Quan Yin ~ by Ma Padma Devi



I wanted to share my experiences with you of being immersed in Divine Mother’s Love with the intention of inspiring you in the same way as you inspire me in the practice of lifting the soul from body consciousness to Source-consciousness.

I was contemplating an esoteric passage from the Bible “And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so must the Son of Man be lifted up” and had been meditating on this principle, that each of us “sons and daughters of humanity”, in our bodily consciousness, must uplift ourselves (liberate ourselves) from the plane of the senses to the astral kingdom by reversing our material-oriented consciousness which takes the life force consistently outwards to “things” and instead directing it towards ascension through the serpentine passage of the astral spine. This serpent power or kundalini coiled as a current at the base of the spine when directed outwards sustains us in the physical and our sensory consciousness and when directed upward opens the wonders of the astral cerebrospinal centers.

We must re-ascend, just like Moses and Jesus in the spiritual desert of stillness, silence and spaciousness, where all our desires are no more and we lift our souls from body consciousness into Source-consciousness.

Our physical, astral and causal bodies are connected through the life force and consciousness in the seven cerebrospinal centers and three dantians, which, if unreleased as a coiled knot at the base of the spine will prevent ascension into the heavenly astral kingdom.

Unless you know how to liberate this knot of astral and physical power, you remain connected to the physical realm by the sensory consciousness that is attracted to all you see “out there” without knowing the wonders that lie within.

So I was contemplating opening the wonders of this inner astral and causal world and decided to delve deeply into that secret of spiritual life and see if I could record its energy manifestation. Everyone who is physically minded must master the art of lifting this serpent energy by withdrawing the consciousness and life force from the senses up through the spinal passage to the center of Source consciousness in the brain and then into Spirit.

All of us gathered here doing meditation and subtle energy work are sitting quietly and calmly, stilling the life force from flowing out into the nerves, relaxing the muscles, but find how easily our concentration is disturbed by noises and sensations and so have not perfected the scientific art of withdrawing consciously so that no disturbance of the senses can touch the inner sanctuary of our peace.

We can all master the interiorization of bliss superconscious ecstasy but it is not easy and as so many of us here demonstrate, ascension in Spirit requires a deep understanding and eventual extinguishing of our moods and habits and desires because a body-bound person cannot ascend through talking about it. He or she has to know how to open the coiled kundalini force in order to transcend.

Awakening the kundalini force takes years of meditation practice and guidance. Ascension through the coiled pathway in the spine opens astral, causal and spiritual vision, revealing the universe within as well as the light of heaven with all its power.

Our senses are extremely attractive, naturally we find what is beautiful extremely alluring, so imagine if you withdraw that power of divine life energy from the senses and channel it through the spinal path into the spiritual center of infinite awareness in the brain and reveal the eternity of universal Spirit.

We then discover the Beauty of all beauty, touch Spirit in all forms and hear the voice of God resounding in the inner spheres themselves as sounds of conch, thunder, flutes, oceans and the roar of the thunderous OM.

The form dissolves in the formless.

The consciousness of the body expands into the consciousness of Spirit.

So as I contemplated this, lifting my body consciousness from the physical to the astral, reversing the life force so it awoke at the base of my spine and was directed inwards and upwards, to rest in stillness at the third eye, the Christ center and from there open the astral tunnel and onwards and up through the crown, the power of the Love of Divine Mother awoke in my soul.

In so many of our communities we have people who inspire us with their practice, and they all offer us something unique, a glimpse of the infinite.

So that is all this is. A glimpse of what occurred. An inspiration from Divine Mother.

None of this is my doing. It is by Her Heart Alone.

The Goddess Kwan Yin by Claire O’Brien Illustration

I began by stilling the life force and allowing it to be withdrawn inwards. I breathed Divine Mother’s breath in the heart, completely still and allowed the joy to elevate. That is the graph with the rising gamma beside Yogananda’s picture.

No bad connections.

Once I had mastered being still in the Joy of joys I simply followed Yogananda’s instructions to be still in the third eye.

There were so many people that helped me in this. Kevin with his amazing gamma graphs, Dimi with his exhortation to me to be true to Yogananda’s teaching, Dr. Phai who taught me the value of being still and developing Rupa Jhanna (gamma/Kriya) first before Arupa Jhanna (delta/stillness) second and letting go into Vipassana insight.

You can see my process in the graphs over a number of days.

If you watch the process over a period of days in this state you will see the brain lighting up one quadrant after another until finally all waves lit up as you can see.

It does show bad connections. From 0% in the graph beside Yogananda’s picture to 1% in the first one, then 3% then 9%. I put this down to the energy surges. As I went deeper each day, the energy coursing up my spine increased until it was like a lightning strike moving up my back. The light in the third eye was brighter than the sun. The inner felt experience in my brain was like all five waves were active with all intensity so my brain was lit up from within literally!

Now the curious thing for me here, is that in each of these progressive sequences I am doing less and less and the process is basically effortless. By this, and I will describe it carefully, I am entering into this with the one simple intention of being as still as possible in Divine Mothers love. So when I begin to breathe it is the tiniest whisper of a light and love breath (I get bright blue flashes of light right now as I am writing this) and I stay with that still and silent and spacious whisper of a light and love breath all the way through, slowly, ever so slowly, coaxing the light and love up the spine until around the the 14th Kriya (I am doing 28 Kriya breaths as Yogananda had instructed) I am breathing that whisper of light and love actually in the third eye. I don’t breathe any higher into the crown, more silently and ‘still-ly’ (is there such a word?) and spaciously breathing for the next 14 Kriyas in the channel between the third eye and the crown. I think that ‘prayer’ of light and love in the breath itself IN the third eye channel is what opens the light and it is phenomenal when it opens, as bright or brighter than the sun itself. Then when that opens I sit still, as still as a church mouse, and I can sit very still. And the light comes into me. And the sound. So it feels like I am basically doing nothing compared to how I used to do Kriya, merely breathing a whisper of a breath, slowly, lovingly, until it gets to the third eye. I do believe the crown is opening of its own accord when it is ready. So early days of exploration, I am wondering where our adventures in this community will take us next.

The other beautiful ‘output’ from all this is that like when the gamma rises spontaneously, the feeling of this love, ‘loving me’ continues well after the meditation, anywhere from 2 to 6 hours at this point of investigation and in some cases for days.

For me the current recordings are showing me everything Yogananda has taught me can be measured objectively up to a point with this equipment and the love I feel filling my heart as a result of this daily immersion in the light is flooding out to greet people and envelop them in the same light. At some point I know that light and love and peace will set them and me free.

Together we need to be developing a language of insightful questioning such as “How does it feel? How does it inform what we are here on this planet to do? How are we to love? How can this experience and what we have learned from the meditation and the recording help others?”

The real key is to elevate our vibrations so we CAN help others from that space of awareness, from the eternity of universal Spirit, with love and kindness.

Love Light and Peace to you all

Stephen Altair

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