The Pure and Perfect – James Mahu @ WingMakers

Woman with Veil by Patricia Rachidi @ Pixels


The Pure and Perfect

Someday the messengers will arrive
with stories of a nocturnal sun
despondent, burning implacably
in the deepest shade of a thousand shadows.
They will tell you of the
serene indifference of God.
They will draw you by the hand
through bruised alleyways
and prove the desperation of man
rejected from the beauty of an unearthly realm.
The news will arrive
as a tribute to the death of oracles.
Sparing words of purpose
the messengers will announce the
cold fury of realism’s cave.

Someday, the messengers will send their thoughts
through books that have no pulse.
You will be accused of weakness
that drowns you in servitude.
A queer rivalry will beset you
and your life will crawl like an awkward beast
that has no home.

And you, my dearest friends,
who are truth—who were all along,
will renew your devotion
to a powerful image in a distant mirror.
You will listen to these stories
and tear at your silent heart
with animal claws that are dulled
by the stone doors of time.
Where the unattested is confirmed
your vestige-soul is stored.
It will strengthen you
and cradle you in the light
of your own vision,
which will be hurled like lightening
through twilight’s dull corridor.

The messengers will cry
at the sound of your rejection.
They will scream: “Do you want to be a
lowly servant and lonely saint?”

Mutants of the light
are always tested with doubts
of a swollen isolation
and the promise of truth’s betrayal.
Listen without hearing.
Judge without pardon.
The grand parasite of falsehood
will prevail if you believe only your beliefs.

Someday, when all is clear to you—
when the winds have lifted all veils
and the golden auberge is the locus
of our souls—
you will be tested no more.
You will have reached destiny’s lodge
and the toilsome replica of God
is jettisoned for the pure and perfect.

Chamber Poetry 24

The Pure and Perfect

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James Mahu—the visionary creator behind the WingMakers, Event Temples, SpiritState, and Lyricus websites, books, booklets, music, art, poetry and metaphysical papers.


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Lord Buddha – Creating Enlightenment From Your Frequency – Natalie Glasson


Buddha Meditating Under The Bodi Tree – by Charis Estelle Olney @ Fine Art America


Lord Buddha – Creating Enlightenment From Your Frequency

Channeled through Natalie Glasson –  Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

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Greetings and divine blessings extend from my essence to you, I am Lord Buddha. Today I wish to invite you upon a journey of discovery of all that you are, all that is the Creator and the current purpose of ascension. To experience this journey, I need to invite you to my Planetary Logos Ashram on the inner planes. You may wish to use this invocation to assist you:

‘Lord Buddha, please integrate your high vibrational frequency and light with my soul and entire being. Please raise my frequency and light so I may meet your energy with balance and similar vibration. As my energy quickens in vibration, support me in integrating all that I AM with all that you are. In doing so I wish to experience a deeper bond and connection with you and enter into your Planetary Logos Ashram on the inner planes. I direct my focus within my being so I may become aware of the shifts taking place in the most appropriate way for me. Thank you.’

This invocation may feel like a knitting of our energies together and a boost of light flowing through your being from my ashram. With this integration and acceptance of each other so our journey together can begin.

Discovering your Frequency and Creating your Frequency

Many souls, especially those currently incarnate upon the Earth, ask me where they should direct their focus in terms of their ascension process. As Planetary Logos, I am overseeing the ascension of the Earth and Planetary Level, so this is a very good question to direct to me often during your meditation experience or quiet time. In doing so you are allowing and requesting me to assist your ascension process and point out to you the most important area for you personally to focus upon.

‘Lord Buddha, I invite you to be present with me now, to guide and assist me as I ask you, where should I direct my focus to advance, accelerate and reveal my ascension process now? Lord Buddha, I receive your light and guidance with an open heart and mind. I understand you may support me by sharing valuable information and insights, or you may support energetic healing and shifts within my being. I am open to receive now, thank you.’

One of the greatest and most fulfilling answers I can give you to this question of where to focus your attention to aid your ascension is to stand in the space of your frequency. Your frequency is akin to the rhythm or energetic coding of your entire being both on the Earth and the inner planes. It is everything that you are as a being who exists upon the Earth and the sacred essence that you are on the inner planes. Your frequency is pure and untainted. It is like a song you continuously sing that expresses all that you are. As well as all that you are as the Creator. To stand in the space of your frequency is to claim your power, love, enlightenment and wisdom. To claim everything that your soul is at the purest level.

Remember that you are immensely expansive and so this is an empowering experience. When you stand in the space of your frequency you discover your frequency and begin to create the higher vibrations of your frequency in your current reality. You become the creator of your frequency. To stand in the space of your frequency is to know and accept yourself more fully.

You may be wondering; how do you stand in the space of your frequency? In truth, there is a need to make space within your reality and being to exist in peace. This can be achieved in simple ways by focusing on your breathing, holding the focus of your physical eyes on a certain point or retreating to a place where you will not be disturbed by another physical being for a while. It is important to contemplate what does space mean to you? What do you need to do or focus upon to feel as if you have space? Remember that space can mean to experience freedom, liberation, an opening or a pause in your daily reality, thought process and even emotional process. When you allow yourself to experience space of the most appropriate kind for you, then you give yourself the opportunity to connect with and realise your frequency. It is as if you dissolve distractions and allow yourself to see, sense and acknowledge the truth of your being.

As for what you will discover when you stand in the space of your frequency only you will know as it will be unique and personal to you. It is to see yourself with clarity and truth.

Bringing Forth the Clarity of the Divine

The purpose of my encouragement of you standing in the space of your frequency is to assist you in bringing forth the clarity of the divine and your essence into manifestation within your life and being. This is especially important now with all the energies anchoring into the Earth to aid ascension. When you stand in the space of your frequency you naturally express the clarity of the Creator through all that you are, experience and create. If you place conscious awareness and focus on downloading clarity from your frequency you will balance and empower the power and love of your essence within your being. Thus, becoming an expression of clarity.

‘As I stand in the space of my frequency, I learn to discover and create my frequency within all aspects of my being, reality and ascension process. I naturally recognise divine clarity flowing over and through my being and life. I now choose to download clarity from my frequency to be of service to myself, Mother Earth, the Universe and the Creator. I choose to accept, embody and express the clarity of the divine, knowing how healing and enlightening this will be for me and those around me. And so, it is.
I ask Lord Buddha to amplify and magnify my intention now. Thank you.’

It is important to realise that this simple intention has the power to shift the consciousness of humanity so that all may recognise the Creator within and around them. Contemplate for a moment how much positive and loving change this would create for the world.

Windows of Divine Inspiration and Ancient Knowledge 

When you stand in the space of your frequency and consciously download the clarity of your frequency to experience the Creator fully within and around you, you open a divine window. This divine window allows for sacred inspiration and ancient knowledge to flow from the divinity of your frequency into your current awareness and reality. It is akin to a veil becoming thin and the unseen becoming seen.  The window of divine inspiration and ancient knowledge may be experience by you as a portal opening or a download of information. There is much for you to receive and retrieve to further the ascension of all as well as yourself.

‘Lord Buddha, as I stand in the space of my frequency and consciously download divine clarity, I invite you to assist me in opening the windows of divine inspiration and ancient knowledge in the most appropriate way for me. As I am now open to receive, support me in accepting the sacred wisdom and understanding that will aid my ascension and encourage me to assist others in doing and experiencing the same. Thank you.’

Please know that sacred wisdom and knowledge may flow into your conscious awareness instantly or with divine timing, in the way that is most appropriate for you to accept and receive.

Many of you will be called to receive and to distribute or anchor in certain areas of the Earth and even the inner planes.  It is now time to retrieve sacred information, reawakening and grounding it into the Earth to support the empowerment of all as expressions of the Creator.

In sacred love and wisdom,

Lord Buddha


Buddha Meditating Under The Bodi Tree – by Charis Estelle Olney @ Fine Art America

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Sovereignty – Amora Quan Yin @ Dolphin Star Temple

Ascension Goddess by Katherine Skaggs



Excerpt from Oneness: Our Divine Destiny, Chapter 10
by Amorah Quan Yin

Sovereignty means that you are your own ruler or master.

There is no one above you. You only answer to yourself. We are all sovereign beings of light that are equal. You do not need a guru or anyone to tell you what to do. You have it all inside yourself. Whatever you choose, you are the chooser.

At this special time on earth we are moving toward our mastery and full enlightenment. You do not get there by relying on others. Can you imagine being at “heaven’s gate” and being asked why you should get in? You reply, “Well, I was a disciple of  (whomever) and I did everything he/she told me to. ” I think they would say, “Rejected. Go back.”

Many people have this type of co-dependent reliance on others. It could be a marriage partner, a guru, a spiritual teacher, someone who wrote a book, a close friend. These people do not trust their inner knowing and they live in self-doubt and irresponsibility. They always try to do what others say or recommend, so they do not have to become self-reliant. But how can you become enlightened and move toward mastery that way? Mastery means that you have become the master unto yourself, with no superiors. Mastery is sovereignty in action 24/7.

If you live in a way that makes you give away authority to others, you are still the chooser. It is just a very bad choice. You are here to learn to actively become your own master in everything. All answers you need are inside you.  All of them . . .

Power is not an issue about controlling other people or situations. It is about being in your inner power and trusting yourself and your inner guidance.

However, if you never allow yourself to follow inner guidance and you never trust yourself, you are the one who chooses that. You are still the master over your destiny, no matter whether you choose wisely or from the negative ego self. Even if you choose to follow someone else, you are one who chooses. No one else ever controls your life and your choices. Only you do.

What a glorious reality. You are the master of your fate whether you realize it or not! If you do not speak your truth, you make that choice. Someone else may try to intimidate you or make you afraid, but you are the one who chooses to allow this to be your reality. It does not ever matter what another person does. It matters only whether you allow that to control your life or not.


Ascension Goddess by Katherine Skaggs

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Archangel Michael on How to Regard a Fallen Guru – Steve Beckow

Archangel Michael by Alma Yamazaki @ Pixels


Archangel Michael on How to Regard a Fallen Guru

In trying to find the quote from the Divine Mother on fallen gurus, I came across a passage from Archangel Michael in which he discusses the same subject.

I found the piece so informative that I determined to post it:

Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon,
Jan. 3, 2013.

S: Is XXX and her circle guilty of the crimes that YYY accuses her of?

AAM: No one is to be hung out and dried. That is the way of persecution. That is the way of the old Third [Dimension]. That is the way of guilt, shame, blame, fault, that false grid that we are happy to be waving goodbye to.

Now have there been some mis-steps or irregularities in this situation with XXX? And with several others?

S: Like ZZZ?

AAM: The answer is yes. Now one of the difficulties – and you and I have spoken of this, as with WWW – but let us speak of the situation of those who become might we say gilded gurus. And we use that term very specifically. And that is why Pope Francis, thus far, is demonstrating being such an exception to the rule.

The power is tremendous. And, as you know, regardless of the vows of chastity, poverty, humility, many of these beings have massive followings and massive donations and wealth. And the temptations can be enormous, not only to do with money, but to do with using power in ways that are not loving.

It is necessary for such beings to surround themselves constantly and vigilantly with those who adhere to a very high moral, ethical framework, and you are learning this. You have always been a person of integrity and I would never infer otherwise, but you and I have, dear heart, had the conversation of integrity around massive wealth. (1)

And so the dangers of integrity particularly as it relates to ethical behaviour of one’s followers is the baseline. It cannot … well, it can … but from our perspective, it cannot be violated.

Now did we say to you that such gurus in fact become unacceptable or that they have lost their vision? [No.]  They may have lost their way momentarily but they are always worked with, never abandoned; the same, no being is abandoned. Sometimes there are situations where they forget that their direction comes from the Divine Mother and so there is an influx of ego.

But your [our] role is never to judge, to stand back and be the observer and to forgive. And sometimes you [we] are forgiving on behalf of the human collective. Sometimes you [we] are assisting those who have been hurt. Sometimes you [we] are tending to those who are trying to re-emerge or re-organize in light of, can we say, misguidance.


(1) I said to him earlier that I couldn’t see how people could keep from being bowled over by the idea and arrival of sudden wealth and a conversation ensued.


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Love is a dance – Lucia Sullivan


“Love is a dance.
Some finish the dance,
Holding each other tightly,
Keeping the world outside.
Some finish the dance in a dip,
That crashed to a fall.
Some finish in a spin,
That leads them far away from each other.
Unable to recover the distance of letting go too long.
And some,
Some just dance in the rain.
And find each other.
Again and again. “
Written by Lucia Sullivan ~ Copyright 2019 all rights reserved

New York


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September Ascension Energies – Infinite Self – Jamye Price

September Ascension Energies – Infinite Self

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August had a beautiful power to it. We have been moving through some wonderful changes lately and August helped refine more power within by opening us up further to Infinite Time. This may have manifested in patience (I’m timeless), impatience (time’s up), time glitches (where did the time go) and/or deep understanding (multiple timelines).

Maybe it didn’t seem that connected to Time for you, and it seemed more physical: Excitement/fatigue, sleep patterns changing, brain fog or mental over-stimulation, temperature changes in your body (especially localized, like a hot or cold spot). Or perhaps you noticed closure on old issues, new determination, relationships ending or improving.

Overall there was a stronger connection into the subtle flow of Time rather than just the linear flow (it still applies). This has the effect of a greater connection into the power of universal law, so you are utilizing a greater capacity of your inherent power.

During the Lyran Perspective channeling, Areon pointed out that Time is a functionality of our density and that we “hold form” with our storylines – lines of connection that bind us into specific form. Rather than thinking about timelines, observe storylines.

Storylines are the information/reference you hold of Time. They create your identity – a theme of this quarter. As you neutralize “storylines” you release the binds of Time. This includes the past or future expectations holding you in a repetitive form.

This flows beautifully into September as we continue a trajectory of Freedom in 2019.


September’s energy of Infinite Self continues your expansion into your universal nature, your infinite sacredness, your powerful divinity. You’ve always been this, it is the infinite nature of Time which is woven into your substance.

You’ve moved through linearity in many different ways to culminate in this beautiful space/time on Earth. Just as August helped you blend past and future into now, September will help you blend me and them into us.

This is not for the weak of heart. It is for the Angels that know the power of Love in its full spectrum of linear/dual experience. Authentic Love requires great courage when it’s not the easy choice. To find the balance of self and others requires a strength that is willing to allow rather than just control.

You came here to enjoy the beauty of the physical realm and assist humanity’s emergence into fourth density; connection within separation. Many avoid connection in deep ways. To truly observe the self or be vulnerable to another can be frightening for the psyche (July energies helped shift this), so it is often resisted unconsciously. But as you’ve likely experienced, it’s usually easier than expected and definitely worth it.

Your inner connection begins the process.

The layers of separation are obvious, the invisible connection is not. An aspect of Ascension is that it creates an amplification of your intuitive senses to look beyond the obvious into potentials not yet formed. You become the Space that Time manifests through. Time is your vehicle of uniqueness, moment by moment, even as All Time is connected.


You are infinite and finite. Physical density creates the experience of separation, which is a valuable construct, slowing our perception to a pace within Time that linearizes the moments. In each moment is a uniqueness.

You bring a unique aspect of the unity of Life to human form.

Within your physical expression is a subtle, non-physical, less dense aspect. You can call it consciousness, thought, emotion, lightbody, geometry, God, prana or Love, to name a few. I have been taught to focus on Love because it is the connective, binding force of Life. It has often been resisted, misunderstood or undervalued in the current human experience.

In this physical energetic structure, though it is subtle, the information of your connection or separation resides and determines your interaction with Life. Your focus on your own improvement and wholeness is creating a deeper access to the flow of Love here on Earth.

To enhance access to your Infinite nature, become more conscious (less unconscious programming leading you—neutralizing storylines). Become more loving, especially by honoring the sacredness of you, the vehicle through which you experience Life. This then flows out and teaches through the vast subtle field of information.

As people learn they are divine, cherished and powerful, the unconscious fears start to melt and merge into an inner sense of inherent worth. The connection begins. In this month’s video, there are some exercises to enhance this focus of Love on Earth.

There is a powerful reason this month’s energies are called Infinite Self rather than something like infinite divinity.

YOU are that powerful reason.

Areon was explicit that this timeframe will be calling us to more inner power. Look for experiences coming up about valuing yourself, and how you can create a win/win in your interactions. Loving yourself unconditionally within, while honoring the conditions of the physical realm, is the connection of your finite and infinite expression merging.

The courage to connect is a powerful force for humanity. As the compassionate ones start leading, the world really changes. Fear becomes less dominant, people become more creative and integrated with their environment. It is the trajectory of Freedom within and Love throughout.


There is an aspect of September that is amplifying the Divine Feminine within. We all have both masculine and feminine energy within, for they represent the dualistic engine of life in this density. Both energetics are necessary for creation. To enhance more of your Divine Feminine energy, become more allowing of your intuitive flow, nurturing yourself and others (not enabling), creating a deeper connection, allowing the creative to flow and letting go of action just for doing’s sake.

The balance of masculine/feminine energy is a core aspect of empowerment. When you are whole within, the effort and resistance of creation is released. You nurture creation with inspired action. Your excitement is supported like the flow of water downhill.


September feels like a culmination of more clarity as the Infinite Mind and Heart merge into a deeper understanding of the boundless Love within you that releases you from linear Time. (from time to Time) ;o)

Your “new” identity of the Love that you are is becoming clearer and stronger. The space that you hold connects the timelines that tell the story of humanity’s evolution.

As you are moving through this month, observe how life is calling you to Love the separation into connection. You are an immense power.


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September 2019 Message
Linda’s New Book





Greetings Beloved Ones,

WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst, and we greet you with Love. Today, we wish to discuss the nurturing qualities of Love.

Love is a much-discussed concept. Sometimes it is thought of in romantic terms, and other times the concept goes far beyond an emotional state. We wish for you to consider Love in an expanded state and think of it as a vibration.

Love as a vibration encompasses a wide range of spiritual qualities. There is the warm feeling you get in your heart center when you think of someone for whom you have special feelings. This may be a partner or other family member, a friend, or someone who has done something kind for you.

It can also extend to pets and the animal kingdom. You may feel Love when you are in nature and admire the beautiful plants, the rocks, and the oceans and rivers. The various kingdoms of humans, animals, plants, and minerals inspire great awe when you view them with gratitude. This leads to a feeling of Love as a vibration.

As you experience the beauty of nature, you may feel a Oneness with All That Is.

This can lead you to consider the other qualities of Love as a vibration. It is often expressed in many ways.

When thinking of the ways to express it, you may wish to consider giving Love to yourself as well as to others. When you are gentle and caring with yourself first, this allows you to have a clear energy field. Then you are able to transmit a gentle, Loving vibration to others. Each expression of Love for others begins within yourself, and then it flows outward.

With each quality of Love, ask your Higher Self to bathe your entire energy field with this aspect. Feel it saturate and fill each part of your Being until you experience the nurturing quality it embodies. Then you are ready to share this aspect with others.ou may express Love as an act of kindness for another. You may smile at someone or hold the door for them. You may let them go ahead of you when checking out at the grocery store. As you perform an act of kindness, you may likely feel the warmth of Love in your heart center as you connect with the Oneness of all of Creation. Even the smallest act of kindness allows this connection to occur.

Another way you can express Love is accepting each person as an individual. You are aware that each person came to carry out a special mission and that not everyone will like or appreciate the things that you do. Being gentle with yourself as you carry out your mission is nurturing yourself with the quality of Love.

Accepting another person and their mission does not mean that you have to agree with what they do. It simply means acknowledging that they have a Divine Spark and a unique mission, just as you do. This allows you to feel Love when you realize that you each burst forth from the Great Creator and that you share a Divine connection.

Forgiveness is also an aspect of Love. There may be occasions in your life when you wish that you had not said or done something. Forgiving yourself is an act of Love. When you look at the situation and realize the lesson it contains, you can forgive yourself and know that you will take a different course of action the next time. When you approach it this way, your energy field has been cleared, and this is an act of Love.

This same principle applies to forgiving others. When you forgive them, you are applying a quality of Love, which clears your energy field and allows you to move forward. It also keeps the door open for future interactions with the person you have forgiven.

As you continue to consider the many ways you can express the qualities of Love, you may realize that in its expanded form, it helps to reinforce the Oneness of all of humanity and Creation. Realizing this Oneness is one of the greatest qualities of Love. It helps you to transcend third-dimensional situations and to view them from a higher perspective. When do you this, your nurturing Love ripples out from you to all of humanity and throughout the multidimensions. You are an energetic Being expressing the nurturing qualities of Love.

Beloved, we are happy that you are expressing the nurturing qualities of Love for all of Creation. You are a great Light throughout the multidimensions.

Know that you are greatly Loved.

WE ARE Archangel Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst

…and WE surround you with Love.

And so it is.

Copyright © 2019 Linda M. Robinson, All Rights Reserved. Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship, including my name and website, is given. Linda M. Robinson, This information may be published in journals, magazines or public print only with written permission. Email:


Dearest Friends,

I am happy to announce the publication of my new book, “Being True to Yourself: A Multidimensional Approach for Seasoned Travelers on the Spiritual Path” by Linda Mary Robinson.

As you may notice, I am using my full name as my author name for this book. I was promoted by Spirit to do this as part of being true to myself.

Many thanks to everyone for your encouragement during the writing and publication of this book.

Love and blessings,

“Being True to Yourself: A Multidimensional Approach for Seasoned Travelers on the Spiritual Path”

Are you walking a path that no longer feels right for you? As a seasoned spiritual traveler, you may find it challenging to remain true to yourself in a world that wants you to conform. Your previous activities and goals may no longer hold your attention or fulfill you, and you likely want something that is a better fit for you as you develop a multidimensional spiritual awareness.

In this book, Linda Mary Robinson shares wisdom teachings from the Angelic Realm that reveal gifts, tools, and understandings that you can apply to your own path. Gain insights on how you can know what makes your heart sing, shape your own unique path, stay focused during challenges, refine your path as you move forward, and nurture yourself as a spiritual Being.

Be inspired to be true to yourself!

Available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats.



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Love – an essence, a power, a vibration – Adama of Telos

Adama of Telos ~ Artist Glenda Green



Let me now speak of Love for a moment, as the only true and permanent force in all creation, and then I will invite Paul the Venetian to address you.

Love is not a word. It is an essence, a power and a vibration. It is Life! Love is the most priceless element and vibration in all existence, an eternal dynamic living force. It is the golden chariot that transcends time and eliminates space. Love is the primal substance of Light out of which all things are created. It is the unified power which holds all things together. Love simply contains everything.

Enough intensity of love can heal and transform everything. Just as there is no real dividing barrier between your human self and your Grand Cosmic Self, there is no real dividing barrier between your human love and your Christ Love. There is only a difference in intensity and vibration. It is human love embodied and amplified a few million times.

There are those in incarnation who perceive love as a weakness. Love is certainly not a weakness, but the greatest strength. Love is the most important God-attribute that you can cultivate and develop. Its power can endure all things, rejoice in all things and glorify all things. Love is a constant force from which you can draw life’s energies and harmony. Its healing tenderness penetrates all things and enfolds every heart. When one develops this great God-given faculty of Love, he will have the power to create and bring forth whatever his purified spiritual vision of love beholds.

For those who have perfected the fires of love, fear can no longer exist. Your higher Self has the ability to transform, instantly, huge amounts of human negativity into pure Love and Light. When the acquisition of this great gift of Love becomes the one main goal and desire in your life, when it has become a burning obsession that can no longer be denied, then it will be fulfilled. Such a one becomes the recipient of a Love so great that walls of glory are created around that individual, and nothing less than pure love can ever touch him again.

To those who attain this divine gift of Love, the realms of Light open wide, and all powers are again bestowed upon them. Beauty, youthfulness and vitality in all their divine perfection, power and abundance in majesty, the all knowingness of the Mind of God and all spiritual attributes restored in full measure are the gifts of perfected Love. Pray to God and your divine Presence with all the energy of your heart that you may open yourself to this divine Christ-like love. Let this love begin to sing as a song of adoration and gratitude in your heart. Let your heart be lifted up continually by your heart songs of everlasting joy and gratitude, and this great love will become yours. Wherever you are, all powers and treasures of the higher realms will be bestowed upon you in heaven and on Earth, forever unto eternity.

From The Seven Sacred Flames By Aurelia

Aurelia Louise channeled Adama, the high priest of the Lemurian city of Telos as well as other spiritual masters of Light as part of her mission.

Aurelia made her transition in July of 2009 and has left a rich legacy of Adama and Ascended Master teachings through the Telos Book Series and The Seven Sacred Flames. Her deepest desire was that humanity awaken to their divinity and together ascend with beloved Mother Earth into the New Golden Age. Especially at this time, these books are important tools, opening us up to possibilities of how our present reality can change and become a far better world, supporting the raising of consciousness of an enlightened civilization. The information gives us pause to contemplate a perspective of how life was really meant to be lived here on earth.

With thanks to Mehroo Fitter
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I Do Know the Address – Steve Beckow

Yogananda 🧡


I Do Know the Address

Yesterday I found my stash of Paramahansa Yogananda Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF) monthly lessons from decades ago.

I now have access again to the documents which are the source of the equation of “Om” with the “Holy Spirit.”

Each of these fundamental statements is of immense value to the spiritual student. To me, they’re like a child finding a gold coin on the street. (1)

In poring over the documents, I came across this passage which sent me off in an entirely different direction and it’s really this that I’d like to talk about here.

Yogananda said:

“As a soul, man can never find true satisfaction merely through possessions and selfish interests.” (2)

Wonderful benchmarks. I think they’re open to misunderstanding. Let me depart from the usual interpretations in looking at them.

The “soul” is the operator inside the body, operating all the levers. Anyone who has had a lucid out-of-body experience has experienced that soul as being separate from the body.

Souls can never find true satisfaction through objects and selfish interests.

True satisfaction he defines as “eternal, ever-new Bliss, and along with it … Immortality [Ascension], and everlasting consciousness.” (3)

If we lived in the Blissful state Yogananda refers to, which is a state of at least the Fifth Dimension, we would already be what he calls “immortal.”

Immortal as he’s using it simply means that we exist in a Fifth-Dimensional consciousness state or higher. We now no longer need to be born and die.

But in point of fact we always were, are, and will be immortal, no matter what dimension we’re in. The soul never dies.

Yogananda adds to bliss the modifier “everlasting.” That also is significant because Ascension is the first state of consciousness in which this degree of bliss or love is permanently felt.

Even though my experience of it went on for months, it still proved to be only a glimpse. Meanwhile, Ascension is permanent.

Experiencing bliss forever…. Hmmm….  That sure sounds like Ascension to me. (4) But his readership would not have known what he was talking about if he used that term in the 1940s.  (5) So this may be the way he goes about it. That in itself is a fascinating study (when I retire).

But why does he emphasize possessions and selfish interests?

In answering, let me focus on love, just because I think that more people identify with it than bliss.

First, love is very much an inward affair. Although it’s everywhere, each individual, is able to experience it in the heart more sensibly than anywhere else.

Therefore Yogananda advises against seeking it in external objects or concrete possessions. That isn’t the way life was designed. We’re to seek it in our own hearts.

Second, Love and Bliss must flow. They cannot, as far as I’m aware, remain still. To a limited extent, we can circulate them around us but because of the substantiality of the flow (a tsunami), love really needs a bigger target, so to speak … like the world.

“Universal love” is a partial repetition of terms (a pleonasm) because love is already universal.  If one has been in the flow for any length of time, one has seen and felt love’s motion. And its motion is a universal outward flow.

Moreover, love cannot be prevented from flowing in a certain direction. When control is exerted, at that point love disappears. It will not do other than flow; it cannot be forced or contained.

Third, the selfish impulse is a dam in the way of the tsunami of love. Selfishness,where our caring is inward-turned, prevents the experience of higher-dimensional love because it goes against the outward flow that love is. It acts like a barrier.

Trying to restrict all enjoyment to just our own won’t produce the conditions under which we’d experience the kind of higher-dimensional love that I’m pointing at.

But experiencing it, Yogananda says, is the highest goal of humanity. And I totally agree with that statement. I’d add that deepening into it is the highest business of humanity.

I haven’t experienced the depth of love that Yogananda did. But I’ve experienced the same kind of love. I now know the address (the heart).

Where Yogananda is is far down the road from here. But I now know the way. Theoretically, all I need do now is cover the distance. (5)


(1) Yogananda’s statement was important for me for many years – even decades – providing the one link I had between the universal creative vibration that Om is and the Holy Spirit, which I’d already connected to the Divine Mother.

You could say, “Why not use Yogananda to get enlightened rather than to make spiritual equations?”

I’m repeating myself: This is a lifetime of service, not of seeking personal enlightenment. Although that is sure to come as well because service is itself a path to God, it isn’t what I signed on for: I’m a lightworker.

(2) Self-Realization Fellowship Lesson S-5 P-114, p. 6.

(3) Ibid., 5.

(4) Yogananda may have been indicating Ascension when he spoke of “the final state of unbroken oneness with God’s consciousness everywhere – nirbikalpa samadhi.”

“Nirbikalpa samadhi” is an incomplete statement. If it was “kevalya nirvikalpa samadhi,” that would be seventh-chakra enlightenment or Brahmajnana. That is not Ascension. That is halfway up the mountain.

Ascension is “sahaja nirvikalpa samadhi.” “Sahaja” means natural. It’s at least possible that Yogananda was pointing at Ascension. It would have been a rarely-attained state in those days. I only know for sure that, apart from the avatars, Ramana Maharashi attained it. It’s what we’re gradually preparing for as a planet.

(5) That didn’t stop him from inventing words when he needed to, such as “lifetrons.”

(6) But as a pillar, I’m here to the end so no early Ascension for me. Nevertheless, you gatekeepers….???


Yogananda 🧡

Arkansas: Emerging Crystal Portal – James Tyberonn

Arkansas: Emerging Crystal Portal
Written By ~ J Tyberonn

Copyrights Reserved 2019


A few years ago, I attended a Kryon channel in New England that had a serendipitous effect on me. In the course of the channel, Kryon gave a precisely dated timeline of Atlantis, then added that indisputable evidence of Atlantis exists in Arkansas! The comment energized me.

Synchronicity noted. I had been experiencing tugs to do a little ‘global’ exploring in my home state for weeks prior to the Kryon channel. Kryon’ s bidding provoked mental exploration of where the Atlanteans would have left ‘evidence’ in Arkansas.

The first thing that came to mind was diamonds and quartz. Atlantis used them, Arkansas has them. As I began examining possible areas of Atlantean mining, a prolific juxtaposition occurred. I contacted several Lightworkers about the subject, and soon learned that many Earth-Keepers had been recently receiving intuitive tugs regarding Arkansas.

The referred serendipity became quite poignant. I became keenly aware that Arkansas’s unique geology would play a major role in the ascension of the planet. (A separate topic from the search of Atlantis, yet equally fascinating …and perhaps more important.)

The Trip to Arkansas:

I loaded my Suburban and made the 8-hour drive to Arkansas’ Ouachita Mountains on a sunny Thursday. The drive was pleasant and uneventful along the flat, straight expanse of Texas highway 59. As I cruised through Texarkana into the rolling green hills of the Ouachitas, the energy became discernibly softer.

My destination was Crater of Diamonds State Park. I spent the night in Magnolia, and drove onward to the diamond mine cum State Park. Interesting things occurred as I entered the Little Missouri River valley that winds serpentine through the lushly forested hills. Pines gave way to thickets of hickory, oak and sweetgum. Occasional sycamore trees stretched high over the green canopy. I felt a distinctive sensation of being lulled into a deep creative serenity … peaceful, yet vividly awake. Ideas and impressions came in from all angles. I was aware of feeling very ‘expansive.’ Time passed quickly, and suddenly I was there. Two hours had passed in what felt like a quarter hour. Interesting energy field!

Mounds & Rivers

As soon as I stepped out of the car, I felt the pull of the crater. The heady perfume of gardenias hung wonderfully in the air, as I ambled to the Park entrance. Nothing like natural incense to kick-start data feed in a power-point! This site would not disappoint me.

I loved the quaint location. The diamond crater is pocketed alongside the Little Missouri River, a clear, pristine river held sacred by the Quapaw Indians. The Quapaws were themselves descended from Mound Builders who had several impressive mounds in the general area. Most notably the Toltec Mounds in central Arkansas, Spiro Mounds in eastern Oklahoma, and Poverty Point Mounds in northern, Louisiana. All built near major rivers.

Arkansas Volcanic Pipe

The diamond crater is actually 3 overlapping volcanic pipes, composed of the telltale green kimberlite soil. The ‘Kimberlite Pipes’ of Arkansas, like the ones found in Africa, are a cornucopia of diamonds, amethysts, peridot, garnet, carnelian and myriad other semi-precious stones. The rich dark soil had been plowed and turned to allow the dozens of ‘miners’ – mainly families and school groups – to dig through the greenish loam for treasures. Everyone seemed happy, and very grounded. There was something both inviting and therapeutic about sifting and digging in that earth. The child in me wanted to tread barefoot in the soft tilled loam, and squeeze it between my toes!

I walked the perimeter, and came upon three young, well-educated Park Rangers giving talks under a pavilion fitted with water lines and screen-meshed shakers, explaining to would be miners the unique geology and strategy of finding gems.

“Over 500 diamonds are found here by visitors each year ,” the Rangers explained. “This is the eighth largest diamond mind in the world, and the only active diamond mine in the United States.” The 20-minute talk was quite comprehensive, geological and useful to the stone miners. Very interesting indeed.

The blue skies began to cloud over so I surveyed the concave crater grounds, and spotted an enormous oak situated on a well-grassed slope. It seemed to call me over, and I joyfully obliged. A soft rain started to fall as I nestled under the thick cover of the big oak. The summer shower was light and passed quickly, creating that pungent, earthy after scent of rain on soil. A soft breeze flowed past, and carried the wafting perfume of gardenias in bloom around the Ranger station. The two aromas mixed in a wonderful aromatic cocktail.

Tyb’s Download

My focal download of information occurred in a span of twenty minutes, but I knew the clarity of this oasis facilitated the flow. I wrote quickly, most of it after the flow, comfortably nestled against the oak. There was a lot of information. I was told Arkansas is being activated as a major portal of the Crystalline 144 grid … and this diamond crater is one of three satellites that will anchor and feed the vortex.

The Vortex

I was told that a wide vortex is in formation that will combine three separate energy fields in Arkansas and western Oklahoma, and this synergistic blend will disseminate a coded-crystalline energy throughout the mid and southern sections of the United States. The vortex will connect and blend three different energy fields: Eureka Springs, the Talimena Ridge (Rich Mountain), and Mount Ida ( Hot Springs).

The center-apex is between Hot Springs Village and Mount Ida. Here the crystal energy will be emanated in a pristine fountain, and carried in a spiraled sweep into eastern Oklahoma and southwest Missouri, in a unique two-segmented vortex. The approximate parameters of the ovalesque (2 part) vortex are Crater of Diamonds, Spiro Mounds, Christ of the Ozarks, Blanchard Springs, and Toltec Mounds. The crown energy is fixed into the area of Queen Wilhelmina State Park, and the heart center of the vortex is located in the area if the river valley rift of the Ozark and Ouachita Mountains, anchored to Mount Magazine, the highest point in the crystalline state.

Stargate Crystal Portal

The portal forming over Arkansas is a function of the Crystal 144 Grid. The portal is, in essence, a white hole, a stargate. It charges energy inward from higher dimensions into the earth plane. The portal will feed coded light energy into the awakened crystals and the crystals will in turn outflow their new and stored energies for distribution by the vortex engine.

Semi-Circular Compression Vortex

This particular vortex has a unique aspect that I have never before encountered. While it is somewhat circular in shape around the crystal portal, it is composed of two semi-circular segments that enclose the energy, but are not connected in terms of energy flow. The energy does not circulate in a circular surrounding motion. Each semi-circular segment shifts in a to and fro movement, similar to the agitator inside a washing machine. The semi-circular templates are fixed in place, and do not shift. The energy patterns rotate within them.

The vortex aperture is of a smaller diameter at the base, and increases in width as it rises higher. Metatron explained that the side-ringer format creates an internal pressure inside the matrix of the vortex, that compresses and accelerates the light-coded crystal energy being vaulted upward. The two fulcrum-tips of the energy movements in each semi-circular template are in multidimensional synchronicity. The momentum of the two contained energies are in balanced opposition to one another. It is, in fact, this balance of opposing motion that holds the vortex intact, and forces the energy upward, jacuzzi style, into the dimensional fields for distribution.

Although the vortex is intricately connected to the portal, it operates from a different grid – the (electro)-magnetic grid (icosahedron) – and operates under different mechanics. The vortex extends to 1000 feet below the earths surface, to about 3000 feet above it. The upper portion of the vortex brings in the hydro energies, the mid portion the crystalline, and the lower segment the magnetics. The portal itself is housed within the vortex, and rises to infinity.

Trinity of Tellurics

Combining three distinct vortices of different telluric energies, and forming one blended mega-vortex is quite a powerful undertaking, and will not happen overnight. The three vortex nodes referenced represent three differing telluric energies:
Crystal energies of the Ouachita Mountains centered between Mount Ida and Hot Springs.
Magnetic energies of the Talimena Ridge on the western borders of the state.
Hydro energies centered in a 70-mile radius around Eureka Springs in the northwest corner of the state.
Each area requires some energy clearing, healing and anchoring. This has been ongoing, and is quickening. There still remains work to do in this regard. The vortex portal matrix became functional and became fully operational in 2012.

Clearing and Preparation of the Three Centers

In general the spring (hydro) energies of the northwest portion of the state are quite clear. The nature of the waters and the relative remoteness and resort status of the area have helped maintain its clarity.

The crystalline and electromagnetic fields need more clearing. This is a work in progress. All Lightworkers can help. Prayers, particularly utilizing an Arkansas crystal are uniquely potent, but all prayer adds to the energy. Many clear, crystalline rivers traverse these mountains, and these aid greatly in the energy balance.

Many Lightworkers and Earth-keepers, as Metatron said, (and I have since confirmed), are being pulled and drawn to the three Arkansas center to aid in preparation for the 2038 Return of Light.

Metatron advises that each continent has its own energetic chakra system, powerpoints , meridians and leys. These are being cleared and reworked to appropriately correlate to each of the three harmonic grids: (1) Dodecahedron Gravity Grid , (2) Icosahedron Electromagnetic Grid (3) Crystal 144 Grid ( double penta dodecahedron).

Crystal Center

The crystalline energy is centered in the Hot Springs – Mount Ida portion of the state. The crystal-bearing quartz deposits occur in strata 35 miles wide and 170 miles long, extending from Little Rock to beyond Talimena. However, the richest deposits occur in a powerful area between Hot Springs, Mount Ida and Jessieville. The mega-crystals are deep below the Hot Springs area.

The thermal waters that give Hot Springs its name are protectors for these generators. The 47 hot springs along the forested southwestern slope of Hot Springs Mountain gush forth nearly a million gallons of 143°F water every day. The water is slightly radioactive, with a very clear, focused energy. This water is remarkably healing, and contains higher dimensional energy codes. The water is very potent, and indeed carries a unique frequency that has long been recognized by the ancients.

There are intermittent pockets of duality that do clearly require work . Hot Springs was an underworld gambling mecca from the 1920s through the early 1960s. Al Capone maintained a residence there as did many crime figures. That energy has been cleared to a large degree, but it is not completed. The Lightworkers drawn to this crystalline vortex over the past decade, are being led to the areas for healing this residue and assist in dimensional alignment. Much of this preparation has been completed.

Talimena Ridge – Magnetic Outflows

The ‘magnetic energy’ is focused around Rich Mountain along the Talimena Ridge of west Arkansas and eastern Oklahoma. Iron and lodestone deposits abound. While most magnetic vortices have a downward pull, the magnetic energy here actually has an outward flow at the numerous vertical and lateral node points along the ridge. This happens, but is rare.

It is in fact this area that is the most powerful centre within the Arkansas vortex, combining most effectively the crystal and hydro energies; magnetically infusing and activating them. A powerful stargate exist near the apex of the ridge near Queen Wilhemena State Park.

I heartily recommend the ridge crest drive from Mena, Arkansas to Talihena, Oklahoma. It rises sharply from the town of Mena, and showcases 70 miles of beautiful overlook vistas, with spectacular views on both sides. Some overlooks are at incredible energy nodes, especially the one just east of the state park hotel. The 70-mile ridge actually contains the highest elevations between the Appalachians and the Rockies. National forests sandwich the ridge with massive tracts of virgin mountain forest, never having been inhabited. The ‘raw’ nature of the forest areas has preempted the need for clearing & balance. Certain points have pockets of a potent magnetic energy that is somewhat electrically imbalanced.

As with many power areas, religious groups have been drawn to the surrounding valleys near the ridge for years. Large groups of Mennonites, Ammonites and Rainbow People have colonies in this area on private lands adjacent to the National Forests. Their sincerity and spiritual seeking has contributed to the vibratory clarity of the Talimena Ridge. Bigfoot & Yeti have been reported in the ridge & virgin forest areas for centuries.

Eureka Springs

The ‘hydro apex’ is centered near Eureka Springs in NW Arkansas. Long viewed as sacred land by the indigenous peoples of the region, the massive spring system that surfaces near Eureka Springs and undulates as an aquifer throughout NW Arkansas & SW Missouri creates an incredible plasmic field of benevolent anionic particles.

The energy here is very balanced and a tangible sense of spiritual well being exists within this area of the Ozark Mountains, centered near Eureka Springs. Several sacred rivers run through this area as arteries of heart energy. These include the Buffalo River, which was protected by a myriad of spiritual forces acting in synchronicity. The Buffalo River became the first river in the USA to be designated a ‘National River’ three decades ago. This declaration provided a protection that prevented commercialization of the area, and halted plans for a hydroelectric dam. Other sacred waters that carry great energies are the Ouachita, Caddo and Cassatot Rivers, and well as lakes Ouachita, Maumelle, DeGray, Heber Springs, Tablerock, Bullshoals and Beaver Lake.

The center of the integral tri-vortex forms around Mount Magazine.

Telluric Field Electrics

As in any field of intensely charged earth, electrics will freely form pockets of anionic and cationic fields. Therefore certain areas will often hold pockets of electrical plasma that are can become overcharged or imbalanced.. Both create a macro balance, yet form a micro imbalance. Areas of benevolent feel usually have a 5-to-4 ratio of anions over cations. When this ratio is not in place, energy pools occur, which create a sense of imbalance. This will happen in pristine or raw areas. Yellowstone is another example of this.

Certain areas with this imbalance are being groomed and redistributed to facilitate the flow of the vortex.

Atlantean Mines in Arkansas

Now, I have completely evaded the initial concept of this article, regarding Atlantis mining in Arkansas … up to this point. So where are they? Perhaps that’s for you to find. The clues given me, after tedious research, and channeled guidance from Tyberonn & Metatron are combined as follows:

Below Mount Ida are ancient remnants of Atlantean tunnels and mines, but these are quite deep.

Outside Eureka Springs is the most likely area. In the labyrinth of limestone caves that network the entirety of the Ozarks are passageways that link into a complex and abandoned facility in which incredible mining structures still remain. These, according to Tyberonn, were used in mining a far more precious substance of which we have no knowledge today. There is a greenish, porous, phosphorus compound mineral that was used in the Temple of Rejuvenation in Atlantis. This mineral is a rare derivative of a more common mineral, and exists in an area not too far from the Christ of the Ozarks region of NW Arkansas. It is near, I was told, a natural body of water. I was also told that when the cave evidence is found, it must be reported to journalists and put on the Internet quickly so that the authorities cannot cover it up and hide it.

One other interesting tidbit that may be related is, it’s a little publicized fact that there are two areas in NW Arkansas where ancient stones have been found, that have petroglyphs – ancient writing similar to Viking runes. These predate Columbus by 300 – 500 years. A more publicized occurrence of this is in the nearby Runestone State Park in eastern Oklahoma, near the Talimena Ridge, in Heavner, Oklahoma. Some speculate an evolved writing similar to the Atlantean hieroglyphics, not unlike rare specimens of the rune writings on certain Mayan ruins. Others believe they are from Viking explorers.

There are vast hollow earth regions deep below the Talimena Ridge which are colonized by what is often referred to as the ‘Blue Beings’. There is additionally a Syrian B base in this area. The magnetic energies provide a stargate matrix that enables entry and exit thru hyper dimensional doorways.

Visitor Information

For visitors, there are dozens of powerful and beautiful areas to visit in Arkansas. Two exceptional drives are Highway 7 beginning at Hot Springs for 80 miles headed northward through the Ozarks. This passes through very potent energies. The Talimena Byway from Mena, Arkansas to Talihena, Oklahoma is another 70-mile stretch that traverses potent energies.

Arkansas is in the rural south Bible Belt, so ‘New Age’ beliefs are not shared by most residents.

Healing, crystal rivers such as the Ouachita, Mulberry, Caddo, Cassatot, Strawberry, Buffalo and Little Missouri flow through the mountains. These are available for white water rafting, and have beautiful cascades in the mountain regions. Springs sites are in Hot Springs, and Eureka Springs. Both are very healing. The War Eagle Mill near Eureka Springs, the Christ of the Ozarks, Rich Mountain, Mount Magazine, Mount Nebo and Hawkbill Overlook are very powerful points, in addition to the ones covered in the article.

In terms of crystals, there are dozens of ‘metaphysical’ mines open to the public. Seekers can dig for their own crystals in rich deposits of laterite earth. This is etherically permitted. However, massive amounts of quartz are being industrially mined on National Forest lands, using bulldozers, backhoes and explosives. This must stop.

Arkansas has the largest deposits of quartz in the United States. There are richly veined deposits of high quality crystal found near the surface in an area between Hot Springs National Park, Mount Ida and Jessieville. Arkansas crystal is noted for its clarity, hardness and several unique electrical properties. Certain mines, most notably the McEarl mine, produce an extremely clear, high frequency crystal, highly prized (and priced) among metaphysical circles. McEarl crystals are very potent, and have a greater hardness and density than standard quartz.

As functions of the new 144 crystal grid, portals are emerging in many areas of the USA, of which Arkansas is just one. The Arkansas portal has a unique function because of its tie-in to the crystalline energy. A vortex is being formed to distribute the energy. Many Lightworkers are drawn to these emerging portals to contribute to the anchoring, alignment and facilitation of these portals. Physical presence is not always required to contribute to the clearing of these portals. Each reader can contribute to forming these portals through intent and prayer.

End of Article


cosmic light female face blue

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Full On Physical LightBody/Reality Upgrades Commence – Lisa Transcendence Brown


Artist ~ Frank Howell


Cosmic Harmonics: Ultra-High Frequency Photonic Symphonics (WE/Gateways are Wide Open)… Full On Physical LightBody/Reality Upgrades Commence


Up Up and Away…
Higher and higher and higher we go….
Off the charts Ultra High Frequency Cosmic Harmonics, Photonics and Symphonics….
Gateways are Wide open and continuing to open wide….
Plasma Crystalline Physical LightBodies Super charging, rewiring, reconfiguring, recalibrating, recoding… re-everything as a part of DNA HARMONIZATION, as well as clearing distortions from within……Photonics accelerate, polarize, unify… provide the ability for each to integrate activated Light Codes fully, for those who are consciously honoring this and not trying to inner-fear with the process (doesn’t fit into old structured/boxes/beliefs).

Photonic activity “rearranges” your molecules, change the atomic structure of your DNA…..

Photonic Light expands your field, collapses anything no longer currently highest aligned for each and restructures all according to “new codes/ways”…………..

Photonic Light activates your Soul Body (LightBody)… from WITHIN YOUR BODY and shuts your human aspect down (when it’s ultra high and there’s any density to clear).

Photonic Light activate “new” (Multi-Dimensional) Information and accelerates the immense evolutionary processes we are powerfully in….

Photonic Light harmonizes from the inside out (and shows each where harmony is “not” fully inside…. by showing up in your external/body/field for you to see and work through, resolve, release, shift, vibrationally align yourself)…

Photonic Light upgrades your carbon-based body vehicle by activating your Gamma Lightbody, Crystalline LightBody, Plasma LightBody (and way so much more)….

Photonic Light decalcifies, decodes and recodes all for each one of us…. making dysfunction/distortions/old illusions visible for each to consciously shift/choose easier…. without the discomfort of separation like before…. yet where there is separation programs/energy still inside, this will become visible more….

Photonic Light is (y/our) SOURCE Consciousness activated, returned and REMEMBERED through our physical form….

Photonic Light creates a plasma experience, a lucid dreamy affect, things move, bend, breathe (sometimes for awhile) and all things reconnect and become visible….. a psychedelic experience for awhile, when moving through the Plasma Corridors/Tunnel/Vortex and “warping” through the Speed of Light…… (this will subside eventually as all “arrive” in new realities)…..

Photonic Light will feel like you are drugged at times, got run over by a Mack Truck and work through your every muscle (grids of your body) and more….

Photonic Light assists all with seeing in illusions (disillusionment is a part of the early processes for awhile), as well as clears heavy inner veils of amnesia……….

Photonic Light makes distortions LOUD… in every way, so these can be seen/heard/recognized…. within each’s own holographic illusion/reality (then what’s next is each’s)….

Photonic Light creates the most electric, magnetic and magical experiences, where all are open, in-tune and allowing/choosing this………………… (Full Presence required for full-on awesomeness)….

Photonic Light amplifies everything…. for each.

Photonic Light…. there is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy so much more. Opens neural pathways, decalcifies and stimulates pineal glands and various parts of the body to clear distortions and wake up…. tingly sensations, zapping and zoom zoom zoom through the brain/heart… blood/oxygen… every cell emitting, transmitting and RAYdiating in all new ways……….

Photonic Light goes straight for density, changes oxygen levels for breathing (blood carrying transmissions/transmitters too)….

Crystals pop, break out, become visible from under the skin on and off for years as each’s purification process increases considerably (I used to call these invisible bug bites)… these are also in every organ, the bones…. eyes….. everywhere… as the whole body undergoes a massive continual detox/clearing/purification process with each mega-blast of High Frequency Light…..

Photonic Light creates the floating affect, as well as gravity lifting/going, heart expansion and linearity goes, as many things occur for vibrational re-balancing of magnetics and multi-dimensional shifting occurs………. It also makes all of YOUR DENSITY heavy so you can feel it, clear it and recognize it. Vibrational tuning is massive during high frequency blasts so that all can FEEL everything (many reasons for this)…..

Photonic Light is how each REMEMBER as all is fully integrated, stabilized and held from within…..

Quantum States of Consciousness and Realities replace old linear/fixed ones…. as each transform, transition and complete immense DNA recoding on every level from deep within………

Open way up, honor your Quantum Lightbody as it does immense work FOR YOU…. your perceptions are important, as this is not something you fix…. It’s more intelligent than your human aspect of you………………… Merging is key here. Separation creates suffering. Control does too. Relax, breathe, listen, honor and allow yourself to “do” this process with great ease too. ♥

p.s. ♫ Photonic Light is beyond POWERFUL, it’s your FREEdom Codes, Cosmic Consciousness, Diamond Light Codes, Crystalline Light, Star Codes and so very much more. It requires your respect….. and “how” you experience these massive upgrades will be determined by how you view/honor/support your physical body as it does all this work for you……………. ♦

Mega Love from me to you!

Lisa Transcendence Brown


Artist ~ Frank Howell

Gratitude to artists & photographers. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

Meeting with an Elemental – Narendra Mishra

Tree Spirit Winter by Rachael DiRenna – an original sculpture


Meeting with an Elemental

Awakening Spark, 20/8/2019

Readers of my blog will know that I don’t consider myself a ‘dream walker’ or someone who regularly receives information from dreams. Yet, I’m no stranger to astral travel during dream state (1). This morning proved to be one such occurrence for me. It was my very first meeting with an elemental spirit.

In the wee hours of the morning, a time sacred to Hindus as Brahmamuhurta – or the time presided over by the Creator, Brahma – my astral journey in dreamtime began.

I suddenly became aware that I was in a vehicle travelling to a temple. Somehow, I missed my turn and ended up going along a strange path. I was unperturbed and decided to follow the road.

Eventually I ended up at another temple in a remote location, surrounded by forest. As I pulled into the car park I realised that service was in progress in the temple.

I came out of the vehicle and was milling about in the driveway, in conversation with someone when I heard a commotion among the trees on the other side of the road.

I turned to see a large treant, an elemental caretaker of trees, walking out of the forest toward me. I went up to greet him with hands folded to my heart, the universal greeting of Namaste.

He greeted me with a deep penetrating look and a sad smile.

“You have to stop the pollution,” he said gravely.

My chest heaved as a wave of grief washed over me.

“I am trying,” I replied, emotionally, “but there are so many humans that just don’t get it.”

Just then a black SUV came seemingly out of nowhere, reversing as if to hit the treant. I rushed to the driver’s side of the vehicle in an attempt to stop the vehicle from the impending crash.

To my surprise, the driver was another treant who spoke to me, “We have already morphed and adapted to humans several times. The next adaptation will not be pleasant to humans.” (2)

Just like that the dream ended and I awoke from my astral travel, both astounded at my unexpected encounter with elementals and the gravity of the situation.

I wondered why they chose to contact me in the first place. Though I’m aware of environmental issues and try to do my part, I’m in no way an environmental activist. Perhaps my role is simply that of communicator –  one which I’m fulfilling through this blog.

​How can we help this sad situation? Knowledge is power. We need to educate ourselves and others. Research and spread the word. Use social media wisely to generate awareness and interest. If you feel moved, start or join an activist group.

A great resource to get started is UN Environment. Undoubtedly, each country and district will have their own guidelines tailored specifically to its own needs.

As Lightworkers we’re already aware that the current mission of Ascension is focused on Earth and ALL of Her inhabitants. We’re already aware that ALL of creation is Divine Consciousness expressed variously as flora and fauna, minerals and elements.

Perhaps it’s time now that we take up the call for authentic Lightworker Leadership in the area of conservation of the environment. (3)


(1) See for example, my most profound awakening experience on the morning of December 20, 2012: Two Unusual Experiences in Tobago.

(2) I have paraphrased the second line since it was not clear exactly what was said. It did have some ominous undertones though.

(3) Synchronistically, Steve Beckow of the Golden Age of Gaia has been inspired recently to raise awareness of Lightworker Leadership recently. See for example, “The Essential Qualities of a Global Leader,” Aug. 20, 2019, at


Gratitude to all artists & photographers. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

Choosing the Way of the Servant – Steve Beckow

Wall Art @ Graphics ‘n’ Tees


Choosing the Way of the Servant

I’ve been wrestling with a problem since I became aware that managing a group of companies was going to be part of my life  – say, around 2015 or so.

That problem is: How to hold onto ultimate authority in the decision-making process while allowing maximum autonomy?

The group of companies I’ll be founding is not designed to provide scope for the ego; it’s designed to be a cooperative enterprise … what does the Council of Love say? … “powered by the heart, fuelled by love”?

Its mission is to create a world that works for everyone – and that has to start with our common organization. So there is a tension between retaining authority and creating a cooperative and collegial enterprise.

Michael, who’s my co-creative partner, has asked me to hold onto ultimate decision-making authority.

Archangel Michael: “You are not to be giving your decision-making capacity away, ever.” (1)

That whole line of counsel plays on me.

My own experience has led me to different places. My authority at the Immigration and Refugee Board was enshrined in legislation and could not be violated except for egregious errors in law.

While I reported to my superiors on matters of work, no one could interfere with my quasi-judicial decisions.

Decision-makers in my organization are an example of people over whom my authority would be limited. But there are many other instances besides them where I need to allow independence.

The only way I can solve the dissonance that arises is to know that the way to exercise authority without offending everyone around me is to remain in the center with it, in balance,in moderation and reasonableness, as with all things.

Any precept or concept applied with balance has a chance of success. It’s when imbalance sets in – what I’ve recently called “not normal” – that trouble begins.

Then another voice chimes in – the voice of the ego that wants to build an empire and sit on a throne and wear a nabob’s turban and…. yada yada….

That voice exists at a level below everyday awareness. Predominantly the part of it I was aware of was a feeling component. I felt those awful, wicked feelings, but below everyday awareness.

So I have the complete wickedness alive in me at a deeper level than I’m ordinarily conscious of. And I think we all have these states, by the way. We pick them up in others as a kind of tone in their voice. The only thing missing is a “heh, heh, heh” and the twirling of a moustache.

My subsconscious wicked voice is aggressive. We all know where that comes from if you’ve been following my blog. (2) It’s uncaring, single-minded, etc. But remember: This is only one part of me (and you) and a removeable part at that (there IS hope).

But there is this aggressive tone to my voice often. My Dad would use his temper to push people around and so do I, at a deep and unconscious level. You can hear it in my tone of voice or see it in what my wife calls my “scared-wolf” look.


I know that grappling with this foe (the ego) is beyond my means. I’ve seen its face in the past (my wife has seen mine when I saw it) and I’ve wrestled with it. It has resources that I, in my everyday consciousness, cannot match. (3)

I therefore made a decision as to what to do to handle the situation that would help me direct a group of companies.

But before I say what it is, let me preface it by repeating that any decision made which is carried out outside the bounds of balance has only a limited chance of success and a significant chance of creating residue. So, in my books, balance in carrying out what I’m about to say is essential.

The decision I made was that there was no room for the ego in anything I was about to do. And the very best way to surrender the ego that I know of, or terrestrial saints have known of since the Vedas, is the way of the servant.

The path of service. Karma Yoga. Seva.  Devotion through service.

It isn’t sexy in our society to say one wants to be a servant.  But it’s liberating to put the self aside.

Archangel Michael, whom I serve, would prefer it if I were familiar with him:

AAM: We want you to be familiar. (4)

And I’ll observe his wishes here as well as anywhere else.

But it’s also deeply ingrained in me not to be overly-familiar because that invites the resurrection of the ego.

While I had very few things I wanted from physical life in any case, I now want to re-look at that from an altogether new level – weeding out that which could result in a reawakening of the ego.

And whatever I find or whatever I do, I simply stop. There’s no need to put anything in its place, although doing that – if its love, compassion, or forgiveness –  can speed its departure. Nevertheless, a simple cessation is enough.

I want to be a servant of Archangel Michael. There’s no outside – or even inside – pressure around me at making that decision. I need a chosen ideal to serve (although we all of us always serve the Mother). Michael does me a favor and an honor in accepting my service.

So please don’t write me and say “you rely on Michael too much” or “why don’t you make your own decisions?” (Actually I do). This is something I do in full awareness, after much reflection and contemplation.

What are the benefits of this particular path – karma yoga?

Service undermines the prime directive of the ego: Always protect the survival of the self and that with which it identifies (family, home, car, pet, savings, etc.).

It does so by taking the focus off the little self and placing it on the other person. In my experience, that turns out to be all that’s needed.

We take our attention off the voice of the ego and put it on the needs of the other person. The voice of the ego finally falls silent. Getting no attention from us, there’s no Velcro to stick to.

No big deal. No sound and lights. When a movie is over, we all just get up out of our seats and leave the hushed theater.  In the same way, when the lights come on, do we leave the theater of the ego.


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow, Oct. 2, 2013. [Hereafter AAM.]

(2) Hatred of my father. Michael and I had the following conversation on it:

Archangel Michael: Why do you doubt or question your words [in writing a Declaration of Freedom]?

Steve: My words? Well, I think I do it because I’m a man who hated his father so I have no right to exist in the world. I think that’s the bottom line.

AAM: So having accepted that and realized that you do not need to carry that and understanding that I would interject and correct, if necessary, what did not sit well with us or with the Mother, proceed.

This is an assumption of your divine authority. This is your assumption of your right to declare your heart’s desire and dream for all of humanity and I am right there with you so stop hesitating. (AAM, June 9, 2017.)

(3) For instance, the ego is interdimensional.

(4) AAM, Jan. 3, 2017.


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Gratitude to all artists & photographers. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

Assisting, Clearing & Healing Mother Gaia – Suzanne Lie

female face art by Amanda Sage - light - cosmic

Artist ~ Amanda Sage


Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Assisting, Clearing and Healing Mother Gaia

The Arcturians and Galactic Family Through Suzanne Lie

As you commune and communicate more and more with “your” Higher Dimensional Expression of SELF, you will also move into the higher dimensions TOGETHER. Via this this Unity Consciousness, you all will increasingly comprehend and embrace the planet that YOU ARE!

Then you will also remember how to be grateful for the service that you all give in assisting, clearing and healing beloved planet Gaia.

More and more, you, the brave ones who chosen to take an earth vessel during this NOW, are beginning to realize that this is the time of extreme polarity These extreme polarities naturally occurs before you begin your union with One!

As humanity increasingly joins with the  forces of Love and Light, the “Forces of Destruction” may appear to be stronger than the “Forces of Construction.” Therefore, we ask you to remember your other incarnations during times of great transition so that you can recollect that the dark appears stronger because the fear is stronger.

This fear is partially because humanity’s greatest fear has always been of the “UNKNOWN,” which you will be entering more and more each day. It is because of this amplification of the UNKNOWN that it is important for you to have your Third Eye opened.

When your Third Eye is closed, you perceive your reality only through your human eyes. On the other hand, when your Third Eye IS open, you perceive your reality through the ”Eyes of Soul.

Hence, you will have less fear of the UNKNOWN, as you will KNOW much more. Most of all, you will KNOW that you are ONE with all life.

Every part of your body vibrates to its own rhythm, and your brain has a unique set of “brainwaves”. In neuroscience, there are five distinct brain wave frequencies, namely Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta and the lesser known Gamma.

As you learn and remember your innate mind control while your are in the deeper states of consciousness, you will realize how you have the innate ability to open up to the world of your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is where you can create your reality from your own will, as well as  with a more exact precision.

Each frequency of consciousness measures certain cycles per second (Hz), that have their own set of characteristics which represent a specific level of brain activity, which will awaken your long forgotten, unique states of consciousness.

These states of consciousness are:

Beta (12-30Hz):

Beta brain waves are associated with normal waking consciousness and a heightened state of alertness, logic and critical reasoning. As you go about your daily activities you are at Beta. Although important for effectively functioning in everyday life, higher Beta levels translate into stress, anxiety and restlessness.

  With the majority of adults primarily operating at Beta Wave Consciousness during their waking hours, it is of little wonder that stress is today’s most common health problem. The voice of Beta is the little nagging, chatterbox of your inner critic, who becomes louder and more relentless as you operate more and more from that frequency of consciousness

Alpha (7.5-12Hz):

Alpha brain waves are present in deep relaxation with the eyes usually closed and while day-dreaming. This relaxed and often, detached, awareness is achieved during light meditation. Alpha wave consciousness is optimal for programming your mind for success.

Alpha waves heightens your imagination, visualization, memory, learning and concentration. Alpha waves are an effective baseline for your conscious awareness and are the gateway to your subconscious mind. The voice of Alpha is your intuition, which becomes clearer and more profound the closer you consciousness get to 7.5Hz.

Theta (4-7.5Hz):Theta brain waves are present during deep meditation and light sleep, including the REM dream state. Theta is the realm of your subconscious mind. It is also known as the twilight state as it is normally only momentarily experienced as you drift off to sleep (from Alpha) and arise from deep sleep (from Delta).

It is then that a sense of deep spiritual connection and oneness with the Universe can be experienced. Vivid visualizations, great inspiration, profound creativity, exceptional insight, as well as your mind’s most deep-seated programs, are all at Theta. Theta wave consciousness has been called  “the voice of silence.”

Delta (0.5-4Hz):The Delta frequency is the slowest and is present in deep, dreamless sleep, and in very deep, transcendental meditation in which you may feel completely detached.  Delta is the realm of your unconscious mind.

It is the gateway to the Universal Mind and the Collective Unconscious in which information is received that is otherwise unavailable at ones conscious awareness. Delta is associated with deep healing and regeneration, and underlies the importance of deep sleep and the healing process.


Theta Brainwaves (4-7 cps) occur in sleep and is dominant in your highest state of meditation. Normally, you will only experience theta waves as you drift off to sleep, during some dreaming, and as you return from the depths of Delta sleep.

The pictures you perceive during Theta Wave Meditations quickly drift off and awaken and arise from theta consciousness. During Theta Wave meditations, you are in a waking dream where vivid imagery flashes before your inner vision. In this state, you are extremely receptive to information sent from the higher dimensions.

The Shamanic State of Consciousness, which is theta brainwaves, allows you to journey into the higher planes. The steady-rhythmic beat of the drum struck four and one-half times per second (Theta Brainwaves are 4-7 cps) is the key to transporting a Shaman into the deepest part of Shamanic trance.

The constant and rhythmic-drone of Tibetan Buddhist chants that transport the monks and other listeners into realms of blissful meditation also follow this rhythm. Through Theta Wave meditation, you can open your Third Eye and access the Delta Waves that unite us all with Universal Energy and Galactic Consciousness.

You can then also access your newly discovered extremely high and low brainwaves of Gamma, Hyper Gamma, Lambda, and Epsilon. Theta waves have also been identified as the gateway to learning and memory.

Theta meditation increases creativity, enhances learning, reduces stress and awakens intuition as well as other extrasensory perception skills. Theta consciousness allows you to connect with your creative inspirations, spiritual guidance and peak experiences.

Theta consciousness opens the portal into the fourth/fifth dimension and beyond. Hence, while in theta consciousness you can receive, and even understand, stimuli from the higher dimensions while also being aware of the physical world.

This reception of multidimensional stimuli is natural for Theta consciousness, but it is impossible for your everyday, Beta Brainwaves and difficult for your Alpha Brainwave thinking.

You can learn to pass the multidimensional information received while you are in Theta Meditation on to your Alpha Wave consciousness so that you can translate the information into the 3D, sequential time/space.

If you draw a picture, write it down, sing, dance, or move to that stimuli, you can then train your mind to “decipher” the messages.


Breathe in and out through your nose.

With your in-breath, sniff-up like you would smell a flower, but extend the inhale.

Exhale through your nose while you feel your breath move across the roof of your mouth.

Concentrate on that sound as you exhale.

Now, imagine that your exhale is going out through the mandala in the center of your Third Eye.

Next, imagine that you are inhaling through your Heart Chakra and exhaling through your Third Eye until you feel completely grounded.

When you are ready, begin to imagine that you are inhaling through your Crown Chakra and exhaling through your Third Eye.

Focus ONLY on the sound of your inhale and exhale, as well as any inner visions.

  • Passively observe your thoughts as they pass across your mind, Then RELEASE them with your next exhale.
  • Calmly allow ALL emotions to come into your awareness, Then RELEASE them with your next exhale.
  • Focus only on the sound of your breath and your inner visions.
  • ALLOW your inner vision to gradually revolve and/or alter.
  • If you are having extraneous thoughts, place them in the background, while you place your Inner Vision.
  • Repeat this exercise for five or ten minutes.

Congratulations! Whatever your experience was, give yourself credit for taking the “time” for your SELF. It is the constant dedication to awakening your SELF that is important. Different people have different forms of meditation, according to their personality. Some may need to have a more active meditation, such as running, dancing or playing an instrument.

However, most of these activities can’t be done with your eyes closed; and you need to close your eyes and shut out the outer stimuli to reach theta wave. Therefore, you can try exercising, doing yoga, singing, playing an instrument, etc., before you sit down for a short mediation. This will allow your body a chance to “work out” its tension and more easily “hold still.”

The most important thing is that you chose to participate in the process of awakening to your true, multidimensional SELF. I, Gaia, appreciate your effort and KNOW that you shall find that for which you seek. Remember, my ones, it is in the journey that you find fulfillment.

Release your third dimensional programming of “trying for a goal.” You are all perfect in this moment. You needn’t TRY.

Instead, people of my body, REMEMBER who you already ARE!

Thank You,


Posted by Suzanne Lie at 10:34 AM


Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

Interdimensional Communication – Suzanne Lie

Shimmering Blues by May Fong @ DeviantArt


Saturday, August 17, 2019

Interdimensional Communication –The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Dear Arcturians,

Do you have a message for me to share?

Yes, we would like to talk with you all, meaning everyone who reads this inter-dimensional message. First, we wish to remind you all that when we speak through one of our channels, such as Suzanne Lie, we are speaking to everyone who finds themselves reading our information.

We Arcturians are happy to report that there are are more and more humans who are activating their own manner of “inter-dimensional communication.” Interdimensional Communication simple means that you are having a communication with a higher frequency of your own Multidimensional SELF, and/or communications with higher dimensional beings.

These higher dimensional beings, who are beings that are NOT wearing an earth vessel, are resonating to the frequencies of the higher fourth, fifth and beyond frequencies of reality. However, they do “over light” the third/fourth-dimensional humans who have chosen to take an earth vessel to better assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension.

A “Planetary Ascension” is when an entire planet expands its frequency range from the first through third, into the fourth dimension, and then into the
“ascended” fifth-dimensional planet.

Very often, the fifth dimensional, planetary expression of reality is known as “Heaven” which life forms will enter when their third/fourth dimensional Earth is no longer connected to their third-dimensional human form.

Fortunately, all humans have a Multidimensional Self which resonates beyond, yet still encompasses the third dimension, which is the frequency which is the frequency of reality which the third dimensional, earthbound humans experience during their incarnation on Earth.

Fortunately, the higher fourth and fifth-dimensional frequencies of your human expression is dedicated to sending higher dimensional message to any and all third-dimensional humans on Earth who will listen to, and hopefully, share, the higher dimensional messages that they have received.

Let us explain what we mean by a “higher dimensional communications.” A higher dimensional communication is one that forms a bridge between their third-dimensional human self and their fifth-dimensional Higher SELF.

If the earth-bound human has chosen to acknowledge this innate, yet often unused, component of themselves, they will begin to remember their other incarnations, their life on their Starship and the adventures and experiences of a fifth-dimensional reality.

If a human does remember these important components of themselves and chooses to establish a daily communication with this higher dimensional component of their own Multidimensional SELF, they will also begin to remember the higher fourth and fifth-dimensional experiences that they are experiencing.

These “experiences” are often called “dreams,” “daydreams” and/or “imagination.” These words are chosen as then they do not carry a sense of responsibility to listen to, document and share their higher dimensional messages with others.

We realize that it takes a great deal of courage to allow others to know that you are having experiences that many humans may title as, “fake, make-believe, just a dream, or total nonsense.”

We, your Galactic Family, remember each and every ONE of you who have managed to remember your TRUE SELF in the midst of the lies and illusions that have been sent out by the dark ones so that they can maintain their “power OVER others.”

Power over others is what the “un-awakened ones” need to experience in order to have any connection with a powerful component of themselves. However, these Lost Ones do not realize that they need to have power over others because they cannot find, and live within their own INNER POWER.

When one has found their own Inner Power, they have no need at all to have power over because the experience of having Inner Power will NOT allow you to try to have power over.

In fact, if Inner Power is used to have Power Over, that inner power will be lost. The reason why one’s inner power becomes lost by using it for power over is that their consciousness will no longer resonate to the higher fourth and fifth dimension when one misuses their inner power as a means to express their Inner Power.

Inner Power is a higher fourth and fifth-dimensional frequency of expression. If one uses their Inner Power to have “power over others” their Inner Power will be replaced by “Selfish Power.” Selfish Power is when one keeps their power inside to only be used for themselves. However, these selfish ones do not realize that Power needs to “give to others,” and not to be “saved for one’s own self.”

Real Power acknowledges that all of Gaia’s beings, such as plants, waters, skies, air, etc. need to be cared for and respected. Real Power means that humans want to use their Inner Power to keep the skies clear, the water pure, the earth free of the poisons that are used to “help things grow” even though it may destroy the earth.

Unfortunately, those who use whatever power they have to gain “Power OVER others” are working against the ONE rather than with the ONE. The “ONE” in this case means the “collective balance of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water that allows Gaia to “keep in rhythm with Her entire Planetary SELF.

When human think of Gaia as a living being who is sharing Her “Planetary Form” with the small beings known as humans. These small (small in comparison with the size of the entire planet) know as “humans,” came from other planetary systems to inhabit the planet Earth.

Everyone had great hopes for Earth, as she had such a great position within Her cycle around the Sun. Hence, for many millennia Gaia, the name that was lovingly given to Her, lived a beautiful jewel of a planet. That is until the humans began “take what they wanted” with NO consideration how they would be harming the very planet on which THEY chose to incarnate.

Something went wrong! Over time, the humans who had come many other planets and even Star Systems to experience the Paradise known as Planet Earth began to think of dearest Gaia, as a “thing that they could take from others, buy from others and OWN as their property.

When they thought of their home on Gaia as “their property” they forgot that Gaia was a living being and could “die” just like the humans eventually died. Therefore, since the humans knew that they would “die” they grabbed onto, stole, owned, harmed and took power-over the land that was never really theirs.

This land, no matter how much of their sacred money they spent to have, always did and always would belong to Gaia—the Mother of planet Earth.  When the humans were “primitive,” they thought of Gaia as a living being. They respected Her, had ceremonies to protect and communicate with Her.

But then the humans evolved.  Actually, in their relationship with their home planet, humans devolved. As humans “evolved” they stopped having the sacred ceremonies to honor dear Gaia. They no longer thought of Gaia as a huge circular being that was fully ALIVE.

Then, humans stopped worshiping Gaia and began “owning Gaia.” They used their money, which came from the Gold that they found inside of Gaia’s body and took it for themselves. Then they used the Gold, which eventually became “money” to buy what they wanted to own.

Then, once they owned the land, they started to damage it. They also damaged the waters and the skies. But the humans did not care. It was a big planet. If they ruined a certain area, they would just move on to destroy another area of Gaia.

The Galactics, who lived in the higher dimensional worlds that surrounded the third-dimensional world of Gaia, tried to awaken the humans to the fact that if they were harming their own home. But it was a big planet, so once they damaged one area, they would just move on to another area.

However, some of these areas had long been under the loving guardianship of the “primitive” humans who had lived in harmony with Gaia for millennia. But this new version of humans had become so lost in their need to take over whatever they wanted, killed many of these native beings so that they could eventually ruin that area as well.

And so, the destruction of the Heavenly World of Gaia begins. As the humans evolved, many – too many—of them chose to be DESTRUCTIVE rather than CONSTRUCTIVE with their management of the property that they had stolen for the “Native Ones” who had always loved and protected Gaia.

We, the Arcturians, Pleiadians, Venusians and other beings from other areas around Gaia took incarnations on Gaia to try to assist her. However, since they were NOT on the side of respect and love for the planet that gave them a home, they thought of Gaia as a thing.

Because they were so small and Gaia was too large, they wanted to own Her, take form Her, damage Her so that they could get what they wanted right now, for free, and with NO respect, or even knowledge, that Gaia is a living being!!

If they did know that Gaia was a living being, they did not care.  Then went around  Gaia’s earth taking what they wanted and killing those who stood in their way. This was NOT a good beginning for Life on planet EARTH!

But now humanity is “evolved,” “educated,” even “religious.” However, have they changed their attitude towards the Planet Gaia that had given them a home?

The answer to that questions is hard to find, as many will say they care for their planet, but what do they DO to TAKE CARE OF THEIR PLANET?

This is a question that those who love Gaia, know the answer, and those who do not care about Gaia, will not care to answer the question. They are too busy making money so that they can do more things that end up harming Gaia.

When will humanity realize that Gaia needs them NOW?

Contact your own Higher SELF to answer that question!

Blessings from The Arcturians

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 9:51 AM

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah


Peace is Like … Granite – Steve Beckow

Peace of Mind painting by Anuradha Kulkarni @ FIZDI

*: ..:*☆☆*: ...:*☆☆*: ...:*

Peace is Like … Granite

Things like peace, abundance, and mastery, it turns out, are actual states of consciousness, rather than merely everyday feelings.

These divine states of consciousness – I think I can call them that – bear as little resemblance to a feeling as higher-dimensional love bears to everyday love.

I’ve been in all three states briefly and was astonished to find each was higher-dimensional like transformative love. Each was rich in love. It was as if all four experiences (the three states plus love) ended in the same place. (1)

But peace astonished me most of all. I expected it to be soft and gentle. Instead it was hard as granite and my stance in it was extremely stable. (2)

That makes sense if you think about it. When we’re losing our peacefulness and venturing into conflict, we talk about there being “a tremor in the force.” We experience negative feelings as if they were an interruption in what would otherwise be a state of wellness.

We lose the confidence that comes from standing solidly on and for a divine state such as peace.

I was astonished to hear Archangel Michael describe peace in the same way:

“Peace is solid.

“There are so many divine qualities that do feel amorphous, light, airy, like a spring day. And yet peace (you have this expression), you can take it to the bank. It feels like ballast. It feels like granite because it is solid. And dare I say immutable. That is why I continue to keep emphasizing that peace within, that rock-solid granite within.” (3)

It was not at all what I was expecting.

Neither was the wonderful experience of abundance – which is what Michael is pointing at when he uses the words “spiritual currency.” I could live in that state of abundance and never want or own a penny.

And I couldn’t even begin to describe mastery. Just think of your Higher Self and that will capture it.

Living in any of the three would be higher-dimensional, ascended states. And we will live there. Meanwhile we can visit as the current floats our boats ever higher.


(1) The three – abundance, mastery, and peace – were divine states. Love is what all divine states appear to be made of.

(2) A description of the experience appears here:  “The Peace that Passeth Understanding,” July 18, 2017, at

(3) “Archangel Michael on AHWAA: Achieving Inner Peace,” 

Here is an earlier reference from him to peace being like granite:

Archangel Michael: So, when you think of things that you should do, are supposed to do, might do, and it doesn’t ignite that fire of excitement, and that granite of peace, then you are being given an important piece of information, which is ‘look elsewhere.’ Is that clear?  (“Transcript ~ Archangel Michael: You Have Chosen to Be the New Paradigm of Love, May 31, 2018,” June 7, 2018 at

Peace of Mind painting by Anuradha Kulkarni @ FIZDI

Gratitude & thanks to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

Tensions – Steve Rother @ ESPAVO

The Guardian - art by Karl Bang - female face animal

The Guardian ~ Artist Karl Bang


August 2019
Beacons of Light

Read Channel | Watch Channel Print Text | Download or Listen

NOTICE: The following channels were given live on the VirtualLight Broadcast and can be heard as they were originally recorded. Below is an edited version of the same channel designed for print. These were edited with the group’s oversight and approval. I hope you enjoy them. Steve Rother


Beacons of Light August 2019

Greetings dear ones,

I am Merlia and I join you this day to intersect your lives with magic. Dear ones, magic is not limited to planet Earth. You are spirits first and humans second, so your history goes far beyond your limited game on planet Earth. And there are exciting changes on the horizon for you in the next year. But will you see these changes as successful? Humans measure success in many ways: financial wealth; career; social status; where or how you live; political or religious affiliations; sexual preference, and so forth.

In Between the Breath

Let us show you the larger picture of the collective human heart. Humans are in a state of incredible tension. It has been this way for some time and, of course, you feel it. That tension acts as a breath, for it intensifies then relaxes, only to intensify again. During these times of change, dear ones, you have opportunities to look at your surroundings from a different perspective. However, that’s often very challenging for humans. Why? Because when you finally find a truth that resonates, quite often you don’t realize that truth is an evolution. Instead, you may try to hold it as a stationary object. But when this happens the truth eventually dissipates, so you move on to find a new truth.

Yes, it’s a very fascinating situation. Your reality is created in every single moment, not only by your own thoughts but also by the collective’s. So, let us share a little something about what is happening with the collective, because we believe that you’ll see all of this on planet Earth right now. You are experiencing so much separation. Quite literally, your planet and the game on planet Earth could be defined as separation. We know, we say that to you all the time. You are pretending to be separate from each other when in reality you’re all connected because you’re spirits. We’ve told you before, dear ones, you are God. That’s hard to take because you have an ego, which makes it very difficult to bring all of that through. If you look at it as the collective it’s true, but here’s the interesting piece. During this incredible compression you’ve been experiencing for the last several years, you’re seeing things change. Your enemies are now becoming your friends; in reality, up is down. You’ve lost trust with one another, but now everything is shifting. If you’re thinking that we are talking about a person, religion, or political ideal, then you are not seeing the larger picture.

The most important part of all this is the collective heart of humans, which is starting to show itself. You’re starting to see this in different ways now. You’ll notice the cosmic winks and we ask you to pay attention to them, because they’re everywhere. If you just look for them, you will find them. On the final day of pride month in New York City, a beautiful rainbow magically appeared over the city. What a magical cosmic wink! They felt invigorated and in love with everything at that moment. Imagine their surprise, when they discover that the love they shared actually created the rainbow.

Emerging Heart

The most important part here is that during these incredibly tense times, change really will be possible soon. You may be wondering if that change will be a good change. That, of course depends on your perspective. Once change is in motion, the human heart emerges. That is what we watch for from this side of the veil, for it is the heart of humanity that will trigger evolution.

One’s natural reaction may be to look around, take an inventory and ask, “What is everybody thinking? What is everybody feeling?” Of course, there’s no way that you can reach a consensus because you’re all incredibly divided along so many lines. There’s really no one place to look and see where the collective vibration of humanity is at that moment. But given that, here’s the beautiful part. You have a survival instinct that is innate in the physical part of your being. That survival instinct puts you first every single time, which is natural. And that will kick in if the tension becomes too dense.

Tension Increases

A short time ago we spoke of huge amounts of cosmic radiation falling upon Earth, which has greatly added to the tension. As people then go into survival mode, the tension gives an illusion of separation. That is then followed by frustration, which in turn leads to anger. This is happening on a global basis and that is adding to the compression of energy that you’re feeling.

In the United Kingdom there is still Brexit. They are struggling with these ideas about whether to harmonize or to separate? Please know that this it is not actually about an exit or remaining in the European Union. Here’s what we ask you all to observe during these tense times: are you making decisions out of love, or out of fear? This will be happening consistently, because it’s being propagated. So, what we’re going to ask you to do is this: open your heart and you will realize that every single person on Earth is really just doing the best they can. These are tense, challenging times, and you are all feeling the energy of that in some way. Dear ones, I have been observing the rise of feminine empowerment. That is even what called me in as a singular entity. Please know that all of humanity is moving at the incredible speed of love. Be patient with the angry and the confused. It’s very powerful, a little scary, and often rather difficult to slow down and navigate those turns when you’re moving so quickly. Whenever possible, just give them a wide berth.

But here’s the most important piece. What we really want to ignite within all of you here today is this: the heart of humanity is truly good. When you get past all of the fear, you’ll find that there’s so much love on planet Earth that it’ll start showing. Yes, even in your enemies or those you think are doing wrong on planet Earth. And even those who you are fighting against, because you have opportunities now to connect in a whole different way.

The Esayoto

You have a new level of existence that’s waiting for you. The Esayoto is a true 5th dimensional space, and it is literally at your command. You have so much happening simultaneously right now that it helps to have a place to balance. Most humans don’t understand that they have actually won the game for it’s difficult to see, especially when traveling at this speed. Take a step back when you can and refresh, for you will be needed. Re-member, dear ones, all you need to do is acknowledge someone’s bright eyes.

“Oh, you have a beautiful smile! Wow, what you just said really touched my heart.” When you hear something like that, it grounds your heart. Then when you acknowledge that, it spreads quickly. You have no idea how connected all of you are. You are creating a new reality on planet Earth, dear ones, so please do not measure this in your typical ways. Because if you do, you’ll think that you have failed miserably. That is simply not true. There are other levels that are taking place here, as if to distract you in some way. Be patient, for the human heart will emerge soon. Re-member, it happens in waves.

Make the space for the feminine to rise and ground, which is incredibly important at this time. Yes, it is rising. It’s here, and you’re all working with it. It’s working because the feminine energy is not about exclusion or force, it’s about harmony. Whether you’re masculine or feminine in physical form really makes no difference. This is the age of the softer, gentler energy, even though when you turn on your television, you witness the opposite. Just look for the good, dear ones. Just look at what happened in New York City and what the human heart is wanting to do, because soon it will finally have a chance.

Fall In Love

You complete the larger circle when you hold hands. The time is now. You’re here, welcome home. Fall in love, dear ones. Fall in love with yourself, fall in love with people, and fall in love with Earth. It’s time to reignite that beautiful human heart, so we’re asking you to assume that responsibility now. It is with the greatest of joy that I greet you at these incredible moments on your evolving planet. We ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together dear ones. It is a game. Your game is in motion and changing all the time. The important thing is to have a good time and to fall in love.

I am Merlia.

Come up and see me sometime!



The Guardian ~ Artist Karl Bang

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After the Event: Archangel Michael Discusses a Heart Opening – Steve Beckow

Awakening ~ Art @ Tracy Lewis Art Studio


After the Event: Archangel Michael Discusses a Heart Opening

In rummaging through my files for a quote on “drama,” I happened instead on this remarkable interview I had with Archangel Michael the very day of my 2015 heart opening.

Since we as a planet are going through a more gradual version of one, what Michael has to say here must surely be of interest.

Let me set the chronology straight. The heart opening occurred on March 13, 2015 at 7:00 am in the morning.

I’m not going to describe the experience. That’s been done. (1)

But, as it was happening, I knew that three hours later I’d be speaking to Michael and this then is that conversation.

I’m saying to him, what in heaven’s name was that? And he’s telling me, including why it happened.

Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, March 13, 2015.

Archangel Michael: And yes, your heart is open. The opening is, and will, and shall continue.

Steve: You mean permanently, Lord, really?

AAM: Yes

S: Oh my! Please!

AAM: Because, you have said yes! …

This occurs, not merely because you have asked for it, but because you (and this does apply to the collective) have done your, can we say, your homework, your due diligence.

What we mean by this is simply, think of it in spatial reality, time and space reality: you have created the space for this [energy of love] to, not only pass by you like a passing breeze or a rain, but to anchor within you because there is a sense of this spaciousness within thee. …

When one is clinging to core issues, to fear, to lack, to limitation – you know the list – there is not that sense, not only of spaciousness, but of acceptance, allowance, readiness and even permission. Because as you know, we continually say that we will never override your free will.

So, if the will, either actively or subconsciously, is actually choosing to still engage in the issues or the drama, then although we are standing at readiness and still penetrating you, that open door is not there. [My emphasis.]

S: So, the open door was there with me?

AAM: That is correct.

S: Did the exercise of bringing love up from my heart and sending it out through my third eye to the world play a role in this?

AAM: Yes, it did.

S: Could you talk about that for just a bit, please?

AAM: One of the strongest or the ultimate expressions of love, of willingness to not only participate in love but to be the love, is in the sharing. To say that you are love, or are loved, or you love this, that, someone… but [then] you keep it within you, you hoard it.

And we do not necessarily mean that in a negative way – sometimes the feeling is so blissful you do not wish to actually take the next step quite yet, in terms of sharing.

The ultimate experience is in the sharing. This is what we speak of when we speak of sacred union and partnership. How can you possibly be in any form of partnership with humanity, with the Star-beings, with us, with any being, if you are not sharing?

So what you do when you bring the love up and out, when you begin to send it, to share it, it is as if you have in fact activated what we call the wellspring. The visual you may think of is the volcano. [This is the explosive heart opening.]

It is not that you empty out. It is that you discover that that wellspring is SO full and overflowing that it is a steady stream. That steady stream does not ever, ever – think of what I say! – it never has to cease!

Try to imagine what he’s talking about – an endless stream, an eternal wellspring of love – it never has to cease. That’s what a heart opening liberates in us.

And that’s the process that we as a globe are currently going through, more gradually than I did (or Bright Star). It’s only one step in our Ascension process, an “ignition,” a  “jump” as the Mother calls it. (3)


(1) A heart opening is a fourth-chakra event. When the kundalini reaches the fourth chakra, the heart opens. I’ve experienced another type of fourth-chakra event as well  (at Xenia).  Hindus call a fourth-chakra event spiritual awakening; Buddhists call it stream-entering.

We as a planet are in the midst of a global heart opening.

Of it, Michael said recently: “The global opening of the heart, the activations, the awakening and the activation shall we say of heart intelligence, of being anchored in that area of the heart is progressing phenomenally well. … We would say you are well past the halfway mark, dear hearts.”  (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Aug. 2, 2019.)

That may be why I feel so moved to talk about my experience – because we’re all going through a gradual version of what for me was explosive. I so hope I’m right.

My heart opening is described here: “Submerged in Love,” March 14, 2015, at

Bright Star’s heart opening is described here:

“Bright Star: An Account of a Heart Opening,” December 29, 2017,

The Xenia experience is described here:

“Archangel Michael Explains What Happened at Xenia,” September 22, 2018, at

As with the heart opening, I had prearranged a half year earlier with Linda to have a reading with him before there was a thought of Xenia. (These things are fixed! Ask the archangels!)

(3)  Divine Mother: “Then there is another jump, and another jump, and another jump. And you don’t know it — well, some of you do — but you are leap-frogging. And then you will be there [Sahaja Samadhi and Ascension]

SB: Now, are those jumps equivalent to sub-planes?

DM: You can think of it as sub-planes, dimensional sub-planes, yes.  (“The Divine Mother: We are Creating a New Species of Humans (Repost),” September 15, 2017, at


Awakening by Tracy Lewis Art Studio - female fade flowers

Awakening ~ Art @ Tracy Lewis Art Studio

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A New Pattern From The Future – Peggy Black & Team

Artist ~ Minjae Lee


Greetings to my beloved Morning Message family August 19, 2019
~ My Personal Message ~

This has been a slow and easy month. I willingly allowed myself to nap and rest as often as possible. I am so grateful that my body recovered quickly. Each day has truly felt like a gift.

I have appreciated the care, compassion and professional support of the medical service in my community. The individuals who work each day in the medical profession certainly deserve our praise and gratitude.

I was so grateful and delighted to have my septic system restored. This is a big project and has been on my to-do list for three years. I am still in the process of restoring the garden to its serene beauty.

If you are thinking about having a session with the ‘team’ please contact me and we can arrange a time that will serve you and your questions about your future and the energy you are feeling right now. The ‘team is very generous with the information that they offer.

One of the special opportunities that I value so much is the personal contact and friendships that have been formed from individuals having a private session. It is such an honor to do this work and offer the energy of the ‘team’ to others.

You kind emails, your stories inspire me to continue this work. Thank you for your incredible support with bluesky donations. We are a powerful community of spiritual beings and I am honored to be a part of our service together. We are making a difference. Together we will continue to envision a reality that is life sustaining for all. Blessings of grace and joy, Peggy

~ Message from the ‘Team’ ~

A New Pattern From The Future
Peggy Black and the ‘team’

We are here to once again support your presence in the dense, challenging reality. We invite you to pause, take a deep breath, and acknowledge that all is well and more. It is a simple exercise; however, you will discover that this is a simple method to reset your energy.

In the world of quantum physics, everything is energy. Realize that the tissues and organs of your body are composed of cells, the cells are made up of molecules, the molecules are composed of atoms, atoms are made up of sub-atomic particles and sub-atomic particles are made up of energy!

You are pure energy – light in its most magnificent form and expression. You, as energy, are constantly changing and you actually control it all with your powerful mind and awareness. You are one big stellar and powerful Human Being.

Your entire existence, all matter, all life, all experiences, everything owes its existence in the physical world to energy Absolutely everything is energy.

Right now the energy of your reality is really unpredictable. Humanity is riding chaotic waves and navigating massive energy oscillations. Notice when you go from being peaceful to being frantic, and unfocused.

Remember the importance of resetting your energy. Pause, take a deep breath, place your awareness in your heart and create a coherent energy vibration of compassion, appreciation, love, forgiveness and allow that vibration to radiate out into your personal energy signature. Allow this energy field to surround you and touch all those you encounter. Trust us, the others will feel this calming energy that you offer.

There is an opportunity to create a new earth template. You are a part of the collective consciousness as an awakened and aware multidimensional being who is setting these goals and calling them forth.

Consider for a moment that there are multiple timeline patterns that are crossing your current time line. When this occurs there are opportunities to use these moments as portals of change. With your focused energy and intent you can call forth a new pattern from the future.

Using your focused energy and imagination, envision, invite, summon, or command a reality for this dimension that is life sustaining, honoring for all, an evolution of consciousness. Invite your future self to assist with this creation. Allow yourself to feel this realization, celebrate this realization with gratitude.

Imagine the possibilities that these realities will be carried in your own energy field and act as holographic communication to all that you meet or encounter. In this manner you are seeding the field with awesome future possibilities.

Watch what you focus upon. Where you place your focus is where your energy goes. So don’t feed your energy to a reality that you do not want to continue to create. You are powerful beyond measure. We will continue to remind you of this fact until you truly step into that power. You are here to assist the transformation of this dense dysfunctional reality. There is a future reality awaiting your invitation and command, never doubt that.

Imagine that your desires and dreams come from a future dimension where they already exist. Imagine that it is your future self that is inspiring the desires and the dreams and is willing to show you all the possibilities.

Realize that the future is never fully formed. It is the personal energy of the individual as well as the collective energy of all earthwalkers that call forth a reality that matches their focused energy.

Knowing this and embodying this truth is your mastery. This time is calling you to enter a new level of consciousness of the power of your perceptions and your words. Activating a new awareness of how your inner world affects your outer lives.

We will continue to remind you that you are the creator of your reality. This truth has been expressed in many ways and many languages. We support your understanding and awareness of how truly powerful you are.

We invite you to continue to free yourselves from the limited concepts of linear time by becoming sensitive to your own natural rhythms, and to the galactic support and energy that is being gifted.

Humanity is healing the past and encoding the future by awakening their hearts in the present. Begin to ask yourself how are you encoding the future? What is your focus? Where have you placed your energy and awareness?

With these simple questions you begin to step into your power as creator. Notice when you are engaged in some form of limited thinking, some negative or misqualified thought. Catch yourself quickly and reset your focus. This just takes a little practice before you will begin to see and experience the shifts.

Recognize that many of your limited beliefs have been given to you by others influenced by this 3D field of limitations; these are just old programs in your thinking process. It is time to begin to shift, delete and transform these limitations. First begin to recognize and acknowledge them. Say to yourself, that was certainly a limited thought. Then have fun replacing that limiting thought with an outrageous thought.

This awareness is occurring within the minds and hearts of humanity. Earth and all other living systems have a magnetic field and your scientists are discovering that those energy fields connect you all and actually carry biologically relevant information. You are triggering others codes to awaken and you are also being triggered by others who are awakening to their multidimensional divine self.

Step into your true power and call forth from the future a new template for this time and reality. We acknowledge you for the work and service that you continue to offer. Honor and accept the galactic gifts that are being offered to all those who understand who they are. the ‘team’

©2019 Peggy Black All Rights Reserved. Notice is given that the creation of videos by people other than the author, channel and scribe is prohibited. You may share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, you credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address. FREE 88 messages available


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female face colour artist Minjae Lee

Artist ~ Minjae Lee

Time, Time Travel & Soul Teleportation – Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

Scene from A Midsummer Night’s Dream ~ John Simmons Oil Painting available @ Oceans Bridge


Time, Time Travel & Soul Teleportation
Archangel Metatron via J Tyberonn

Copyrights Reserved 2019


Greetings Masters ! I am Metatron, Lord of Light, and I greet each of you in a vector of unconditional love. Take a moment to feel the energy, close your eyes, and sense a cocoon of warm nurturing envelope you…. an entourage gathers.

We speak this moment on many topics, focusing on time, time travel, the nature of duality and teleportation. We recognize the divinity in each of you. As entities of Divine Intelligence, & Beings of Light… we ask that you discern what we share.

Time and space remain an enigma to man, even in 2019, and will continue so for many years. Humanity queries time travel and space travel in the present from the aspect of physical laws. You will never reach areas of remote ‘space’ or hyper-space in fueled rockets. Nor will you travel in time in constructed locomotive apparatus.

We tell you it is a frequencial concept, and not one contrived from the physical brain. Time travel and teleportation are indeed very real concepts of both physics and metaphysics. You are well aware of advanced Yogi’s & Shamanic Masters who have mastered the process, but such Mastery, does not occur before the individual is ready. This is important to understand.

More advanced societies of your Earth, and indeed those termed the benevolent extra terrestrials have been capable of manipulated teleportation through the process of frequencial ‘dematerialization’ of particulate matter to antimatter.

Such teleportation was utilized by the Atlanteans with the technology of the Sirian-Pleiadean-Arcturian groups. Specialized Phi Crystals were used to shift the coherent frequencies of matter from its seeming physical vibrational rate to its antimatter vibratory quantum-wave state. The Transport was then processed through a laser beam conduit by targeting the precise energetic signature of the destination vector.

Your own studies of fullerenes or allotrope Carbon-60 Spherical fullerenes termed ‘Bucky-Balls reveals that the molecular truncated icosahedrons of fullerenes revert from nano-matter particulate to quantum wave in certain conditions. Your scientists have noted for decades that electrons appear and disappear in atomic orbits.

Humanity began re-experimenting with teleportation and time travel over eight decades ago, albeit for the wrong reasons. This was reignited by the works of HG Wells in the era of Tesla and Edison. The infamous event termed the Philadelphia experiment did in fact occur in an effort of warfare technology. Its array of results, while covert, disastrous and misapplied, did reveal stunning revelations regarding magnetic fields, gravity fields, and teleportation and time-space effects. These continued covertly in what you term the Montauk project.

It is not our intent to enter into areas termed ‘Black-Ops’ or conspiracies, but we will say what was sought in the ‘cold-war’ timing at Montauk was not allowed into fruition. We will add that benevolent factions of the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance have always maintained teleportation stations beneath the earth’s surface and that it is a technology that will only be used for benevolent purpose.

Earth is a protected free-will planet and a growth station for humanity. There are in the Cosmos other planets and life-forms that are in duality, many more technologically advanced. The benevolent Ashtar Group actively provide a shield for your Earth and its Ascension….and many of you, in multi-dimensional aspect are part of this protection. You are the Sirians, the Pleiadeans and Arcturians.

We will also add that some of your governments and scientists are well aware of Sirian-Pleiadean bases below the Earth, including the now infamous area of Nevada. And while this may be surprising to you, the installations there involving the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance & Humanity are quite benevolent, and no technology will be shared that could be used for warfare.

Far more effort than you can imagine has been placed in the graduation of the Earth leading to the Ascension. The Ascension of the Earth occurred on the 12-12-12, but that is the Earth’s Upshift, not mankind’s… the Ascension of the critical mass of Humanity will occur in 15 generations.

We tell you there have been envoys from the future that have come back in various time epoch holograms to insure this. Some of these would be shocking to you. But we tell you the defeat of the Spanish Armada (carrying the Inquisition), and indeed the defeat of Nazi Germany were two such events that were influenced to their outcome by ‘back from the future’ envoys. (Both negative groups were of the core energy of the Aryan Sons of Belial of Atlantis). Had the two referenced outcomes not been influenced, the planet could have taken a vastly different path.

Indeed some of you are among these envoys now. Many are among the metaphysical groups. Indeed some of these are scientists, including Nikola Tesla & Albert Einstein, others are artists & writers including Arthur C. Clark, H.G. Wells and Isaac Asimov. They , like you, take on the filters of duality, and were not frontally aware of this truth.

Your science fiction writers in movies and television, specifically ‘Contact’ and ‘Star-Trek’ were on the right track in terms of teleportation. But keep in mind that select time-travel and teleportation are not the same thing. If you consider that in the Earthplane you are seemingly fixed in linear time and able to move about in space, then the opposite would occur at a specific Torus effect flip into parallel, where you would be somewhat ‘fixed’ in space and able to move about in time.

Multidimensional Aspects

Seven years ago, in 2012, precisely on the 12-12-12 your Earth-plane ascended into 12 dimensions. It is the Crystalline coherency transformation. Creativity will be amplified, and for many of you, the arc swing of duality will be lessened exponentially. This means multidimensional access is enhanced. But it does not mean 3d duality will disappear.

The ‘human’ Earthplane experience in duality is a credentialed and honored learning process through which many varied Beings of Divine intelligence travel. Before you are ‘allowed’ by your higher-self into multi-dimensional and parallel systems of reality that are far more complex, vastly more extensive and open, you must first learn to optimally and responsibly master thought-creation energy. You are in the University of Earth for that purpose…to see firsthand, through physical materialization, the concrete result of your thoughts and emotions.

That is precisely why Time & Space are purposed illusions, and this vivid ‘mirage’ is so potently programmed by the Divine-Self that you, by necessity, must focus your outer senses on the University of Duality, that termed physical reality. Such ‘linear’ focus then is engineered, the perception filters that seem to block multi-dimensionality are beneficial in allowing humanity to face and grow through Earthplane experience. When the growth achieves a certain advanced level of ‘light-quotient’ then, and only then, do you choose to open & bridge into more expansive multi-dimensional perception. That is what the New Paradigm is all about!

But keep in mind that you humans travel in space and time almost every time you sleep. And there is a great balancing effect in the waking and sleeping experiences. While most of you do not realize this, we tell you that every day, in very deep sleep-dream state, you process daily experience.

And in this ‘sleeping’ state your ‘higher-self’ examines very carefully those experiences you will manifest into your life. You make the selection from an infinite menu of possibility, and create the experience of those that will allow your greatest growth.

Your experiences & limited perceptions of the physical 3d-nature of space and time are to a large degree determined by your neurological structure, and this ‘designed’ structure serves you well.

The singular linear time-line of your ‘chosen’ physical experience is the surface path along which your life seems to flow. In a broader truth there are infinite paths both above and below your actualized progress that are part of one inconceivably miraculous network….and you in higher aspect experience all of them in a manner of speaking.

So while so many of you are caught in the somewhat misunderstood and erroneous concept of the downward spiral of humanity, and are anxious to ‘get-out’… keep in mind that all around you is a created illusion, and you are the co-creators of this ‘dream’. Your life on Earth, despite what many of you think, is by grand design, and carries grand purpose. We realize it is not easy. Even lifetimes that you consider to be flawed carry tremendous lesson potential.

Now, in terms of the subject of dimensionality…it is important that you consider & discern what we tell you, even though your academics have yet to accept what we say. Matter occurs in spectrums, just as does light. Physical matter is on one end, and antimatter on the other. The two are not in opposition, rather vibrating at different frequencial resonances. All of you, each and every one of you, without exception have the innate ability to both teleport and time travel. Your true source is in fact in the realm of non-matter or antimatter. You exist in many realities at once.

Once you reach a certain level of advancement, disciplined will and appropriate application of intent & concentration can absolutely be employed as springboards taking you from ego-personality 3d focus, into other time schemes. Time holograms are somewhat analogous to color. In 3d humanity is primarily focusing, by design, upon one color.

We assure you that your present life, your present civilization, in your present ‘Now’ co-exists alongside every so called past and future lifetime and civilization on the Omni-Earth. So both your now and their now exists simultaneously… ‘NOW’.

In the precise locality of where you walk when visiting the acclaimed ruins of ‘ancient’ Egypt, Greece and Rome, the people of those civilization are alive, and walking amongst the glorified structures, the Temples, Pyramids and such fully intact and vibrant. Because of time frequency vibratory rates, you cannot see them, nor they you. This is simply and logically because the physics of time & space dimensionally separate you. The civilization in its peak and the ‘ancient’ ruins, coexist. You pass right through them, and they you, like ghosts!

All of this will be understood in the centuries to come. And indeed it is verifiable in geo-mathematical terms and equations that are still unfathomed, still unsolved by your contemporary academics. And yet this is interestingly envisioned by your science fiction writers.

In the present era, many of you are able to travel globally, visiting other countries and cultures existing simultaneously now on your planet. There are vast differences in racial demographics, religion, language, art and music. It requires effort, energy and linear time to travel through 3d-space to visit them. In the same way all past and future eras, epochs & times exist at once. Each occurring in its own succinct energetic-vibratory signature and within its unique time-hologram; but absolutely within the same Omni-Earth space that you live in.


Very soon, on the 12-12-12, the Crystalline Vortexes of Arkansas & Brazil will axialtonally connect, the Sun -Discs will network and all will connect to the 144-Crystalline Grid. Each of the 12 major facets on the double-penta-dodecahedron of the Crystalline 144-Grid will connect to the 12 dimensions of the expanded Earth, and the 12 strands of your DNA will be fully connected to the Grid. In this time you will begin to acquire, over time, the greater abilities still innate within you. It will indeed then, after the Ascension of the 12-12-12 begin to slowly occur to you that you can get to times, as you can get to places, especially in the coming generations. Space and time interface and flow through each other.

The Nature of Time

Time and space are aspects of the same mechanism. Space, in a manner of speaking is congealed time held in a matrixial kinetic format within duality that allows for the separation and program of the purposed programmed illusion of sequential time metrics. Accordingly time is the inverse of space, in dynamic free flow. Both occur though the harmonic flash of consciousness units, through the mechanisms of the inward and outward pulse of matter to antimatter via black holes and white holes.

The inward-outward Harmonic Flash is not only the point in which space and time merge into a homogenous foam , it is also the rate of consciousness unit perception that strobes attention of awareness into each simultaneous lifetime. This occurs at a magical rate called the Planck Number. At this point time and space merge and become nonlinear and the Torus aspect comes into play. Space is inversed, turned back upon itself, and time units float in a nonlinear discontinuous quantized pool of what you term past, present and future.

The Omni-Earth

The separation of your ‘lifetimes’, are anchored to the Omni Earth in hologramic inserts in ‘Time-Separation’ programs. The advanced human can enter into these through Mer-Ka-Na to the over-soul hub where each time sequenced ‘lifetime’ is connected like fiber-optic spokes to a wheel. From this center point, you indeed are at the control panel to explore and change any aspect of any and all lifetimes in the nonlinear NOW.

While group-time-programs (of Civilizations & Epochs) are anchored to the Omni-Earth at specific points (which often display time over-bleed anomalies) one does not need to visit such earthen (telluric) time-nodes to enter. Rather they are individually entered via focused Quantum Consciousness. This process is taught in the Metatronic Keys.

Question to Metatron: Are there areas within the Earth that naturally create time distortions?

Metatron: There are indeed. And we have spoken about this is previous essays. Time can be compared in certain ways to a computer program. Often your ‘Windows’ programs on your laptop and desktops can go into distortions of their programming and the desired separation of sub programs can intermingle creating mixes that twist and deform the conceived order. In this analogy we can say that both time and space as you perceive it are linear sub-programs of the earth grid reality projection. Time and Space can be said to be hologramic program insertions that allow the Quantum Omni-Earth to be tidily separated from simultaneous NOW reality into your focal, seemingly independent ‘lifetime sojourns’.

So we tell you that just as your Windows can produce occasional anomalies in its desired separations of programs, so does the program of the Hologramic Earth Matrix of linear time have a flux that creates intermingling and distortion. That distortion occurs on several levels. The first is due to a gravitational flux that can rhythmically occur in the specific area, or come in as a surge or rogue wave. When this occurs the very gravity distortion also affects the space-time continuum in the area, and creates a dimensional aperture field very similar to what occurs in the poles.

Time Gates

The area of the Crystal Vortex of Arkansas contains many overlays of myriad space-time energy dynamics. It is indeed a Crystalline Portal, but we will say an open-ended portal that is not just a wormhole in space to other points in the Cosmos, but indeed (and especially) a unique gateway to other dimensional aspects of what may be termed the hologramic Omni-Earth program. It may be termed a time-gate vector. It is one of many coordinate points on your planet that contain within it time code scripting. Such coordinate points are anchors that peg each reality to the physical worlds, the Omni-Earth. And so then, within this concentric overlay vector other time programs; other dimensional realms can be frequencially accessed more easily. The ancient adepts knew this, and certainly experienced to varying degrees by many of what you term as the indigenous.

Time Gate Vectors are not the only means to access other realities. Indeed this can be done myriad ways, including the crystalline energies of the phi resonance, in deep meditative states. But what is different in the Time- Gate Vector coordinate-points is that the Omni-Earth Time program itself is anchored, to use a simplified explanation, to certain aligned points that occur on your planet, within certain frequencial matrixes. These are very unique in purpose, and differ from areas such as Titicaca, Arkansas, Easter Island, Shasta and Roslyn that are primary Celestial Star Gates. In the former one accesses other realms, other epochs, other programs of terrestrial time, whereas in the latter one travels to other dimensions in Space. Do you see the difference?

Question to Metatron: Are you saying that Arkansas and other such ‘Time-Gate Vectors’ allow for or enhance the ability to travel in time?

Metatron: Yes. But let us be clear, it is better to say that all programs of hologramic times programs coexist more clearly, more tangibly within such points. That does not mean that when one walks into the Crystalline Vortex of Arkansas that you will disappear from the present and materialize into a future or past program, rather it means windows into other time-sequence frames are (more) accessible here. But we will indeed tell you that materializations can and do occur here quite intentionally and occasionally by accident. We will tell you those more technological civilizations, both from the future and past in your terms, which understand the very real science of time travel chose such time gate vectors for entering other epochs for various purposes. Indeed this can has and does occur.

Time Travel

Time travel, as we have mentioned, has occurred in both your future and past. Although there are instances in which people have temporarily passed into different time holograms, there are very few cases where the transition was permanent. Your Admiral Byrd did in fact temporarily view a very real passing into a different time epoch during his polar flight. Most of the flight disappearances that are so publicized over the Bermuda Triangle were not permanent transferals. Time disruption did occur, but the airplanes did not fully disappear into another epoch of time. Rather were they caused by related instrument malfunctions that created misdirection and radio silence, and the disappearances were simply crashes into the sea.

Certain of your governments working in classified tandem with covert corporations have already developed crude mechanisms of time travel. These are not yet at a truly manageable level, and the stress that results on the human ‘tempornaut’ is considerable, stress-aging the human body approximately 7 to 10 years on each journey. At present they are only able to move forward in time about 20 to 25 years, and are unable to navigate into the past. In time, when the apparatus utilized is converted from magnetic forces to crystalline bio-plasmic field this will be improved considerably, and time navigation will be deliberate and not by random mishap.

Optimal time navigation occurs in Mer-Ka-Na through a consciousness refined Bio Plasmic field, and while certainly aided in terms of time vector by crystalline apparatus, it is primarily operated by the light-consciousness quotient of the traveler. Many of you time travel in dream state quite often, and therein is the key to how it will be optimally done when you learn to be more lucid in expansive conscious states. There are indeed Laws of Physics that apply to how time and space are navigated intra-dimensionally.

In the not so distant future Humanity will rediscover these laws. And when this takes place, the seeming boundaries between past, present and future will be better understood. As we have already explained duality experience in the third dimension contains programmed parameters that limit mankind’s greater dimensionality perception.

It is indeed these 3d single lens filters that create the linear illusion of sequential unfolding of time. This then is precisely the reason mankind believes that one moment exists and is gone forever, and the next moment comes and like the one before also evaporates into the great elusive mist of the past. We tell you that everything in and on the Omni-Earth and indeed the Multiverse exists at once, simultaneously. The past, present and future only appear to those who exist within three-dimensional reality. And the programs that separate time-epoch files on the Omni-Earth can be navigated.


Dear Ones, the final Ascension will occur. Release your fears, and create in the energy of 2019 & 2020 (and beyond), the benevolent completions that you have waited millennia to achieve. Nothing ends in 2012. The poles will not shift, the axis of the earth will not tilt, and there will not be an asteroid destroying the Earth. The economy will not crash into turmoil, chaos will not reign. What purpose would be served? The Crystalline Earth spawned in 2012, and centered in Arkansas & Brazil, is a new beginning…. and you, all of the many ‘you’s’ on many levels, many dimensions, many epochs of past, present, future have combined in the NOW to make it happen. We assure you of this.

The Earth expands. The graduation of the Earth to 12 dimensions provides the template for the Ascension of Humanity in approximately 300 years, 15 generations. Many of you are there to navigate!

All of you will graduate, all of you will ascend. … One heart at a time. You did not co-create this plane of duality to fail. No one gets left behind. This dream has a happy ending. Create it!

I am Metatron, with Tyberonn of Crystalline Service and we share with you these Truths. You are beloved!
And so it is…And it is So…  


Scene from A Midsummer Night’s Dream ~ John Simmons Oil Painting available @ Oceans Bridge

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What is Our Future? Archangel Michael – Steve Beckow

What is Our Future? – Archangel Michael

There are no coincidences. I came across this discussion last night, days after having written the article above. (1) It had to be.

I didn’t remember this discussion when I wrote the earlier article.

Just two weeks before I went under the knife for prostate surgery in April 2016, Archangel Michael, in a personal reading through Linda Dillon, gave me and Linda a wonderful, impromptu lecture on the coming world.

Perhaps he knew I’d be spending a lot of time on my back, dreaming.

But his description of it is so enthralling – and of course I’ve experienced more of that world he’s talking about since then – that I must repost it here. Compare the two views. It may act like 3D glasses.

Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon,
April 13, 2016.

Archangel Michael: We have begun this day by speaking of what lies ahead. That there is a new realm, a new chapter….

Let me talk to you and I will talk to the channel as well so I’m asking her to come back.

Alright. Many times we have spoken of a new realm of existence and even that term is infused with hope and grace and promise and wonder, and the sense of the fulfilment of dreams.

But in reality, in your realm, as you have said often weighed down by the practicalities of no money and limited love life or engagement in community which has been very rewarding for both of you [Linda and Steve], there isn’t really a sense of what does this mean, “a new realm of existence”?

If you were to go to bed tonight and you woke up and not just a sense of bliss or ecstasy and not the sense that the world, the physical realm as you know it, had disappeared but that you woke up and you knew, just upon opening your eyes, that everything from the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual realm had shifted.

You would be aghast with wonder and there would be a moment of slight trepidation. What lays out my front door? But it would also be filled with such excitement that you would be rushing out the front door to discover what.

Can you imagine walking out that front door and finding that you could telepathically understand and connect, not intrusively, but in a heart and mind way, not only with human beings but with your star family walking the streets, with the animals that were roaming free and safe, with the elementals that live in your parks and rivers and streams and oceans? And that the attitude, the behaviours and the level of understanding had been translated, transmuted, transformed into knowingness of love.

Steve: That would be wonderful.

AAM: That is the new realm of existence that we are talking about.

Steve: Yes, I have experienced that so I do know what you’re talking about. (2)

AAM: And it is for the entire planet. It is not a distant dream! It is not a doorway that is far away.

You see there are two things that are going on simultaneously. While you are looking to the practical, and we understand that, the signs, the shifts, the financial support, the institutional shifts, within the Mother’s time, there is simply the desire and the declaration of a new realm of existence beginning. (3)

Do these exactly coincide? No. But they are very close. What we are suggesting to you is that the new realm of existence is upon you. It’s right there.

Steve: And I’m not realizing it, is that the case? (4)

AAM: You will recognize it. So do you need to keep your heart and mind and entire being open to it? …Because you both are communicators and announcers of this new realm which is why we are discussing it.

A new realm that would completely eradicate a sense of waiting or ennui. Yes. Yes, you are at the doorstep, your hand is on the door handle so we are inviting you both of you, step through.

Steve: What does that look like, to “step through,” Lord. What does that take?

AAM: It takes fortitude, determination, faith, trust and loving yourself enough to give yourself the chance to say, “It can be entirely different. I am of Creator Source. I am Creator and I choose a different realm of existence.”

Not reality, but realm of existence. And so when you go to sleep at night, both of you are declaring, “I will awaken to a new realm of existence.” And allow it to emerge, as if it is emerging like Atlantis from the waves.

Steve: And the new realm of existence is characterized by universal love and bliss?

AAM: Yes.

Steve: Alright, so that is what we should be looking for.

AAM: Yes, and it is what is knocking on your door and you are letting it in. You have been doing this so it is transcending into a more permanent state of that realm of existence.

Steve: Very good. Anything more you want to say on that?

AAM: I think this would entice you adequately, would it not?

Steve: Oh, that state would be the answer to all my dreams, all my requests, I’m sure, Lord! (5)

AAM: It would be the answer to many dreams and you will help many to see it, to discover it, to shift into that realm.

It is not about the separation of humankind when stuck in the old and the other in a new realm. It is simply opening the floodgates.


(1) “What is Our Future? – Steve,” 

(2) In the heart opening of March 13, 2015.

(3) Linda Dillon’s sources call it “the cleaned-up Third.” We better know it as the Fifth Dimension. But whatever it is, because we enter it taking our bodies with us, which has never been done before, it’s a space that did not exist previously. Michael discussed it here:

Steve: Is the realm that we’re building and taking our physical bodies with us to altogether new?

Archangel Michael: Yes, it is brand new.

Steve: … Brand new, and the rules have changed?

AAM: That is correct. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Sept. 21, 2015.)

At one point in his post-mortem career, Matthew Ward designed astral worlds for planets. In the same way, this new space that we’ll occupy has been designed. And we’ll inaugurate it.

(4) Several times I’ve had flashes that suggest that changes in the environment have already occurred and I’m not seeing them because I don’t believe they exist.

(5) It is!


Gratitude to all artists & photographers. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah  

Increasing Plasma/Photonic Light – Lisa Transcendence Brown

study__171_by_trungbui42_at deviantArt - female face gold

Study 171 by Trungbui 42 @ DeviantArt


Mid-August Newsletter & (Mini) Updates:

Increasing Plasma/Photonic Light + Additional Sharings

Clarion Call for Embodiers
Aloha BE-YOU-ti-FUL Light Family,

We’ve passed through an immense Gateway (and entered a whole new one). Some may still may be feeling the affects of the massiveness of these increasing influxes of Plasma Energy and high Photonic Upgrades that are accelerating and non-stop every way/every day…..

Many (entire collectives) are now starting to experience the MAGNITUDE and IMMENSITY of anchoring Light and clearing/releasing density from their own physical bodies/realities too, working through distortions and starting to realize this is a “full time” job/experience, which requires a massive shift in priorities and what’s important quite substantially changes as well. Holding on is no longer desirable, as it becomes what anchors/weights each/binds/holds each to the old…..(and “the new” is soooooooooooo much more awesome and exciting!)

The most important thing is to go DEEPer inward and experience all from this depth and honor the importance of all of these processes…. (and LET GO of all judgment or expectation of “how” you thought everything was)…

Days and days of increasing high frequency photonics/harmonics, off the charts (is normal), so being able to integrate/stabilize and shift WITH ALL is beyond important….. Full presence is required to do this.

Photonic Light/Quantum Consciousness
More expansion, new realizations, new awareness…. means shifting is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much easier and vibrational alignment “can be” too (if we will embrace and honor from inside) and do as we see is highest aligned….

The passageway leading up to the Lions’ Gate was preparation for the completion cycle of “after” (portals don’t close like we would think, yet they can only be consciously activated through continual heart consciousness expansion)…

Once Cosmic/Universal Codes are “released” to become available, they are available to all. Yet “how” these are activated are vibrational and each EXPANDS their own Consciousness to be able to activate them and then “learn”/understand/see “how” to “apply” them to their own lives….

This is a whole new way of living and functioning….

August 12th: I awoke to seeing how the Whole Earth Shifted into a whole new vibrational level and each began their next phase of their “illusion”. I saw where many will not realize this, because it can be soooo subtle and take “time” for many to start to really see/understand … so it’s important to pay attention to the subtleties and keep tuning in through your own highest state and be open to nuances and subtle differences to show you that things are “different”….

We do this from deep within, through Pure Presence and our own Deep Sacred Connection with all… We observe through the inner EYE of our heart (Pineal) and listen with our hearts, experience through our pure hearts…. honoring silence where higher frequencies can be heard and assimilated with greater ease……. Be patient and just observe, with your whole being…….. allow yourself to FEEL the softness available, the beauty, the simplicity and the ease when your whole being expands fully….. (which means your head will no longer be “in the way”…

August 15th: Awoke to a Clarion Call going out across “the ethers” (through each’s/collective consciousness). These can vary depending on the phase each is currently in and the roles each fulfills here. We’ve had these regularly through the “years”, every time it’s time for each to step up more/step further into their next roles here…. This one was “WE NEED EMBODIERS” and then observing how so many are still playing out ego-separation in their lives in many ways. Embodiment is LIVING THIS, without the distortions, purity and by BEing your highest aspect(s) fully and not playing in the games of the “old”. Clarion Calls are “Soul”. “New Missions” are how Galactics receive…. They are the same, just different frequency waves of receiving “new purposes/roles” to fulfill….

You see what you see/feel/received. I only speak this as when I mentioned it to another, she heard the “Clarion Call” too, yet didn’t fully realize…

It’s funny, because there is SO MUCH and “nothing” all at the same time. To recap it all would take forever…. so I just share on a few points that are a blanket collective, rather than breaking down all the individual ones on a multi-dimensional level here.

Expanded sharings will be posted when completed for all.


Study 171 by Trungbui 42 @ DeviantArt

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Forgiver – James Mahu @ WingMakers


Twin Flame Painting by Guilaine Arts @ Artmajeur




Last night we talked for hours.
You cried in unstoppable sorrow,
while I felt a presence carve itself into me
source and savior of your dragging earth.
You feel so deeply,
your mind barely visible
staring ahead to what the heart already knows.
I see the distance you must heal.
I know your pacing heart bounded by corners
that have been rounded and smoothed
like a polished stone from endless waves.
For all I know you are me
in another body,
slots where spirits reach in
to throw the light
interpreting dreams.
Prowling for crowns.
Are there ways to find your heart
I haven’t found?
You, I will swallow without tasting first.
I don’t care the color.
Nothing could warn me away.
Nothing could diminish my love.
And only if I utterly failed
in kinship would you banish me.
Last night, I know I was forgiven.
You gave me that gift unknowing.
I asked for forgiveness
and you said it was unneeded;
time shuffled everything anew
and it was its own
But I know everything not there
was felt by you and transformed.
It was given a new life, though inconspicuous,
it wove us together to a simple, white stone
lying on the ground that marks a spot of sorrow.
Beneath, our union, hallowed of tiny bones
beseech us to forgive ourselves
and lean upon our shoulders
in memory of love, not loss.
Blame settles on no one;
mysterious, it moves in the calculus
of God’s plan as though no one thought
to refigure the numbers three to two to one.
The shape stays below the stone.
We walk away,
knowing it will resettle
in our limbs
in our bones
in our hearts
in our minds
in our soul.
James Mahu—the visionary creator behind the WingMakers, Event Temples, SpiritState, and Lyricus websites, books, booklets, music, art, poetry and metaphysical papers.


Gratitude to artists & photographers. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

What is a Leader? – Steve Beckow

Elusive Radiance by Anand Panchal @ Artflute


What is a Leader?

I can’t even wait to research this article before beginning to write on the subject.

All day I’ve wandered around asking myself, “What is a leader?”

In my family my brother was the leader and a really fine leader he was. I have lots of good movies in my head about his leadership.

I did lead and I could list the ways in which I did. But I never thought of myself as a leader.  I always left that to Paul.

I know I won’t escape the need to lead. Viewed from any angle – the blog, Michaelangelo & Partners, and all that is just a warm-up for the galactics, Michael says. (1)

So I’m trying to find the answer in myself: What is a leader? I must have it in there somewhere. Abundance, mastery, and peace turned out to be spaces. I know there’s a space called “leadership” as well.

That’s only the personal side of it however. The question is of social importance as well, Michael says, because lightworker leadership is irreplaceable.

Archangel Michael: If no [lightworker] steps forward into [leadership] then there is a massive vacuum because many of the billions upon your planet have not yet learned, adapted and integrated the new tools – the fullness of this new energy.

So [when non-lightworkers] are assigned … or try to step up … to create and to take the leadership role, they do not have the training and insight to do it in a way that is achievable. … So there is a lack, a vacuum of leadership.

Now, who, upon this wondrous planet, has been hiding in the shadows or edging out, or in the limelight and is ready? … Who has been diligent and practiced patience and fortitude and stamina, and anchored the divine qualities? Who is it that is prepared to do this? Well, it is the lightworkers.” (2)

And we’re not talking only about local leaders, but also global leaders – people capable of being ambassadors for Terra Gaia, people capable of meeting with and arriving at treaties with other races … OK, species …  people capable of reporting on these events, teaching courses on them, advising the rest of us on protocol, etc.

Never have these posts existed before … well, not since Atlantean times anyways.

The delegations, when they happen, will be the first example of terrestrials, outside the deep state, formally meeting with extraterrestrials.

That contact will multiply and each of those people will be representing the planet, if not in actuality, then in the eyes of those they’re meeting with – i.e., they will be global leaders, formally or informally, consciously or unconsciously.

I can see it coming and so I ask myself: What is a leader? What is a global leader?


(1) “Now, when you think of your mission and purpose, of course there is always a primary, driving force. …

“We would not guide you to make [financial work] your primary focus. Your primary focus is and always has been and [always] will be the communication aspect between the humans, the inter-galactics, the galactics and the higher realm.” (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, April 10, 2012.)

(2) “Transcript: Archangel Michael – On Mastery and Leadership, April 16, 2015,” at


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The Magic of Merlin by Lord Merlin – Natalie Glasson

Merlin art by Gayliaa @ Radiant Rose Academy


The Magic of Merlin by Lord Merlin

Channeled through Natalie Glasson –  Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

View this message on the website here


Greetings and Love I, Lord Merlin, extend to all  of light aware and awake to connect with my energy and listen to my words. It is a gracious time upon the planet Earth now, as well as the Universe of the Creator. A time of deep blossoming and powerful transitions from duality to integration. A time when love becomes the foundation rather than the goal. For me, Lord Merlin, when love becomes the foundation of all that you are, this is when you recognise the magic within you and that of the Creator. Take a moment to contemplate, is love your goal or your foundation? If love is your goal, then you are continuing to focus upon the embodiment and expression of love. If love is your foundation then you have progressed beyond the conscious awareness of embodiment and expression of love, instead you recognise yourself as love in action within every moment of your reality. Remember that no one can be love in action all the time, there may be times when you feel the opposite of love, notice this as a healing and release process only and not a reflection on how well you are doing in your spiritual evolution.

Merlin’s School

Upon the inner planes, I, Lord Merlin, hold an ashram which is akin to a school of divine magic. My purpose is to guide and enrol souls who feel drawn to me into the divine magic of the Creator, within and around them. To do so is to open their awareness into the divine flow of the Creator, experiencing and integrating this flow into all they create. To be as one with the divine flow of the Creator is a magical and empowering experience which requires the process of mastery to allow for full involvement. Within my ashram we engage with the divine flow of the Creator, contemplate duality and aid transitions connected to and associated with duality. Deep blossoming of the truth of the Creator are encouraged as well as deep blossoming and the release of false ideas and energies. A focus on love as a foundation is at the core of my teachings, encouraging you to live and create from this deep-seated space of love. Thus, with my support you recognise the divine magic of the Creator emerging from within and pouring into all that you are and create.

My school appears to be within a magical woodland upon the inner planes, the elementals are always present. As are beings that you deem purely magical or fictional. To walk through my ashram is to feel as if you have been transported to another world, akin to a portal where every sight is magical and awe-inspiring. This is of course exactly what happens in my ashram. You will feel a surge as you enter into my ashram on the inner planes, this surge is an awakening of your divine innocence which allows memories of the Creator to flood forth into your awareness.

Lord Merlin’s Six Week Program

Due to the blossoming transition, of which I have spoken, occurring for souls upon the Earth, I wish to open my ashram and school to all souls upon the Earth for a six week transition and ascension awakening program. To enrol in my program of spiritual advancement I share with you an invocation:

‘Lord Merlin, I invite you forth to share in my presence as I share in your presence. It is my wish from my conscious mind to enrol myself in your six week transition and awakening program. If it is my soul’s sacred wish as well, please may my soul give its consent now. I understand that by enrolling in Lord Merlin’s six week program that I am giving my consent for Lord Merlin to work with me at an energetic level for six weeks and for me to visit his ashram during my sleep state for tuition, guidance and support. In enrolling in Lord Merlin’s six week program I wish to engage with the divine flow of the Creator, contemplate duality and aid transitions connected to and associated with duality thus experiencing integration and oneness with the Creator. I wish to experience a deep blossoming of the truth of the Creator as well as deep blossoming and the release of any false ideas and energies. A focus on love as a foundation so I may live and create from this deep-seated space of love. Thus, my goal is to recognise the divine magic of the Creator emerging from within and pouring into all that I am and create.

I understand that Lord Merlin will assist me sometimes with my conscious awareness such as during meditation and other times without my awareness, whichever is most appropriate and valuable for me. I realise that my role is to call upon Lord Merlin as much as I feel guided in the coming weeks, to meditate calling forth Lord Merlin and to hold in my focus the key transitions Lord Merlin wishes to assist me with.

I express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for the love and support shared with me during this time. Thank you.’

What to Expect

During the six week period from when you first affirm the invocation shared, you may not experience anything different within your reality, being and spiritual evolution, instead transitions will take place within your higher self. Alternatively, you may experience my guidance strongly encouraging you to make changes within your life or being to aid ascension or assist in the transformation of Mother Earth. The more you read the invocation shared and focus on the purpose of the invocation, the easier it will be to recognise transitions within your being. The outcome of my six weeks with you will be precisely what you need to further your spiritual evolution. This may not be the same as what you desire and you may not be able to recognise the transitions taking place, however, everything your soul wishes to manifest, and embodiment will come about.

The Purpose of the Six Week Program

  • I, Lord Merlin, work personally with you to aid your ascension, this can take place within your reality and within my ashram on the inner planes during your sleep state.
  • Connect with and experience the divine flow of the Creator.
  • Contemplate duality and aid transitions connected to and associated with duality thus experiencing integration and oneness with the Creator.
  • Experience a deep blossoming of the truth of the Creator from within your being as well as deep blossoming and the release of false ideas and energies currently hindering you.
  • A focus on love as a foundation rather than a goal, therefore being able to live and create from this deep-seated space of love.
  • The ultimate goal, I, Lord Merlin, wish to support you in embodying is the recognition of the divine magic of the Creator emerging from within and pouring into all that you are and create.

Meditation for Use During the Six Week Program

First focus upon breathing deeply, then allow yourself to repeat the following words: ‘Lord Merlin, I invite you forth to share in my presence as I share in your presence. Please allow me to remain physically present upon the Earth as you transport my awareness to your ashram on the inner planes. Let us enter together into your Chamber of Divine Magic. As we sit together support me in seeing, sensing or acknowledging the divine magic of the Creator within and around me. Please intensify my abilities to recognise the divine magic of the Creator, enhancing my inner trust and inner connection with the truth of the Creator. With each breath I inhale I am connecting on a deeper level with you Lord Merlin, divine magic and the Creator. Thank you.’

I am here to support you in the coming weeks if you wish to invite me forth,

Lord Merlin


Merlin art by Gayliaa @ Radiant Rose Academy
Gratitude to all artists & photographers. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah  

August Ascension Energies – Jamye Price

TIME Art and clock


August Ascension Energies – Infinite Time

Video Player



These recent months have been an interesting flow, and the third quarter feels just as energizing. July energies of Infinite Mind seemed to bring a bit of peaceful energy to the detailed discovery of June. Did you notice any new layers of detail in what seemed like an old, old issue? June uncovered some treasure, and July began the process of weaving gold into your field.

In July, I noticed some ungrounded mind attention as the neural changes shifted focus. The eclipses felt like a deep inner connection. If you’re noticing more peace (perhaps that passes all understanding :o), you’re tapping into the deeper flow of Life beneath the obvious surface chaos. Sometimes it’s a roller coaster, all part of the ride.

Tapping into the Infinite Mind is a step in the direction of subtle focus within the physical experience, which is what Ascension is all about. From physical, we integrate a new access of consciousness that has always been there.


The energy of August feels like the silent spiraling explosion of connection, the ah-ha moment of duality neutralized, only to begin the spin of life again as new direction takes over the flow. I see fireworks that create a point of focus expanding, dazzling, only to disappear through time, becoming a memory.

I was given the energy of Infinite Time in August as this quarter of the year offers us a “New Identity” of the divinity we’ve always been. Time is a construct of physical density, a very real experience in our linear density.

The mind is the linearizer.

So as you access more of the Infinite Mind, you unify your energetic structure to support the blending (neutralizing the duality) of the heart/mind connection. This amplifies your powerful electromagnetic informational flow to code the information structure that humanity and all Earthly life resides within.


This is the meek inheriting the Earth. Not the loud overpowering the Earth, the silent empowering Love connection uniting the Earth. The uniqueness within the unity (456) creates the structure of interaction.

As you begin interacting with Life more and more from your divine power, the blending of duality—opposites connecting—you are flooding the information of interaction with empowering Love. Humanity responds, for the connection is always there—invisibly supporting or distorting the divine Love within.

You’ve got all the Time in the world, for it is your moment.

You’ve been given the keys to the kingdom as a sovereign being. The being becomes Time moving.

Go with the flow and flow boldly. Shape the rock formations of life, soothing the resistance that Time creates. It is benevolent and beneficial. You are as infinite as the stars to your eyes, yet you hold them all in your hands and your heart. Only the density of spacetime creates the distance and difference. It is a valuable construct.


Let the universe breathe through you, and let your Love inspire the details. You are the moment, the movement, the magnetic monument that collects attention and expands intention. How your uniqueness infiltrates is first invisible. What do you wish upon the stars?

Does your moment tell the Time of your right to create? Or does it lament what was left to wither within? The flow of linear Time shows growth or decay. Your Infinite Time shows expansion or contraction—where life or death does not define, it inspires.

The separation is only severe when Infinite Time is not near.

What you hold within you, the invisible all, does not look and feel as real. Confuse the Infinite Mind and you separate from Infinite Time. The sacred heart; scared, scarred, surrendered as marred. No union within, no infinite understanding guiding again.

You are the details, your perspective spectacular to spacious form. Time makes you wait and weight as the density contracts, giving death to life. What do you see (sea)? Potential forming as decay gives way—but you must wait (be-cause of weight) for the details to show you path and gait. Step boldly and slowly, allowing patience to nurture fear into fearless. Your infinite nature expands.


How potent is your potential, how spacious your space? Does it envelope or repel? Is one right or left behind? As you discover how both connect, the unknown beckons as the known reckons. The being becoming through wreckage of density discovering Infinite Truth creating.

Time was always yours, and you were always Time’s, multiplying and magnifying the exponential potential. Infinity within. How does your form inform the formless? Could you hold the sacred secret of All within? Always so close yet so far, elusive. The illusion, the Elysium, merely a resonance away, the blur of right/left connected rather than rejected.

Are you mortal or portal? Potential observing frequential density slowing the flowing to a baby’s crawl. As you stand and observe higher ground you see (sea) the elements elude the sense of the dense. How to interact, interfere the patterns of distraction, destruction and fear of construction—All within your heart and your hands, as Time will tell. All is well.

Heaven or help, there is no difference to sea when the finite finds the flow of Time spiraling around again. Pick up where you left off and right your way, as your weight releases the binds the Time from the heavens to your hand.

Thunder claps, clasping and releasing. The sound of silence pierced and seething. The elements of opposites find heat cooling and creating. See the pattern, not just the paternal. See the matter, not just the maternal. For hidden within, the eternal binds—if the light of your eyes finds sense through dense.

Reaction becomes creation, refraction relating. Ride the lion even as liars retract into distraction of hellish destruction. There is always help in hell’s journey of Time repeating. Unwind the whispering wind as it whips past and through, weaving a path of new potential rising to the surface from the depths of the blue.

Speak and seek as you would embolden the meek. Echoes grow softer, penetrating deep; disappearing from sight, the waves wavering for those without eyes to sea.

Who are You to the night, to unite, you knight, and fight the dark? The illusion of hell is that Elysium is available as well. Merely a resonance away, one doorway to All, the keys to the kingdom of all is well. Deep water nourishes and flourishes to flow Life through Time, as the mist lifts the access too blind.

It’s high Time to own your full flow. Beyond the waiting is the weightless well.

“I am Sacred, even when I’m scared. I am Infinite, even when I’m finite. I am All, even when I’m odd.”

You are it all, et al—now and then. Grab infinity and own it within.


Gratitude to all artists & photographers. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah


Archangel Michael on the Progress of the Planetary Heart Opening – Steve Beckow

heart-peace-mandala-cheryl-fox at Fine Art America - mandala

Heart Peace Mandala by Cheryl Fox @ Fine Art America


Archangel Michael on the Progress of the Planetary Heart Opening

In the following excerpt from my Aug. 2 reading with him, Archangel Michael gives us a report on how the planetary heart opening is proceeding.

Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Aug. 2, 2019.

Steve: Could you give us an update on the progress of the planetary heart opening?

AAM: Yes. Well, of course it is global and in fact it is a bigger event than even you will assume on planetary systems.

But the global opening of the heart, the activations, the awakening and the activation, shall we say, of heart intelligence, of being anchored in that area of the heart is progressing phenomenally well.

Now have you ever noticed, in the gardens of your paradise, that there are flowers that open to the daylight sun and close at sunset?

There are some (not most, let us be clear about that) but there are some in their reticence, their resistance, even in their reluctance to admit that they are expanding in this way, that are attempting to restrict and close off what they are feeling because this heart opening is not merely a feeling of bliss, euphoria, love, and expansion.

As you well know, and as you’ve had many conversations with friends and allies, for some it is experienced as a physical sensation and at times a physical sensation that causes alarm. This is particularly true in those that are not fully anchored or familiar with the esoteric mechanics of their chakras or of their hearts.

But for some (who are well aware), it still proceeds or presents as a physical pain, almost like an anxiety attack. So these are the ones (not because they are not prepared to go forward; let me be clear about that), that, because they are having the sensations, are saying, “Oh wait a minute, I am not sure if this is a heart opening or a heart malfunction.”

Now we are not suggesting that the human race abandon their reliance upon Western or Eastern or any form of energy healing. But this is a sensation that often occurs.

