of their own dreams, ideas and wishes without consideration, shall we say, of the Divine Idea, the Divine Plan, the Divine Input, and you are living quite literally in the results of that mess because it is not of love. There have been ample examples and experimentation, yes, with abuse and control and authoritarianism and sneaky lies, greed, murder, mayhem, war. None of this is of the Divine Plan.

No, She has not interfered. We do not interfere. But what is occurring – and that is why I am so gleeful to talk to you of this, this day! – what is occurring is the return of an entire species … think of this… to the realisation that it is simply a better, higher, more successful, happier, more joyful process and pathway to align with the Divine – and in ‘align with the Divine’, what we truly mean is aligning with your Sacred Self. And this, my beloved friend, is underway! And this, my beloved friend, is what you have also worked for, struggled with.

So I bring good news this day, not merely about this aspect of governance or money or blessings but about the true advance, because all is dependent upon this awakening – and it is well underway!

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Permission given to share ~ thank you Linda Dillon

Being A Perceptual Pioneer – Suzanne Lie

female face family art by Mariana Kalacheva

Artist ~ Mariana Kalacheva


Thursday, July 11, 2019

Being A Perceptual Pioneer–The Arcturian through Suzanne Lie


Dear Grounded Ones,

We call you “grounded ones,” because you have chosen to remember who you REALLY are. When you first took your earth vessel for this current incarnation, you had to go through all the stages of being a human.  You needed to be in the mother’s womb, move through the birth canal,  learn to suckle milk, and gradually become a human being on, dearly beloved and greatly wounded planet, Gaia.

Then you slowly “grew up.” One of your main Missions for taking your current earth vessel was to report make to your fifth-dimensional expressions your SELF, as well as the fifth-dimensional beings who are Over-lighting, protecting, and guiding to remember how to be one of the many Perceptual Pioneers to Earth.

Your mission is, was, and will be, to assess, the assistance that humanity, many of which who are also Galactics, how to move through the many challenges that have Gaia, and all Her inhabitants are facing as Gaia suffers more and more from them, and far too many of them are humans.

We called them lost not just because they have lost their memory of their true fifth dimensional self, but they have lost their memory of their higher dimensional SELF who chose to come to Gaia to assist and never to harm.

We call these beings, who are now wearing a human form, and some have chosen to take on other third dimensional forms, our “Perceptual Pioneers.” These brave ones have taken an earthly form to assist Gaia during this time of Her great needs. Many of us are from The Pleiades, Arcturus, Antares, and Venus.

Many of our Galactic Family have volunteered to take an earth vessel to assists Gaia during her time of great need. Within this now, we are serving to awaken more “Perceptual Pioneers.”  As Perceptual Pioneers, we will assist our earthbound humans to also become Perceptual Pioneers.

Below, we will define the role of being a Perceptual Pioneer and hope that many of our awakened and awakening ones on Earth will remember how they too, have chosen to be Perceptual Pioneers.


If you can conceive it, you can believe it…

If you cannot perceive it, you may not believe it…

Can you believe that Life on Earth is what “they” tell you is real?

Or, will you only believe it is real if YOU believe it, and YOU perceive it?

But what if you perceive it and do NOT share your perceptions with others?

Does that mean that you can perceive it, but you do NOT believe It enough to share it?

What if the ground was blue and the sky was green?

Is your world upside down, or are your personal perceptions incorrect?

What if only a few of you believe in that which others have always perceived?

What if all that you thought of as reality, was different than you perceived it?

How would you respond to a perception of reality that you are afraid to share with others? Would you go ahead and share it with others, or would you keep that perception to yourself?

Then would you totally doubt yourself?  OR, would you have the courage to be a Perceptual Pioneer who is one of the first ones to expand their beliefs to encompass that that which they can NOT perceive, but can somehow, still believe?

Would you still have the courage to believe what you perceive, even if no one else could perceive it? If so, then you would be a Perceptual Pioneer.

Those who go into the unknown in search of what others may fear are Perceptual Pioneers. These Pioneers want to step into the “unknown” to discover that which has not yet been known. A Perceptual Pioneer is one who will often share with others how the unknown is perceivable if they can remember how to accept it.

There are still many that can only believe that which they perceive. However, many can only perceive that which they are willing to believe.  What if you had a dream in which the sky was green and the ground was blue? Would that dream be a nightmare or a message from a higher dimensional reality?

Could you believe that you did have a message from a higher dimensional reality?

Could you truly perceive a higher dimensional reality, even if no one else does?

Can you be a Perceptual Pioneer?

Can you allow areas of your brain to send your consciousness unique messages that you could never believe before?

