Abnormal is Normal and Normal is Abnormal – Steve Beckow

heart rainbow colours - art by Keith Allen Kay at Quantum Fractal Energy Mandala - signed artist

Artist ~ Keith Allen Kay @ Quantum Fractal Energy Mandala


Abnormal is Normal and Normal is Abnormal

You who have been following my Ascension ethnography for the last month or two will know that … I’ve become normal again.

And what is “normal”? OK, for me, “normal” is reflecting my original design, which by the way is innocence and purity (1) – as is yours – as much as is possible. Obviously time has worked some changes on my body and probably on my mind. Not on my heart. I’m not aiming for perfection but workability.

In that arena, I feel wonderful.

Workability is part of normality and a stepping stone to perfection. Perfection is being our original design of innocence and purity. I could assert that: Normality = workability.

So I’m aiming for workability for now.

Listen. I felt miserable for most of my life. It has only occurred to me, as a result of the work I’ve done online for the last month or two, that how I was feeling was not normal.

People did not have to feel the way I was feeling. But I didn’t see that. I thought, in my mistaken way, that the miserable way I was feeling was normal.

Can you see the amount of work it took to reach a place of feeling normal again?

I want to run down the road, naked, screaming! Lock me up! Either the world is crazy or I am! Most likely me! Lock me up!

And to find at the end that the angels are not there to greet me, raise me up, and give me a golden crown. Not, St. Stephen, Stephen. Turn off the TV.

Thank you. Now you’re normal.

Who would have thought such a thing?

And  then at the end of it all … to find myself in a place called “Normal”?  Normal hasn’t been sexy since the 50s. You’re riding into battle and your  banner reads “Normal”? Whaddya? Insane?

“Normal” today is decidedly abnormal.  Abnormal is normal. Just text anyone about it.

NEVERTHELESS, feeling normal after a lifetime of misery is absolutely wonderful.

I highly and heartily recommend it to anyone who is so deeply mired in sorrow and misery that only suicide is the alternative. Does that ring a bell with anyone out there? It should.

Normal is the new normal.

We have to take back control of lives and get ourselves back. We have to stop looking to the outside world to do it for us.

The destination is “Normal.” The water is warm. The living is wonderful.


(1) Which I know from my experience at Xenia Retreat Center. Just enter “Xenia” in the search box and go to the earliest entry.



Gratitude to all artists & photographers. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

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