So we would say that the success of the heart opening is going forward very rapidly. It is almost as if it is a (from your perspective) domino effect. Because when one is also in contact or in community with those with an open heart, it has that catalytic effect on others as well.

Now there is a wait factor here which you have also spoken of in that that wait factor is for those that are strongly, not only reluctant, but still resistant or recalcitrant to such a shift in what the very definition of what it means to be human.

But we would say you are well past the halfway mark, dear hearts.

Heart Peace Mandala by Cheryl Fox @ Fine Art America

Gratitude & thanks to all artists. Any queries, please let me know, Shekinah

Broad Brush Strokes on Leadership: Working for the Future – Steve Beckow

Wish Upon A Star art by Christian Schole - female face star

Wish Upon A Star by Christian Schole


Broad Brush Strokes on Leadership: Working for the Future

I think, arguably, there’s a case to be made for this statement: If you’re a lightworker, you’re a leader.

If I go outside my front door, I might not meet a person for miles who knows anything about Ascension, Disclosure, or Abundance. Well, OK, maybe a few.

If you’re even a lightworker, you’re already in a very small segment of the world’s population.

And then how many among lightworkers feel ready to offer themselves in leadership in some arena? Could I have a show of hands please?

But Archangel Michael says the Company of Heaven looks to the lightworker community for leadership.  Otherwise who would have a grasp of the situation we’re in?

Archangel Michael: If no [lightworker] steps forward into [leadership] then there is a massive vacuum because many of the billions upon your planet have not yet learned, adapted and integrated the new tools – the fullness of this new energy.

So [when non-lightworkers] are assigned … or try to step up … to create and to take the leadership role, they do not have the training and insight to do it in a way that is achievable. … So there is a lack, a vacuum of leadership.

Now, who, upon this wondrous planet, has been hiding in the shadows or edging out, or in the limelight and is ready? … Who has been diligent and practiced patience and fortitude and stamina, and anchored the divine qualities? Who is it that is prepared to do this? Well, it is the lightworkers. (1)

Let me offer an example of a situation in which the galactics will look to human partnership – and that would probably need to be from lightworkers.  In 2012, Michael said:

AAM: The Galactics have no shortage of money and so there will be some very massive projects and the funds will be made available but they will really ask for human leadership in order to be not be seen as trying in any way to assume control. (2)

Applying what Michael said earlier to this piece of news, who, upon this planet, “has been diligent and practiced patience and fortitude and stamina, and anchored the divine qualities?  Well, it is the lightworkers.”  Who else would understand what has been happening on this planet for the last fifty years?

No baseball team features the same hitter stepping up to the plate time after time. Every team has a battery of hitters, each one getting his or her turn. Michael says he wants more hitters. In the world that Michael plays in, if I understand it, intention creates hitters.

Some folks may view lightwork as just a fad of the moment. The fad will be something else next year. Remember Occupy?

That’s actually not what Michael predicted in 2013:

Archangel Michael: Does the conversation expand organically and naturally? Does the energy go out to the entire planet, those who want to hear and those who don’t want to hear? Yes, it does. But it begins with the lightworker community. That is what we have need of.

Steve Beckow: And I suppose then more and more people join the lightworker community.

AAM: Exactly, until it is one family and one path. (3)

I therefore suggest that, if you’re a lightworker, you’ll need to reconcile yourself to leadership.

The last broad brush stroke concerns the need for the leader to remain modest and free of hierarchical prejudices.  He discussed it in the context of the acquisition of sudden wealth.

Steve: I worry that sudden wealth will magnify those vasanas or core issues. What to do?

AAM: Let us … begin by saying that this is one of the reasons why we have been speaking so much about being the steward, the leader, the wayshower, the participant observer.

As you assume profile – whether it is because of money or notoriety or political power or financial power, it matters not – it gives you a sense of being elevated. We would encourage you to take the elevator to the basement.

Start there. (4)

Over and over he warned us that not even lightworkers are immune to a sense of entitlement, which launches us on a slippery slope.

If we’re to become leaders, and I mean world leaders, sidestepping the ego – not allowing it to drive the car – becomes an important matter.

My sense is that reminding ourselves constantly that we’re servants of the Divine Mother, that our wealth is the Mother’s wealth, and that we’re simply the stewards of it is probably a good start.

Wise and selfless leaders is a description of where I suggest we aim to end up.  (5)

I have a second reason for backing that aim.  The more we work for that future now, the more we raise the vibration, in my opinion. The more we raise the vibration, the more people can come with us.

I may spend a little time looking into what the Company of Heaven says about leadership. I believe it’s a timely discussion. This article has been merely a few broad brush strokes.


(1) “Transcript: Archangel Michael – On Mastery and Leadership, April 16, 2015,” at

(2) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Kathleen Willis through Linda Dillon, Nov. 13, 2012.

(3) “Archangel Michael: A Global Reset of Values, Part 2/2, ” channeled by Linda Dillon, September 16, 2013, at

(4) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, July 22, 2016.

(EE) Leaders with large egos seem never to have made a success of themselves throughout history.

The Mother explains why. They virtually fall apart.

“It is painful for a being that seeks power for themselves or power over another, whether it is a parent over a child, a husband over a wife, a man over an army. It matters not. The yearning [for], the exercise of control never gives joy. The pain simply grows. And so the actions become more grotesque, larger, until the breakdown is and has [been] and will be occurring.” (Transcript ~ The Divine Mother: Take Up Your Divine Authority, AHWAA, February 23, 2017,

Our challenge is to be leaders without falling into wanting control over others. Again another gigantic “let go.”

(5) Factoring in the increases in consciousness and heart expansion caused by events such as a planetary heart opening/solar wave. If we were in the Fifth Dimension or higher right now, we’d certainly be wise and selfless. It’s impossible not to be in that refined vibration.


Wish Upon A Star by Christian Schole

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

Clearing Your Consciousness – Suzanne Lie

Purple Chakra by Primal Painter - female angel violet face

Purple Chakra by Primal Painter


Sunday, August 11, 2019

Clearing Your Consciousness The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Dear Arcturians,

Do you have a message for me today?

Yes, we the Arcturian have a message for everyone on every day. In fact, we invite all who read this message to remember that you too have messages from us, and/or other members of your Galactic Family.

Please remember that you all have a Galactic Family. However, it can be difficult to remember that fact while you are facing the many challenges of your third-dimensional Earth reality.

When we say “you,” we mean ALL of you brave ones who have activated your Multidimensional Consciousness so that you can activate the Circles of Light that awaken your personal expressions of your Multidimensional SELF.

“Multidimensional” means that you ALL have higher dimensional frequencies of your third-dimensional self. The challenge is to be able to perceive your higher dimensional self via your third-dimensional consciousness.

Fortunately, the higher dimensional frequencies of your third-dimensional self constantly over-light you via a huge Circle of LIGHT, which constantly protects and guides you.  These Circles of LIGHT are components of your innate fifth-dimensional SELF.

It is because of your innate “Circles of Light” that constantly surround and protect you, many challenges of “life on third dimensional Gaia” can be greatly reduced, faced and even healed by remember that YOU who is Multidimensional Being who has volunteered to take an earth vessel during this NOW to assist Gaia with Her Planetary

As you activate these “Circles of Light” within your consciousness, you will begin to remember more and more about your true, Multidimensional SELF who resides in the higher dimensional Starships and fifth-dimensional realities.

Your Higher Dimensional SELF is in constant contact with your third-dimensional self. Unfortunately, while wearing your third-dimensional earth vessel, your consciousness, as well as your third-dimensional perceptions and experiences, are limited to the frequency of the third and fourth-dimensional expressions of Gaia.

Gaia is multidimensional and resonates to many different frequencies. Each of these frequencies is similar to a “rung on a ladder.” You might keep this ladder in the garage, or in a closet, and only bring it when you feel that you really need it.

On the other hand, you could also put this “ladder,” which is often known in your world as “Jacobs Ladder” somewhere where you can feel the energy field of that “ladder” circling above, around and beneath you. This “circling energy field” creates unseen energy fields that can be experienced via your High Heart, Third Eye, and Crown.

If you can relax into a higher state of consciousness, you may be able to feel the circling light that is activating, and protecting, your Crown Chakra, Brow Chakra, Throat Chakra, and High Heart.

Your Crown Chakra encircles the crown of your head to remind you that you are connected to your Higher SELF and that you have the innate ability to perceive the higher frequencies messages that will enter your Crown to ever-expand your consciousness.

Your Third Eye encircles your forehead to remind you that your Third Eye has the ability to perceive with what humanity has often called your “imagination.”

Your High Heart encircles your Heart to remind you that LOVE, especially Unconditional Love, is the key to the fulfillment of your “reason for this incarnation.”

The knowledge of your Crown Chakra, Third Eye, and High Heart, will greatly assist you to more easily remember that you have constant higher assistance to assist you to fulfill our REASON FOR INCARNATION within this incarnation.

However, even with all this assistance, sometimes you may become so distracted by that which seems too difficult, that you forget about the higher dimensional assistance that is ALWAYS with you.

Then, you may walk right past the very higher assistance that you wish to experience. Or, you may decide that it is “too much work” to call for the higher assistance that you believe is just “above your reach.” But this is not a regular ladder. This is Jacob’s Ladder

“In the Bible, Jacob’s ladder established contact between a man and God, and there are seven rungs on the ladder of virtue.”

We talk about a “Jacob’s ladder” that is outside of you, to remind you that you also have a ladder inside of you. The ladder that is inside of you is your Multidimensional Consciousness, which has seven different frequencies (Chakra) that can greatly assist you to “reach higher” in the midst of your daily life.

We speak of your daily life because that is when and where you are more likely to forget that you have the inner assistance that you need in order for you to “reach higher.” This “inner assistance” comes from your own Higher Dimensional SELF. Your Higher Dimensional Self is a member of your Multidimensional Galactic Family.

Your Higher SELF and Higher Dimensional Family are in constant communication with your earthbound self. Unfortunately, your third-dimensional self can easily distract the “ones who are currently wearing an earth vessel.”

In fact, that third-dimensional version of you may even tell you that, “It is too high for me to reach right now. Therefore, I will just forget about that and do something else.”

Then you may forget about the deep inner part of you that whispers into your heart, “I really wanted “climb that ladder,” but it seemed too difficult for me.

This is when you need to ask yourself,

“Why did I give up?”

“Why didn’t I find some assistance to do what seems too hard to by myself?”

If you can remember to call upon us, the members of your Galactic Family, we will remind you that you ALWAYS have a “Jacobs ladder to the higher worlds. In fact, this ladder is your own consciousness which is always active within you.

However, if you do not take the first step to climb the ladder, you will not be able to use it to receive and understand too that which is too high for you without the assistance from your Galactic Family and your own Multidimensional SELF.

The reality is that you have an Inner Ladder that can take your consciousness up into the higher frequencies of reality, and then return you to your third-dimensional self once you have received what was necessary within that NOW.

Yes, this inner ladder is not a physical ladder. It is a “consciousness ladder.” Everyone has a “consciousness ladder” inside their physical form. However, just like you would need to open the door to get your physical ladder out of the closet, you will need to open your consciousness in order to  get to your “consciousness ladder.”

However, in order to know when to open the door to find your consciousness ladder, you will need to first “open your consciousness” to your own “inner self.” Your own inner self is where you put all the memories of all the incarnation in which sought to “Climb Jacobs Ladder.”

Some people have a huge inner memory that is full of old memories, heartaches, and forgotten memories. Unfortunately, there are often many good and loving and forgotten memories that are stuffed into the closet of your unconscious self, just under the memories that too uncomfortable to remember.

However, it is the NOW to remember that, indeed, it is YOUR closet and YOU have the ability, and the right, to go into the old, and often forgotten, closet to clear out that which you no longer need to hold in your consciousness.

If you open that closet and look around a bit, you will likely find some old heartaches, disappointments, challenges, and doubts that you have actually cleared from your daily life, but you they still linger in your “unconscious consciousness.”

Just like you need to clear out your cupboards on a regular basis so that you will have room to put new things in there, you will need to clear out your consciousness so that you have “room in your conscious mind” to release that which has been completed, and/or that which you no longer need to “store in your consciousness.”

But how do you know that you are ready to release some old stuff, which now feels like junk mail?  There is likely a part of you that wants to hold on to that which is over. However, that which is over is only “over” when you have “cleaned out your consciousness.”

Therefore, just as you may need to take everything out of that cluttered closet in order know for sure that which you are ready to release and that which you believe you still need, you will need to “clean out your consciousness.”

What does it mean to “clear out my consciousness?” we hear you ask. What we mean is that your consciousness has the ability to “hold on to” the people, places and/or situations that are no longer an important component of your NOW.

Your “NOW” means your present life, your present feelings, your present desires, and your present emotions and feelings. However, if you want to clear out that closet that is full of your past, you will need to look at your present to determine what you still need in that closet, and therefore, will keep and that which you are complete within that closet and you can easily release it.

Some things in your closet may not be “bad,” but they are from a part of you that is no longer active in your present life. Perhaps, you had a disappointment or loss in your life that you have stored in this closet. In order to “take some things from the closet” you will need to assure yourself that you will no longer wish to “use” those old thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Once you feel confident that you no longer wish to use that behavior, memory, thought-form in your daily life, you will know that you are ready to release that component of your thoughts, feelings, and/or emotions within that NOW.

However, you will likely find that certain things (which are actually, your own thoughts, emotions, behaviors) come back into that closet after you have released them. The fact of this reality is that you have not, yet, released your need for that action, thought, behavior, memory.

This is where you will have your greatest challenge, which is telling your own self the TRUTH. In order to fully release that which you believe you no longer need, you will need to discover why you needed that action, thought, behavior, memory.

This is when you will need to take everything out of the closet and put it on the sunny front porch. As you lay these components of your own self in the Light the sunny front porch, there will NO hiding, NO excuses, and NO reasons.

In other words, as you put these inner secrets from your self out where the Light of the Sun can shine on them. Then, everything will appear to be different. The closet, where you hid these excuses and reasons, was dark, crowded, old and stuffy. But, you did not realize that fact until you put them under the LIGHT of the Sun.

The Sun is warm and cozy, whereas the closet was cold, stuffy and cramped. Therefore, you separated all these old ways to hide, excuses to use, and reasons to no do, from the YOU who is NOW ready to stand in the Light of the ONE and listen, not to your confusions, worries, and excuses, but to use the Light to reveal your true SELF.

Your “True Self” was not a concept when you were stuffing things into the overloaded closet of your unconscious mind. However, your True Self was, and IS, ready to feel the Light which reminds you that hiding in the closet, which you now are realizing was far too small for you, is NOT the reality that YOU choose to live.

At first, you accept that you have always wished to bask in the Sun. Therefore, you made a promise to yourself that you would set a certain time that you would surround yourself and be within the state of consciousness that allowed you to remember your True SELF.

Bit, by bit, you discovered that the outer light was also your own Inner Light.However, when you were “stuffing things into a small closet” the Light could enter your own Inner SELF. Therefore, the first thing that your Inner Light did was to merge your own, perhaps newly discovered, Inner Light, with a feeling that was growing within your SELF.

At first, the feeling of the Inner Light was uncomfortable. But, when you used your newfound courage to allow the “feeling” of the Inner Light to be REAL, everything in your life began to change.

For one thing, fear was no longer frightening. Fear was the opposite of Love. Therefore, you could more easily close the old, darkened door, knowing that soon you would have the courage to go through that door to release all that is no longer necessary in your life.

Also, as you release your fear, you will find that LOVE was easy to find and easy to lovingly return. On the other hand, fear tried to dodge or even hide from LOVE that was traveling in circles which were becoming larger and larger.

Soon, you discovered that this Circular LOVE returned to the sender in ever-expanding circles of light. Slowly, or quickly, the Circles of LOVE became larger and larger, encompassing more and more of your life, and of the reality that you now knew the YOU had created.

Once you discovered that YOU were the creator of your own life, the Circular Light moved into your own consciousness and reached out to others that were in need. Then, slowly, or was it all at once, the Circular Light and Circular Love became ONE.

And, most important, that Circular Love and Light became ONE with YOU! It was then that you realized that you have no need to “fear anything.”

Love and Light have replaced fear with a KNOWING.

“What is this KNOWING?” we hear you ask. The answer to that questions is easily found by looking deep within your SELF. When you find the circles of Love and Light within your SELF, you can share them with others?

“YES I can!” You hear your self says out loud.

“YES, you can!” your Higher Self echoes.

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 5:53 PM


Gratitude to all artists & photographers. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah


The Essence of Individual Sovereignty – Steve Beckow

Artist ~ Adrian Borda


The Essence of Individual Sovereignty

Steve: Will you write a document through me, a channeled document, on the essence of individual sovereignty?

Archangel Michael: I will be pleased to do this.

Now I have a need to tell you, that I would have many consultants with me, but, yes, we would be pleased, more than you can imagine. Because this is such a key factor, and it is not adequately addressed. (1)

I make no bones about this being practice at co-writing. Here we go:

The essence of individual sovereignty is the Self.

In the first place, the Self is the individuated God, God within the individual.

In the second place, the sovereignty of the Self comes from its roots in Divinity.

The prime social directive is to build societies that allow the individual or Self the conditions and ability to fulfill the task assigned to everyone in life; that is, to realize its true identity. (2)

Admittedly there are those such as the seraphim who’ve chosen to stay near the Throne, and there are those archangels who’ve never descended into form.

But by far the greatest number of individual beings have agreed to participate in the adventure of forgetting who they are and then going through lifetimes in matter (mater, Mother) to remember or rediscover it.

When the One decided to create apparently-separated beings and a world of experience in which they could discover who they are, the necessity to support individual sovereignty followed. (3)

If the vast majority of beings had not agreed to this task, there’d be much less need for individuality or individual sovereignty.

All would be One and the drama of individuated life would not follow. But the One decreed that an illusory separation take place and a long pilgrimage back to the Father.

Have we any descriptions of the end of the journey, the merger of us with the One?

Yes, we do. Paul describes the last day of individuality when the Self or Christ surrenders all that it has and is to the One and makes God all in all:

“Then cometh the end, when he shall have delivered up the kingdom to God, even the Father; when he shall have put down all rule and all authority and power.  … (4)

“And when all things shall be subdued unto him, (5) then shall the Son also himself be subject unto him that put all things under him, that God may be all in all.” (6)

In metaphorical terms, this passage describes what in my 1987 vision would have been the little golden star racing back to the Father and merging with it. (7)

That is the moment at which the created and individuated Self returns to and merges with the Mother/Father One. It surrenders all it is and has to the Father sgain, from whence it all came.

The Self apparently doesn’t cease to be; it re-emerges. But this completes its agreed-upon task in entering the world of form.

Only through the ability to exert individual sovereignty – to exert control over one’s own self and life – can we expect to complete the journey of unfolding awareness.

Thank you, Michael.


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, March 3, 2011.

(2) For background on this assignment, see “The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment – Ch. 13 – Epilogue,” at

Also: The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment, at

(3) Why would the One go through such an exercise? To know itself, we’re told. See “The Purpose of Life,” ibid.

(4) Putting down “all rule and all authority and power” refers to the time when the individual has transcended the personal will, subjugating it to the Will of the Father. In line with what Bernadette Roberts has said of the “No-Self,” another meaning could be that once all things are surrendered to the Self, then the Self is surrendered to the No-Self.

(5) “When all things shall be subdued unto him” means when all desire for worldly or material objects and pleasures has been overcome, as in Jesus’ assertion, “I have overcome the world.” (Jesus in John 16:33.)

(6) St. Paul in I Corinthians 15:24 and 28.

Finally the Son’s being subjected to God that God may be all in all refers to the plunging of the individual soul into the Sea of Bliss, Tranquillity, and Immortality that is the Father.

(7) See “The Purpose of Life,” ibid.


Adrian Borda art - faces light

Artist ~ Adrian Borda

Gratitude & appreciation to all artists & photographers ~ Credit given where this is known. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah