I’m a Believer -Steve Beckow

Transmuting Into Love Painting by Eva Ruiz


I’m a Believer

Here it is a beautiful sunny Sunday. I’m sitting here saying to myself, you should go outside.

I don’t want to go outside. I’m lying here waiting. But for what?

After looking and looking, what I see inside is that I’m wanting to feel a certain way. That’s what I’m looking for. Not just being in a certain place, no matter how beautiful and sunny.

In fact I’d rather be relaxed right now, just being with myself, rather than doing anything. Being with myself is what I’m doing.

As I look at the matter, I realize that how I feel is of the utmost importance to me. If it weren’t, it should be.

When I harm people, I commit myself to an inner life of stress and tension, guilt and self-recrimination. I hurt myself.

It’s finally become too much for me. I’m a prime example of someone changing in the face of the rising energies, letting go of the old, unproductive ways because they hurt too much.

Now that I’m not harming people – and I’ve had lapses – there’s no guilt or self-recrimination.

And what I notice, when I really look, is that I care a great deal about how I feel.  I don’t want to be feeling stress and tension or guilt and recrimination any more. I don’t like feeling those ways.

I want to feel joy. I want to feel bliss. I want to feel safe and secure. And all these are available inside, not outside, of me.

In my meditation these days, I’m treating my inner realm as if it were a room I lived in. I’m polishing the teak walls as an act of purification.  If I feel bad in some respect, I polish the walls until the feeling is experienced through to completion. Imagination is creative thought on the Fifth Dimension.


I see clear as a bell that making a vow to harm no one created space for me. And in the space thus created, feeling states that I can’t normally access I now can. Bliss is coming up. Happiness.  I even feel joy. The water is truly warm.

Man, was this the world’s best kept secret? Am I the last to know? Ahimsa (non-violence) creates space, in which the divine qualities can arise?

I’ll be darned. Shout it from the rooftops! I’m a believer.



Transmuting Into Love Painting by Eva Ruiz

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YOUR EXPANDING MISSION – Archangel Zadkiel through Linda Robinson

High Priest Contemplating Eternity by Darius Gilmont





** 💜 **

Greetings Beloved Ones,

WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst, and we greet you with Love. Today, we wish to discuss your expanding mission.

You are aware that when you came into this incarnation, you had a mission that you would play. You were endowed with the abilities, traits, and circumstances to help you carry it out. You were placed in the geographic location that would enable you to be where you needed to be to realize your mission.

As we have discussed with you on other occasions, your mission is unique to you. Even though others may have similar missions, yours is special and unique to you. No one else has the exact same set of skills and experiences that you have. This allows you to be where you need to be for your special role. Your mission can be considered as a thread in a beautiful tapestry. If your thread were to be removed, the tapestry design would not be complete. It is the same with your mission. You have a unique role to play.

With the increasing influx of new energy, you are now being given an opportunity to expand your mission. This does not mean that you abandon your current mission. It simply means expanding it to a wider perspective.

One of the ways you can do this is to carry out your mission with the intention for the highest and best good of all concerned. When you approach it in this way, you are inviting in the Higher Beings of Light to assist you.

You can also widen your perspective to include possibilities that may not currently be in your scope of awareness. These are things that are visible in the Higher Realms that are not always apparent on your Earth plane. This is why it is important to ask for the highest and best good for all.

You can expand your mission by expanding your awareness, which we have recently discussed with you. Your mission may look one way when it is viewed from a third dimensional level, and it may have a completely different appearance when approached from a wider and higher perspective.

It is similar to being in the middle of a crowd as compared to looking down at the crowd from several levels above it. When you are standing in the middle of the crowd, you notice who is in front of you, what they are wearing, and how they are standing. You notice the small details. However, when you are looking at the crowd from above, you have a wider perspective of the group as a whole. You may see something that was not visible when you were in the middle of the crowd. You may see a pattern that is formed across the crowd, such as the type of clothing that many of them are wearing and their mood and energy.

In working with your expanded mission, it is helpful to view things from both perspectives. You are already likely to know what your mission looks like from the third dimensional perspective. Now, you may find it helpful to expand your view to one of a higher dimensional level. It is similar to a telescope or a microscope when you focus in closely and then expand your view out. Some details can be seen in a close view, while others become apparent at a wider perspective.

When you view your mission from both perspectives, you are able to be of greatest service because you are asking for the highest and best good of all. You are inviting the Higher Beings to show you additional possibilities and ways of carrying out your mission.

You can also expand your mission to a multidimensional level if this is your desire. When this occurs, your awareness includes dimensions beyond the third one where you currently are. It does not mean you have to embrace each perspective that you may encounter. It simply means having an awareness that other dimensions exist and that your actions on this dimension can ripple out into the multidimensions.

With this awareness you realize that your thoughts, intentions, and actions regarding your mission take on an even greater importance. The need to ask for highest good becomes more apparent.

Because the earth is a free-will planet, you can select the level of awareness that you feel is appropriate for you at the time. The possibility remains open for you to expand your mission whenever you feel called to do so.

Beloveds, we are grateful to you for carrying out your mission for greatest good and for considering expanding this mission to a wider and higher level.

Know that you are greatly loved.

WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst

…and WE surround you with Love.

And so it is.

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Peeling an Onion – Steve Beckow


Peeling an Onion

I continue with my Ascension ethnography.

One of the things I’m noticeing is that, when I considered any matter from the perspective of being a CEO of a large corporation, in the past, I always felt mixed emotions.

My mind was divided. I had reservations. I was a house divided against itself.

We have many ways of talking about inner conflict.

But now, given the changes I’ve made in myself, when I think of looking at things from a CEO’s point of view, I feel no inner conflict, no reservation, no timidity.

Letting go of the wounded child and reparenting myself was what it took to get to this place. Hot damn! Whodda thunk?

Rather than feeling discordance and dissonance, I watch myself have even pleasant memories as I begin to reflect on a  subject as a CEO. This is a 180-degree turn from the way I normally am. Am I the only one jumping up and down?

Stopping the unproductive patterns I had has cleared a space. Things look entirely different viewed from that relaxed place.

I feel the way some people feel when they trod on the beach at Waikiki.

Space is more than emptiness. I think of real space as being a portal, through which higher-vibrations can flow. Whether we’re able to flow with them or not remains to be determined.

But the opportunity to experience them in the first place shows up in the space we create by letting go, letting go, letting go.

Does that not stand to reason? We are a spark of Light. Can it be revealed by any other means than letting go, letting go, letting go? (1)

I digress. Having reparented my wounded child and reached a place of feeling normal again, I find myself in “space” – or in “a space” – where inner conflict, which I now think was constant in myself, has ceased.

And, in the space that reparenting has created, I’m seeing so much of my old way of life revealed. I find it fascinating, ethnographically speaking.

It really is like peeling an onion.


(1) We took a spark of Light and piled layer after layer after layer on it and stipulated that the outer consciousness needed to awaken to and know the inner consciousness.  Here we are thrashing away to find a way to complete this task. I’m thrashing too!

Until I do, I’m peeling the onion, hoping this is the way. The path of awareness.



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