Then, within that NOW of that perception, could you choose to believe that which you have never perceived before? If you can, then you would be a Perceptual Pioneer.

But, could you BE a Perceptual Pioneer? Could you allow areas of your brain to send your consciousness unique messages that you could never believe before? If so, that would make you a Perceptual Pioneer!

When you allow areas of your brain to receive, and then send into your consciousness, unique messages, you are a Perceptual Pioneer! Within that NOW of that novel perception, that you have chosen to believe, you expand your consciousness to encompass the unknown.

But then, you would need to face the challenge of whether or not you should share your novel perceptions with others. What if you had a dream, or a meditation, in which you were in a different world, or higher dimensional reality.

Would you be able to believe that you were on a different planet in a different frequency where all concepts of time and space were different? However, this place, this perception, this dream, this imagination, feel so VERY real to you!

But you did NOT tell anyone, because they might think you are crazy? Would you allow them to make you believe that you are crazy? Or would you be able to believe that you ARE a Perceptual Pioneer?

A Perceptual Pioneer is often a volunteer from the higher frequencies of a planet, of time, of timeless places and dimension, who chose to take an earth bod to assist Gaia. Many of these beings can only be perceived through a higher fourth, fifth or higher dimensional state of consciousness.

How does your state of consciousness influence your perceptions?

How does your state of consciousness allow you to have the nerve to share your first “impossible” perceptions that you know you had, but may still doubt are real?

How does your state of consciousness allow you to remember your “novel perception?”

How does your state of consciousness influence your perceptions?

Have you ever asked your self these questions?

Why did you ask these questions OR why did you NOT ask your self these question?

Can you allow your self to believe, create, perceive and remember that there are higher dimensional realities?

Can you write down, draw, make and/or make a recording of your higher dimensional perceptions?

Why would you do that?

First, ask yourself.

In fact, ask your Higher SELF, who is the YOU inside of you who is directing you to remember that YOU are a Perceptual Pioneer!

Blessings and Unconditional Love to all

The Arcturians and Pleiadians

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 4:53 PM


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Exploration of Dimensions 1-5 by Lord Melchizedek – Natalie Glasson

Queen of Gold Painting by Angie Braun @ Fine Art America


Exploration of Dimensions 1-5 by Lord Melchizedek

Channeled through Natalie Glasson  –  Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

I, Lord Melchizedek, come forth to share some information with you regarding the dimensions of the Creator’s Universe. My purpose in doing so is to support your further integration and experience of the Creator’s qualities, vibrations, and frequencies that are available to you. Each dimension of the Creator’s Universe is akin to an insight into an aspect and an expression of the Creator. Each dimension is a source of support and guidance for your own spiritual evolution while instigating initiations and learning to further your relationship with the Creator. You can call upon a certain dimension to ground into your being and reality to support an activation, action or the creation of an experience within your reality. We can recognise the dimensions as a source of healing and self-awakening as well as a source of inspiration and enlightenment.

The definition and explanation of the dimensions of the Creator’s Universe I share with you is a simple expression in order to encourage you to access, download and experience the energies to aid your ascension. Others may describe the dimensions of the Creator’s Universe differently, they are after all abundant in energy, wisdom, and expression, there is much to draw upon, access and many different ways to explain the dimensions. Each explanation becomes an expression of truth and an access point for greater exploration. Your purpose with the dimensions of the Creator’s Universe is to access and explore the energies, developing your own understanding and encounters with the Creator, thus recognising the presence of the Creator in your reality in multiple ways.
I, Lord Melchizedek, invite you to feel into the energy of each dimension, in doing so you will gain your own experience of the dimensions, which will be aligned with your current ascension pathway and evolution, offering you that which is essential to aid your acceleration. In truth, the understanding you gain from each dimension is connected to that which you require to take the next step of your spiritual evolution on all levels of your being.

1st Dimension 
The 1st dimension is named so not to dictate that it is the lowest vibration of energy nor to say that it is less worthy than any other dimension. The 1st dimension encapsulates the ultimate goal; the process of accessing and embodying achievement and accomplishment of whatever your focus or intention may be. It could be described as the embodiment and integration of a conclusion.
If you are beginning a project, creation or focus, it is a good idea to align with and download the appropriate and essential energies of the 1st Dimension in order to embody the conclusion of the goal, therefore your course is set. You become, are present with and embody the end result, allowing your journey of creation to be easy and effortless, as you are supported with all you require from the Creator.

2nd Dimension
Again, the 2nd dimension is not named so because it is any lesser than the first dimension. The second dimension is equal to all dimensions and especially coincides with the 1st dimension. The 2nd dimension draws upon the energies and qualities of the Creator to create, to launch energy and intentions into action and to manifest. The 2nd dimension supports you in creating foundations in whatever you are achieving or directing your focus to, while also bringing forth a momentum that propels you forth.
Calling upon this expression of the Creator when you feel stuck, unsupported, unable to see a new pathway or opportunity in your life or spiritual evolution is immensely valuable. It is equally valuable to request to ground the energies of the 2nd dimension if you are beginning a new venture of any form, as you will be enthused with the energy, power, and vigour to create and access what is needed.

3rd Dimension 
The 3rd dimension encourages and offers to you a true experience of the physicality of life upon the Earth. You are encouraged to immerse yourself in the wonders of physical experiences as well as your ability to create through the abilities of your physical body, material matter, form and experiences upon the Earth. While the Creator’s energy as physical form can create the focus of separation with the Creator, its purpose is to allow you to fully explore certain qualities of the Creator while accessing your inner power and creative nature. The 3rd dimension invites you to observe and listen to your physical body and the world around you. It encourages you to practice engaging with the Creator’s energy and qualities in a way that is tangible and extremely real. Enjoyment of life can be experienced in order to direct your focus within to realise the joy, bliss, and love of the Creator that is ever-present. This dimension can create feelings of being limited or having a limited perspective if focus is placed only within the 3rd dimension, you may recognise this as feelings of being stuck, helpless or isolated.

If you focus predominantly on your spiritual evolution and feel that you need to ground more into the physical reality, even if there is a dislike to do so, anchoring the 3rd dimension can support you. The 3rd dimension supports you in exploring deeply how the Creator expresses through you into physical form which can be a magical experience. While many people feel that the physical reality is something they wish to escape from, it is an intricate world of co-creation with the Creator, supporting the most accelerated spiritual evolution of all. You are encouraged to create balance within your being and reality with the support of the 3rd dimension.

4th Dimension 
The 4th dimension is connected to and supports the emotional body and planes. The qualities of the Creator which can be experienced through emotions, inner feelings, and your senses are all available within the 4th dimension. Accessing states of love, peace, happiness, and freedom are encouraged by the 4th dimensional energies. The divine flow of the Creator is present and will activate enhanced experiences of the divine flow within your being, allowing you to exist in synchronisation with the constant flow of the Creator. The 4th dimension encourages you to recognise the perfection of the Creator in all embodiments; which is, in essence, the divine plan, guidance, and presence of the Creator. As a result of engaging with this dimension, you can activate within your being and ground the qualities of fulfilment, smoothness, alignment, and harmony. Spiritual exploration, discovery and the evaluation of new divine ideas are all a part of the 4th dimensional energies.

If you wish to nurture yourself emotionally, aid and advance your connection with others whether they are on the Earth or the inner planes as well as feeling supported and nurtured in your life and spiritual ascension, I encourage you to call upon the 4th dimension. One of the greatest gifts of the 4th dimension is to recognise self as a united energy with all that is the Creator.

5th Dimension
The 5th dimension has many labels, my favourite is the Era of Love,’ because not only does it encourage you to see, sense and acknowledge love, it also inspires you to embody and express the love of your being and the Creator. Love is the result and the inspiration that encourages you to download and accept your divine self on numerous levels of your being. The 5th dimension supports you in creating and accessing freedom from your past and past experiences that hold you back in your current reality, whether you are conscious or unconscious of them. In creating freedom and liberation within your being you allow yourself to access a new aspect of yourself which is in deeper resonance with the Creator.

In the 5th dimension emphasis is placed upon creating balance within the mind, mental body and awareness so that the truth of the Creator can be easily recognised, revealing the spiritual self. Experimenting with spiritual concepts and ideas allows for a greater recognition of self and the Creator. Fine tuning the mind and focusing upon creating manifestations from the presence and power of love is a key aspect of the 5th dimension, allowing you to take responsibility of your reality, realising that you create and choose your experiences on the Earth. The presence of love is immensely healing and allows exploration into the presence of the soul within you.
If you wish to enhance your love quotient, bring clarity to your mind, finetune your manifestations, explore your spiritual self and abilities as well as creating a healing for the past, request the 5th dimension to download into your being.

During meditation you may wish to call upon each dimension individually, 1 -5, requesting a download of the most appropriate energies, qualities, and wisdom to be grounded into your being. Take time to observe the influence of the energy upon your being. Some dimensions may feel more impactful than others, allowing you to understand what your body, mind, and soul require in your current stage of ascension.

I, Lord Melchizedek will continue my exploration of the dimensions next week, exploring dimensions 6 – 9.

With sacred support and love for you,

Lord Melchizedek



Queen of Gold Painting by Angie Braun @ Fine Art America

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists & photographers ~ Credit given where this is known. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah