Peeling an Onion – Steve Beckow


Peeling an Onion

I continue with my Ascension ethnography.

One of the things I’m noticeing is that, when I considered any matter from the perspective of being a CEO of a large corporation, in the past, I always felt mixed emotions.

My mind was divided. I had reservations. I was a house divided against itself.

We have many ways of talking about inner conflict.

But now, given the changes I’ve made in myself, when I think of looking at things from a CEO’s point of view, I feel no inner conflict, no reservation, no timidity.

Letting go of the wounded child and reparenting myself was what it took to get to this place. Hot damn! Whodda thunk?

Rather than feeling discordance and dissonance, I watch myself have even pleasant memories as I begin to reflect on a  subject as a CEO. This is a 180-degree turn from the way I normally am. Am I the only one jumping up and down?

Stopping the unproductive patterns I had has cleared a space. Things look entirely different viewed from that relaxed place.

I feel the way some people feel when they trod on the beach at Waikiki.

Space is more than emptiness. I think of real space as being a portal, through which higher-vibrations can flow. Whether we’re able to flow with them or not remains to be determined.

But the opportunity to experience them in the first place shows up in the space we create by letting go, letting go, letting go.

Does that not stand to reason? We are a spark of Light. Can it be revealed by any other means than letting go, letting go, letting go? (1)

I digress. Having reparented my wounded child and reached a place of feeling normal again, I find myself in “space” – or in “a space” – where inner conflict, which I now think was constant in myself, has ceased.

And, in the space that reparenting has created, I’m seeing so much of my old way of life revealed. I find it fascinating, ethnographically speaking.

It really is like peeling an onion.


(1) We took a spark of Light and piled layer after layer after layer on it and stipulated that the outer consciousness needed to awaken to and know the inner consciousness.  Here we are thrashing away to find a way to complete this task. I’m thrashing too!

Until I do, I’m peeling the onion, hoping this is the way. The path of awareness.


Gratitude to all artists & photographers. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah 

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