The Nature of Light, Angelics & Beings of the Light Realms – AA Metatron via James Tyberonn

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Metatron Channel

Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

The Nature of Light
Angelics & Beings of the Light Realms

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Greetings! I am Metatron, Lord of Light! I am joined in this session by Tyberonn of Crystalline Service.

We encompass each of you in a vector and field of Unconditional Love within coded light. We nurture you, we honor each of you. We know you by heart, by tone, by resonance and name. It has always been so!

And so as 2019 , Year Seven of the New Earth, goes into its final phases, humanity is poised for a renaissance. You are completing an auspicious year, a powerful and transitional time. The changes that have taken place since the planetary ascension

In the new energy of 2019 and beyond, the ionic ratio is shifting on the planet. You are being helped to operated in the expansive dimensional access, by solar radiation. The sun is changing. And so is all around you in what is termed the Aquarian shift.

You are growing into the ability to view other forms of life. Life that has always been present, but not as easy to physically discern prior to this phase. . You are now able to see thru the 3rd eye, and in some cases, the physical eye, plasmic life forms. These include the Devic and elemental kingdoms, lite sprites, thought form orbs and indeed Angelics. We are asked to speak on angelics in this discourse today.

And so we speak on the nature of Light and of the Angelic Beings of Light. And we tell you in emphatic sincerity, you are all, at source, amazing Beings of Divine Light. Angels are indeed, among you. Although humanity are a different expression of life than the Light Beings of the Angelic Realm, when a human ascends, the energy projection is harmonically attuned with the Angelic Resonance, and Angels are frequencially attracted to you.

Guardian Angels

Those whom you term Guardian Angels are in truth a unique melding of an aspect of your higher self with the Divine. A succinct energy field that may be termed a ‘thought form’ is created and energetically fed & filtered by your individual soul in conjunction with Angelic Forces in primary format. This field of ‘Guardianship’ can be expressed in myriad partnerships. These partnerships can include members of your ‘soul-group’ both in and above the physical realm. Angelics and ‘deities that you pray to intermesh with your higher self to form a unique 3rd energy, both part of you and the ‘Angelic’, but with a somewhat separate identity. For example if you pray to Ganesh, or to Saint Germane or to an Archangel, that energy field becomes a ‘personalized’ guardian partner. This energy is also quite capable of interacting with you in the form of a ‘Totem’ or through a household pet.

Symbiotic Levels of Hierarchy

I, Metatron exist on two separate but symbiotic levels, the most familiar and accessible to humanity is as Archangel Metatron, yet on the higher level, I exist as Metatron, Lord of Light, but even this analogy cannot encompass or define my nature, and is only capable of doing so in aspectual terms. As ‘Lord of Light, I am a generator of the base units of realities, and universes. This level is devoid of what you would term personality. It is analogous to an engine, a divine conscious computer, of energy intensities beyond the gamma, illumination unimaginable to you. And there are levels well beyond me.

As Archangel Metatron, I nurture life.

I communicate with the channel Tyberonn not in words, but in light code ‘packets’. He receives this communication by pre-earth agreement. A ‘contract’, if you will, of service for these times. In higher aspect, Tyberonn is originally Pleiadean, and a member of the Cosmic Council of Light. We have had service together in other sojourns and dimensions. These codes are emitted from my higher aspect, transduced on the Archangelic level, and received in his higher self, intact for interpretation and transcription.

It can be said that on the higher aspect, I contain the plurality source, generate and emit the geometric frequential consciousness codes of all that are transduced into the Angelic Realm of Light. As such there is both a hierarchal and non hierarchal aspect of the Angelic Realm, that are self determined by conscious crysto-light and light physics. It can be said that the Light-Beings of the Angelic Realm, in Metatronic terms, are conscious units of ‘Source Divine Thought’ and Beyond-Thought that create Light and ‘Beyond Light’.

The Angelics of the Metatronic Realm generate and embellish Coded-Light. Such light intermelds matter, antimatter, time and space. This is obviously not a conceptual view of Angelic function that is held by the masses of humanity, much less understood. However, in this context lies the glue that irrevocably adheres the sacred scientific to the sacred spiritual aspect of reality that forms the integral unified circle, key to humanity’s evolving beyond duality.

Indeed, in the present era of Ascension, you are evolving in ability to absorb greater light, and light is TRUTH, Universal Cosmic Truth of All That Is. The enigma that has obstructed full unity of humanity’s consciousness in duality, especially in your present, is that science has omitted the sacred and the spiritual has excluded the scientific.

It may then surprise some of you to know that there are Hierarchies of Angelics dedicated in functional purpose to what you may term as Keepers of Physics. In that role, we are conscious constructs of the ‘Laws of Physics’ that enable dimensional realities. And we realize that the idea of angels being scientists and engineers will confuse most of you. We are smiling!

We tell you that the new metaphysicians, the new Light-workers and Earth-Keepers, in your vernacular, are the scientists. Indeed, those you refer to as the ‘Crystal Children’ are the ‘sacred-savant’ scientists that will in the next generations complete the circle of understanding and join the spiritual with the scientific. They will not be religious in the traditional sense, but we tell you, humanity will come closer to understanding ‘God’ through science than through religion. It is the missing piece of the puzzle.

Ascended Masters

Throughout the eons, humanity has tended to consider Ascended Masters, Spiritual Teachers, Group Councils, Deities and benevolent Extra Terrestrials as Angels. They are not.

The Cosmic Council of Light, Ascended Masters, the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance, are unified entities that operate generally in Councils. These are representative and advisory disciplines that express tenets, principles, theories and beliefs associated with a body of knowledge. The Cosmic Council of Light is composed primarily of highly advanced beings who have experienced and completed the lessons of physical duality, and have chosen to empathically assist humanity. Likewise many of the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance have experienced life on earth.

God’s Image

There are myriad life forms of Divine Intelligence in the Cosmos that have ‘bodies’ vastly different from the forms you have on earth. These are also created in ‘God’s Image’. And so understand the image of God that is life, is conscious light, is LOVE.

The Angelic Realm

Dear Ones, the state of ‘Enlightenment’ is just that, it is Beingness within Light…Integral Coherent Crystalline Light. The Ascension is around the Crystalline transition of the planet Earth. In kind, this crystalline transition makes available not only greater access to higher dimensions, but also the shift of humanity into Mer-Ka-Na, Crystalline Light Body. The Mer-Ka-Na is able to absorb more light, you see, and thus allows you to carry greater energy as you become capable of interfacing more synergistically into crystalline dimension and the Angelic Realm.

The Angelic Kingdom is greatly misunderstood in certain aspects of its nature and core purpose.

Angels are indeed ‘Messengers of God’. But what does that mean?

Angels are Multidimensional Beings of Light that serve a far greater function than guardianship and bearing of messages. We will attempt to review the greater aspect of Angels, but before we do, we will tell you that as Beings of Light, Angels are conscious Beings of the Divine Essence of the key frequency for assisting humanity evolve…and that is Love. We add the caveat, that Love is a frequency far more complex and much much higher than just the emotional feeling you think of as love. LOVE is a complex science.

As we have told you previously, the highest form of Love is ‘Unconditional Love’. And while Unconditional Love can be sought from the stance of the 3rd dimension, it can only be grasped from the level of the 5th dimension. That is because Unconditional Love is integral, and the 3rd-dimension is a conditional (not unconditional) plane. Those of you who achieve the initial aspects of Unconditional Love, only do so on the level of the fifth dimension, you see.

Angels As Place Holders of Physics

You think of Angels as nurturing guardians, messengers of ‘God’. We are that and more. Most of you will agree Angels are ‘Beings of Light’. In the latter definition you encompass a Truth that is vastly more far reaching than the initial description. Beings of Light, Angels, are the place holders of the Laws of Physics, conscious in scopes you cannot even imagine.

Angels have a reciprocal nature and aspect in dimensional Light, meaning that Angelics exist within the field of antimatter in Fractal Light and fold inward into physical realms in Geometric Light. In so doing they are core energetic holders that consciously hold the special laws of dimensions intact.

Angels are without form, occupy no physical space; in your terms, we have no mass. We are Divine Thought and intact in manifestation. We are ‘tonal’ and have a spectrum of frequency at our disposal. That frequency is LOVE.

We tell you that there is both a plural and singular aspect within the Angelic Realm. And while it may seem paradoxical, even the ‘singular’ aspect of Archangels is plural in consciousness content. Accordingly, individual names humanity assigns to Archangels are more to do with humanity’s limited concept of Angelic attributes than to an individual Beingness. You interpret Angelics and Light Beings as having ‘personalities’ and gender. We are indeed ‘personable’ in our intermeld with humanity, and while that aspect absolutely is endearing and nurturing, we are non-gendered. What you interpret as ‘personality’ is the nurturing of the vibration of home.

In Truth we are reflections of attributes of the most powerful energy in the Cosmos, and that is LOVE. Yet our essence is received and interpreted to humanity in duality as having attributes you logically consider to be individual personalities.

We are Divine Mind with loving nurturing aspect, devoid of ego, devoid of what you term negative emotion. We support, we hold energy in place, and do so as a fundamental purpose. Love is our foundation.

Humanity’s Angelic Images

Although humanity assigns gendered names to Archangels, the Angelic Realm is androgynous; in your terms, neither male nor female. Because you consider certain attributes of LOVE, such as nurturing and compassion as feminine, and attributes such as strength to be masculine, you give gender to Angelics. Gender only exists in polarity.

Even the energies you refer to as ‘Mother Earth’, and ‘Divine Mother’, are labeled as female because you assign nurturing as a female characteristic. Such terms, such syntax, are attached to polarity concepts, and in the greater paradigm are somewhat constrictive & limiting of the true integral nature in the greater paradigm opening in 2012.

We are far above polarity. We are integral. The Beings of Light that are of the Angelic Realm are plural/multi-dimensional forms of integral conscious energy. Our plurality consciousness is the reason we often do not refer to our selves or relate our messages to you in the ‘ I ‘ of singular pronoun. Yet in seeming paradox, we are also singular in unification.

Humans tend to create images of Angels that are responsible to some degree for the misconceptions around their true nature. Your paintings and murals depict either muscular male figures, females with feathered wings, or a host of miniature cherubs. Angels are neither male nor female in their Beingness. Gender is an aspect of polarity/duality. And of course Angels do not have wings, feathers or even the grandiose humanesque forms.. We are by no means offended by such images, these are simply artists’ mental images that replicate and reinforce some of the misconceptions.

Many of your religious texts and scriptures tell you that ‘God’ created mankind in ‘His’ own image. You even see ‘God’ as a patriarchal male with a humanesque body. It is the same mental thought process that logically images Angels as having human form. Such celestial images powerfully influence your thoughts and emotions, and thus it is natural that you create understandable images to facilitate your interfacing with the Divine.

It may be of interest for you to know that Dolphins in your oceans ‘see’ Angelics as having a dolphin form.

In truth Angelics are formless light. Each life form perceives them in filtered interpretation that allows for familiar interface.

Coming Full Circle

None of your present major religions offer the ‘full circle’, the complete truth on the veritable nature of your reality. Each hold a piece, but are riddled with inaccurate insertions. None even acknowledge the obvious premise of humanity’s true ‘extra terrestrial’ heritage. Most speak in skewed metaphor. Many seek control through archaic fear and reinforce mental programming that obstructs avenues of self empowerment by instilling the concept of original sin and fires of hell and damnation. All of Humanity are Beings of Light, powerful spiritual consciousness, that are sparks of the Divine. The difference between Humanity and Angels is that Humans are an aspect of the Divine that evolves back into God expansion plurality, having chosen to experience free will and relearn creation through that magnanimous lens.

Angels ARE, exquisitely and splendidly ARE, and always have been ‘Keepers of Light’ place holders of this space and non-space of the eternal expanding ‘NOW’ of Alpha and Omega.

Supreme Gestalt

We will also tell you that the religious teaching of ‘Fallen Angels’ is also a fear based inaccuracy. There is indeed a ‘Conscious Keeper’ of the specific Law of Physics that enables polarity/duality, which is the force that enables the ‘University of Earth’. And within that school of the duality causal plane, humanity is able to master the responsibility of creative forces.

There are no evil or fallen Angels! Period.

There is no vengeful God in the heavens. There are no Angels to fear. Rather , it is a magnificent family partner with a hand reaching out to you. A familiar hand from home.

It is indeed a skewed, archaic misunderstood analogy of the duality force.
The only demons, the only evil that exists in duality planes are those created by inaccurate thought in the learning process of ‘free-will’. Demons are your creation within the opposing fields of polarity.

There are no ‘fallen angels’. How could a Being of Light created by Divine Source divert from what it is? Angels, do not have ‘free-will’ in your terms. Rather they have Divine Will.

The Supreme Gestalt of ‘All That Is’ is the substance of the reality that underlies all appearances and manifestations that are called Life, including matter, anti-matter, non-matter, energy and non-energy, thought and the absence of thought. And we tell you, there is that which exists even beyond this.

You may not fully comprehend this axiom from your duality perspective, or perhaps do not feel that this is within your field of conception, yet I would tell you otherwise. But it is ever your discernment that must be honored in order to expand as you grow into greater awareness of your God Self.

The Coded Nature of Light

The Earth is diversely luminous, receiving and disseminating light in a variety of unique frequencies, formats and bandwidths, each offering its own benefits and qualities. Light contains information, codes and colors in its spectrum of varied oscillations which support the Earth and indeed, Humanity.
While the sun of your solar system is the primary source of light received on the earth, it is important to note that it is by no means the only source. Other sources include the Great Central Sun, stars, white-holes, and ‘Light Beings’. In a valid manner of speaking, Light Beings, those far beyond your scope of Angels, provide a light that is unimaginable to you. We add the caveat that all light from all sources has a natural filtering matrix and dimensional spectral distribution.

Most humans are only able to ‘physically’ perceive quanta of light that occurs in the ‘visible range’ of the light spectrum. You are aware that humans require sun light to sustain healthy physical bodies, yet we tell you that the beings that live in the ‘inner earth’ also receive light as a necessary nutrient. (We offer an angelic wink as we give a wry notification that many of the planets in your particular corner of the Cosmos, including the earth, have more advanced ‘humanesque’ life-forms internally than on the surface.) So what is the source of their sustaining light? It is a polychromatic light emitted from the crystalline core of the earth, well above the ‘visible’ range.

Polychromatic ‘Whole-White’ Light works directly with the 12 chakras of the Mer-Ka-Na. It is pristine and complete, containing all frequencies, all spectra, all creation codes in both wave and particle format. Sunlight does not. You will in time inhabit the ‘Inner Earth’. The 2012 completion of the Crystalline Grid brought changes to the way the earth and mankind will receive light. The 144-Grid will begin over the next two to three centuries to influence the direction of light waves. It will have the capacity to attract, refract and disseminate light from one dimensional medium into another. It begins in the expansive flow of 2013.

Carbon Base to Silicon Base

The wave velocities received will be different from the velocities refracted. It will be capable of singular and double refraction. It will be capable of refining polychromatic light into singularly coherent factions and coherent polychromatic light. New forms of light in crystalline and nonpolar morphous will be emitted.

The grid itself will breathe, and that respiration will enact even more complex geometries beyond the double penta-dodecahedron of the 144. The physical matrix of humanity will symbiotically evolve, as a direct result, into formats that embed and spawn greater abilities to retain morphic coded light. The body will become a source of light appearing semi-translucent, less fixed in density, mass and gravity. Humans will physically evolve from carbon based life to silicon base. It is crystalline Illumination, for silicon is unique in its crystalline symbiosis to light itself.

A New Sun

Masters, the Earth, Sun and all of the stellar and planetary bodies in your Cosmos are conscious, and are in that consciousness, an aspect of the Angelic Realm, albeit specialized.

And even so evolution is occurring, especially in your solar system.

Your sun is changing. It has been a conditional sun, in aspect to the Earth. It has played an unperceived role in the duality aspect of planet earth since the fall of the firmament. When the new 144-Crystalline Grid completed in 2012, it began to create the seeds of the New Firmament. It will complete in 2038.

This will in kind allow for the sun to provide ‘Unconditional Light’. The very manner in which humanity absorbs light will up shift as will the ability to perceive above the current visible spectrum limitations.

The Crystalline Transition of the Earth is the base source of the planetary Ascension. It offers greater light, more complex light to humanity. Accordingly, a greater aspect of light is becoming available to humanity, and light removes shadow, and offers greater understanding.

The Angelic Realm is an enormous part of your expanded awareness in the Ascension. It is time to open to the true nature of what is Angelic.

Discernment is Key

Think NOT that we desire to forcefully impose or have you change your chosen stance on God, religion or the nature of your own being. Your beliefs, values and chosen opinions are sacred steps of your free-will and are fully endorsed by the ‘ All That Is’, of which you are a Divine Aspect.

The mode and manner, the expediency and format of your evolution is your own creation, and that is by individual design. There can be no other way to complete the University of Earth. It is not the role of the Angelic, nor the Ascended Masters Councils to make choices for you; we are holders of information that you may utilize, refashion, reject or accept. It is your choice, and we tell you that each of you will graduate in time. Love is ever the key, and cause and effect are great and greater teachers that all of you will learn from. Experiencing duality and learning Mastery en route is why you entered the course.

Masters, a beautiful completion is occurring on the Earth. It is a sacred event that all of you have co created. It is time that you illuminate to the great and greater aspect that has always been within you. The dreamer is awakening. The expansion of Light is the expansion of Truth, of Understanding and is the doorway to the return home. Like the Angels, you are Beings of Light. As yet, most of you have no idea how important you are, and how the evolution that you have created in your selves has expanded the Cosmos. Before we complete, we ask you to do something very special. Take a moment, and direct your energy to feel the energy of Light, of Angels.

Now…Feel us.

Be absorbed in this angelic countenance of peace and well being. It is a moment of solace, is it not? It is the energy of Source, of home, of Light, of Love. It is Angelic, and you Dear Ones are feeling the frequency of our nature…of your source nature in Angelic Beingness of Sacred Light.

It is nice, isn’t it?

Every Enlightened Being who has walked the Earth in final Mastery, exuded an energy that feels a lot like what you just felt. People were attracted to them, loved them. All life responded, blossomed in their presence. They created joy effortlessly, because that is the energy of LIGHT…and Dear Ones, you are human angels, and can and will evolve in kind as you return home.

And in that sacred path, we of the Angelic Realm honor you. We await you, and promise to leave the lights on for your serendipitous return.

I am Metatron, with Tyberonn of Crystalline Service and we share with you these Truths. You are beloved!

And so it is…And it is So…


Gratitude to all artists & photographers. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah 

Shasta Fairy by Bernadette Wulf @ Wulf Works


Quan Yin ~ by Ma Padma Devi



I wanted to share my experiences with you of being immersed in Divine Mother’s Love with the intention of inspiring you in the same way as you inspire me in the practice of lifting the soul from body consciousness to Source-consciousness.

I was contemplating an esoteric passage from the Bible “And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so must the Son of Man be lifted up” and had been meditating on this principle, that each of us “sons and daughters of humanity”, in our bodily consciousness, must uplift ourselves (liberate ourselves) from the plane of the senses to the astral kingdom by reversing our material-oriented consciousness which takes the life force consistently outwards to “things” and instead directing it towards ascension through the serpentine passage of the astral spine. This serpent power or kundalini coiled as a current at the base of the spine when directed outwards sustains us in the physical and our sensory consciousness and when directed upward opens the wonders of the astral cerebrospinal centers.

We must re-ascend, just like Moses and Jesus in the spiritual desert of stillness, silence and spaciousness, where all our desires are no more and we lift our souls from body consciousness into Source-consciousness.

Our physical, astral and causal bodies are connected through the life force and consciousness in the seven cerebrospinal centers and three dantians, which, if unreleased as a coiled knot at the base of the spine will prevent ascension into the heavenly astral kingdom.

Unless you know how to liberate this knot of astral and physical power, you remain connected to the physical realm by the sensory consciousness that is attracted to all you see “out there” without knowing the wonders that lie within.

So I was contemplating opening the wonders of this inner astral and causal world and decided to delve deeply into that secret of spiritual life and see if I could record its energy manifestation. Everyone who is physically minded must master the art of lifting this serpent energy by withdrawing the consciousness and life force from the senses up through the spinal passage to the center of Source consciousness in the brain and then into Spirit.

All of us gathered here doing meditation and subtle energy work are sitting quietly and calmly, stilling the life force from flowing out into the nerves, relaxing the muscles, but find how easily our concentration is disturbed by noises and sensations and so have not perfected the scientific art of withdrawing consciously so that no disturbance of the senses can touch the inner sanctuary of our peace.

We can all master the interiorization of bliss superconscious ecstasy but it is not easy and as so many of us here demonstrate, ascension in Spirit requires a deep understanding and eventual extinguishing of our moods and habits and desires because a body-bound person cannot ascend through talking about it. He or she has to know how to open the coiled kundalini force in order to transcend.

Awakening the kundalini force takes years of meditation practice and guidance. Ascension through the coiled pathway in the spine opens astral, causal and spiritual vision, revealing the universe within as well as the light of heaven with all its power.

Our senses are extremely attractive, naturally we find what is beautiful extremely alluring, so imagine if you withdraw that power of divine life energy from the senses and channel it through the spinal path into the spiritual center of infinite awareness in the brain and reveal the eternity of universal Spirit.

We then discover the Beauty of all beauty, touch Spirit in all forms and hear the voice of God resounding in the inner spheres themselves as sounds of conch, thunder, flutes, oceans and the roar of the thunderous OM.

The form dissolves in the formless.

The consciousness of the body expands into the consciousness of Spirit.

So as I contemplated this, lifting my body consciousness from the physical to the astral, reversing the life force so it awoke at the base of my spine and was directed inwards and upwards, to rest in stillness at the third eye, the Christ center and from there open the astral tunnel and onwards and up through the crown, the power of the Love of Divine Mother awoke in my soul.

In so many of our communities we have people who inspire us with their practice, and they all offer us something unique, a glimpse of the infinite.

So that is all this is. A glimpse of what occurred. An inspiration from Divine Mother.

None of this is my doing. It is by Her Heart Alone.

The Goddess Kwan Yin by Claire O’Brien Illustration

I began by stilling the life force and allowing it to be withdrawn inwards. I breathed Divine Mother’s breath in the heart, completely still and allowed the joy to elevate. That is the graph with the rising gamma beside Yogananda’s picture.

No bad connections.

Once I had mastered being still in the Joy of joys I simply followed Yogananda’s instructions to be still in the third eye.

There were so many people that helped me in this. Kevin with his amazing gamma graphs, Dimi with his exhortation to me to be true to Yogananda’s teaching, Dr. Phai who taught me the value of being still and developing Rupa Jhanna (gamma/Kriya) first before Arupa Jhanna (delta/stillness) second and letting go into Vipassana insight.

You can see my process in the graphs over a number of days.

If you watch the process over a period of days in this state you will see the brain lighting up one quadrant after another until finally all waves lit up as you can see.

It does show bad connections. From 0% in the graph beside Yogananda’s picture to 1% in the first one, then 3% then 9%. I put this down to the energy surges. As I went deeper each day, the energy coursing up my spine increased until it was like a lightning strike moving up my back. The light in the third eye was brighter than the sun. The inner felt experience in my brain was like all five waves were active with all intensity so my brain was lit up from within literally!

Now the curious thing for me here, is that in each of these progressive sequences I am doing less and less and the process is basically effortless. By this, and I will describe it carefully, I am entering into this with the one simple intention of being as still as possible in Divine Mothers love. So when I begin to breathe it is the tiniest whisper of a light and love breath (I get bright blue flashes of light right now as I am writing this) and I stay with that still and silent and spacious whisper of a light and love breath all the way through, slowly, ever so slowly, coaxing the light and love up the spine until around the the 14th Kriya (I am doing 28 Kriya breaths as Yogananda had instructed) I am breathing that whisper of light and love actually in the third eye. I don’t breathe any higher into the crown, more silently and ‘still-ly’ (is there such a word?) and spaciously breathing for the next 14 Kriyas in the channel between the third eye and the crown. I think that ‘prayer’ of light and love in the breath itself IN the third eye channel is what opens the light and it is phenomenal when it opens, as bright or brighter than the sun itself. Then when that opens I sit still, as still as a church mouse, and I can sit very still. And the light comes into me. And the sound. So it feels like I am basically doing nothing compared to how I used to do Kriya, merely breathing a whisper of a breath, slowly, lovingly, until it gets to the third eye. I do believe the crown is opening of its own accord when it is ready. So early days of exploration, I am wondering where our adventures in this community will take us next.

The other beautiful ‘output’ from all this is that like when the gamma rises spontaneously, the feeling of this love, ‘loving me’ continues well after the meditation, anywhere from 2 to 6 hours at this point of investigation and in some cases for days.

For me the current recordings are showing me everything Yogananda has taught me can be measured objectively up to a point with this equipment and the love I feel filling my heart as a result of this daily immersion in the light is flooding out to greet people and envelop them in the same light. At some point I know that light and love and peace will set them and me free.

Together we need to be developing a language of insightful questioning such as “How does it feel? How does it inform what we are here on this planet to do? How are we to love? How can this experience and what we have learned from the meditation and the recording help others?”

The real key is to elevate our vibrations so we CAN help others from that space of awareness, from the eternity of universal Spirit, with love and kindness.

Love Light and Peace to you all

Stephen Altair

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Gratitude to artists & photographers for their beautiful art. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah