This is What Is Coming – Steve Beckow

Pure Love by Metamorphosys @ DeviantArt


This is What Is Coming

Even at this late date, when I no longer experience the fulness of the tsunami of love, it still colors everything I feel.

My longing is longing for it. My attraction to things has behind it the flavor of love. Even my grumpiness these days is only loneliness for it.

Don’t get me wrong. I know the torrent of love lives in my own heart, so I’m not looking outward for it. Although that’s also welcome.

Why do our hearts shut down after a spiritual experience? They do until Sahaja. (1)

I know why. Vasanas, patterns, abiding interests, all the trappings of a busy and often-negative mind. These are the obstacles to an open space, neutrality, normality.

Normal is a state of being that reflects the individual’s original design – its innocence, purity, and compassion. Normal is the way the body/spirit complex was designed to be used.  Normal is the spiritual equivalent of the Adam/Eve Kadmon template of the physical body. How the original human was designed.

Throw all the vasanas, etc., out with the rubbish and there’s nothing left to do. In the space that’s left, love, truth, peace, joy, and bliss arise.  Well, they’re supposed to anyways.

But not for me, apparently, I say, getting my Kleenex out.

My groaning is for transformative love. My grumpiness is from wanting to feel it’s life-redeeming touch. All my un-ease traces back to aching for that kind of  love.

I thought Bright Star captured it:

“The Tsunami of Love hit me so hard that in the same second, all my concerns, anger, distress, hate and all other unpleasant feelings, which bothered me for such a very long time, were washed away completely.

“All these feelings were replaced by pure Love and for the first time ever in my 45 years, I experienced Love in its purest form.  The Tsunami of Love was a complete cleasning of my ‘system.’ A resetting of my being.” (2)

Absolutely, Bright Star. I know what you’re saying.

That inner tsunami swept away all my concerns and anxieties too. It whooshed them off me without a second’s warning,  to be replaced by a Love such as one cannot imagine while in this dense a vibration. There’s nothing on Earth like it, so  to speak.

It’s just not found here.  We have an expression: “It’s out of this world.” Well, ladies and gentlemen, the love that Bright Star is pointing at is out of this world.

This Love is what we’re all looking for. People who are able to live in it fully and permanently are said to be ascended. And we’ll be too.

But that’s it: Living in the Ocean of Love that the inner tsunami delivers us to, fully and permanently, is what awaits us. Do something. Do nothing. This is what is coming.


(1) Sahaja samadhi, moksha, mukti, liberation, a full and permanent heart opening and the culmination of our Ascension.

(2) “Bright Star: Account of His Heart Opening (Reposted),”


Pure Love by Metamorphosys @ DeviantArt

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists & photographers ~ Credit given where this is known. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

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